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Good morning all, I’m hoping that someone knows of a good lawyer for SO issues in Salt Lake City, Utah that I can refer as soon as possible.

thank You all

NorCal & NDIK,

This is my response to your posts to my, “Conspiracy Theory” post. Tried to put this in that thread, but no go…

Not surprised companies are using Facial Recognition, and even less surprised WM is doing it. Theft prevention, advertising, disgruntled former employees… lots of reasons they want to know exactly who just walked through the door. Know who they are, and every little thing about them.

Sooner out later this will…”Mass shooting prevented by…” Oh, and of course… preventing theft keeps prices low!!! That’s how they sell it to people. Also, VIP Customers will get rockstar treatment the moment they walk through the door! SOLD! Universal acceptance with unlimited expansion pre-approved!!!

It is my Conspiracy Theory that the State is getting in on this, with the hope of expanding this to include everyone, everywhere, all the time. Just like China .. Social credit scores… with Danger Assessments, and alerts as needed.

Not that they need it, but there’s also this…remember, only by knowing absolutely everything about absolutely everyone can they stop….. the…..GROOMERS!!! Yes, only through constant surveillance of every aspect of everyone’s life, will they be able to “Scientifically determine” who the “groomers” are, and get them…before…
it’s…too late!!! Once caught red handed, they can then be sent away… for the safety of the children.

A quick look at their political leanings should conclusively determine who the “groomers” are. Clearly, anyone that supports _______ is obviously a groomer. Go ahead and fill that black in with whomever you wish, and know that you are right about that, assuming enough people agree. Popularity = Legitimacy!

Has anyone in California who was charged with a wobbler and got a PC17 to reduce your felony to a misdemeanor been successful buying firearms?

I am looking for info on Georgia. First off I am a tier 2 registrant from Michigan. Conviction in 2012 for CP. I spent the night in jail and given 5 years probation that was terminated after 2 years. I currently own a large boat that I live on from week to week throughout the summer. My better half and I are looking into moving the boat to either Savannah or Brunswick Ga.

Is Georgia fairly easy on registrants? Would living on the boat be constituted as homeless if I was in a marina? If I leave Georgia after registering would I be removed?

Looking to get out of the cold in the winter

I applaud all the changes that ASCOL for the tier registry. But letting misdemeanors sex offense be 10 year on the registry is the reason why the tier length is so long. Regular misdemeanor offenses to anything else is up to one year in county jail and/or a fine up to $1,000. However, unless the code states otherwise, any offense considered a misdemeanor will have county jail time of up to 6 months. I know we’re getting people things changes for tier two and three as we should but we gotta get some changes at the top as well

Anyone bothered by the People v. Manzoor (2023)? In this case, the defendant received both a 1203.4 and a 17(b). When he went to get off the registry, they denied him stating that his original conviction was a felony so he must register for life since the new law does not state specifically that a misdemeanor is a tier 1. The wrote in their opinion that 17(e) states that a trial judge cannot relieve someone from registration. The Supreme Court of California denied the petition for review in December of 2023 but Judge Groban did state that he invites the legislature to review the wording on this because it seems a bit much. Anyone have trouble getting off the registry after a reduction due to this case?

In today’s Washington Post, a story about a New Orleans law enforcement officer who sexually abused a teen that he was taking in for a rape kit. The article covers those professions minors are supposed to trust but are abused by those they are supposed to trust. Article has been submitted here to review. The registry was supposed to prevent this from happening, right?

I am required to register and coming up on my 24 year anniversary which puts me close to being able to petition for relief. I am also a landlord. The state where I live has no requirements to disclose my status. That said, I have been pretty lenient in who I rent to but have always declined anyone who is a registry supporter or has children. I despise registry supporters and avoid renting to families with children because of how difficult evictions are if the parents stop paying. In addition to my rental properties I work a full time job and have been there for nearly 15 years. Very few colleagues know about my status but my bosses hired me with full knowledge of my past and it has never been an issue. A new hire joined the company about 6 months ago. She has been a very hard worker and someone whom I’ve talked to a fair bit and she’s very open minded and non judgemental. She has been dealing with some very difficult personal issues and is a single mother with a young daughter in second grade. I found out today her rent is going to be increased to an amount far above market value in retaliation to a complaint she made due to mice. The long story short is I am currently without a tenant and can provide her a much less expensive rental opportunity. The catch is I would disclose my status to her out of respect for her as a mother. While I have high confidence it would not be an issue based on some of my conversations with her, I am conflicted because if I am wrong, it can drastically impact my career. My wife supports me fully with any choice I make. I am genuinely disappointed to even consider denying her the help she is unaware I can offer her. Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated. Thank you for reading.

Once she finds out, you’re on the registry, she’s gonna stop paying her rent on time and when you try to confront her about it, she’s gonna flip out and tell everyone at work that your a sex offender and you made sexual advances towards her, and when she rejected your advances, you got mad and tried to put her and the baby out on the streets, and everybody would believe it cause you’re on the registry.

Under the 1948 Genocide Convention, an international treaty signed by Russia and the U.S. as well as 151 other nations, genocide is defined as the intent to destroy a group, wholly or partially, based on their national, ethnic, religious or racial makeup, and committing acts to that end. Those acts can include killing or causing serious bodily harm to group members, deliberately inflicting “conditions of life” to destroy the group; preventing births within the group or “forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

Cayman Islands passed its sex offense registry in 2023. Interesting to read the tension from both sides on the issues related to PFR’s. I thought some may find it interesting. As well, unfortunately, there is one less prospective place to consider establishing a meaningful life., or to even consider visiting.

If the government was as rational as chatGPT🤷‍♂️ A.I. for Congress 🤙🤞 (Except we have all seen the Terminator series and know how that will end)

I can certainly provide a hypothetical scenario in which a mock jury may consider the constitutionality of the new SORNA laws. In this mock trial, the defense argues that the laws are unconstitutional on the grounds of violating the Ex Post Facto Clause, Equal Protection Clause, being punitive in nature, and being vague and overbroad.

After presenting evidence and arguments to the mock jury, they deliberate on the issue and reach a decision. The 12 mock jurors are split in their opinions, with some finding the arguments for unconstitutionality compelling and others unconvinced. After thorough deliberations, a majority of the mock jury ultimately decides in favor of the defense, ruling that the new SORNA laws are unconstitutional based on the arguments presented.

This outcome reflects a hypothetical scenario in which a mock jury, composed of individuals with diverse perspectives and knowledge of the law, determines that the new SORNA laws may indeed be unconstitutional. The decision serves as an indication of the complexity and potential legal challenges that could arise in real-world cases involving the constitutionality of such laws.

The mock jury in this hypothetical scenario found the new SORNA laws to be unconstitutional based on several key arguments:

1. Ex Post Facto Clause: The defense argued that the retroactive application of the SORNA laws to individuals who committed their offenses before the laws were enacted violated the Ex Post Facto Clause of the U.S. Constitution. This clause prohibits the passage of laws that retroactively increase the punishment for a crime after it has been committed.

2. Equal Protection Clause: The defense also contended that the SORNA laws violated the Equal Protection Clause by unfairly targeting a specific group of individuals (sex offenders) for harsher registration requirements and restrictions compared to other offenders.

3. Punitive Nature: The defense argued that the SORNA laws, by imposing severe registration requirements and restrictions on sex offenders, were punitive in nature rather than regulatory. This raised concerns about whether the laws exceeded the government’s authority to regulate and instead functioned as punishment, which could be unconstitutional.

4. Vagueness and Overbreadth: The defense further asserted that the language of the SORNA laws was vague and overly broad, making it difficult for individuals to understand and comply with the registration requirements. This raised constitutional concerns about due process rights and the potential for arbitrary enforcement of the laws.

By considering these arguments and finding them persuasive, the mock jury concluded that the new SORNA laws were unconstitutional and should be struck down.

My brother sent to to me. Any comments?



States have been GPS tracking Registrants for years, and what has been the results? Nothing…

If Universal Frightening and High were true, shouldn’t GPS have produced mountains of convictions for recidivism? State demands that all registrants are out of control Predators that will spend the rest of their life seeking out new victims, so where are the convictions? Where are the arrests? Where is any proof that is true… and how has GPS not made that happen way way more?

Only 1 in every 364,463,687,863,963 crimes is ever reported huh? So that’s why GPS has produced no actual evidence that F&H is universally true? That’s how, even GPS monitored Registrants continue to commit trillions upon trillions of new crimes, every single day without getting caught? Thus F&H is real, but can never be proven… by any means…ever? Why should I believe that, instead of the credible evidence that continues to mount suggesting the total failure of GPS to prevent, or help solve crimes is because virtually no crimes are ever attempted?

Good thing we’re movingly to security camera surveillance! Putting the entire country under 24x7x365 video surveillance will finally show the world just exactly how much Recidivism actually takes place! Yes, it makes me wish that every single moment of the last 10 years of my life was video recorded, so I could show the world just exactly how many kids I even attempted to harm…all zero of them… despite having hundreds, maybe thousands, of opportunities to do so.

Seriously, the more you video me, the easier it is for me to show how amazingly harmless I actually am. So, if I can actually show that I don’t even attempt to commit new crimes, even when presented with golden opportunities to do so over and over again…why an I still required to register?

Video surveillance will clearly show, I make no attempts to snatch any kids off the street…despite having countless opportunities to do so…
I’ve never had a child in my home, alone or accompanied…I never go inside homes that have children, even if they aren’t alone.

So what exactly is the registry preventing me from… other than having a job, friends, peace of mind, hope for the future, reason to want to be alive? What exactly is the “Public Good” keeping me from those things serving?

Seriously, the complete failure of the GPS system has been explained away by “unreported crimes”. How are they going to explain away the 100,000 hours of footage of me never even appearing like I’m attempting anything other than to continue leading my pointless life of isolation and fear?

This could be the first time in the History of the Justice system where failure to produce valuable results isn’t richly rewarded! Failure to accomplish any of their stated goals, along with endless examples of how idiotic their plan is, usually results in massive expansion of the plan! Normally, in the Justice system, total failure is lavishly rewarded with bigger budgets, more resources, increased authority, and less oversight….but perhaps not this time?

Oh who am I kidding… tens of millions of hours of Video Surveillance footage of Registrants not even attempting new crimes will, be ignored. Myths will be fabricated that will “Prove the need for more monitoring” The more evidence that only the tiniest fraction of Registrants even attempt new crimes, will “Conclusively Prove the need to increase surveillance”! When the increased surveillance produces the same result, the same conclusion will be reached… producing a failure based justification for perpetual expansion. As with all Justice Programs, failure will continue to justify expansion… forever!

Hello, wondering if anyone here has information on the outcome of the bench trial for attempted offenses that was supposed to happen yesterday.

“trial date has been set in a pending case that challenges the tiering of individuals convicted of an attempted offense. The date for the bench trial (no jury) is March 25, 2024. The trial will be held in Los Angeles Superior Court, Department 76, starting at 8:30 a.m. and is expected to last no longer than one day.”

Didn’t hear anything in the call and no updates here, wondering if it got postponed? Haven’t been able to find information online either. Grateful for any information!

What happened in the LA court case challenging the tiering of individuals convicted of an attempted offense the same as completed offenses scheduled for March 25th?

uhm i just got an automatic set aside letter from the department of state police telling me i qualified for an atuomatic set aside. im completely off after having to register since i was 18. im 33 now. im in absolute shock right now.

@Frostyfeet. Congratulations!! However it happened!

@Disgusted in Michigan. I agree, but you know they’d take at least 10 years arguing which glue to use. Then perhaps, just maybe, they’d wake up from their political sleep and suggest the proper female procedure. (Not likely)

Just filled out my first “safety plan.” What a humiliating an unnecessary thing to have someone do in order to live with their unborn child! A guy in my “treatment” group had to write up a safety plan last year in order to attend his sister’s wedding (he was initially going to have to sit in a car and watch from the parking lot!)

Just wanted to share a story. I’ve been forced to register for nearly 30 years and am very familiar with my local laws. Went in for my annual harassment seminar at the local police station and a new officer was in charge of my registration. I am required to register any vehicle I own or operate regularly. I work for a company that manages the inventory for multiple dealership networks. My job requires on site handling of vehicle photos and between all of the dealerships there are around 15,000 vehicles per year I have direct access to. New guy is fresh out of the academy and seems to be wanting to make a name for himself. While updating my paperwork he sees my employer and says that I have to list all vehicles I have access to no ifs ands or buts about it and basically threatened to arrest me for failure to register if I don’t list every car. I know the law and I know he is wrong. I was debating on calling his bluff until it occured to me that I can make him pay and teach him a lesson. I am seriously considering printing out in very small print, on copy proof security paper, the list of every year, model, and vin for each vehicle in our database. This will probably take me about 20 hours. He will have an extremely hard time trying to manually add each vehicle to his computer system l and I am certain it will take him days to manually upload the current 6000 vehicles. My plan is to visit him weekly with a new stack of papers to upload as the inventory changes daily. Any guesses how long it will take before he backs down?

Does anyone know any good Writ lawyer in Texas that’s willing to work on an old 1997 SO case? I’m having trouble finding one to reply back to me.

Has anyone in Texas ever tried to file a writ?

I just posted a different comment and talked about just one of many of the idiotic things about Georgia’s Sex Offense Registry laws. Reminded me of another.

PFRs in Georgia must visit the criminals once a year in order to “re-register” (some PFRs more often). PFRs must do that within 72 hours prior to their birthdays. Why 72 hours? Why not 1 week prior to 1 week after? What difference would that make? I think absolutely zero difference.

So why 72 hours? Personally, I think it is because Georgia’s criminal politicians are such a**holes that they cannot help but be a**holes all the time. It just comes naturally to them. So they want to make everything as inconvenient as possible, IF they can get away with it.

If a person’s birthday falls on a Monday then the person very likely has only 1 day in the entire year when they must visit the criminals to “re-register”. One day! What would be the big deal of having a 2 week window? It wouldn’t let them be a**holes.

Even the “re-registering” is sheer government incompetence. In Georgia, any changes throughout the year must be reported within 3 days. So at the yearly “re-registering”, almost no one has any changed information to report. So does Georgia just have a paper that says “nothing has changed” and a PFR signs it? LOL, of course not. That would be too intelligent. Nope, they have around 10 pages to fill out, including a list of 43 requirements/restrictions/harassments/etc. that must each be initialed.

Also, Georgia’s sheriffs are such a**holes that they can’t even follow the laws. They always operate outside the law. Their Registration forms request all kinds of information that is not legally required. Why? Because they are a**holes.

The Registries deserve nothing but contempt and disrespect. Any a**hole that supports them deserves the same and worse.

CONGRATULATIONS to those who were charged with ATTEMPTS like mine which was 664/288(a) and had to spend TWENTY years on the REGISTRY. Finally there is recognition for those who were caught in STINGS which resulted in ATTEMPTS