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Emotional Support Group to Meet on December 10 [date change]

The Emotional Support Group, which is focused upon the emotional needs of registrants and family members, will meet on December 10 (new date) in Los Angeles.  The meeting will be held at the ACLU Building, 1313 W. 8th Street, starting at 10 a.m.  Free parking is available in the building’s underground garage.

The meeting will begin promptly at 10 a.m. and those who arrive late will not be able to attend the meeting.

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Yea, you need emotional support when your illegally subjected to one of the most vile laws in history. A law the u.s. constitution doesn’t apply to, is pure slavery, a mental health designation, and allows every crackpot politician to use and abuse you at their discretion, haha haha haha. No emotional support can help us! Bwahhahahahahaaaaàaaa.

Just remember on this election night, your candidates are thinking about you. They’re wondering just how much more you can take, they’re considering stripping you completely of your citizenship, they’re wondering how much money they can make from your pain, they’re wondering if they can just take away your children from you with another magic law, they’re wondering if they can pass death penalty statutes for you, they’re wondering why other states aren’t like Missouri that ignore supreme court decisions, they’re wondering why you have any rights at all, and they’re wondering how they can take away everyone else’s rights too, and they’re getting the judiciary ready to support all of this through bribery, and nice cushy jobs. Their should be a purge and I will tell you who should be purged, the cowardly politicians and judges who think they are America with they’re magic laws. They don’t even consider you people, too them you belong under bridges, in sewers, or worse, and they pass laws to make this a reality while judges stand by having drinks and laughing about you at the white boy clubs. Yea, they have plenty more emotional support to give you, they’re just wondering what to do next.

WOW , right @ RENT TIME, not good…
Sounds like a good group meeting at LA’s ACLU Bldg, and free. But timing even with the election results
is not good for travelers that have to pay high rent or mortgage then go to L.A. for support group.

Wish they would think about finances, most of us don’t allow us to be employed or it’s too late and they let us go once they found out about RC’s.

Thank you for this group. National RSOL has a new program called Fearless. I’ll bring materials but if the coordinator of this esg would like to email me, I’d send the information over. This is good for us.

Thank you.

The leader of this meeting in part of the Fearless program.

Thanks for adding this important info Kevin. good to know. We all need more ventilation to relieve our frustrations of our current positions and the laws against us from EVER allowing Rehabilitation, let alone, stop watching our backs and our living quarters and the people we are with from harm and embarrassement.(Wikipedia’s version) and Psychology Today. Then they make it difficult to talk to other RC’s let alone reach out.

I’m too angry, frustrated and confused to attend a pity party.

Then why simply not attend? Instead of putting down an event that some people went to great effort to produce and that may be of great help – perhaps even a life saver – to others?

LOL, then this Party will be good for you.

Hi everyone.
The emotional support group will be using the Fearless Groups format, as we are trying to evolve this group into a larger movement that hopefully will produce more groups of this kind. This hopefully will lead to meetings in other locations and at different times. My hope is that there will me more Fearless Groups forming in the area, so more registered citizens can benefit from this important support.
For those who are under the impression that this is a going to be a pity party; rest assured it’s not. Although we can express our grievances with the overreaching and unfair SO laws, it is of not much value if we all just sit there and mope or vent our frustrations. AA meetings are not full of people bemoaning their powerlessness against alcohol, but they share their experiences, strengths and hopes with each other. That’s what our group is about. We support each other and build a support network amongst ourselves, because none else wants to have anything to do with us. Well, we have us. And together we can find strength to fight our way through this situation, even if it seems hopeless at times. So, I invite you all to come on Saturday, Dec. 3rd to get to know each other, and for those who are part of this group already, to meet each other again.

Quick survey: Does anyone think a conference call of this meeting would be useful to you?

It depends: will they do something about the conference call queue problem?

Just some thoughts, in order to draw in and keep people in your group you need to cultivate these in the membership:

A feeling you are contributing to something greater than yourself.
Recognition for any effort you make to further that cause, even though others think your ideas are non workable.
An environment is created were you are not judged by your crime by fellow members who may have done something less objectionable.

If these are not offered in one group, people will find them some other way.

I think that all meetings should be recorded and posted here. A lot of people cannot make these for a multitude of reasons. Dispersing that information from these meetings would make this site more inclusive. Just my 2cents.

The support group is not currently a phone meeting, it is a face-to-face discussion meeting. That kind of meeting is extremely difficult to record.

I think that recording the emotional support meeting is a bad idea. I know I would feel much less comfortable sharing my thoughts, feelings, or experiences in a forum that would be recorded and later put on a website.

If these meetings are to be characterized as “AA” type meetings, then I think the directors should take a page from AA’s books and keep the meetings anonymous.

Victimization, a word synonymous with sex offenses and no other to the same degree. Hmm, in my lifetime I have been sexually abused, beaten, subjected to racism, robbed at knifepoint to my throat, bullied incessantly, taken from my mother, asked for sex when I was 13 by my my foster father, thrown out and abandoned at 16, nearly froze to death in a car while my estranged biological sister slept in her hotel room, paddled in school almost daily, locked in a closet at age 8 by a teacher, and that’s just some of the garbage I’ve encountered. Am I a victim and a person who is subject to victimization?

Now I know being physically forced to have sex is terrible, but I got over most of the things that happened to me, well maybe I thought I did? I’m just wondering why there is so much pain associated only with sex offenses. I mean there is a broad range of them. Some don’t even involve an actual knowing victim, the majority are statutory cases related to age differences, and only a small fraction are extremely violent. But even then, after all I’ve been through I would think it can be dealt with too.

Is there something deeper about sex offenses than other offenses people do to others? Hmm, I wonder what it’s like to be locked in a basement. I know someone that happened too. What about disfigured, like a razor to the face (I’ve met lots of them)what about being burned, boiled, strangled, stabbed repeatedly, shot, living in constant fear of life and death like in Syria, being starved, totally neglected, being ran over by a drunk or losing limbs to a drunk driver accident (happened in my family), what about someone taking all of your money, your retirement, your job, hmm, I wonder.

Where do these people get their emotional support? And why don’t we hear of clamoring for registries for people who commit these offenses on a daily basis in this country? I mean child and adult abuse is in every family and organization in this country. You have the druggies, alcoholics, power freaks, bullies, etc, but no registries. Why just us? Simple, it’s like I said, it would create a powerful voting bloc that would quickly render the laws banned. Not even terrorists have to register, that’s just mind blowing. And I suppose murderers don’t have to because the system is afraid they will get murdered by them?

Yea, I will agree there are some messed up sex offenses, but there are plenty of others too. But VICTIMIZATION is a daily part of life in this country, and yet we have been singled out in a single decision, by a single court, using a newly established single precedent, while simultaneously ignoring all of the historical and modern law and precedents in this nations history. Hmm, I guess we’re just what this nation needed, someone to blame, because there are plenty of victims to go around, and more to come. I guess?

Wow. And i thought i had it bad. Maybe our 2017-2021 Comm. in C. Was also abused in Scotland? You have many life stories to share.

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