City of Cerritos – City Council Meeting re. Parks and Library Ban [Video]

The Cerritos City Council decided unanimously at its August 23 meeting to postpone indefinitely further consideration of a proposed ordinance that would have banned all registrants from city parks, libraries, senior centers, etc.

The Council’s decision followed action by California Reform Sex Offender Laws (CA RSOL), including a letter stating the proposed ordinance was unconstitutional and and preempted existing state law as well as testimony from three representatives of CA RSOL. In her testimony, CA RSOL President Janice Bellucci stated that the proposed ordinance, as drafted, would result in a lawsuit and therefore pose significant potential liability for the city. The City of Cerritos is the first city in L.A. County to consider such an ordinance.

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Wow! Excellent work Janice!

You are very welcome Steve and everyone else! My thanks go to the Cerritos City Council which listened to our message, that the city’s proposed ordinance as drafted was unconstitutional and preempted state law. I also thank Frank Lindsay and Linda Cordeiro who joined me in delivering that message as well as another supporter who joined us but chose not to speak. It was heartening to have that kind of support at last night’s meeting. I hope more voices will join us at the next meeting(s) in Cerritos and other cities if necessary. We will continue to inform you of those opportunities on this website. We are shining the light where there is darkness as darkness cannot exist where there is light. We shall overcome.

Well done! I believe The City of Cerritos truly made the correct decision. Furthermore, I believe you did a tremendous job and thinks words can’t thank you enough for the amazing work you continue to do! Both you and The City of Cerritos should be commended for making The Right Decision. Now, I can only hope other cities follow!

Way to go, Janice, Frank, and Linda! This is just the beginning of more to come!!

I Am Glad that We can Be a Unit that People are starting to hear; they can No longer hide what has been created & they are starting to really Feel it! Nice Job Everyone & thank You Jannice for bein’ on the spot as well as those that accompanied Her.


I want to take the opportunity to Thank Frank, Janice, Linda and Kathleen for taking the time and energy, giving up their personal trails and tribulations to attend this meeting and fight for the rights of our loved ones. We all owe then gratitude which I am so thankful for. I was so moved in watching this on video, and you all did such an outstanding job. Thank you all again.