Locals remain concerned over reform sex offender conference

People have expressed concerns about Albuquerque hosting a national conference on sex offender laws this week. After the announcement Monday, Albuquerque police said they would hold a special meeting Tuesday to answer questions about safety and security surrounding the conference.

The handful of people who showed up to the meeting said they left feeling even more disappointed and confused than before. Full Article

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Another article mentions that there were 7 (seven!) people in the audience. This seems substantiated by the video. Could it be that, above all, the local media is concerned that they are not getting enough ‘bang for the buck’ out of this (media non-event)??

Wow, maybe the audience should visit a local half way house or focus upon how many parolees are on the streets today? Its truly disturbing to see the stigma of being labeled a “SEX OFFENDER”. It sounds to terrible. Can you imagine we have individuals running around who have been convicted of minor offenses with this label? OMG. This is certainly a great reason why lawmakers in Sacramento need to take a look at creating a TIER system. Its now time to allow people to have a second change and not be labeled for LIFE.