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Week old article, but a man had sex with a vacuum cleaner ends up on British Registry. Don’t see how he’s a risk.

If one types’ in Bloody Mingo or the battle you will find a lot of results. My dad even knew Tennis Hatfield at that time and era. I can understand Will Allen’s point a bit better than some speaking out or commenting. Sure this registry has to have some positive results to it but it has many bumps, but from what Janices have said many are getting off the registry and that is a plus in even this governmental conflict/confusion. 

See we can learn much by government history or Civil Justice recourse.Taking a backseat is one thing but compounding is another. Hey I have many from my original HS reunions that when in to many area’s of law but this is a new era and well much of Government has been going downhill as we all just wittness at the D.C riot.

Here’s a story about a well-respected Florida Highway Patrol Captain busted for CP. I suspect that modern sex crime panic has led to the highest rate of arrest and prosecution of otherwise-law-abiding citizens in American history, possibly putting the USSR and East Germany to shame—and all at a time when American violent crime, suicide, and overdosing were rising at unprecedented rates, with little attempt at solutions. I’d like to document this somehow.

and to think I got hit with Jane but now its legal here in VA. Now this Registry issue that is a bit of a con type ordeal… but as Arsol says they are just doing their job and many times its in uncanny ways….

I ask for the community’s thoughts on these two observations.

First, the California DOJ per PC 290.46(a)(2)(A) is required to state the year of the “offense”. In this particular example it is a dismissed “offense” back in 1996 via Sacramento Superior Court. Why would the DOJ not publish the year? It seems like a deliberate act to not provide the public with the proper information, thus leading to assumptions that this (dismissed) offense happened recently.

Quite frankly, they should also publish the fact that the registrant “offense” was judicially dismissed to further properly advise the public who consume such information. I see that as a ‘cya’ for a very poor, loophole Law.

Second, there are sister states in the nation that are publishing addresses and other information of people that DO NOT RESIDE IN THEIR STATE. They moved away. So, theoretically when one is relieved of registration in their state of residency this other state continues to publish them. That can’t be even remotely legal or constitutional, nor does it align with the whole legislative premise of proximity.

Wisconsin’s registration is on line now.
Much quicker. I’m sure our $100.00 annual fee will be reduced soon.

SR I hate to say this but my dad when I was growing up said your throwing fuel to the fire in many ways. Hey my dad even taught me about stocks and bonds plus getting tired of bailing me out of Jail.

in fact when we moved to Huntington he told me don’t expect me to get you out of jail thats when I met my cousin and her husband. See they where in bail bonding business and yes my grandmother wanted nothing to do with her but its all part of life. Thats even how I got to meet my first cousin which I never knew. But that was many years ago so I am saying with this sex registry its a touch and go ordeal.

This Megan’s thing will be over so there is always hope in any tough situation..Hey even laws are tough here in VA for a lot of things and this is a commonwealth state whatever that means to many.

Yes it doesn’t make a ton of sense.

my sentencing state was in Michigan and like I said before I moved to Ohio and am now no longer required to register. So if Michigan becomes a risk assessment state I was curious if I get the assessment and pass (which I will) would I still be under the federal sorna and required to register in other states if I chose to move.

in the meantime I’ll stay in Ohio lol

Jm in WI … I hope this fee up there it is reduced. Hey I just have a small mutual and a small side line home business but things could be worse as being on the side of the medium asking for hand outs things of hat nature and if you really want to know something this registry is just part of a curve for many that get involved in various ways but still we all need to press on in these government issues.

Hey I’m just trying to learn how a computer works…lol

Here’s an AP article about attention-hungry Florida Sheriffs. A lot of us were probably arrested by guys like these (Michigan also has elected sheriffs, many of whom try to be media darlings). Amazing how disgusting their rhetoric can be.

Well I just had an interesting experience today.. In the small town of Staunton, VA. They block off the main street and put tents up for visitors and customers to set Their are eatery their also plus other stores and small shops. Was talking to some outside of a local eatery. They were sharing a pitcher of beer, and we got around to dope and than it got to the laws in VA vs WVA than DA’s.
i had told them I was on probation in WV for a little pot back in my college days and yes all of them were drinking beer and I was drinking drinking a soda… about 20 minutes or so it came around to the Da of male a or female. Was pressed to the fact if I been on probation a second time or on some other probation.

 Well if they wanted to win they did and I told them I had just gotten off probation and of course they asked and I told them and one was an ex lawyer retired or whatever. The other person was from the CA area and the other worked for a grocery chain in the area. Course I had seen them off and on in my area, since I have been lived in VA for about 30 or more years.

Was asked to leave and they mentioned I lied to them. I held my peace said this is a .. free country and all that stuff, still the fact remains of discrimination even if one tries to explain the ordeal they still tying the worst case scenario in their minds. I understand more how Will Allen and many more feel out in CA and other areas. Yes even thou I am off of probation and won’t be legally I guess till I get the paperwork at the end of the month they think one molested someone. Now that is as vain as it gets.

All this happened today. Tell me how would you react to that type of encounter issue? Guess if I was black it would be black, white, Chinese, or of another race it would still be the same. discrimination in many ways. Janice and team sorry about the long text.. but this is an example to show up in DC. 

You know the funny thing about that whole experience was 2 weeks ago I was at that same place walking up the street and another group was out in front of the eatery and ask me to pull up a chair. Didn’t say anything at that time as it was pleasant and many were just glad I set in on the other side of the outside chairs on that Saturday. 

Its strange how people react to those on the registry with their first impressions. I don’t usually go that far up that end of the street but its all an experience of the bad the registry can be.

Hey I’m sure Janice and team could tell you some that got disbarred from the Law practice or Association and it does happen.

On my incident yesterday. I was asked to leave and not by the owners of the eatery. They were only having a casual drinks a pitchure I think the dude originally from CA that has lived here in the valley was having a sunrise See there is still tension’s here of north and south I hate to say but it is what it is.

After the guy from CA told me I think is best you leave. I got to thinking about Janice’s forum and even the miscarriages that could happen if I would of taken that pitcher of beer and spilled it in his lap.But only woman can get away with that one.

The guy from a grocery chain came to join us and they all took a vote and I walked down the street. No big deal but you see how the tensions’ can flair. I had other friends or associates in Staunton VA. I would even hate to see how many of you all would react.

Sure Staunton is a Tourist town and while I live more closer to tone of the entrances to th e Blue Ridge its still in the county. I was arrested by county and not state police witch in many ways can make a difference. Sure I’ve lost a little sleep over much of this registry not to mention two good jobs but thats water under the pridge. And yes I can

understand Janice’s and many more’s position even Will Allen’s position in many ways.
Sure I had an opportunity to go to the Red Woods I believe its out to Yosemite Nat’l Park area but after dad’s funeral when they flew me in when I was working out in Yellowstone I gave it all up. Do you think I go up to D.C. or Richmond to see the governor. I stay as far away from Richmond as I can as their is still tension’s going on even in this century.

You know the ironic issue of much of this registry is who lied… whether who lied or not or was coaxed into the issue their is always some good. Hey even the bible says we lie. So that tells one something but when pressured it can be a bit bland for both parties Sure its not good to lie even intice another as this registry goes in many ways.
 Hey one could comment of why invite Donald Trump back after he attempted a coup but we are not disgussing that as I’m sure many have mixed reviews on that yet the fact still stands.

See if you don’t base things on fact it turns into fiction. Hey at the time I wanted to hitch up to D.C. with that Doctors daughter during the NAM issue but even thou I had drank with her and many others from high school it wasn’t in the cards for me.

My school bus driver was even upset that they sent his boy to nam. Issues come up even with Criminal Justice also… Look at this registry how it is for many and yes some can even cook the books a bit in many ways. Even Sun Seeker has a good view which in many ways tells a story.. even with classification and much of this registry jumbol

In my state all RSO’s DNA must be kept on file. It is a requirement for all RSOs. Now if the state wanted; they could kill all RSOs by their DNA. This should make all DNA kept by the state to be kept with high security; I hope. If you read social media posts; it is not hard to find people saying all RSOs should be put to death. Put: sex offenders put to death; in Google and see what you find. 

Guys that little incident I was talking to you about and trying to explain could of exploded.. While the guy that I wanted to see was this guy that owned a hobby shop was there briefly. but left to go back to the shop down the street..
He had left and we all were out in front of the eatery and chatting a bit. Even one of the people was a young person from WV Milton, WV where many of my mom’s people come from. Even in Richmond they had 5 shootings.

Hello everyone, in regards to Federal SORNA laws and regulations; I talked with San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department about if, when and how they would implement these Federally mandated Laws on RSO that went into effect in January. I talked with my local office where I must complete my yearly renewal registration and County Sheriff’s Records located in the City of San Bernardino. Both of these offices for the County of San Bernardino Sheriff were adamant that they will not participate or assist the RSO at all unless directed to by the State of California. Now, I am not sure if they mean DOJ or State Legislation. I sure they do not even know, other than NO, we will not participate. Just wanted to share. Thank you (p.s. – I am still waiting to hear back on my status of my petition for removal from registration, which started in May 2022 with my retainer fee. Can’t wait for the victory in this matter)

Every time I go down to Staunton I enjoy going into that store. Yes last time I was in their he was telling me he was going to retire (semi) but Jack know’s the score in the area and I use to put models together which I’m sure you all did also back when. I know its not much but what can I say. And yes if it wasn’t for ACSOL many would almost give up hope with this registry issue.

Here’s the latest fear mongering:

Wren Eleanor social media controversy

You can never have enough “children in danger” hysteria. 🙄😒

Wow CJ… Yes Janice and team are right in that respect and so in James and others in many ways. Cj talked a bit about a “Costco” membership and yes not even my sister can go into “costco” because only my brother-in-law is a member. Even my sisters kids can’t go into “costco”. Yes we have one in Charlottesville, VA which is about 25 miles from us.. While you can also look up that town it is the home of Thomas Jefferson also VMI, and its no small town anymore. Yes some of the old town is there and even the old Capital. The first Cannon of the civil war is there also.

When I go to Charlottesville which is very rarely maybe 4 times a year even the out skirts are built up and yes a turnpike of Instate 29 going north and south to DC which is very danger. Even interstate 81 which is on my side of the Blue Ridge is bad enough with trucks and tractor trailers going north and south if that gives many an idea of car travel. Plane travel well thats a bit much also with fog from the Blue Ridge.

Even mentioning staying in Falls Church,VA and shuddering in is a long shot also. Hey guys have a heart even I have to plan for all my events ahead and I still do some but to the south of my area.. Even my brother-in-laws territory stretched up to Winchester, VA and its about an hr or more to D.C. but if one wants to fly into Dalles/DC international Airport than thats up to them, yet any good organization in the situation’s that we are in in many areas’ of this registry would send a representative or should we talk about Indian affairs today or the Ali/Frasier or Sphinx fights….

Even look up Accidents on the Blue Ridge Parkway and you will also find out about a serial on the Blue Ridge Parkway also. P.S.Janice… Post this ion this site if necessary for many to review.

Does anyone know any new about any positive in Texas? I can’t find anything

Here’s a little tidbit for those of you close to applying for termination of registration. I was speaking to a friend who is a LEO ( he is sympathetic to our plight). He obviously has friends in other jurisdictions and told me that some depts. in California and one he said he knew of in Nevada (he wouldn’t say which) target those coming close to termination by watching for any little violation in order to arrest the registrant and thereby delay or even get their petitions rejected. He said this has the approval of D.A.s and police department heads.
So if you are close, and I hope many are, please be careful and don’t inadvertently do something that could cause you to lose your petition. They can do things like targeted internet stings, watching your internet searches and tracking movement for those banned from certain spaces. To them were are a game, so let’s make them lose this one.

Because, y’know, Registries work, right? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Batavia considers a registry.


Last edited 17 days ago by David 🔱

Since Tim n WI has constantly said its all about computers well computers are only a man made medium. If you guys want to google some issues than google this…. When government goes amiss…. Does the bible say respect when respect is due and when Government against God or Government parlay in sex offender issues. Sure all want Justice and equal justice for all. And be sure to look up the principles their of.

For ACSOL, although I doubt any attention will be given to this.

Has any thought been given in proposing a standardized, centralized statewide registration system that has each jurisdiction operating as basically a kiosk?
Have all registrants on one central database, which it really already is. Registration notices can be automatically triggered by conviction records and electronically or snail mailed to everyone based on their requirements, with transients being the possible exception since harder to communicate with. The registration being on an online form that’s downloadable and printable can be electronically initialed and signed. Then all we need to do is go into local office, turn over paper or simply have them confirm and file it from the central database, then a photo and out we go.
This would insure that the registrant gets ample time to avoid FTRs, the local P.D.s don’t need to put near as much manpower towards administrative time, and the state will likely reduce what they deem “registrant related offenses”, making an otherwise worthless, archaic system at least seem more efficient.
If the DMV can do this with vehicle registration and DLs for 10s of millions ( and they are definitely NOT the model of efficiency) then why can’t they do this for 100,000 people.

I received my jury duty and shockingly it specifies if you are a registrant. I just can’t believe that has been implemented. Well like always I do not qualify, no matter how old my case is.


😃 A surprising and rare outcome!!:

Megan’s Law offender released after third failure to register

And he gave the judge something to think about! 👍🏻👏🏻

Here is a letter I hold in my hand. It is from 2018. It says …..Thank you for your thoughtful suggestions on how to address important issues facing our Nation. I am honored to work on behalf of all Americans to grow our economy, protect our citizens, and strengthen American leadership around the world.

When America is united, there is no challenge too great. Together we will prosper and we will get the job done. Thank you again for your suggestion. … Sincerely   Donald Trump and yes it has a white house seal on it. So I’ am sure President Biden will listen and yes governments will listen as well to help in these important issues….. Isn’t that what government is all about ….to work with people and not be self overcomers.

Just did my Registration for this year and got my new tier and it’s now tier 1
I had the Sheriff’s office update it. I was so worried about it for the last year since I got my 17b reduction. So, I can apply for relief in 2028. I have so much to look forward to then.

Last conviction in Salem Witch Trials was cleared 329 years later. Maybe the witch hunt against us can be cleared 329 years from now!

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