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Anyone know the general criteria to qualify to get a felony 311.11 reduced down to a misdemeanor 311.11?

So my passport was revoked a few years ago and I’m looking to get a new one with the stamp. I’ve heard I need to include a letter requesting the stamp but I’m not sure what I need for that. Is it a form I need to fill out or just a handwritten letter?

Also, anyone been able to fly into Italy with a marked passport? I know it’s part of the Schengen Area but I’m always nervous about flying into new places.

All over social media they’re talking about the guy from Virginia who drove all the way to California and killed that little girl‘s whole family, I wouldn’t be surprised if this situation kicks off another witchhunt.
The last witchhunt started back in 2006 and lasted till 2017, I personally was also track down twice during this time and arrested for FTR by the SAFE TASK FORCE and the District Attorney‘s office in Riverside County, I think The most traumatizing part about the whole situation was them following me and my Family around for weeks, and people wonder why I’m so paranoid.
The District attorney at the time was offering me 8 years, 3 for the failure to register and add another five years under the California three strike law.
Thank God I was blessed with the public defender who wouldn’t back down from the district attorneys office for his own personal reasons and we took it to trial.
During cross examination we were able to catch the arresting officer in five or six lies for instance one of them was he said when he arrested me he pulled me out of bed asleep in my pajamas but when I was booked into Riverside County Jail I was fully clothed tennis shoes, Jeans, belt, socks, hat, rings, watch, necklace, car keys, and wallet they ended up offering me three years probation, I had a really good job at that time and I was the soul provider for my family so I just took it even though my public offender beg me not to.

South Carolina trooper accused of possession and is also on the registry from 2012 and 2017 incidences. How did he become a trooper in the first place?

Anyone see that story today about a 10 year old boy who got angry and shot-killed his own mother for not buying him a virtual reality headset off Amazon?

They charged him as an adult. Why is murder an approved State adult activity for children, but not some other adult activity?

Last edited 2 months ago by Timmmy

I can’t say I’m feeling particularly good about this years annual. I’m shivering just thinking about it.

I’ve had nightmares for 6 months now about failing to register ever since I had cops show up at my door and erroneously claimed PC 13887.1. I’ve read it and I don’t fall under 667.71. No police department in 12 years ever came to my house (probation withstanding). When they asked to come inside, they seemed perturbed when I said no.The sergeant I spoke said this was “random and quarterly.” They also loudly claimed I was hiding children in the apartment, which is utterly ridiculous. Looking back, I should’ve told them to kick rocks, but it’s hard when I’ve no interaction with police outside of a traffic ticket for over a decade.

I feel like I need to record my annual this time. They recorded 1 minute 32 seconds of my time, why can’t I record theirs? Of course, CA is a 2 party state, but has anyone tried recording? I have kept copies of most annuals going back to probation, but having to watch my back is stressful.

Tier 3 and hopefully 20ish years to go if the 30 year off ramp is a thing. Maybe sooner if we get legislation that reduces time for 1204.3. But this is needless anxiety for a price club membership! In 7 years, I will have spent half my life on this non-punitive list. I know people have been on longer and people have died on this, I suppose I should be grateful. However, I take some guilty pleasure knowing that every year I stay out, is another year I disprove the stereotype.

I know if I don’t show up, that’s what they want, another sex offender locked up for a decade. I’d hurt this community by being another brick in the non-puniative wall. But above all, I’d hurt my family. I can’t bear to do that rodeo again, I love my wife and my dogs, and I know they’d be devastated if anything happened to me.

I’ll show up in January, in my personal running joke of showing up in the same blazer I’ve worn for those things for 5 years straight. At this rate, it acts like a constant. Home facts is already going to distort my face anyways, might as well not dress the part of the clown they want for their show.

All I have to ask after all these years, is what good does this all do, especially for victims? Personally, I know the answer, but I’m outraged how little people ask that question.

Florida Gators QB Jalen Kitna arrested on child pornography charges
New News that even affects NFL Football Players too, besides of LE it still grabs many.
Interesting from a TV link above and noted today, just in case our fearless Moderator deosn’t have the chance to add Post to main page. Maybe NOT Good rather Interesting to know is all.

IML Covered Sex Offenders

  • Who exactly is a Covered Sex Offender?
  • Does this apply to California?
  • Does it apply to former California registrants who are now relieved of the duty to register?

The answers I am locating online are either too simple to be accurate, or complicated to be comprehensible.


More “copaganda” for the Holiday Season! 🤗🤨😒

OH: Mass sex offender address verification

Has anyone ever tried filing a writ in Texas to challenge their plea? Do anyone know it if it’s possible from a case from 1997? Can’t seem to get any response from any attorneys in texas.

As any 10 year parolee been release early?

“During the time that he was distributing child pornography online he worked in the agency’s Sex Offender Unit where his job duties included maintaining, verifying, and updating the list of registered sex offenders residing in Cobb County”.

Now that is rich. So a guy is in charge of monitoring registrants gets caught himself.

More systematic discrimination against RSOs in California.. California is planning to seal felony records for thosr that kept their nose clean for 4 years.. except RSOs. sigh

Just got a call from the county sheriff’s department. Seem as though they lost my DNA sample I gave them back in ’98. They said they send me a letter back in October demanding I submit another DNA sample or face arrest. Since I never got the letter, I now have a warrant for my arrest. They told that rather than arrest me, they ‘courtesy’ called me to come in voluntarily and get the DNA done and no arrest will be made. Wow. This is a new one. The registry can get you locked up even for mistakes law enforcement make.

Let’s address the never ending question, “ Am I being scammed?”

  1. law enforcement will not call you to ask for money to keep you out of jail.
  2. law enforcement will not call you to tell you there is a warrant issued.
  3. law enforcement will not call you and tell you they sent a letter.
  4. law enforcement will not call you and ask for DNA samples.

you get a person asking for ANY of these and you should do the following:
Ask for name , badge , unit and a return # of person calling
Ask them to hold and call your local registration unit and verify information (it’s fake)
Tell them you are bringing your attorney will you.
Requesting any info will likely result in the person hanging up.

Interesting when people who don’t know how the “national” registry works think they do with answers, especially for removal from it. Just saying, some need to stay in their lane of knowledge when this doesn’t include it.

Punishing the sex offender when good intentions go bad. Now that is an article in and of itself. One wonders where’s the double indemnity clause is? Talk about reaping and/or sowing.

Can we all say the registry is a mistake of good intentions or bad intent. A planned Action encounter to misuse and abuse others on the premise of talking to a teenanger. Sounds simple enough right. The porno and other things are just extra bagage
 I happened to be in my town today and stopped by the Public Defenders office and since it is the Christmas season wished him a nice holiday and mentioned its a shame that after one’s probation is up many states still stick that sex offender label on one. I don’t know much about double indemnity but it still sucks for air. So why should I one upset.

Its bad enough when one goes to prison or jail but its still bad enough to be conned into a reason of doubt as in all this game of registry redress. Seems Derek NARSOL, ASCOL even  Safer Virginia and even Vicki want to address all of this sex registry so whats the common denominator in all this SEX in the thought process. One wonders who knows the thought and intents of another. At times redressing is better than addressing and I’m no Perry Mason. 

Cop hacks 2,800 student accounts gets 18 womens picture and then sends them to their contacts. I beginning to think this kid didn’t do much policing.

I have some questions. How do you get an article about your arrest, from many years ago, removed from goggle, and any search engine, sites? Has anyone attempted to request “unpublished records” from LCN – “ They make it sound easy. After you submit your request a “unable to remove” automatically pops up, what a waste of time. and 3rd/finally, how do you get sites like “” to stop popping up on goggle searches, and any search engines, when your name has been actually removed from the homefact sites? Has anyone experience these situations or any recommendations, especially the old publish news articles that just will not go away. thanks

I’d like to plug the new book “No More Police: A Case for Abolition” by Mariame Kaba and Andrea J. Ritchie. I’m a white man who has been skeptical and dismissive of calls to “defund the police” and “abolish the police.” Reading this book has changed my thinking. The book addresses at length the question of sex crimes and sexual violence.

Ok all you cats and jammer kids out their. Seems like everything is jammed into a thing called an internet or database. So who’s creating the fire. Those intellects that don’t know how to tie their shoes. So tell me all you brilliant people out there. How did lawyers solve things before the internet? Well the bible was standard for many courts.

 Yes people still read books, Even the science fiction books are popular, from space exploration to adventure stories, etc. Did you know that their are times when Right will be wrong and wrong will be right. Tim N WI that is an interesting study for you or anyone else.

Are we all living in a time where men will call right a wrong or wrong a right? Should we all use some Murphy’s law to compute that, some computer law anthology, common civil law or biblical law, or even the call of the wild law. No comment Will Allen…lol

  Maybe even a headhunters law or bounty hunters law. Now when facts weight the in the balance than where does proof come in to correct the balance in this play of intent or malice of justice. I hope everyone is up to speed on this as we all do wrong and yes Janice or Chance can tell you that even court systems do wrong and cover-up many issues for either their gain or their self justice to even cause one to stumble. Pigeon Justice sounds about right. So who’s starting the fire.

Besides the sad news that the 7yr old will never see another Xmas, There goes another possible employment opportunity for many registrants.
Fed Ex will be sued, delivery jobs will come under renewed scrutiny, and registrants that never hurt or even touched someone will again be looked on as monsters.

In commenting to Ranger I used the word “Reckless endangerment” when commenting about this murder of this little girl in TX. Did the two wrongs make a right or a wrong. The bleak outcome of this was bad enough? Was it the foresight of the man involved to kill. Should one compare these internet encounters to this? Was it the good intent or the bad intent of the killer. What about the internet operator in many internet episode’s, or who is just as much guilty.

Are authorities playing a Cat and mouse game so to speak with these pretend issues to sway one down to their level of injustice. From the simple internet encounter to the complex murder issue or is this a blame game of authorities. Is truth and just gone wrong.

Nothing is good unless it is done with good motives. Where these internet encounters good intent or motives. Was the motive selfish, a laudable motive as far as man is concerned, or an inferior motive to save some when nothing was saved.

So it’s December again. My birthday is near the end of the month so this month and the holiday season are ruined for me.

First week is spent dreading receiving the letter from the local PD threatening to arrest me if I don’t go register when I’m supposed to. The next couple weeks or so are spent trying to reach anyone to make an appointment to go and register. Then I can finally make an appointment and eventually show up. Because it take so long to make the appointment I can’t make any holiday plans because I won’t know when I’ll have to go in. Which basically means I get last pick of days off at work and it just sucks all around.

Then I have to go in and be their prisoner while they do whatever it is they do in the back and I just have to sit there in the lobby. Eventually they come out and they take my fingerprints, dna (done that a couple of times I think), and picture. It’s like getting booked all over again. Finally they say I’m good and I can go.

Makes for a really depressing month.

Anyway, so do we give up our 5th amendment rights for ever now? I wonder what would happen if I just write “I invoke my 5th amendment rights” on the paperwork they want me to fill out with my info to register. Well, I know what would happen, they would arrest me for failure to register. Hard to believe we have to go through this. The Bill of Rights applies to everyone I thought. I guess we’re perpetually guilty.

Here comes another scam call! This time, a different number on 12/2 didn’t quite catch the “name” that was left, the person tried only 1 of the 3 numbers. Reverse phone number tracked it down to a landline, it’s near where registration is done but it’s in a retail/business location behind a bar??? Previous call was exactly a month ago on 11/2. I’ll keep an eye out to see if they call Jan 2 🤨

Remember, you don’t have to answer every call that comes in. Let’s stay safe out there 🙏

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