MN: Judge certifies sex offender suit as class action

ST. PAUL, Minn. — A federal judge has certified a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Minnesota Sex Offender Program as a class action on behalf of everyone committed to the program.

U.S. District Judge Donovan Frank ruled Tuesday that the lawsuit meets the legal requirements to be certified as a class action. He pointed out that the proposed class includes about 600 people who’ve been indefinitely committed to the program, and he concluded that addressing each case individually would be an enormous drain on legal resources.

Frank writes that they all face an identical process for treatment and possible release. He says they all raise similar allegations of a lack of realistic opportunities for earning their freedom. And says they all have sufficiently similar legal interests for their cases to go forward together. Article

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I hope that that this class action suit catches the attention of other cities/states. The laws continue to become worst and worst. Who would ever believe that you can be convicted of a crime, pay your debt to society, be released from probation/parole and live a descent and law abiding life and not be able to visit a City Park, City Library, Beach, prevented from living in certain areas and now be prevented from participating in Halloween? This is truly surreal. SURREAL. Whats next? If more people became involved and other class actions suits where filed, I can guarantee you that these unbelievable laws would be both changed and altered. The time to take action is now