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I have been entertaining an idea for a permalink category like the “Path to Freedom” category.

The category would be info about what happens after you have been granted relief from registering after a successful petition.There are more and more of these people every day! I have seen questions about this topic in various areas of the ACSOL forums. I would like it to be a category so people can refer to it and seek information and/or offer guidance.

Subjects of interest: Can I visit or move to a state without notifying that state? Can I get my professional license back? Can I pick my child up from school? Do I have to consider presence restrictions? What does registry relief and a 1203.4 do for me? And on and on …….

Reply if you think this may be valuable and what should the title be? PFR no more, what now?

Free at last with questions? Let me know what you people who no longer register think about this.

A question for anyone in WA.

What are people’s experiences with living, renting, and finding employment in WA?

My wife may need to move to WA for a job. We are both currently employed here and work remotely, but there is a chance if I move out of state with her, I will lose my job and will need to find another.

What are people’s experiences with WA in terms of housing and employment? Since passing the 7-10 year mark, I have had a much easier time finding housing and employment in CA. I realize it is illegal in WA to use convictions that are older than 10 years, but it says nothing about discrimination using the registry, as in CA.

I realize that WA keeps you on whatever your convicting state had you on. In my case, tier 3 or “lifetime.” But they also have an interview process to see how dangerous you are? I am confused how that process works. Maybe there’s a scenario where I’m still “lifetime” but a low risk? It’s a pipe dream, but hey.

Any help with telling me about experiences after 10 years in WA would be greatly appreciated.

O.P.S. in Orange county has not been able to renew there contract with the C.D.C.R. therefor there is no sex offender treatment in Orange County. So how does that effect a persons chances of getting off parole? A person that was in maintenance and almost six years of parole.

Thank God the upstate New York kidnapping looks like it had nothing to do with a sex offense. I first saw that the suspect was likely out for ransom which is good but then they said they had his fingerprints and I thought how did they get them. Turns out it was for a drunk driving charge. I’m always terrified that these guys are going to turn out to be sex offenders and color us all with their vile crimes.

I was wondering if anyone knew where things stood with the proposal to get CASOMB to recommend to the legislature to change the law so that people on the registry could look at the registry? I have read the recent messages that they are making recommendations for two changes but I have not seen this mentioned since early on & I thought that it had carried from the original seven to the one or two that still remain.

On the pacer website
looks like does have summited their evidence for declaratory judgment I might be wrong though but this is what it looks like.

You mentioned that you were going to consider filing a motion to intervene in the case of William Stephenson when you did the protest in front of the courthouse last month. You said that it was important that you have a seat at the table and I agree with you 100% on that point. Will you be filing a motion to intervene or will Mr. Stephenson remain incarcerated in Coalinga for many years like Merle Wakefield who was approved for release in 2019 and Michael Cheek who has already been locked up an additional five years despite being approved for release?

VERY interesting. Has anyone run a free background check on Better Future? They are a subsidiary of Checkr a well known background check used by employers. I ran one one my self and NOTHING comes up. No sex offender report which I knew would be the case since my duty to register is done. BUT nothing came up for criminal cases either? I have a felony from 1997 never did prison only jail. Is that new California law actually working for us?

I got my answer to below question 👇

Criminal record searches go back 7 years. Some consumer reports may go back further depending on your state regulations and the scope of the request.”

In other words, any job involving Uber/Lyft etc will come up. California limits 7 years unless the job you’re applying for has stricter regulations.

@WILL ALLEN- I strongly agree with you. We thought we had someone with Dana Nessel until politics got a hold of her. Then she switched up and started opposing us.

Has anyone travel to Puerto Rico? And if so how are we able to be out there without registering? Because I couldn’t find anything online.

Just to show how far we come with the registry scheme, I found this 1996 community notification guide which was put out when only 32 states were part of the registry. And of those states, only 13 had some kind of broad community notification, but it all depended on risk. You had to really be hardcore to get your name put in the newspaper (remember, the Internet was in it’s infancy back then) It seems registry people were only concerned about “serious offenders” back then, but of course we know what happened afterwards during the last 27 years. And it’s an indication of what may happen (at least in some states) over the next 27 years.😞
1996 Sex Offender Community Notification: A Review of Laws in 32 States

Is there anything that can be done about the idiots in cars blowing their horns and loud trucks revving their engines as they pass your house? I live on a corner with a stop sign that has heavy cut-through traffic. It’s like they are rubbing my face in it by them letting me know that THEY know.

How is this not a form of menacing and terrorism?

That’s why I say the registry does not “promote” public safety. It facilitates hate by antagonizing people with provocation that download that app and “sign up for alerts.”

When I hear and see the SAME cars and trucks repeatedly doing this, I take that as an act of aggression and a threatening gesture of ill-will.

One time When I was transient, I told A 290 registration officer at LAPD that I would be traveling out of state to see family and friends,
He told me I can’t de-register unless I give him the name of the state I will be traveling to, and from the point of de-register I have 3 working days to register in that state or warrant for your arrest will be issued he said and it’s federal you can be tried for every state you drove or flew through.
I replied what if I don’t make it in 3 days he said You can get any where in American within 3 working days.

Does anyone know of any company like reputation defender or search manipulator that will help with pushing down/removing google links about the crime? I am still on the registry and a lot of those companies don’t help people who are on it.

I am doing my best to come up with ways to assist registrants in San Diego County who need residential substance abuse assistance. I have been informed by a therapist who works first-hand with individuals (especially those that depart incarceration) with this challenge. Individuals on the registry are banned from being permitted to access these county’ supported services. I’m in the process of investigating the issue and am reaching out to agencies and legal support. It just does not seem civilized that a person who seeks such assistance should be banned.

I received the following email from IL Voices:

All are invited to join us this Thursday, October 12, for a free online seminar. 
Learn about the ongoing constitutional challenges to the harmful permanent punishments that apply to people on the registry, including registration schemes, residency restrictions, and supervision conditions. 
Our executive director, Adele Nicholas, will share updates on recent victories, significant developments and what’s on the horizon for the near future. 
We will also have a short Q&A to answer any questions you may have. 
The seminar is free to attend. However, to ensure that we have enough capacity, please RSVP here so we know how many attendees to expect. Instructions for joining the Zoom meeting are included below.
We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, and as always, thank you for your continued support.
Join the Zoom Meeting

You can join the Zoom meeting one of two ways. You can join by computer, tablet, or smartphone by using this link:


You can join via telephone by calling 312-626-6799 and entering the following information:

Meeting ID: 865 7490 3575
Passcode: 133594

Please log on early as we will not be able to hold the start of the meeting for technical issues. If you have any questions, please email us at

I have posted on here in the past, but I wanted to let everyone know that I was recently put on the registry as a level 2. My crime was Possession of CP. The Judge gave some BS justification for it saying under US v. Johnson, I should be classified as a level 2 even though I have never harmed anyone in my life and I just made a horrible decision. My lawyer is appealing it, but the chances are not great. Apparently I am allowed to request a lower tier hearing in a year, but that just goes back to the original judge who is not likely to reverse his own decision. Considering how liberal and great NY is, their SO laws are behind and lacking…

Anyone looking at this bill that Newsom just signed into law ? it should worry all that are on the registry and are poor or homeless ! Tell me that it will not be misused and try to keep a strait face . what would this be called a half empty glass of milk ?

Recently googled my full name started scrolling and there was a registration photo from like 15 years ago. It said it was Radaris but further clicking the pull-down on the right it was from some bs website called Under the picture there is a very hard to read type and if you click it it lets you opt-out. I’ve been waiting 2 days for the confirm email. I emailed them and they did respond. We’ll see.

Hey all. This is about churches. I’ve mentioned before how my previous church of 10 years asked me to leave for a little while, after my son’s in laws pressured them with a tv crew if they didn’t “get me out of there”. Whatever. Was ready to leave anyways. We attend my brother in laws Church now for 5 years. The pastor, and other leadership, were notified of my status prior our attendance. I’ve had no issues there. Other than a few women pawing my shirt in ways that would bring my wife to fists of she had noticed. Sorry. Forgot my point.

Former Paradise Vice Mayor Michael Zuccolillo found guilty of sex crimes

Former vice mayor of Paradise valley,  Michael zuccolillo sentenced for two felonies and one misdemeanor of sending inappropriate texts and pictures to what he thought was a 16 year old girl. His sentence, 30 days in jail, 24 months of probation. What’s interesting is a mention that he had no remorse and he was smiling during his sentencing. And I still gave them this light of a sentence. Unbelievable.

@FACTS SHOULD MATTER. I agree with your tax exempt being removed from churches. Yet that would be even tougher than destroying the registry. I’ve seen how ppl pilfer their missionary trips(vacations), housing, vehicles, clothing allowances, and seminars(short vacations) under the guise of 501c status. Church is not bad. Not all leadership is bad. Hope, restoration, financial & spiritual needs are met. However, from personal experience 34 years ago, a young pastor once whispered to me , when I went up for communion, that he had very intimate knowledge of my wife, then smiled. ( we had been married for a year, he knew her longer than I did.) So, for matters such as that, I’m glad I’m on the list and we are blacklisted from participating in any church events. If I can’t, she don’t. I’ve got dozens of instances why church sucks. Only one matters why it doesn’t. It’s not about any of them, not my wife’s past, not my past. It’s my future and how I chose to live my life. On, off the registry. I do what I can to better myself and my family. I try to help others unless it may cause harm to me or mine. (didn’t mean to steal any of that from AA) Adios

I am sure all of you/us have seen the news about the conflict between Israel and the group Hamas. I restrain my writing as I don’t really know all the history in that region. It does seem to be a conflict between groups of different beliefs. It seems to be a hate of a certain group… much like a hate we all know. The news has overwhelmingly dominated this war… help me understand it.

As a person forced to register I don’t have the freedom to just up and move to another state, I have to report to law enforcement agencies of my plans before and after I move, they basically switched my probation/parole officer into a 290 registration officer, how’s that not punishment.
I also have registry restrictions on things I can and can’t do so in a sense it’s worse than probation or parole because I can’t even leave the country, I can’t travel abroad with my family and friends or coworker’s, No I’m stuck here in the states.

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