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CA RSOL Meeting – January 11 in San Diego

The first regular CA RSOL meeting of 2014 will be held in San Diego on January 11 at 10 am.

As always, the meeting will be open and free of charge to registrants, friends & family and supporters. Media and government officials are not invited in order to ensure all attendee’s privacy. The meeting will cover general topics of interest, as well as specific issues pertinent at meeting time, in addition to offering invaluable opportunities to network with others affected by this issue, as well as activists and professionals.

Meeting location is at the California Western Law School on 350 Cedar Street, Room LH2. There is free parking on Second Avenue, one block away from the school, in addition to some free spots on Third Ave. above Elm. Plenty of metered parking is also available.

Thanks to all who make these events possible. 


CA RSOL Meeting
January 11, 10 am
California Western Law School, Room LH2
350 Cedar Street, San Diego, CA 92101

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I am sort of new to the whole 290 thing and still on probation. I would like to attend but I am afraid that if I do my PO will violate me and I will end up in jail.

So ask your PO now. If they say no, that gives you plenty of time to appeal to their boss should you want to.

Are there any rules about RSOs coming onto campus, or would doing so violate some law?

RSO’s are required to check in with campus police when they enter a school. In some cases, campus police do not know what to do with this information but it’s important to check in.

Required to check in with Campus Police for setting foot on campus / attending a two hour event – NOT enrolling or working at? Can you provide a link to the applicable law, please?

ONLY people enrolled in class are required to register with a campus police. I am 100% positive that this is the law, I attend 2 different schools. You do NOT need to notify ANYONE if you are there for a meeting or even one single class, only if you ENROLL do you need to register with campus police. READ YOUR CONDITIONS that you initial on the 290 form.

This is correct. I, too, am a student and have dealt with registration issues on campus, but only when I registered.

I would like to point out that anyone on Parole or probation should check with their supervising officer, just in case. We know how those guys can be, let’s not give them a reason to mess with you.

“Disobedience- that is the nobility of slaves.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

it seem to just say “attending school”

(b) Every person described in subdivision (c), for the rest of his
or her life while residing in California, or while attending school
or working in California, as described in Sections 290.002 and
290.01, shall be required to register with the chief of police of the
city in which he or she is residing, or the sheriff of the county if
he or she is residing in an unincorporated area or city that has no
police department, and, additionally, with the chief of police of a
campus of the University of California, the California State
University, or community college if he or she is residing upon the
campus or in any of its facilities, within five working days of
coming into, or changing his or her residence within, any city,
county, or city and county, or campus in which he or she temporarily
resides, and shall be required to register thereafter in accordance
with the Act.

Precisely. Attending, as defined in PC 290.01. It applies to those enrolled, employed or residing at an institution of higher learning, who then must register with Campus Police in addition to their regular registration (if any).

If I am going to a UCLA Basketball game (Pauley Pavillion is ON CAMPUS) I certainly am NOT required to check in with Campus Police beforehand!?!?!?

Someone please correct me if I am mistaken. But all of this is restrictive and absurd enough – we do not need to make it even worse…

PC 290.01:
who is enrolled as a student of any
university, college, community college, or other institution of
higher learning, or is, with or without compensation, a full-time or
part-time employee of that university, college, community college, or
other institution of higher learning, or is carrying on a vocation
at the university, college, community college, or other institution
of higher learning, for more than 14 days, or for an aggregate period
exceeding 30 days in a calendar year, shall, in addition to the
registration required by the Sex Offender Registration Act, register
with the campus police department within five working days of
commencing enrollment or employment at that university, college,
community college, or other institution of higher learning, on a form
as may be required by the Department of Justice. The terms “employed
or carries on a vocation” include employment whether or not
financially compensated, volunteered, or performed for government or
educational benefit. The registrant shall also notify the campus
police department within five working days of ceasing to be enrolled
or employed, or ceasing to carry on a vocation, at the university,
college, community college, or other institution of higher learning.

You are 100% correct Joe!

it said “enrolled as a student ” so that different

So PC 626.81 does say you don’t have to be taking classes before you have to notify the school administrator, just enter the school building. Right? I guess the notification is not considered registration, and so not listed under the 290 requirements. Do we have to know the whole of the California codes, in order to avoid violating a law with serious consequences? How confusing. I really thought my life would be fine as long as I faithfully followed the mantra “do no harm”. How stressful. 10 years already taken off of my lifespan, due to stress. Glad I am no longer young. I truly empathize with those in their 20s or younger. What a waste of people’s lives.

PC 626.81 pertains to presence restrictions in traditional K-12 schools, and some others, as defined in PC 626. Universities are defined in a separate section, and only State Universities. And yes, a 290 registrant will be committing a criminal offense by setting foot on school grounds without getting permission in advance. But the meeting advertised here is not at a school, it is at a University.

As mentioned above, PC 290.01 deals with the requirement to register with Campus Police for those enrolled, residing or working at a / any University. Enrolled, residing or working at. Not visiting.

I see nothing that precludes anyone from attending an event at or visiting a University, or any requirement to check in or get permission. For those not on parole or probation, of course.

Looks like 626.81 doesn’t say I need to tell the administrator I am 290 registrant, just get permission.

I just want to add, it a waste of the lives of the families of the registrant, who are often more stressed out than the 290s, because society is saying “leave your loved ones, or you too will suffer”. Going back to the middle ages, we are, the public shaming of the criminal and his family, the parade to the scaffold, confessing one’s sins in public, the “broadsheets” listing our deviencies, the scarlet letter, the lawless, angry crowds. Only technology is advancing.

thank you for this meeting place. its very much needed if we group up its going to do something. the registry needs to be taken down or at least changed so that the serious offenders need to be on it only. the adam malsh act is bad and endangers the public more than helps it. putting everyone on the website including registrants who are no more a threat hides the serious offenders within the minor non threats in which threatens the public. needs to be changed. everyone is lumped into one mold and outcasted. the website is a false sense of security. oregon is not using the federal adam walsh model and is a better state that only puts predators and violent offenders on the webpage. this is the right way. they are now using a tier system that is more fair. i’m moving there

If my friend and i can find a place to boondock the RV anywhere in truely southern California, we WILL go to this event. We will have the money to go, but we need to move anyway. Anyone know of a place i can register, and boondock the RV for a few weeks or longer? We would leave the RV where we are boondocked, then take the car to San Diego for this event.

Janice… please advise if you know where a registrant can go. ANYWHERE in southern california.. condition is i must have an “address” to give local sheriff before i move. That’s what’s keeping me from just going now. If you get this message, please respond back. Thanks!

You have run up against one of our most pressing issues. In the City of San Diego, you may not reside within 2000 feet of an amusement center, arcade, child day care facility, library, playground, park or school. How are you supposed to know where all the playgrounds are in San Diego? How many child day care centers are there and where are they located? How are you supposed to know? These laws of banishment are bullshit and need to go. But that doesn’t help you for January 11th. I recommend finding a place in the county and not the city.

I am willing to live anywhere in California. Period. Except for where i live now. Period. I’m actually used to driving very long distances to attend events and meetings. Going 200 miles is nothing for me. Just the other day, i drove 960 miles “just because” i wanted to get out of the house for Christmas.

Because i have to move anyway very soon, the money spend to attend this meeting would take away funds to move the RV, dolly and van to the new location where i will be, unless i head that direction. I just have to have a place to live or boondock. They want a physical address to list with them before i move. Sucks.

My current and only good plan so far involves spending nearly 100% of the budget to move NORTH.. which would put me over 2 days of driving just to attend the meeting. It would also cause me to drive through Nevada as the shortest route. I would much prefer to not have to register in Nevada (all felons must register within 24 hours in Nevada upon stepping foot on the soil). If i drove around Nevada… it would turn my trip into a 3 day drive.

I want to attend this meeting. I was thinking maybe i can move to someplace … near Arizona border… maybe someplace like Needles. It’s remote enough, plenty of RV camp sites… access in a drive to bigger places. It would also put me near San Diego, a few hours drive. (no problem for me).

My car gets about 35 miles to the gallon on the highway. Not an issue there. The Motorhome gets about 7-15 miles to the gallon. That’s an issue.

@Jason Wilson
There is a squatters camp on the east side of the Salton Sea called “Slab city”( It doesn’t offer many modern conveniences, but there are hot mineral springs nearby. There are many snowbirds there also at this time of year. I believe this is located in Imperial county, but possibly in Riverside Co.

I “might” be able to help. What do you mean by the term “boondock”??

I have a very nice 28 foot Class A, fully self contained Motorhome. I will be towing my car on a car dolly. Once i have a place i can “register” as my next address, i can finally leave my county. The local registering officer is forcing me to give him an address where i will be going to, before i go. This is the main problem. I wish i can say “i don’t know” and go, then register with the agency in the new jurisdiction, but i don’t want to mess with a corrupt sheriff department here.

I have a “park model” RV that is also fully self contained, roomy and very nice. It’s perfectly sized. It fits in my current driveway quite nicely. At 28 feet, it’s not too big and can fit nearly anywhere. If you have a potential spot where i can park it, register the address as my new temp home, (In the RV), then i would sleep there at nights and use the car to go scout for opportunities for longer duration to park the RV, such as parks that are willing to accept me. (being on the registry seems to make things more difficult).

I’m looking to have a place to park for may as much as two weeks (boondocking), but even a few days would be sufficient for me to leave my current location legally. I do NOT need sewer, water or electric hookup or anything like that. I have my own internet 4G LTE connection but will be likely hitting up starbucks and using wifi spots to further research location .. then using the van to get there.

I’ve spent the last few days detailing the motor-home to make it as new looking as possible as to avoid issues with cops thinking i’m a homeless person. (Here, everyone with an RV parking even for 30 minutes gets told to move along). Image is everything so the motorhome is looking pretty spiffy, inside and out.

I can be reached at This email address is for my fake identity, but it’s my working fake identity email. Anyone is welcome to address me there.

Update for everyone! I WILL BE ATTENDING THIS MEETING! I just registered successfully here in San Diego County. I am staying at a hotel for a few days, will try and keep this location as long as i can so that i may not be forced to re-register as being homeless, or having moved.

Also, my former county is in for a huge surprise as a just learned that for more than a decade, my County Sheriff has been doing registrations illegally and the police here are now in contact with the US Department of Justice to forward information my documents to them showing how the old county has been illegally registering me and setting me up for disaster. (And also not providing me proof of registration)

And the best part of the registration process is the recommendation that i get a hold of California RSOL because they probably should know about what happened to me. (I then told the person registering me that.. i was here for the California RSOL conference!)

Today has been an excellent day. I’m more excited than ever to be able to attend!

We are pleased that you will be able to join us! Looking forward to hearing your story about registration in another county.

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