CA: Lakeside school leaders call for sex offender safety plan

Source: 9/26/22

AN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — There’s a new call for safety from Lakeside school leaders after a series of proposals to place sex offenders in an East County neighborhood.

Frustration and worry have grown in Lakeside over a home that is housing a group of registered sex offenders in a family neighborhood.

Neighbors say they checked the California Megan’s Law website, and were surprised to learn five sex offenders were living in the home.

Last week, neighbors held signs near the home on Sesi Lane. The home is registered as a treatment facility and is legally able to house up to six sex offenders at a time.

The community wants to send a message to the state and Governor Gavin Newsom to enhance community safety by doing the following:

  • Sponsor legislation to expand current prohibition of serious sex offenders from being placed within 2,000 feet to one mile of a school and include school bus stops, youth sports fields and parks in this definition.
  • Direct CDCR (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation) to partner with local school districts to create local Sex Offender School Safety and Transparency Committees in each school district made up of PTA members, school board members, district administrators, and at large community members such as youth sports coaches.
  • Direct CDCR to create a Sex Offender School Safety rating scale to be used by the Sex Offender School Safety and Transparency Committees to evaluate, rate and determine the appropriateness of proposed sex offender placements based on local conditions.
  • Direct CDCR to notify local school districts no less than a month in advance of the proposed placement of serious sex offenders in their district boundaries.

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OMG, 5 people on the registry who all satisfactorily met all the required conditons of the DOJ per their sentencing, have completed their sentence and paid their debt to society. How awful. Meanwhile, Lakeside is the Meth capital of San Diego, and I guarnatee there are 500 meth labs and meth dealers actively seeking out the youth in the area to get new clients. Funny how there is no outrage over that.

Back in 2010 when I was paroled out of the state facility in Penn my home plan was approved. A room in a boarding house was rented in my name. The landlord of this boarding house believed in 2nd chances. This boarding house besides me had 5 other tenants that were on Megan’s Law. The landlord had some issues with the city because of this but he fought it and won and we got to stay. The PO liked it because he could visit 6 parolees in one shot; made life easier for him.

Last edited 11 months ago by NorthEastPA

More attempts to legalize community decrees of banishment.

“Direct CDCR (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation) to partner with local school districts to create local Sex Offender School Safety and Transparency Committees…”

And these committees are going to do what? They are going to allow the CDCR to house PFRs in their community? Any of them, ever? Of course not, these are just committees of banishment. Committees that will always demand banishment, in an endless series, turning the PFRs into human hot potatoes. Tossed around endlessly, until they finally end up… somewhere? A place that will not have their inevitable decree of banishment honored. Someplace so far removed from population density, or so poor, disenfranchised and powerless that their decree will be ignored, “for the greater good” of all the other successfully banishing communities.

I always find it…annoying, frustrating and sad that these citizens will demand that this is system is vital for the safety of the community, yet they clearly have no faith whatsoever in its ability to actually provide safety. If this system actually worked, what is the danger in having known PFRs in the neighborhood? Isn’t that the entire point of registry with public access? So you can know who the PFRs are so that you can, “Respond accordingly, within the limits of the law, to their ongoing presence”? Isn’t that what this system is supposed to do, and how it is supposed to work? Isn’t that what has been stated as the goals, objectives and method of this system for over 20 years?These citizens seem to be stating that there is little hope that idea will work, yet will demand the system be maintained. This is self-serving hypocrisy in order to maintain the system so it can continue to facilitate banishment.

This is just yet another admission that the general community has no faith in this system and how it is intended to work. That they are saying the only way to keep their community safe is to banish these human beings, these American citizens, to another place? Isn’t this the nearly universally held belief, that their beloved system has no ability to actually provide safety through the described method? Wouldn’t that make the ongoing support for the system as a vital tool to promote safety a lie? The systems ability to provide safety is based on geography? It can’t work in my neighborhood but it will in yours, perhaps?

Once again we find that this system’s only real purpose is to promote and facilitate banishment. Ideally physical banishment via forced geographic banishment, which is done as much as possible. Also banishment from involvement in the community at the greatest level achievable. Banishment from social, professional, political, even religious involvement to the maximum degree that can be obtained. This is clearly what the citizens have repeatedly attempted, often successfully to various degrees, and then lie about as needed. The obvious demands of banishment are celebrated, until they must be denied. This is just another example of an attempt to banish that will later be explained away as a, “Special circumstance” and not as part of an ongoing system, predicated on the lie of promoting safety, but in fact simply facilitating banishment.

Also, where do the members of this community think these PFRs are going to be banished to? Obviously they don’t really care, so long as it is somewhere else. They will lie into existence, if needed, a magical place where it will be safe for these PFRs to live. A place so radically different from their community that this system will actually work in the way described. The enchanted Isle of. “Somewhere Else”. They will also insist that the inhabitants of this fairytale land will be happy to allow these PFRs to live there. A magical solution to explain away this latest decree of banishment. They care not that this place does not really exist so long as they get what they want.

1) Re:Taylor has already been decided.
2) The registry is supposed to only be a notification, not to be used as identification to create more panic just to create more harsh laws for retribution or deterrence.

The registry is not doing what is had expanded itself to do, especially when recidivism rates have always been low and ML’s didn’t change the recidivism rates.

While the community of Lakeside is overly vigilant of the Registrants living there – they have lost sight of the sexual predators living right under their noses in a form of a police officer, a teacher, a coach, a pastor, a relative, a stepparent, and so on – all within touching distance of their kids.

This is the unfortunate side effect of the Stranger Danger Myth perpetuated by politicians, police, and the media for decades that have reaped from this misinformation in the form of votes, funding, and ratings – while more innocents are violated, and Registrants continually get unjustly harassed in the wake of society ignorance.

This destructive cycle must end. End the Registry.

Look at all the big government bureaucracy that these Karens/Darens want to create just so they don’t have to pretend to be responsible parents and adults! They think big government should add on to their giant pile of feces that is the Registries. Yes, let’s expand that useless, counterproductive idiocy!

Because of that and everything else “sex offender”, I’m so freaking happy that these Karens/Darens are suffering. It brings me true joy. I’ve lost all empathy for Registry Assholes/Supporters/Terrorists. As long as the Registries exist, they MUST suffer consequences. It’s required. So this is great. I hope all involved suffer many sleepless nights, that they really cause big government even more problems, and that their whole community suffers because of it. That is the Registries.

Senator Brian Jones is clueless and needs to educate himself. He surely won’t though. Why bother with facts and reality when you’ve got a mob to placate?

Registries are war. Let’s all enjoy it.

Hope the school district has a plan to deal with those inside the school district who are offending or could offend, e.g. those in a position of trust or on staff otherwise. Heaven forbid they read stats about them and plan accordingly.

And when the CA legislator learns all was good with the home creation, he’ll learn he can’t change a thing. Probably need a watch on him specifically to avoid further issues.

Leave it up to a PTA association to want to ride the neighborhood of sex offenders in a safe-way house for counseling and a support. Hey I had some wacko teachers growing up but at the time the war of Nam was going on, dope all around. Sex issues were seldom heard of. Look at it today all Across America. I guess when in Rome do as the Romans…. Do they still burn them at the stake. I mean the teachers…..I would hate to see their Sex Education curriculum is today

A little more context for this article, as all areas face, there has been a big uproar on recent months about multiple SVP placements in SD County. This house is not SVPs.

Do they have a plan to deal with a student school shooter? Probs not, and that is like 5000% more likely to be an issue at any school statistically. Maybe they should think logically.