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ACSOL National Action Alert: Retired Military Registrants Denied Access to Military Bases – Were You Also Denied?

Source: ACSOL

Two retired military registrants were denied access to military bases during the past seven days.  One of the registrants was denied access to a Marine base while the other was denied access to a Navy base.  The two registrants are retired from two different branches of the military — Air Force and Navy. Both attempted to access a military base in order to pick up one or more prescription medicines.

According to a document provided to one of the two registrants, the Marine Corps has a new screening and vetting process for persons entering a military facility that became effective on November 1.  The process includes an all Service electronic Physical Security Access Control System that includes a list of all individuals listed on the National Sex Offender Registry.  The document also states that screening and vetting of all persons entering a Marine Corps facility is “critical to ensuring the safety and security of those persons living and working aboard Marine Corps sites and the security of our resources and assets.”

“We do not know at this time the breadth of this exclusion, that is, whether it includes all branches of the military and whether it applies to the registrants’ dependents,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci.  “Litigation may be necessary in order to address this significant harm.”

ACSOL requests that anyone denied access to a military on or after November 1, 2021, contact Janice Bellucci by email at or by phone at (805) 896-7854.     

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I made it inside the Naval base in San Diego last night, no issues. I’m retired Navy.

Did they scan your ID card through DBIDS?

Yes, they scanned my card, no issues. I went to LA airbase this afternoon and no issues. I have felony, PC 288.4(b). I renewed my ID back in March, haven’t had an issue. I went into Lackland AFB, and Ft. San Houston in San Antonio, TX on October 1, 2021 with no issues. I sure will let you guys know when and if I’m turned away.

I have dined at Travis Airforce Base, Tracy Army depot, Sierra Army Depot. and a few moreover years. Are you on website?

Happy for you, Jason, that you were allowed to enter the naval base in San Diego last night. According to a document I have just read dated May 7, 2021, no one who is currently on a sex offender registry or who has ever been convicted of sexual assault, rape, child molestation, possession or child pornography or production of child pornography is allowed to access a military base. Will continue my research and report my findings on this website.

I believe you are right, Janice. Some time ago, the VA announced that veterans were eligible to access the BX/PX and commissary . I was refused with no explanation and a nasty glare from the MP at the desk. I’m 50% disabled, so I meet one of the criteria.


Do you go to the VA for an annual physical exam to maintain your disability rating? That’s my fear, that they implement a screening process just to enter the VA hospital for medical care.

Yes, I do go to the VA annually without incident so far. I don’t have the same fear exclusion will happen with the VA. Individual military base commanders have wide latitude as to security decisions. The VA is a huge top-down bureaucracy.

I also made it onto the San Diego naval base last week to go to the commissary. Wendnesday, as a matter of fact. Yes, my ID was scanned. Maybe I just got lucky??
But regardless, as a retired vet, I find this very disturbing and disappointing. Spent 20 years in uniform, retired with an honorable discharge. Never had any disciplinary issues.
But because of one stupid mistake, which did NOT involve any physical contact with anyone, I am now possibly barred from ever being allowed on a military installation again? Sometimes in the past I have gone on base to the hospital for medical needs. This is ridiculous and I hope action is taken to fight this. All I know is if I am ever denied entry, I will definitely be contacting Bellucci!

That’s awesome for you. I was rated at 100% permanent and total by the VA about 2 years ago. I went to the MCRD base access office about 18 months ago to get base access for me and my wife based on my VA Decision Letter. Both of us were denied based on my 2011 conviction. The personnel at the front desk had me talk to the supervisor who pulled out the local base regulations governing all of San Diego and El Centro. It said that person’s convicted of a sex offense were prohibited from obtaining base access, regardless of VA Decision. He explained that the VA doesn’t govern the bases and that it is still a “privilege” that can be revoked regardless of what the VA says. Basically, they are separate entities and entitlement doesn’t equate to guaranteed access. I just want to shop at the NEX and Commissary, as entitled to by my 100% disability. I can’t even access the NEX website because of my conviction. I sent some of this info to Janice last night.

My father got his disability upgraded to 100% , and was then changed to medically retired which mean he got a retiree ID card. Didn’t that happen with you?

I heard of some people slipping thru the crack at that one in San Diego. I had to pay a driver to take my load into that.

It may depend on if it’s an active base or not. My husband served 8 years in the Army so not “retired” but was denied access to Fort Bragg few years back. He has gone on to Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training base in the past few months without any issue.

AV Veteran.
Not denied yet, I entered Edwards AFB last Thursday and Los Angeles AFB on Friday.
I am followed closely and harassed and they know my status as of June 4th, 2019. At least I was not arrested!? LOL

Wow. Do you make fun of them? I couldn’t resist.

Have you asked them exactly why you are treated that way? I would ask them for the specific criteria that gets someone “followed”.

I think one of the best things that an oppressed person can do to oppressors is to make sure they see it is unacceptable and immoral. Personally, I try to make all of it as painful as possible. Oppressors deserve to pay.

As a taxpayer who pays far more than my fair share (guess I’m dumb!!), I’m waaaaaaaay tired of these criminal regimes wasting my resources for their idiocy. De-fund everything.

I hope we aren’t viewed as the enemy but it sure seems that way. About taxes…while at war did we ever require taxes of the enemy?

In my son’s plea agreement it was stated that he would not be allowed on any military base.

Your son’s offense must either be federal or happened on post.

😡 This is outrageous! I did not serve in the military, but I have great respect and admiration for those who have bravely and selflessly served our nation. They deserve better!! 😡
(And I suspect that, as usual, these restrictions do not apply to those convicted of selling drugs, domestic violence, assaulting a peace officer, attempted murder, etc…… only to those who were convicted of a sexual offense.😡)

My wife is active duty army, stationed at Ft. Stewart, Ga. So far I access the base regularly (11/10/21 last entry), 288 (a) from 2000 in california. I originally went to March ARB DEERS for my ID in Oct 2018 while my wife was at Basic Training (BCT) and the first time you go you must get a pass which I had no issues. The interesting thing was there was a SNAFU with my SS# apparently someone had used my SS# to join the military many years prior so they issued me a temp ID good for only 30days in which I needed to get a statement from SSA acknowledging that I was the person lawfully issued that SS#, I went to Los Alamos base (they had walk-in service vers MARB needed a appointment) and they issued me my 4yr card. I took my kids to Ft. Irwin afterwards as well as my landlord (she has a green-card) with no issues.

I mention these items for a reason.

I learned after my wife received her placement orders that EVERYONE REGARDLESS OF RANK/ASSOCIATION gaining access to any military reserve (base) MUST have a SPOUNSER (someone who vouches that you will be an upright citizen while in restricted areas (if you need to show ID its a restricted area) AND accepts FULL RESPONSIBILITY for anything you do).

I do know that the military is slowly switching out the dependent/veteran IDs’ to match those currently in use by active soldiers CAC cards that have chips similar to credit cards and are preloaded with “credential certs” showing the level of clearance the barer has. This information was sent out last Jan (2020) stating it would be rolling out one base at a time and only on a need to reissue basis if you were at an updated DEERS.

Now recently my wife took a coworkers boyfriend (he went to prison for stabbing someone in 2015) to get a pass and he was denied access and was pulled aside out of earshot and read the riot act for trying to go on base.

My question to those recently denied, Do you have the laminated ID or the CAC card style? The old style is bar code read and the system is updated repeatedly throughout the day.

sidenote when I go through and I have to use the access kiosk because the bar is down the screen blipps “access denied see guard” for half a sec but then opens the bar allowing me to pass.

The Army and Airforce will turn them away as well

After my release I was still active duty during appeals. I was barred from the base by the base commander, except for medical/dental of which I would be escorted due to “safety and security concerns and upholding good order and discipline.” This was under threat of Courts-Martial.

Then where did you stay? Did they pay you BAH to stay off base?

On Camp Pendleton, I believe they deny access to anyone who has had a felony within the last 10 years.

Denied ent

If you or anyone else would like to have ACSOL fight these denials, please contact Janice as described in this article. Just saying you were denied as a comment here may not be seen by her.

Don’t forget that she is asking for denials that occurred after 1 Nov, 2021. We don’t want to flood her with data that might not be useful to her. I only say this because I missed that when I scanned the article the first time.

A gov database being used to impose affirmative restraint…..go figure.

Denied entry to Beale AFB. Checked with DEERS and all benefits and privilege’s are not

effected. Just will never be able to enter a military installation using the DBIDS system

as new security measures bar anyone with a sex offense conviction and required to

register. No remedy or possible waiver information given.

“security measures”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! WTF would they know about security? These are the people we trust for national defense. Wow.


Then your retirement benefits ARE impacted if you are denied entry. Can’t use commissary or exchange privileges as promised if you’re denied @the gate as well as any MWR, personnel, or possible medical facilities. How are retirees going to renew ID cards when they can’t get onto base?

This is a breach of contract by USG toward those who had earned it along with their delayed pay (aka retirement, see Banks v KS) and termination of said contract without due process of a hearing to appeal their decision.

Realize it’s USG rules and their facility to restrict entry from those they deem not worthy but even DOD Instructions have to be lawful.

No waiver info?

That is something new. I was not military, but I was offered an IT interview from a third party company on a military base about two years ago. I couldn’t make it through the checkpoint because I was on the registry. After having the checkpoint shut down for half an hour, they gave me paperwork for a waiver to be filled out.

Sufficeth to say, getting denied at the checkpoint automatically would disqualify me for that job opportunity. There’s absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. sucks.

I can understand both sides. I live near the Los Al base and there are weapons, military hardware and various airplanes/jets/helicopters. We have to secure these items and I think the general public might view this as: if you broke the law, what else are you capable of doing? Do you hire a felon in a bank? I’m an expunged misdemeanor with a COR/removed from the registry earlier this year. My life has been amazing since being removed. I truly respect military personnel and everything they do, but if you break the law, should you still have access to a military base? I believe Los Al only requires an ID? So, if people disagree with this new requirement, what do you suggest? What if a police officer was convicted of a crime? Sexual offense? Should he/she still be allowed in the police station? Let’s here your arguments?

TMZ this is a silly argument…Of course a former police officer should/must be allowed into a Police Station for any legitimate purpose…(Can he/she file a crime report, pay a ticket or are they barred?)

Further, are all former veterans with a criminal conviction forbidden from entering a military base? No, of course not.

When I attended a 40 year reunion for the 101st 502bd Airborne I entered a base where, later I served in a senior capacity, and was welcomed everywhere.

As was right and proper.

This Scarlet Letter that you espouse for a lifetime…is barbaric, inhumane, a violation of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

This is all stupid.

James !

Declaration? I totally disagree. Nope.

TMZ what’s your point? Why are you on here? And no one is asking to get hired only to get on a military base.


This isn’t about a job. It is about access. Or are you saying that living and presence restrictions should be constitutional? How about Halloween restrictions?

What the military has done is utilized the registry as a form of discrimination. Your presence is banned. It makes no sense, especially when one is no longer under custody.

I have a tier 1 expunged offense and will petition in 2022 and we do not have near the restrictions a tier three might have to deal with. I think the military should look at these

on a more individual level and was this included in there sentencing agreement etc. This should not be all registrants disallowed on a military base.

I have somewhat of a different complaint….Despite our honorable discharge and sometime semi heroic service in combat, we are not allowed to be buried in any national cemetery, neither our bodies or our ashes.

I have complained about this policy to no good effect.

But this is wrong also….branded even into death.

James I

This one is touchy, the VA says no one that’s Tier 3 will be allowed, but there’s also a panel that technically could deny anyone no matter their status. Keeping my fingers crossed that when it comes my time it’s so far back that it won’t be an issue even for my Tier 1 (Virginia).

my conviction is from 94,here in my state we are not sorna, i am a low level offender
i have used the va for many years, never an issue, received the vaccine, flu shot, blood test, even had minor surgery at the va hospital, no problems.
i was denied entrance to a army base once, have never tried again. i had been on that base many times in the past with my situation, they changed the rules several years ago, now any felony restricts you.
i do not believe your va id shows criminal info, but it may be coming. we install card access readers all over, if the va uses it they could deny access.
congress would have to pass legislation to deny va benefits. they are trying to pass legislation to bar pension benefits to incarcerated felons.
my son is incarcerated and they tried to stop him from getting the stimulus, he got both of them later

On the VA website you can read that registrants have never been barred from any VA medical facilities. Also registrants are not barred from receiving compensation benefits. There are at least 10-15 types of convictions that would not allow you to enter these bases which are controlled by DBIDS.

So this new change does prevent a person who is fully qualified from using the commissary, exchange, medical, etc. but there are certain installations that don’t scan your ID card to access. I know you can update or replace new ID cards at these bases (usually reserve training centers admin offices).

In any event this was all established without any forewarning, and caught most of us who served by surprise. Hard to fight these regulations once implemented.

Chris, that seems at odds with the following link.

Where did you find that information about Tier 3? When you speak of Tier 3, I presume you are referring to the federal classifications. States are free to define their own tiers, if they do at all.

That’s encouraging. Thank you for sharing.

“ the VA says no one that’s Tier 3 will be allowed, but there’s also a panel that technically could deny anyone no matter their status”

Please cite your source.

Well at least I don’t have to worried about being drafted now.

I’d be pissed if I was drafted during Vietnam and was treated worse than toxic waste by the country I defended.

Could you imagine if the government drafted us registrants to fight in combat? Wonder what I’d do.

Depends where the combat is happening and why.
Am I being drafted to defend oil fields in the Middle East or the California coast from approaching Chinese gator freighters?
If the latter happens, and it might if things go south over Taiwan, I’m thinking the war effort will have become so desperate that all bets would be off and every breathing American soul will be readying themselves for the approaching enemy. To be “drafted” might not require that you report to your local MEPS, but grab a gun, baseball bat or rock and defend your family.
We’ll go from our current life in a Philip K. Dick novel to one written by Cormac McCarthy.

I can tell you right now what I would do. I would send back a letter to the drafting agency stating that as a third-class citizen I cannot be drafted. If the persisted I would send them a new letter saying “F*K YOU!”

Sorry to burst that bubble but………………………..
If you’re under 42 (yes that’s the actual cut-off age) then they do not care if you are a felon of any kind. The draft is a UNBIAS conscription tool for WARTIME to defend the Country. They will require everyone who is physically able to report for training/deployment or be incarcerated.

When my spouse’s niece got married a few years ago on a military base it was made clear that I would not be allowed on base if I attempted to gain entry via the normal methods. However, a known approved person can bring whoever he/she deems appropriate in their vehicle without issue as long as under their ‘supervision’ while on base. This is how I attended the wedding as my BIL is a retired Colonel. Needless to say, I didn’t go wondering about the base on my own.

I did serve back in the 80s, but my status wouldn’t have helped in this situation either.

They take it all quite seriously too – the DJ got held up at the gate due to a DUI conviction he hadn’t disclosed when he requested his name be added to the guest list, and he nearly got arrested at the gate. It’s not just registrants.

Once again, SCOTUS’ words from Smith ring in my ears:

offenders subject to the Act are free to move where they wish and to live and work as other citizens

Whew! Good thing that’s still truth.

Welp, in CA, those words were not heeded as CA had living and presence restrictions along with Halloween restrictions. Of course, there are job restrictions as well.

ACSOL was able to undo restrictions on living, presences, and Halloween restrictions. Still need help in the job and military installation.

I do have to wonder if military bases are considered federal land? If so, then do they comply by SORNA? And if that is so, then any persons who had their case dismissed should not have been banned.

There was a time they wouldn’t let Harvey Milk back on base. Now look.

8 year Marine vet with an honorable discharge here. I was denied entry to my local VA hospital last Thursday where I was attempting to pick up a prescription for my minor daughter. I guess that means my VA insurance is no good any more as well. Really fucked up.
The registry is not punishment.

Wow that really sucks. How recently had you been in there?
Can you get your prescriptions by mail?

This was last Thursday. The prescription is for my daughter and she has to be seen by the doctor. I have no choice but to give up my VA insurance now and purchase a private plan (more money out of my pocket), hope they will cover a pre existing condition, find a new family doctor. In the meantime, I took her to a clinic and paid cash out of pocket for the visit and a 30 day supply.
Its really messed up because I didn’t have this problem 6 months ago. It makes me want to burn my uniform.

Was the VA hospital on a military base, and were you stopped at the gate? If you were simply denied access to a hospital not on a base, they are in violation of VA policy. See the link I posted above.

It was the John D Dingle medical center in Detroit, but I don’t care any more. They can take a flying leap off a tall building.

That makes no sense. That seems to contradict VAs own policy

VA homeless veterans convicted of sexual offenses

Crazy that people sacrifice their lives to protect our country and freedom; yet deny them access to a base solely on a sex offense. Honestly that’s gotta be the biggest slap in the face.

Thank you for all of you that wore a uniform to protect our freedoms!!!

This is actually an excellent time to expose the “registry” and its draconian unamerican
treatment of tax paying americans who fought for the freedom of others period!!!

Lets make a lot of noise and let janice go after the legislators who once again dropped the ball. Who do we need to call and write to?

What’s next? Retroactively rescind our discharges and take our benefits?

Yes. If a retired person is convicted of a sex offense, there was a bill out there that would strip them of retirement pay.

To add here – A retired person is still under UCMJ authority, believe it or not, even when retired because they are receiving delayed pay and not official retirement. You can find two cases mentioned in the forum before where a retiree was charged with sex assault, charged under UCMJ, brought back to face the charge, and then found guilty. You can also find a recent Army general who had his retirement docked from being a general to a 2Lt.

Wow, this proves America is an absolute garbage of a scam.

Just like America backstabbed the Afghan people, America will gladly backstab the same Americans who faithfully gave YEARS of their life for the failed Constitution and banana republic government behind it.

This proves loyalty to America means NOTHING. America is a garbage dump.

I had always kind of felt unpatriotic and guilty of wanting to move to Europe after my husband’s military conviction. After I saw the treatment of the Afghan people (and especially those who were helpful in our efforts, but even the civilians who were just bystanders trapped in a war) I don’t know if I can ever forgive and forget how our government treated them. I can’t move past how formerly the incarcerated Americans are treated, and I can’t get over how PFR are treated. I don’t feel any pain in leaving and look forward to that day.

No offence, but I see a lot of conflation in the comments. The issue is specific to Retirees accessing a Military base. Nothing to do with those who served and got out before retiring, the VA or VA hospitals (unless they are actually located on a Military base).

I don’t know what, if anything, has changed since November 1, 2021. I can only speak to the process that has been in place for Navy retirees. You must write a letter to the regional commander, via the regional JAG office. They will vet you and the commander will sign a letter which you must show, along with retired ID, DL, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance to get a one-day pass every time you come on base and only to go to medical, VA/RA office, commissary & exchange.

A serviceman who served only 4 years and was honorably discharged is still considered to be retired. It is not limited to person who served 20 years or more.

@Disgusted in MI

Sorry, but honorably discharged and retired are not the same. For one to be retired, one must have done a minimum of 20 years of service and approved for retirement (yes, you have to apply for manning purposes) or be medically retired prior to 20 years. Honorably discharged is for anyone who served less than 20 years and has been classified as having served honorably during their time. You will find this definition in many places online.

Retired members draw on delayed pay (not a retirement pension, see Banks v KS) as they can be called back to service if needed and are still under UCMJ jurisdiction. Honorably discharged are released from their commitment to further service, e.g. end of a three-year enlistment, under honorable conditions.

Last edited 2 months ago by TS

Thanks TS for enlightening our fellow posters.

Sorry to burst your bubble but ANY who hold a Honorable discharge DD214 is still obligated and subject to recall for 20yrs (30yr for Marines) from the date you signed your contract. The difference between retired and discharged is retired can no longer be recalled and discharged can.

@Michael W

A retiree can be recalled to AD based upon the needs of their service as seen here 10 U.S. Code § 688a – Retired members: temporary authority to order to active duty in high-demand, low-density assignments and as seen here in DODI 1352.01 › 135201_dodi_2016

It is limited to 1,000 members as needed where it is age and category dependent as defined.

A current source for your 20/30 year claim would be nice to see and refer to for discussion and knowledge.

The 20/30 rule was told to me by a retired marine but from using your link and rooting around it to other codes in that section I learned that I was wrong, its a blanket 30 years, unless the “member” requests to retired after 20yr but less than 30yr (unless you have a specific Trade/Profession that they want to keep filled then they can keep you 40yr).
The code you cited is actually for those past the 30yr (or approved after 20yr) who are able to decline even in time of war, and if they do accept where they can be placed. this one I kind of know from my uncle (3 tours Vietnam) during the first Iraq campaign, they offered him a O-3 position to go back in. He declined with a big fat bird nIn

Several years ago I worked as a subcontractor driver for an airport shuttle service. One day I had a van full of airmen on their way to their new duty station at a certain remote air force base in Northern California. I was denied entry at the gate after my license was ran. That had never happened before and it was very humiliating. I was worried the company would find out, since they weren’t aware of my past. The airmen all had to disembark right then and there, bags and all, and find alternate transportation the rest of the way into the base. I’ll never forget that day.

Yup. I understand the feeling. For me, the checkpoint was shutdown for over 30 minutes before I was officially denied. It was for a job interview on base by a third party company. So many people stranded outside of the checkpoint waiting to get in to be approved to get on base.

It begins with the person serving incarceration/probation time for a wrong doing, then once released the person serves more time on a public registry which is followed by residency restriction, access to your children, access to parks, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, contractors not wanting to come to your home to do work, automotive shops refusing to work on your car, USAA cancelling your insurance, neighbors picketing your residency, school officials telling you it would be easier on you and your kids if you would transfer to another school district. It goes on and on… and all the while the registrant is most likely forced to wear a GPS monitor for public safety. Yet registrants are told isn’t punishment for the registrant…Well I have to agree it isn’t punishment for the registrant…. It is also punishment on parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses, children, friends and anyone else who wants to support a registrant and did nothing wrong.  All I have to say is Janice, “When is Lobby Day?”

I should then count my blessings as I am still on the registry and none of the things you mentioned have happened to me after off probation…although…

a friend keep track and counted more than 100 death threats against me online, the local police broke into my house, stole multiple items with DNA, vandalized my house and caused $1,000 of damage and stolen items (I later got $1,000 to cover), the police were overheard discussing planting drugs in my car or house, elected and non-elected county officials threatened physical harm to my children who lived with their mother and threatened to file a false arrest warrant and followed through (a judge later dismissed), an elected city official was overheard colluding with a county employee against me, the police which protected the mayor pro-tem Mexican drug tenants had at least one member of that gang stalking and surveilling my residence, the city administrator followed everyone coming and going to my house including my parents and the police constantly drove by my friend’s houses (thank God my parents lived in a different city 25 minutes away), and a friend and I counted more than 50 felonies and misdemeanors committed against me by both elected and non-elected officials at both the county and municipal level.

These people did everything they could to itimidate and harrass me, my family and my friends and tried to put me in prison but God protected me as I was doing nothing wrong.

The county government finally gave up after I was able to get a new sex treatment provider who protected me from them and the city government gave up after I told them on public record with the full council, city attorney and chief of police in the room along with visiting attorneys and the public that I went to the FBI and the FBI was interested as to why the city had the city police break into my house.

I just forgave them and moved on taking no legal action against any of these people as I had better things to do with my life. A friend stated I was an easy target for the government because of my label.

So the government has been my problem, not the public. But yes, I agree, it is punishment on everyone associated with the registrant.

You must be in an area with a small population to have trouble with the public. When I had trouble with the local governments I was living in a small city and I now live outside any city limits close to a large city after the mayor of that small city told the largest developer to hurry up and buy me out to get me out of the city (I made a good profit selling). Not living in a small city better isolates one from the problems with the public as well as the government.

Which city you live in, Texas? I don’t want to move there.

That was Wilmer and Dallas County.

I was the instigator in getting 6 of the elected and appointed officials removed from city office and I think the chief of police learned his lesson after I went to the FBI as he knew I had dirt on him so he was very nice to me after that. So I don’t think that city is no longer an issue. And I made money selling when the mayor got a developer to buy my out to run me out of town.

And at the county level, the FBI investigated the primary person involved, a county elected commissioner, on corruption issues and I had no more issues after that and was able to even stand face to face in his office and discuss an issue effecting my neighborhood which he immediately handled. So I don’t think Dallas County is no longer an issue.

I live in bell county and I’ve been wanting to relocate to the north Dallas area a buy a new house or have one built. But i didn’t know how that process would work. I didn’t want HOA but it seemed like there everywhere up there. I seen registrants living in some up classed new neighborhoods. But even if I didn’t have to register i still don’t like HOA’s.

Mr. CEO,

I think almost every Dallas and Ft Worth suburb now has residency restrictions. Tons of HOAs in the DWF suburbs which will do everything they can to make your life miserable being registered. I am guessing most would list your name in a paper, door flyer or online newsletter to “protect” the neighborhood or use an app to spread that information.

To my knowledge, Dallas has no residency restrictions and there are parts of Dallas with no HOAs. The HOAs are primarily in the newer neighborhoods or older upper income neighborhoods.

Do research on what cities have residency restrictions via the city ordinances and look for a house for sale on MLS in a neighborhood you are interested. The MLS will state if an HOA.

The 5th Circuit Court Appeals ruled that a local DFW city where @ 97% of the city was off limits to registrants was not banishment. This was green light for residency restrictions so the state and cities ran with this…The bible belt has some of the harshest punishments. So much for the teachings of Jesus if you believe in the bible.

Instead of God Bless Texas, I’ll say f you Texas!!

Ok thanks for the information. But damn it should be against the law for that type of harassment. I wish TVRJ could get some real traction some type of positive progress Especially for people that’s been on for 20 plus years.

Well, it happened to me today, 11/13/2021 I was denied entry to Luke AFB in Glendale, AZ. I checked the National SO Database and I’m not on it, but Luke is using the Maricopa County Database.
I am Retired US Navy and have been going to Luke for many years. This denies me my Benefits as an Honorably Discharged Retiree.
I was told to email an address to request access for a “critical need”. No other requests, like wanting to use the Exchange or Commissary, will be granted.
So, this is another example of Registration being PUNISHMENT.
I will be calling Janice on Monday.

That really sucks. I hope Janice is able to find a way to help you guys.

I noticed on base rules it always stated felons including SO were not allowed on base. I am 100% and have not been denied access to any base yet. I have been on Camp Pendleton, LA Airforce Base, FT Irwin, March ARB, Los Alamitos. I use my DOD ID so I don’t know if it is the VA id that are having trouble

Are you a DOD employee with a CAC card?

It doesn’t matter what card you use now I just got denied yesterday and I am a active duty dependent, we live off base but I still HAVE to use base medical with Prime. Spouses are “vetted” prior to issuance of DoD ID, My conviction was brought up during my wife’s recruitment interviews and after that I guess they informed her I wouldn’t have an issue because they do have registration procedures in place on base if we did decide to live there.
I am going to the Provost Marshal on base this afternoon to speak to him because they put a BOLO notice for me. BTW the LIST for RSOs on base is not published, strictly need to know and you have to submit a detailed reason why you need to know and they don’t give a list just for all on the list just for the name you requested if that person is in fact on the list if your reason is for legal purposes.

so the Major of the guard says that everyone who has a criminal record will be caught up in this. They gave me a request for waiver forms to submit, the actual military police said that they have no problems me going on base to use the benefits that are afforded a dependent since I have the proper DoD ID. it’s the DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY GUARD who are a separate part that is effecting this ban, they are a federal government agency whereas the MPs are DoD

In my community, we have Fort Irwin, (army) and MCLB, US Marine Base.which is a supply depot for 29 palms and other MCLB installations. Both Bases employment are big part of the work force here in the community. Both facilities are always having entry level type jobs of various areas, along with excellent paying jobs. However, per their own website, they will not permit anyone that is a registrant on these facilities – at all. I would very much like to at least apply for employment, but I am unable due to their restrictions. So, I feel your pain. Good luck to all

My Denied Entry was a little different yesterday. when I went through the gate and scanned my DoD ID the guard asked me to pull to the side and that the MP wanted to speak with me. A MP came asked for my Drivers license and he ran that then asked for my social security # and he ran that during this I called My Wife to come to the gate because this was real strange behavior since if they deny they just tell you to u-turn and head out. The MP came back with my cards and directed us to go to the main Visit/Guard post at the Main gate when we went there and spoke with the guards I was placed in handcuffs and “detained” and it was told to me that there was a BOLO issued for me and I was kept handcuffed while they called another MP and they went through running my ID’s. After another 30min of the same Bullshit they gave us a form to fill out and come back in the morning to submit to the MP Commander to clear up the BOLO, We will be headed over in a few hours, I will try to gain any and all info to give to the group.
My case is over 20yr from California and am listed

So I’m not retired, I’m a dependent, My wife is Active Duty on Orders assigned to Ft. Stewart Georgia. Active Duty personnel and their dependents use TriCare Prime for Medical, That means we have to use the Hospital, clinics and pharmacies on base or pay extra co-pays for everything. The ER visit here in Georgia for my son just cost 350 off base.

Just from a 1980’s prospective:

Back in 1983, I was going to a Navy school in Orlando, Fl. I was maybe 6 months into my enlistment. While going to school, my duty was as a gate guard. There were military police of course, but they didn’t stand guard at the gates (entrances to the base).

My job/duty was to make sure people coming onto the base had a military ID and valid sticker on their vehicle. They pulled up to the gate, flashed their ID (no ideal if they were valid) and a sticker on their vehicle (they had a month/year sticker in which I could see). If it was an officer sticker, I saluted, otherwise just waved them through.

If perhaps the vehicle sticker was out of date, I’d direct them to the main gate to get a new one. Otherwise it was have a nice day no matter if the ID matched the driver or anyone else in the car.

I was usually stuck at some back gate at 2 in the morning with nothing but a land line telephone to the front gate and half asleep. I saluted, I waved em through. There was no close inspection of any documents, no where are you headed, etc etc etc.

While awaiting my discharge papers from the USN I was stationed, at my request, at Port Hueneme here in SoCal where I worked in the office at the gate issuing those windshield stickers. All visitors and military needed to show was a valid ID and/or DL, registration and liability insurance and they were in.

I was denied access today to NAS lemoore. I work here as a government employee. I have worked here for 5 years. Passed all background checks and suitability checks. Now I have to wait on word of a waver to be able to keep my job.

So I just went to TriCare online patient portal to request medication refills, If I don’t want to pay for them I have to use the Base Pharmacy, I can’t go get them at the moment do to the BOLO notice at the gate, but my wife can with my ID, Well The system rejected my request and added a notice to contact the pharmacy staff regarding my request, I thought maybe the webpage might have glitched so I refreshed and went back into that part and it now says I have NO Rx of any kind connected to the Base. I have 2 more refills on these meds linked to the Base Pharmacy as well as a dozen others that are on 90 day refill. These are Pain/Serious health meds for my chronic issues that I am disabled over.

I have a very strong suspicion that all my Legitimate connections to granting my access to On-Base Services has been removed, Thereby making it easier to deny my request for denial waiver.

My wifes E-7 has voiced his objections to our marriage (I’m older), he’s been asking for our Chapel Marriage Certificate for proof while refusing the official state vital records certificate as proof.
I have a feeling that He was the one to report to the Gate Guard of my status because for the life of me I can not wrap my head around why They would have a CRIMINAL STYLE BE ON THE LOOK-OUT NOTICE issued for me at the base gate.

When entering any Military base they have a visitor office where you check and get cleared they scan your ID and then wait and when the MP’s role is behind you they tell you, your cleared enter and escorted you off this has happened to me several times. I have been Vetted by TSA cleared of being a threat to our National Security given a TWIC card while being a 290 and on the website. The Military found out that our government was doing this and stopped accepting the TWIC card. They make it very difficult for you to get any information to file a complaint or address the mistreatment. I have been experiencing this problem for the last 4 years. each Military base has its own discretion but this one rule system-wide I was told. And you will not get to the chain of command to address this. I have been blocked for the last four years.

I was just told that I wasn’t allowed on Nellis AFB today except for Medical or Pharmacy reasons. I am a 20 year retiree and in my Pre-trial Agreement, I was told that I would be able to still have all my benefits INCLUDING access to the base for ALL reasons. I would really like to know what is being done by the ACSOL legal team to see what can be done to have this changed or reversed. I was going to the base gym almost daily, as I no longer was allowed to go to my local YMCA as they also banned me due to my status as a registrant. Please advise, as this is goes against what was told to me and along with all the given benefits that I was told I could still have. If Janice or any of the others on the legal team would like to contact me, I have provided my email with this message. My “crime” was adjucated at a special court martial, and I was charged with an Art. 80(Attempts) against my then wife, who, unbeknownst to me, had a boyfriend who was also in the Navy, who told her to go to the base police where I was then charged with MULTIPE offenses, all of which would make about 90% or more of all married men also charged with just wanting to have relations with their wives. I am willing to fight this, even though I have no money to really get any kind of legal team on my side other than begging for ASCOL to put my on the top of the letter head if needed on a lawsuit to fight this. Thank you in advance and let’s fight this as much as we can. This is a punishment to me and anyone who says otherwise is just wrong and can’t see how the registry is nothing BUT PUNISHMENT!

in my Pre-trial Agreement, I was told that I would be able to still have all my benefits INCLUDING access to the base for ALL reasons.

I assume you have that in writing? Could be a case of overturning conviction if that is the case.

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