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Well, here’s some more punishment from being on the “non-punitive” hit list. I was at my bank last week applying for a car loan. I have an excellent credit score of 720, been at the same job and residence for many years, make very good money, have no outstanding debt, have no other loans out. My current car is paid for, and I just wanted to buy my girlfriend a new car, which should not have been a problem at all, because I have financed both my current car and motorcycle through the same bank. My loan application was denied and the reason given was “criminal history found”.
This is quite interesting, because I paid off my motorcycle 7 months early last summer, and it was my most recent loan, but I was instantly approved for the loan. When my bank financed my car, approval was also pretty much instant. But now all of a sudden because I have a 30 year old conviction (my only one) I no longer qualify for financing on a vehicle?
No other explanations were given by the bank manager, although he did seem confused as to why I was denied because of a criminal history. He said he personally knows several people who have felony convictions who had no problems getting loans. I explained to him that my conviction classifies me as “sub-human” in the eyes of the public.
I am wondering if anyone else has had anything similar happen to them? An old felony conviction should have no bearing on a loan application when the applicant is in good standing financially.
I suppose my only option now is to pay cash for something for her.

I think that If we all send a letter to every Congressman, Senator, Attorney General.
If Chance or Janice could write up a rough draft of what we should focus on as for as subject matter. It would be a great help I for one would send .
I also think the public needs to understand the homeless problem in 2017 also most 5000 homeless where RSO just think how many there are on the streets now,they never mention that on the news if the general public knew that maybe there would be some change to ease our restrictions so we could work and live like normal.

I’m not a betting man, but I do wonder what the Over\Under bet is on the next mass shooting in America?( +-90days?)

Anyone else following Steven whitsett’s German human rights complaint against the US? He recently posted an update about it on his YouTube, hopefully soon we will have a ruling.


The phone scam is now spoofing the incoming number and name to be a police department. I’m letting calls go to voicemail. If legit call, call the switchboard number not the one they leave.

Well, I hear that the Registry is just Administrative and not punishment. I beg to differ. I just landed a really great management position at Nordstrom, and in just 1 week I was called by HR that someone had voiced a concern that I was listed on the registry. After “careful consideration and investigation “, Nordstrom terminated me based only because I was listed on the Registry. I am positive that’s against the new law but cannot seem to find a employment discrimination attorney willing to open a case. Punishment it is!

I would like to commend the ACSOL web crew for streamlining the comments section. Much more convenient to use.

Also, I brought up an idea but posted on the last day of the month so might not have been noticed. To that end, who here thinks a “Petition matrix” would be helpful. It would:

  1. lists # of petitions by county
  2. list petitions by length on registry and offense
  3. judgement Wether approved / disapproved
  4. if disapproved, then reason.

Might be helpful with those walking through the minefield of justice.

This was the word used by U.S. Solicitor General Office regarding the implementation of the Wetterling Act Regime in 1994 which created Fed SORA. The notification system came later. Smith V Doe 2003 weighed both simultaneously and in choosing that tact overlooked an important detail in respect to the two regimes underlying intent. Fact is the preamble only applied directly ONLY to the first Act – the prescribed building of the electronic database. While the prescription of Megan’s Law ( notification & public access) did not contain the same preamble. Of course, the later notification provisions that were not present for pre-act offenders during judgement and were wholly superimposed without process upon already convicted. This is where “remedial,” and the precise definition in law thereof, becomes the crux of the conflict between man and state’s database machine. State’s decisions to broadcast is different than the plain building a database in that the remedy is not passive activity.

Can someone tell me how long you can visit Missouri before you have to register?
It appears to be 7 days, but thought I’d confirm. Is camping considered a “residence” ??

Why are federal sentencing guidelines so much harsher than state. I saw article about some reality host that was sentenced to 12yrs for a single count of possession of CP. While I’m not privy to the facts surrounding this case, it does seem drastically harsher than what I have heard state (county) felony convictions getting. I myself received a misdemeanor and probation for a single possession charge. Is there a threshold that is crossed that brings federal charges?

Florida man oral sex head on crash
Let’s all see if this gets him on the registry.

Fun fact: Most murderers eventually are released from prison. This woman was convicted of killing an ex-bf, and, after her release, was convicted of drowning her child. Should America have a registry of murderers? The fact this is even a question, when we have a registry of men who solicited prostitutes in some states, is so absolutely ludicrous to me that honestly I can’t even be mad. We live in one of those ridiculous societies like the ones with lip discs or feet binding. It’s just silly.

This man had a psychiatrist state that after examining , the man believed he was role playing with another legal adult. Well, he was ……kinda. Only the “adult” was a cop.
It is time to stop these insane entrapments. Cops have nothing better to do than manufacture crimes?

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Any update on the case mentioned here:
lawsuit challenges tiered registry law provision


Port Washington Wisconsin installs flock cameras and the police use it to do what????……”What it does is, it captures a picture of a license plate and every vehicle that passes by it, and it checks that against like, National Crime Information Center computers and stuff, so if a car is wanted for being stolen, if the person is a registered sex offender, if the driver is wanted and has warrants for them,”

So the cameras search for a crime being committed…. wait……the sex offender registry is not punishment!!! So why is this camera searching the registries? These registries need to be gone!!!

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I’m embarrassed to be an American.


  • One-third of Americans have a criminal record more severe than traffic infractions.
  • The United States of America has the highest incarceration rate in the world, both in population, as well as per capita. Hypocritically, even more than China, North Korea, and Russia.

And with this delegation doctrine (which is really what it is), SCOTUS essentially said the Attorney General can act as King, Judge, Jury, and Executioner, regardless of the Constitution. So what’s the f***ing point of having a Constitution, then, if no one in government is willing to stand up for it? I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone, because as time goes on, it actually seems like we’re regressing, instead of progressing. Things actually seem to be getting worse, in all aspects of life, instead of better.

Some people might say, “If you don’t like it here, then move.” Well, as a Registered Sex Offender, we can’t! We’re trapped in this dump of a third-world country with a Gucci belt. I hear great things from people I know in other countries, and how their countries are developing, but I can’t leave to join them. Our overseers, with things like “Angel Watch,” or “International Megan’s Law,” (think double-speak Orwell like “Ministry of Truth,” “Ministry of Peace,” etc.), who call themselves the “Department of Justice,” whether federal or state, have made it nearly impossible for anyone that wants to start a new, fresh, honest life.

And I’m convinced it’s by design. Just like the “wall” that was supposed to keep Mexicans from coming in, the South Park episode nailed it when eventually, that wall will keep Americans from escaping this Dung Hole Country. Even non-Registered Sex Offenders seem to concede this country is turning into a Certified Shit Show. Politicians are corrupt as Hell. We’re all paying almost $7 to $8 per gallon for gas. Wages are stagnant (for those that can actually find a job). Inflation is through the roof. Our GDP and employment figures are definitely RIGGED. And the stock market is tanking. Kids can’t even get a four-year college degree without going into $200,000 debt, then owing the “Department of Education” those loans, for the rest of their lives, compounding at 4% interest.

And owning a home? Unless you’re one of the lucky ones, that’s slowly becoming nearly impossible too, especially as companies like Blackrock, American Homes for Rent, and Goldman Sachs buyout a lot of homes to rent them out at ridiculous prices.

You know who I feel sorry for? All the kids that this “country,” and its “government,” ostensibly wants to “protect.” While us middle-aged folks grow old and pass off, our psychopathic government has left the young ones with the most crappy prospects, wherein they’re at high risk of incarceration, registration, college indebtedness, and homelessness.

LOL AMERICA IS A SCAM. The “American Dream” has been officially replaced by the American Nightmare. And we have front row seats of this Shit Show.

From LA, CA comes this, a person in a position of trust under the guise of religion in this instance: Mexican megachurch leader gets more than 16 years for abuse

How’s that registry workin’? Wait, what?! It did not help here one bit?! Didn’t think so.

Last edited 19 days ago by TS

Ashamed or embarrassed to be an American or should we all say who knew better. While TS is talking about trust with a church article example who do we trust today. Do we put our trust in Government, ourselves, others or are we all embarrassed about this registry that seems to eat at everyone’s conscious and everyone seems to want to find the quick answers to justify or do the ends justify the means..

Yelp, Tim was part right its all about the internet or database but that would be like justifying ones motives. The internet made me do it, it was all do to the database. What an attitude adjustment. So were does that lead one into some type of corrupt moral of injustice in American Justice today. If righteousness is doing what is right. Justice is doing what is fair and equality is not being bias in many ways and means. So who is over stealing one’s justice today? Sure stealing is no good even passing judgement on non criminal issues is in and of itself criminal. And yes everyone has morals or is the morals of the country stuck in some internet database today. 

Well as the wheels of justice turn SEX strikes again! You will laugh out loud people! Leito’slaw GEICO insures, women sues. And you will be amazed why.

Michigan’s AG Office has been covering up their felonies for over 20 years.
If you were ” charged” with child sexually abusive activity for showing up for a meeting with a fake underage persona they only used a small percent of the statute and kept you far away from jury instructions and from the full law.
You are innocent , they are guilty of a bevy of crimes including unlawfully forcing you into prison and onto the registry! Just read the full laws and jury instructions and get your case overturned. It is a commercial activity statute that does not apply to these sting ops .
Same goes with the “Disseminating sexually explicit matter to minor…” A few words of the title only to avoid illegally charging the full statute as they tack on internet provisions. They are in contempt of fed court concerning 1999 Public Act 33. You, again, are innocent.
They used this commercial activity law against those engaging in adult conversation or activity online. There is a Motion for Declaratory Judgment that has been ” under review” as the email from the judge’s chambers tells me for almost 3 months now. They must declare the lawless prosecutions as unconstitutional. Its a happy time for 100’s or probably 1000’s when this gets justly adjudicated.
Mike Cox, Kelly Carter, Amica Letica, Edward Sosnick, Robert Bondy and dozens of other officials crimes are exposed .
Former Governors from that sweaty guy…oh ..Engler, then Granholm, Schuette ( who Letica personally banned from seeing my appeal — she wrote a screening device),but that administration knew ALL about the cover up, Whitmer are all complicit.

I keep telling those needing to change their lives to go on websites like indeed. Well, here is the proof.
Opened an email three days ago and was linked to a job offer based on my experience in the Philippics. Yeah right. Like that is going to ever happen,
So I responded and yesterday had a video interview today. They presented their offer, $150/hr with benefits and some inter country travel. Now if you are familiar with the P.I. Then you know that is a seriously high paying job there relative to their economy.
Well, I thanked them and then proceeded to explain my current situation. After I did, they asked if I was currently in any legal entanglements ( their words ). I said that was my one and only.
I was put on pause ( even had some kind of elevator music ) and when the two reps came back on, I was told they would be pursuing a legal remedy that if approved would allow me entry and employment.
I have to do more research before accepting the position, but my point of all this is that there are opportunities if you put yourself out there. Some will be great opportunities and some will not pan out. But it gives you back the self respect that many here have lost for no reason other than the way we are looked upon.
You are needed, you are wanted and you do have something to offer.

I don’t mean to be a negative nellie here, but gaining relief from registration only seems like half a victory. If you want to visit other states for longer periods of time, or perhaps even move to another state, does anyone know how many states would require you to start registration all over again, perhaps even for life? Has anyone been in that situation, and would there be a legal challenge there? I remember seeing some mention of this, and I wonder if anyone has found themselves having to re-register in a new state even though they were granted relief from registration under Calif’s tiered registry law. If you’re currently registered, the laws are pretty straightforward about having to register in other states. But what about if you’re no longer required to register in your current state? Does the fact that you have a prior conviction seal your fate in any other state you visit or move to?
Comments on this appreciated.
Thank you

Along for the ride you seem to take it on yourself to know about this registry or views about plane passports, computers, even jobs, and seems you are a man of the world. Now how does that jive with one’s character of being caught up or blacklisted on the registry. While we are all here to understand the registry and yes Janice and her team plus many more have taken this challenge to help eliminate much of this for many not just in CA but all over this Nation and I’m sure she enjoys good constructive input also. Are their right or wrong answers in all this registry or is everyone trying to justify their actions in many ways. Helping others is always good in bad situations. Remember we are all here to speak up and at the same times show respect.

 For many on here this registry is not easy and hampers all in many ways. And yes I am glad that some have been es ponged from the registry. Their is good that always comes out of bad if you look for the knowledge and apply it. This registry is serious business for all. Comments are good if they are beneficial. Even I can’t judge anyone on here. Sure many are upset about this registry or this type of betray, manipulation scheme or con and their is nothing wrong with a little bit of Christianity or at many times the blind leading the blind. As far as thoughts go who knows the thoughts and intents of another? I’m sure none of us like to be railroaded or deceived so forgive me if you don’t understand me or my thoughts as why would I trespass on another. 

Can registrants get Section 8 Housing Vouchers? Probably not, huh?

What if the SOR and all the obscene sentences for RSO’s; is all based on lies and conspiracy theories?

Just last week, the Albuquerque city council took the first step toward establishing “safe” areas where the homeless can sleep in tents or automobiles. These designated areas will have basic sanitary facilities such as showers and porta-potties. One guess as to who was excluded. (Hint: the answer contains the word ‘registered’.)

Native American, sentenced twice for the same crime found to be constitutional, sex offense related.

In Mexico, they’ve taken the predator hysteria to a new level. Mob-frenzied crimes are apparently on the rise. The witch hunt has begun.

I appreciate this community so very much since I got in trouble. Think its time to finally post.

My crime is unlawful sexual contact and assault in the 3rd degree. It was a drunken new years and she allowed me to sleep in her bed, I got handsy per the police report (my memories are fragmented from blacking out) and bit her shoulder (its something I did with an ex) there were no bitemarks. She asked me to leave which I was able to do and slept in the car in her driveway into the next afternoon (medicine(s) I was on make it unbearable to shake the normal hangover) and it had been snowing.

I have no idea how to move forward in life. Deep down I truly believe I’m not a monster, however, I believe I’ve crossed a line there is no coming back from.

I recently moved to a new state and had been staying with family while I paid down some debt…. I got a new apartment the same day an arrest warrant was served.

I’m completely alone in this state and my family is completely done with me as best I can tell.

I have no idea what to do guys, I’ve thrown my life away at 32….. I’m still working, however, I very likely won’t be able to once a conviction is reached. I’m ashamed that I could hurt her and afraid of how much I’ve hurt my future

Very likely looking at incarceration and homelessness…. everything in my life that I loved is now grey as I have no idea what the future holds.

I immediately apologized to her the next morning, however, not knowing exactly what had happened. I hope she feels safe and can heal from this in time.

Sounds positive to me and you are right! Course their are so many topics to educate oneself on. Where does one start with Pornography, legal ethics, letting others know one is a sex offender when they weren’t even around or talking to a teenager or should we go with a challenge method of trying to understand the wrong or right way to accomplish ones goal. Educating oneself is good and even the accomplishments can be beneficial for that person.

 Even legal advocacy law is good also Constitutional law is good also but when Constitutional law goes against Civil law and other laws, foundational or otherwise, than that can present confusion as in this registry. In fact many government men can pervert for their own gain or lustful accomplishment for other advantages . Now if one listens very well to law enforcement in some of these ordeals they do, they will find out they are done to prevent “adults” from talking to teenagers. Yes one can be set up very easy and manipulated.

Many of these ordeals are a tug of war type of conquest. Most public attorneys will advise one to just take a plea. Yes Janice, Women against the registry, Narsol and many more have a good understanding about many of these perverse types of methods the law uses and much of it is very wrong even bionically if you want to go in that direction of understanding. So we all just go along with the program and many times people need a voice of reason and that’s were advocacy comes in..

Hey I was arrested in a underage sex sting I took a plea deal then hired a real lawyer and he got me free my case was dismissed and the judge took me off the registry my problem now is that i was in 7 newspapers. Is there any way to take my name off the newspapers? I cant get a job i cant find a gf because no one wants to be associated with someone arrested in a sex sting. any help would be appreciated.

A Texas Court Brazenly Defied SCOTUS. The Conservative Justices Just Rewarded It. Republican judges in Texas figured out how to nullify the Sixth Amendment—and get away with it.
Texas defied SCOTUS

As I have stated more than once here and have given examples, Texas and the 5th Circuit routinely shoot the middle finger at SCOTUS and the federal constitution and do whatever the heck it wants to do. The 5th Circuit is not a good place to be if a registered person.

Just for entertainment. Watching the news the other day, they were talking about the annual “Naked Bike Ride” in Mexico City and everyone thought it was a real fun thing, even though some riders actually ride completely naked. Nobody seemed to think if kids were to see this, they would be scarred for life. The news anchor actually said they themselves participated in such a Naked Ride in Chicago, I believe. Funny, how nudity seems to be harmful to children, but other times, it is great fun. Just thought I’d share this for a chuckle.

Perhaps I missed it since I’m now only occasionally on here but the ALI did make a decision regarding changing the MPC. They stuck to their guns and adopted the modified changes, despite squawking from AGs, the DoJ, and NCMEC.

SOLPRC report from Prof. Ira Ellman

Interestingly, yet unsurprisingly, DoJ is apparently already urging States not to adopt the new MPC guidance. Is anyone else shocked the DoJ is following panic, hysteria, and myth, instead of objectively analyzing the facts–from its own researchers–that show the truth?

And to Profs. Ira Ellman and Wayne Logan for your research, support, and tenacity: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Last edited 12 days ago by AJ

ACSOL just posted a new CA petition for removal scam that has the description “This legal document assistant (not an attorney) says they will do your petition for removal, but doesn’t seem to know what is needed before a court will consider a petition, that is, service upon DA and local law enforcement. Here is the link to the scams page and a download of the flyer:

ACSOL saves us money again! Thanks!

Can someone with a little bit more legal expertise let me know how New Hampshire’s court in John Doe vs State found that lifetime registration for those after the law was enacted was deemed ex post facto and punishment? If the registry is not punishment, even lifetime registration should not be deemed punishment. They seem to constantly contradict themselves. Is it or is it not punishment? Is it or is it not ex post facto? The length of registration should not matter to determine if it is indeed punishment, which we all know it is. It is like putting a child in time out for only an hour versus a whole day. Either length is punishment.

Has anyone had any issues with obtaining a Lyft or Uber ride? Do any of you have any recommendations dealing with these two companies? Being registered, I am unsure what to expect.

I setup accounts but gave as little info as possible. Both apps require email and a phone number. I did not put my full name as only asked for first and last name. (My dad and I have the same first and last name.) Though one of the apps required a bdate. I did not give either app my home or work address. And I kept my location services turned off for both apps.

Have you ever wondered why some Asian countries (specifically China, Japan, and Korea in this video) despise Americans or if the U.S. has a history of racism or dare I say white supremacy?
I originally found this video as even before the Salem witch hunts existed, racism and hate has somehow migrated from race to race, belief to belief, and ideology to ideology. And now to those who committed sex crimes and as of late to the LGBTQ community.
The Salem Witch Museum explains on this video: Hidden History: Japanese Internment and Other Asian American Witch Hunts
Warning: The video includes a LOT of racism, propaganda, and scapegoating.

This video makes me sick to my stomach as even today I see the U.S. continuing its racism and hate. Who’s next to be a target of the U.S. hate?

Please take 48 minutes of your time to watch the video.

Florida Sheriff brags about arresting Disney employee in sting (link), far-right social media celebrates.

Has anyone petitioned for relief from registering via the new tiered system and been denied? If so, how long were you told that you had to wait before you repetitioned?

Do YOU yourself, think for a minute, is wrong to ask/request for more donations, especially for the The Big DC Trip? That meter hasn’t moved up much anymore for weeks. Sorry but feel the urgency and benefit for all wether they can attend or trip over to DC or not. Hopefully the outcome makes to SCOTUS members for a REAL response instead of a Scalia response from a Magazine that is NOT a professional Psychriatric document nor coded for CALIF or other 49 states and territories. Nor CAC nor CPC.

Scram Alert : Today 6/19/22 LA County
Subject: Warrent for arrest (Paper work issues tier assignment failure to appear )
Name Given :Sgt. Dakota Harris , plus multiple people.
Phone :213- 592-2977 (I Had the fake SS On phone for hours )
Off Coarse they try to get you to a bit coin cash place. ( not to pushy ,at first )
They will send picture of warrent and bit coin instructions to your phone.
Please realize , if the Fuz , what you, they will show up in person.
Will try for $4,000 AT first $2000 as minimum

Now we have another white-child-namesake-law heading to a state legislature:

It’s Juneteenth today – it might be refreshing to see such a law named for a non-white child or a non-white adult. Is there a “George Floyd Protection Law” being proposed? 🤔

Do we really need a new namesake law for every white child crime victim?? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Can anyone tell me… if my birthday is in April, I’ve been designated a Tier 1 and want to apply to get off the CA registry. However, I am currently on lifetime supervised release and going to court to get off. My second shot at it (been out 13 years). Does anyone know if I get off of supervised release how soon can I apply for relief from the registry? Do I have to wait till after my birthday in April 2023 or could I try right after I’m off supervised release?

Not to be an alarmist, but everyone needs to start noticing the plethora of ultra conservative bills being introduced and passed in many states. The conservative agenda seems to be determined to reverse or eliminate many rights that LGBTQ and Minority citizens have. The Texas GOP platform basically outlaws homosexuality and reverses the voting rights act established 60yrs ago.
Now, who do you think they will target once they are finished focusing on those groups. Believe me, we are in someone’s (Senator Cruz) crosshairs already. California is safe for now as a state, although there are “hotspots” that are ready to test established laws. Our right to even travel through many of these states is at risk.
We need to support both ACSOL and more importantly NARSOL anyway we can.

Remember Dr. Bruce Hensel? The mainstream media used to push him all over television, as a media darling, at least in Los Angeles. Apparently, Dr. Hensel was arrested for asking a child for naked pictures. Guess who Hensel hired as his “consultant,” to avoid the registered sex offender registry? None other than former Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley. That’s according to a Los Angeles Times article found here.

The few and privileged avoid the sex offender registry. The rich and powerful, with the right connections, don’t meet the same consequences as us regular folk.

What’s sickening is that Steve Cooley has been a staunch opponent to George Gascón. While George Gascón is NOT perfect, keep in mind that Gascón is a former district attorney and even police chief (unlike Cooley). Gascón did a great job as a police chief in the other cities that he served. Los Angeles County is a lot more complex so in theory, it would take Gascón a lot more time, and support, to achieve the same reduced crime results, with an emphasis away from simply ‘locking people up.’

George Gascón: Clean career, free of public corruption.

Steve Cooley: Dirty career, with lots of conflicts of interest, and clear marks of corruption.

Again, the media, far right-wing extremists, and even a lot of regular folk, buy into “recalling Gascón.” But these same people don’t realize that a lot of what’s happening with Gascón would have probably happened under any other district attorney, whether it be Jackie Lacey or Steve Cooley. They’re all just pushing an equally destructive narrative, the consequences of which will eventually meet them and their children (should they have any), especially with more and more people being arrested and convicted of crimes nowadays. With time, it will only get worse in the “land of the free.”

Another victim’s name proposed law:

Mariam’s Law: Georgia loophole frees convicted sex offender now accused of murder

And like almost all such laws, there is absolutely nothing in these proposed new requirements that would have possibly prevented the woman’s abduction and murder. Most murderers do not present their ID before an attack, nor does a GPS ankle bracelet function like a dog’s “shock collar” to halt a physical crime moments before it occurs. 🙄
Instead, people add more and more insane requirements for individuals once convicted of a sexual offense. 😫
But it’s ridiculous – entirely devoid of common sense!! No better than LEOs documenting a perpetrator’s shoe size or favorite color might prevent crime! 😒

Last edited 6 days ago by David ⚜️

Does anyone know any other attorneys I can help with tier assignment? I was I believe I was missclassified based on an out-of-state conviction for indecent exposure to tier 2.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x