Television Judge Claims CA RSOL Halloween Lawsuit “Hogwash”

Judge Pirro: California Sex Offenders’ Arguments in Halloween Trick-or-Treat Lawsuit Are ‘Hogwash’

Television judge, Jeanine Pirro, voiced her opinion about the CA RSOL lawsuit in Simi Valley on Fox News’ Fox & Friends show, stating that the claim that Simi Valley’s Halloween ban is unconstitutional is “hogwash.”

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With Judge Pirro’s comment that “predators and pedophiles are repeat offenders”, she obviously doesn’t understand California’s registry (which casts a wide net over a variety of alleged offenses), nor has she studied the facts, the most important of which is the approximate 5% recidivism rate in California among registrants. Tabloid TV at it’s finest!

This is an example of people making comments about issues they know nothing about. The idea that if a person is a judge, they must know everything about every law is irrational. Judges do research about the laws that come before them, look at precedent, etc. before they give rulings. It sounds like the judge was speaking off the top of her head about a series of issues, including sex offender laws, recidivism, treatment, and other issues that she is obviously not an expert in. If a person goes to court to testify as an expert witness, that person has to be able to discuss research, statistics, etc. before the witness is credible before a judge. Yet this judge is assumed credible with none of those proofs, solely because she is a judge. Her opinion is hogwash, and more importantly, uneducated and misinformed.

Is anyone really surprised that this sort of opinion is being posted on Fox and Friends–notably one of the most unfair and unbalanced, biased news programs in the nation? This judge’s opinion is more than just hogwash–it is a threat to justice and society in general. It is this kind of vitriolic misinformation, promoted on Fox to “protect the folks” that we need to continue to stand up against and fight. I’m certain that most people that visit this website have come face-to-face with judges just like this one–biased, and perhaps even corrupt. Remember–they are elected, not appointed, which is another good reason why we can’t give up the fight.