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FL: Missing sex offender with dementia found after forgetting address while checking in for registry

Source: 8/5/21

A sex offender who suffers from dementia was missing after forgetting his address while checking in with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. By Thursday morning, officials said he was found and is OK.

Deputies say Dale ____, who does not have a permanent address, went to the sheriff’s office Tuesday to conduct his mandatory check-in for the sex offender registry, however, when he got there, he couldn’t remember the address where he has been staying.

Deputies say they let him leave so he could find and write down the new address, but instead he disappeared.

Investigators say Dale has a history of “becoming lost.”


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How much time and money was wasted on this guy

Enough to make the grudge cost “worth it.”

“If it saves just one…”

Why is putting in effort by the police to locate someone with dementia and that could hurt themselves a waste of time and money. Aren’t they doing their job? “To serve and protect” ?
Please explain.

The registry sucks, but not every LEO on the planet is out to get you. You abide by society’s guidelines and the system works for the most part. Bitterness is an ugly trait. If I were you, I’d work on that.

Is the Registry part of society’s “guidelines”? 🤔
(Here’s a hint: an increasing number of courts are finding Registries to be ex post facto punishment and, therefore, unconstitutional.)

I am speaking of the offense, not the punishment. The punishment is related to the DoJ guidelines, which the public seldom has even a modicum of knowledge about. I have a feeling if the public had an idea of the over reaching restrictions and oppressive nature of the registry on lesser offenders, there would be more support for change.

Every LEO on the planet is after me for the last 21 years every encounter iv ever had with law enforcement turns into an investigation.
They always ask me where are you going where are you staying and is your 290 registration concurrent even though all that information is already in there database they wanna trying to get me on record saying something incriminating about my 290 registration status
I don’t know if you know this but every encounter you have with law enforcement is being recorded if your not careful your words can and will be used against you in a court of law.
Your user name is (way too long) so im guessing you been registering for Way too long id be butter too


They always ask me where are you going where are you staying and is your 290 registration concurrent

None of that is their business nor do you have to tell them. Beyond perhaps ID’ing yourself, as required in some States, there are only two things you should be saying to a LEO:

1) “Am I being detained?”
2) “Am I free to go?”

If the answer to 1 is “yes,” then there’s the possibility of asking a “bonus” question of, “what is the basis of your reasonable suspicion?” If the answer to 1 is, “no,” then ask question 2.

If the answer to question 2 is, “no,” then ask question 1. I’ll leave to you what to do if the answer to question 2 is, “yes.”

You never, ever, have to talk to a LEO beyond basic ID info (in some States). They may harass and intimidate but they’ll eventually get tired of it. Oh also, they need to be careful how long they stop you. See:

(There are two cases cited in the piece; both merit reading.)

It’s Florida, so surprised that they didn’t arrest and jail him for not being in the right neighborhood.

This is me, I’m afraid, in 20 or so years and any if us who are on the registry in our later years. I see what is happening to my father as the dementia takes over little by little, he’s a remnant of his former self. It’s hard enough to take him to the doctor, or just get him to change his diaper or shower. I can’t imagine having to take him to Gestapo HQ for his annual, or find an old folks home or hospice that will accept him if he were a PFR.
But, that will be me when I reach his age unless they find a cure for dementia and/or the registry. The thought of putting my kids through this makes me want to protect them by running away. What a nightmare this is now and, as much as I hate to be all doom and gloom, the future doesn’t look so bright.

I often worry about aging and what would happen to me if I get dementia or need a nursing home. It’s a scary thought. I can only hope things improve for us in the future. I wonder what’s happened to other registered citizens that have dementia.

There have been such cases of registrants who had forgotten to register and were subsequently imprisoned. Several ended up serving their resultant sentences and were then transferred to Coalinga State Hospital, California’s notorious prison/not a prison as “sexually violent offenders.”

I believe that the scenario which both you and I fear occurs with some regularity.

There should be limits medically as to the need to monitor someone on the registry. Murderers don’t get hassled like this when they decline in health. Is a dementia patient even going to remember what his restrictions are day to day? Is a wheelchair bound person going to be able to repeat the offense that got them placed on the registry. I doubt it. These are the kind of things , like the tier system, that could streamline this ridiculous registry to the point where it begins to look like it was designed to work. To track active , violent offenders. Not some 96 yr old , bed bound dementia patient that has difficulty even standing.

I have a relative who is in a nursing home. Out of curiosity, I asked another relative of mine to check the Megan’s Law Website Scam, of the nursing home address, because I often wonder if there might be a chance that a so-called “Registered Sex Offender” lives there.

Lo and behold, there were two so-called Registered Sex Offenders in that nursing home. One of the pictures include an 80-year-old man in a wheelchair, who seemed barely hanging onto dear life, and had plastic tubes running from his nose down to what is presumably an oxygen tank.

The conviction was from the late 1990s.

This only convinces me that the United States of America is an absolute shit show.

This man is clearly a threat. How could the TBLs let him go? Think of the children!

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