CA: Convicted sex offender to be released as transient in Placer County

Source: 7/18/23

PLACER COUNTY, Calif. —A convicted sex offender will be released as a transient in Placer County, according to a release from the district attorney’s office.

The Placer County District Attorney’s Office said it “has vehemently opposed” William _____’s release during every court proceeding involving the sex offender. On Monday, after a three-hour hearing and argument, the judge granted _____ transient release in Placer County.

He is classified as a Sexually Violent Predator and is enrolled in the state’s Sexually Violent Predator program under state law.

The district attorney’s office said it plans to pursue legislation “prohibiting the transient release of individuals deemed to be sexually violent.” It also plans to take part in auditing the state’s Sexually Violent Predator program.

Liberty Healthcare, the health provider that was originally in charge of finding housing for _____ upon release, plans to buy an RV for _____ to live in when he is let out, the district attorney’s office said.

_____ has a history of sexual violence dating back to the 1980s. He was sentenced to 31 years in state prison for his crimes. After he was released in 2014, he was arrested in 2017 in Placer County after child pornography was found on his electronic devices.

A Placer County judge in April 2022 ruled that the county will need to search for housing for _____. His lawyers argued that he fears for his safety in Amador County.

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“A convicted sex offender will be released as a transient in Placer County”


“The Placer County District Attorney’s Office said it “has vehemently opposed” William Stephenson’s release during every court proceeding involving the sex offender.”

Of course he’s opposed, aren’t they always?

“The district attorney’s office said it plans to pursue legislation “prohibiting the transient release of individuals deemed to be sexually violent”

Who are you? The lawmaker too? So instead of getting paid to prosecute cases, you’re getting paid to lobby politicians for laws that keep people in prison pass their release date.

“Liberty Healthcare, the health provider that was originally in charge of finding housing for Stephenson upon release, plans to buy an RV for Stephenson to live in when he is let out”

Whoot! Whoot! I hope be gets a Winnebago too. Satellite dish equipped and subzero oven. Most importantly, a high tech alarm, motion detector and Karen detector. You can’t be too cautious when it comes to jealous neighbors who may try and torch him out of his vehicle

“Stephenson was originally set to be released in Sutter Creek, but that decision led to many outraged Amador County community members, including the county’s sheriff”

The Amador County sheriff has no spine. Sounds like the citizens of Sutter Creek have sheriff dumbf*co on a leash.

😳 “….after a three-hour hearing and argument…”
Wow. Just wow. Three hours. 😳
Well, in that 3 hours, the judge must have heard all the arguments prior to making a decision.

It would be better for all if he was housed and not homeless. But then who would being released as a transient help? Perhaps only CDCR job security.

how can there be a separation of sexually violent predator and a non violent sex offender yet we are placed in the same tier 3???

Earth to DA your job is to prosecute not cozy up to the legislature to pass a law based on a loophole or based on your bias.

This is only news because the registrant is labeled a “Sexually Violent Predator.” If he was a regular “sex offender,” this wouldn’t make news.

When I was on parole about 10 years ago, there were TONS of homeless registrants. The homeless registrants created camps around Los Angeles County–sometimes off the freeways, under freeway overpasses, abandoned lots, etc. It’s pretty sad because it’s actually our so-called “government” that creates these conditions, in giving people labels, like “sex offender” and “felon,” then attaching the stigma of a criminal record for one’s life, making it near impossible for many to get a decent job and housing. If the government truly wanted to help, they could do a lot more, like providing completely confidential counseling, providing housing during parole, giving more opportunities for education and occupational training, creating state-sponsored jobs, like cleanup and maintenance crews, fire prevention maintenance squads, creating Caltrans crews from parolees to improve roads and highways, etc.

The current system is an unsustainable one. But unfortunately, the public and its corrupt politicians, “law enforcement,” and even judges don’t have the intelligence (or foresight) to see how in many years, this will ultimately backfire (as we are now seeing).

Let’s hope he’s able to get out of the county since they’re so hostile over there.

It sure would be nice to see someone get the man a home base and employment.

You know what is sad. Is everybody here is trying to figure out how to make a new law to keep him out of their community. If one person would just search for a prospective placement. If one person would sit down and see what the pfr could contribute to the community. To see what his past job experience is to make someone a productive member of society. I’m sure they do these with drug dealers, drunk drivers and any other person leaving prison. But everybody’s mentality is that all sex offenders ever do is think about sex. And that is 100% false. But we are just made out to be monsters. Well time to get back to work, if the company I made parts for knew I was a pfr, they’d probably freak out. Oh well.

He’s labeled a SVP unfortunately there’s nothing anybody in the United States of America can do for this individual at this time but I pray hopefully in the future people who are in tier 3 will get A 30 year off ramp.
With that being said This guy has multiple convictions if anything he’s a liability not just to the state not just a law-enforcement BUT to registrants, habitual offenders have the ability to change laws that effect all people forced to register.
I I hope they keep a good GPS eye on him 👁

Well at least the health care provider is buying an RV for him, and the judge ordered the county to find housing for him. That’s a plus in my book, otherwise he’s just being set up for failure.
If the DA wants to pursue legislation prohibiting release as a transient, then he should apply it to every offense, not just sex offenses.
I find it interesting that the only specific charge listed against him is for CP. They state he has a history of sexually violent behavior, yet no specific charge is listed, so I’m extremely hesitant to believe he’s sexually violent.
Anyway, I hope he takes this opportunity and does well in society with no further offenses. It would be nice for him to prove the community wrong and make them eat crow.