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If the court can overturn precedence like it did today, why not overturn Smith vs Doe? Oh, well, I can dream…

Justice Clarence Thomas says court should ‘now reconsider’ gay marriage and contraception in wake of Roe ruling

That shows the court is corrupt in they have the power to reconsider sex offender laws since they ruled on false data, but refuse to do so since it doesn’t help their agenda. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the constitution is about as good as toilet paper…..

It makes me wonder what the possibility is of these wingnut politicians creating laws governing abortion that are designed to protect an individuals “right” to privacy and inadvertently creating a scenario where we can use the new law to our advantage

Understanding that this is a legal question, I was wondering about asking for expungement of my misdemeanor CP after I was removed from registry. Since my conviction occurred after the termination of CP expungements, I thought that the removal from registry would carry some amount of weight when asking. Any thoughts?
It seems ridiculous that a felony drug conviction can be expunged when a misdemeanor CP can not.
Along those lines , has ACSOL thought of addressing this since the tier implementation? Seems that those in legislature that supported the tier system are admitting that the level 1 offenses are in fact a low level offense worthy of expungement. It was like that before.

5 Things I’ve Learned Since Being off of the Registry.

Does the 7 yr limit for background check apply to rentals as well?

I was applying to add me to the lease in our apartment which is low income housing tax credit funded and disqualified and kicked out their policy discretion was 16 years from the date of release for consideration the fair employment and housing has a discretionary policy for PC 290s. I believe the property management policy discretion is in violation way over violation in their policy am I wrong to believe that this is a federal constitutional violation which is cruel and unusual punishment for an arcane and draconian policy discretion for 290s with the rehabilitation act I believe this should be from the date of conviction anyone’s comments

Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF): The nondelegation doctrine, as illustrated by The X-Files. 😃🤗

I just bought a boat which is kept on a trailer at a dry storage facility. How soon after purchase are we supposed to update the Po Po of new vehicles? I’m in CA, not on probation or parole. Thanks!

I just received an appointment letter from Philippines Embassy in the city for my interview! I guess this means they are at least considering the work visa for the company showing interest. Of all the places overseas I have responded to or received correspondence about work, This is the last place I ever thought would show promise. World has a plan for me I guess. Not expecting anything. Just going to be me, answer their questions and let it play out. Now Here’s the big question, “ Where is the Philippines”. Just kidding. 13 yrs in the Navy and never got there.

Let’s play “Spot the LE Propaganda”! Hype, lies and more donuts than you can count!!🤗
Operation Copperhead

It is official, Associate Justice Breyer is retiring tomorrow at COB. He notified his intent earlier this year and now has made it official. New court starting July 1 for a new season later this year.

One political party wants us to all die from breathing dirty air and drinking chemical ladened water, but on the bright side, at least maybe the latest decision will help with the SORNA arguments…

The future appears to not bode well for registered people.

SCOTUS will review whether states can ignore unconstitutional election laws. This court is all about taking away rights. SCOTUS may let states ignore courts

And if SCOTUS allows the states to ignore unconstitutional election laws, then precedence exists for the states to ignore unconstitutional sex offender laws. Though Texas and the 5th Circuit already have ignored SCOTUS in this area starting with recent case regarding plea bargains.

I’m legitimately terrified of the direction we seem to be headed with this SCOTUS. The very conservative makeup of this court and its most recent decision does not seem to bode well for us. Are my fears unfounded? Until very recently, no one thought women would lose their rights to make decisions about their own bodies overnight, but here we are. I don’t imagine we will see any successful registry-related challenges anytime soon. I hate to be negative, but I think we should all be concerned, and definitely vote if you can. I’m registering to vote for the first time in my life because of this. A slide toward religious authoritarianism means a dark future for any groups those in power don’t like and/or wish to control.

This may be good for us. I think it would limit SORNA rules not expressly written into the law by congress.

Today the court cut back agency authority in general invoking the so-called “major questions” doctrine — a ruling that will impact the federal government’s authority to regulate in other areas of climate policy, as well as regulation of the internet and worker safety.
The decision issued Thursday will send shockwaves across the federal government, threatening agency action that comes without clear congressional authorization.
Supreme Court curbs EPA’s ability to fight climate change

Int Megans Law was added 2016 would LOVE to see that tossed as I had NO travel issues to ANY COUNTRY before 2018!

@ACSOL @Janice @All who read and participate in this forum

Dobbs v Jackson WHO (case which overturned Roe and Casey) is a case that will be referred to for the judicial ages as long as this country is around. I encourage you to read it despite your political or religious leanings.

IMO, there is plenty of applicability of it to overturning Does v Smith, etc, especially when on document page 39, SCOTUS discusses how Stare Decisis does not apply, which is a roadmap in how to overturn Does v Smith, IMO. Don’t think in context of the topic, but applicability of the legal principles herein towards ridding the country of the SORNA evils, registry, etc we all have to be under.


I often wondered why individuals who solicited or engaged in sexual activity with an prostitute who is a minor are not convicted of … well, having illegal sex with a minor! 🤷🏻‍♂️ In California, the “John” would be convicted of “disorderly conduct” (a misdemeanor). Now there is a Bill making it’s way through the legislature that would place such individuals on the Registry. 🤔
Don’t worry, guys – it’s not punishment. 🙄
(I think they’re trying to make up for those registrants who are successfully petitioning their way off the registry. LEOs gotta keep the numbers up. 😒)

There is an interesting case being challenged by the accused’s lawyer. The police had google do a reverse keyword search to find out who typed in the address of a home that was set ablaze. 4 people died.
The lawyer is claiming 4 amendment violation by police in that they searched millions of users to narrow down to this possible person, which the lawyer is claiming unreasonable search.
For many in our situation, this could be done as well. The article was focused on possibly using for finding girls searching for abortions, but I am sure the police would use this for other “offenses” as well.
Now we not only have big brother looking for us, but he is using sex sniffing search engine guide dogs now, too!

Can a former registrant sponsor someone if their offense was a misdemeanor. Not me, I’m outa here as soon as off the list. But it has been brought up by others I have talked to.