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ACSOL Conference Oct 1, 2022 


MI: Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate calls for tougher sentences for convicted sex offenders

Source: 9/16/22

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon says if she’s elected governor in November she’ll push for stronger penalties for convicted sex offenders.

Dixon is spending this week outlining her public safety plan.

In a Thursday speech, Dixon laid out a plan that would, among other things, create mandatory minimum sentences for sex crimes, though the state does already have mandatory minimums for some sexual offenses.

“Make no mistake sexual predators are going to prison and we aren’t going to think twice about that,” Dixon told supporters in Pontiac.

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Tudor Dixon who is she where does she live whats her family members names and where do they work and what do they do, how many time has she been married, how much money does she make, what was her college life like, what what kind of dirt dose her ex-boyfriends have on her and how do people in her nice neighborhood feel about PFR standing in front of her house for days .. see two can play this game, there just lucky I haven’t stepped in yet.

I smell a Oink Oink ! 🐽

Of course, she fails to mention the reason why Michigan’s sex offender registry doesn’t include those “common sense measures” is that they have been deemed unconstitutional.

On the other hand, the “rocket docket” idea sounds kind of exciting and dangerous. Is that a rocket docket in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

What this clown fails to realize is that Michigan is already tough of sex crimes. If one has a 3-15 year sentence in Michigan, you can guarantee you’ll do close, if not all, of that 15 years. Then once you get out, you have the registry to deal with, a job to find, housing, etc. How can it get any tougher?
This clown is just another example of dirty politicians using sex as a means to garner votes. Tougher laws will do nothing to prevent crimes, just like more gun control laws will do nothing to stop criminals from getting their hands on guns. Laws do NOTHING to prevent crime. The only purpose is to punish crimes that have happened.
For once, I’d like to see a Michigan governor candidate campaign for more jobs, lower taxes, better pay for teachers, housing and job assistance for the homeless, and cleaning up dilapidated neighborhoods.

She’s a nutcase and has almost zero chance of winning anything. She’s just a loudmouth, far right B****.

Apparently this Tudor Dixon, is clueless. The registry has already been found to be unconstitutional and punishment and let’s not for get the fact that the registry actually protects NO ONE from ANY ONE. Tudor is already losing in the polls because of her stance on abortion rights. This is when and why this 4th lawsuit needs to be decided now. Pre-sorna people need to be removed immediately, exspecially is pre-1995 people that were convicted before a registry even existed.

Typical. Just typical.

Funny they can use words like “tighten the screws” and still say with a straight face that it’s not punishment.

When are going to start being compensated for being FORCED to play the bad guy part? We’re forced to “play a political role” on the Internet and made out to be agents of Satan.

Can we not sue for wages withheld??

Lock them up. That is literally the only solution they can come up with to the problem of deviant behavior. And they never address the fact that most have release dates. Yet there is no emphasis on actually correcting the behavior other than isolation from society. Brilliant politicians spending YOUR tax dollars friends.

Well, we can tell elections are right around the corner. Anytime a low IQ, uninspired, politician that has no answers for anything needs some votes they cry SO loudly from the rooftops. Let’s see, Michingan is home to Detroit, right? High unemployment, soring crime and murder rate, record fentanyl deaths, record car jaking but she doesn’t mention those societal blights, just that she will get those SO’s. smh

How awful is it that the political class is narcissisticly interested in sex offenders?

So let me get this right she wants to get tougher on Sex crimes , Really ? you mean tougher than the hardest prison time in the system of all people sent to the torture prison? Then get out on parole and “get off” then do life on more parole called the “Registry” and zombies get to punish you some more ? Not to mention those that are being murdered /assaulted / familys under threat of being killed / our children bullied in school ? for crimes from years ago , what the heck ? and this “Thing” don’t think that is tough enough ? How bout punishment is not working out so well , as we have the highest prion pop in the world . A good thing to remember for punishment lovers is that judgment is coming for them at some point , maybe that is what the plan leaders should be thinking about , forgiveness as well as helping all in this circle we share . you just can’t make things tougher for people to get on in life , and then expect them to move on and even ask for help , with this never ending punishment because of a list that keeps people from better jobs /better places to live , heck even a shack in the pursuit of ones happiness , ever the toughest of us crumble under so much pressure . tougher is not the answer!

As someone who has had my fill of government oversight and meddling in my life, I no longer identify as a republican or a democrat. As much as I abhor what Gretchen Whitmer did to this state during the pandemic I have to believe that she is better for us and our cause then Tudor Dixon. A lame duck Governor has less political liability then a fresh faced tough on crime candidate trying to use PFRs to get elected. I despise both candidates equally but will hold my nose and vote for Gretchen Whitmer with the expectation(naive I know) that she may actually do the right thing if the 4th Does case ever gets decided. Just my opinion….

Michigan gov’t is corrupt . The AG office and Oakland county circuit court judge Victoria Valentine commits and enforces fraud, fraud on the court and fraud on the court BY the court.
Example: child sexually abusive activity law mcl 750.145C2 — this law mandates a child victim under age 18 AND commercial gain/ activity — the asst AGs Kelly Carter and Richard Cunningham along w/ former AG Mike Cox would only charge 22 of 152 words from that law and send you to prison for up to life. They erase the legislated requirements and tricked up to 246 mostly white males into fraud-based convictions.
They truly belong in prison.
Mcl750.145d1a lists 11 felonies that require an actual victim ( see online jury instructions)but that doesn’t stop these con artists from erasing everything but the title to a law ( which isn’t part of the law) and deceiving innocents into plea ” bargains”
To catch a predator is 100% a gov’t SCAM —these officials in the AG office also tamper computer evidence and lie about it in court.That is to insure convictions and avoid juries.
” Defense” attorneys play along and get rich.
Any attorneys that don’t wet themselves dealing w/ suing the corrupt AG for 100s of millions of dollars lmk or I’ll go pro se in 2023 after 15 years dealing with these examples of misfits & degenerates in office.
The truly demented and sick fact is they know they are breaking numerous laws yet continue the in your face prosecutions without required victims. Flint GHOST Team is a guilty example ( they also prosecute valid cases where offenders use Snapchat to groom underage victims )
They play on public fears and scoff at the law as written.
I see Billions in damage awards are due to 1000s of unlawfully prosecuted mostly white males ( a target group to harass the last 20 years)

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