California RSOL continued its outreach to registrants, family members and supporters in Los Angeles on February 18. About 50 people attended the meeting held at the ACLU building which focused upon issues challenging registrants as well as potential future actions of the organization. The group discussed the recent defeat of Assembly Bill 625 as well as the opportunity to provide input for legislation next year that would create a tiered registry for those convicted of sex-related offenses. The group also discussed the status of the Mosley case, which challenges the application of residency restrictions to registrants. All briefs have been filed in the case and the California Supreme Court is expected to decide the case no later than June 2012. Finally, the group discussed two potential future actions — a protest of public libraries that do not allow registrants to enter and a protest of the Orange County ordinance that prohibits registrants from entering county parks, beaches, harbors and other recreational areas. Dates for one or both of these actions will be determined soon. The next two meetings of California RSOL will be held in Orange County on March 24 and Los Angeles on April 21.

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