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Residency Restrictions A bigoted idea that is illegal and True Americans should be ashamed of

Through our elected representatives efforts, they have legally created a class of people and that class is registered citizens. What does this mean as far as our judicial system is concerned. It means that this group of people are now able to stand on the same ground to fight their battles as anyone else, that is been discriminated against because of race, color, creed, religious views, disabilities, or ethnic background. One of the things to realize is that denying this group of citizens the ability to travel freely to use public facilities to choose where to live or to denying them work is in fact a form of segregation. No different than denying Members of a ethnic group from living in certain communities using publicly funded facilities or services. Make no mistake denying any group of people the ability to live or work where ever they choose or the use of public facilities that are available to everyone else. Is a form of segregation no matter what some may use as an excuse for the justification of the segregation. Full Article

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Well written article highlighting the truth – an elusive commodity in the world of lawmakers.

The constitution is actually broken, not stretched to the breaking point as I have previously alluded. Thanks to this author for going beyond emotion and getting to the salient facts and relating them to the specific protections in the constitution that are being breached. Here you have a case of the lawmakers finding ways to actively dismember the constitution and relying on an uniformed and misinformed public to do it under the color of authority.

Thanks infinitely to the author and the few courageous individuals that bring truth to bear on this grotesque and unnecessary misuse of power and authority. We should be inspired to push forward and find meaningful ways for each of us to fight this injustice and render relief at all levels to the countless broken lives and families that have resulted in the wake of these laws.

Are CA lifetime supervised sex offenders subjected to polygraph exams?
If so, do you have rules and regulations about the process?
Would appreciate your input since we are having a problem with this in Nevada… among many other problems in prisons and now, with the possible adoption of the Adam Walsh Act.

Will appreciate in input, or links…
Thank you.

HI Mercedes Maharis;

I’ve been on the registry since 1999 and have never been forced to take a polygraph test and I have not heard it mentioned in this forum either. So I think it’s safe to say that we do not have that in the stupid state (California).

What I have written below is not to frighten you, and I am not a pessimist, I’m just saying how it is here. I’m sure many that frequent this site will concur with what I am saying. Now; you and every one else affected by the AWA in Nevada (should it come into effect) MUST BECOME PROACTIVE, because if you don’t your freedom and rights will be bulldozed till they are a dim memory.

I will not candy coat the truth.

What we do have is quite another story altogether. I’ll start with what are called laws, there are enough laws made OK by the AWA that are nothing more than thinly veiled violations of the state and federal Constitutions and Bill of Rights. A man at the CA-RSOL meeting in L.A. Compiled all of the Calif laws and there were, if memory serves me correct, two volumes!!!! Expect this.

You can also expect this; Every election year everyone looking to be reelected introduces new legislation that further erodes our Constitution and Bill of Rights, all all targeted at the RSO. It appears they are unable to be reelected on their own merits so they create fear and panic by attacking RSOs (at times it feels like mob rule) and stating grossly overinflated statistics and outright misinformation that is contradicted by empirical research and statistics.

Our freedom has digressed to the point of people being arrested for visiting their children, waiting for a bus that is too close to a playground, keeping toys for when their grandchild visits, and my all time favorite; possession of a candy bar a few days before Halloween. They don’t care if our forefathers died fighting in wars to insure the freedoms afforded to ALL citizens, all they care about is that they keep their job and have the rabble behind them. Their mantra is “if saves one child” as they hack and chop away at the foundations of what once made this country great. Paradoxically, it is empirical fact that these laws do not protect anyone and never have. It just looks and sounds good for the politician trying to look like they are doing something for the people, when the reality is that they are placing them in harms way.

Here in the stupid state there are so many laws that the best way to describe it is chaos. Let me put it like this; every time I travel 5, 10, 15 or more miles I am always wondering how many laws I have broken because each town and city has their own ideas (some are quite creative) of how to violate our rights and destroy this country. It seems destroying what made this country great has become the favorite pastime for far too many in this state and all across the country for that matter. What is sad is that they think they are doing something good. Have you ever heard the phrase “monkey see monkey do”? Well, welcome to the AWA/police state.

Now for those of you in Nevada that have children. This breaks my heart. They will be shunned by their school mates and treated badly by their teachers. Adults will treat them badly where they live. Many families will be broken up and the children will wind up in the care of strangers. Most will experience hardship because many people/parents become unemployable when a public registry is in the picture. Some will see their families property vandalized by vigilantes that troll the registry looking for victims. Some will see their parent attacked by these vigilantes and some will witness murder. But let us not forget, none of the above is punishment.

Read my post in the thread; NV: Supreme Court Delays New Sexual Offender Registry Law:

Read this; knowledge is power; and it helps to have the facts/truth

Contact this person, you and all others affected by this will be needing a support network. And don’t forget that it takes money for the NV-RSOL to operate and fight for you, so donate, donate, donate!
Nevada – Nevada RSOL
Primary Contact: Charley B –

All was solitary confinement, I felt so alone until I discovered the CA-RSOL, I don’t feel so alone now.

I was checking briefly today for a “National Child Protective Organization” powerful enough to confront child abusing legislators who willfully allow pain and suffering for children of registrants.
Perhaps these callous lawmakers are too stupid to realize the collateral damage they cause to innocent children or possibly they don’t care but clearly they need to be held accountable for gross child abuse.
It may be acceptable to harm children of registrants, to some, but I would hope that the majority of intelligent and caring people would value them also.
If child protective agencies and organizations are unwilling to join in the fight to protect these precious human beings than who else?

(PS) If the murdered child, Adam Walsh knew what is happening in his name, facilitated by his father; I’m sure he would not approve.

I would also suggest regular visits to this site since the NV-RSOL seems to be dormant at this time.

@ Mercedes Maharis,
As part of Chelsea’s Law (AB 1844) there is a provision that allows treatment provider’s to subject California parolee’s and probationer’s to polygraph exam’s. I’ve also heard that previous to this law Federal parolee’s were also subject to this. It’s scary how they skirt around the Fifth Amendment (self incrimination) on this and many other punishment they throw at registrants. I don’t believe it has been utilized consistently across the state as there was no provision for funding.

Polygraph and the Containment Model

Starting in July 2012, registered sex offenders on parole or probation are required to participate in sex offender management programs. (Pen. Code, § 290.09.) The legislation which was passed last year as part of Chelsea’s Law (A.B. 1844) codified a system called the Containment Model, which requires collaboration and communication within a team composed of the sex offender treatment provider, parole or probation officer, and polygraph examiner. The California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB) in July 2011 posted, pursuant to this law, uniform state standards on state certification standards for treatment providers and polygraph examiners. (Pen. Code, § 9003.)

Sex offenders in these programs are required as a condition of probation or parole to participate in polygraph examinations and they must waive any right not to participate. (Pen. Code, §§ 1203.067, subd. (b)(3); 3008, subd. (d)(3).) This does not mean that offenders must agree to waive the right to invoke the Fifth Amendment when asked questions which might incriminate them on offenses other than the one for which they are on supervision. In fact, the intent was to require mandatory participation in polygraph examinations (no right to invoke the Fifth Amendment as a reason to refuse to participate in the polygraph examination), but to preserve the right to invoke the Fifth Amendment to particular questions during the examination which might incriminate the person on a new criminal offense which occurred prior to the conviction on the current offense for which the person is on probation or parole.

Here is a link I found:

This law was modeled after what San Diego County had been doing for years. They (probation) made you pay over $100 as part of your “treatment”. They (including my lawyer) didn’t say you had any right to not answer. If you didn’t answer or the examiner (a private contractor) thought you were lying, you could earn yourself a visit from the FBI,as had happened to me. They took my computer which I needed for work. After a week it was returned. Maybe they just needed an excuse to put a tracking devise on it, I don’t know. This was all scare tactics to make you “think” about your crime and to symbolize their control over you. Just like making me do random drug tests when I wasn’t a drug user or the prohibition against having a camera, when I had never used a camera for illegal purposes. I got to retake the test, and the contractor received another 100+ dollars. This is the containment model that Nathan Fletcher sold to the legislature as an answer to the question, what would have prevented John Gardner from commiting his murders.

I guess it has worked so far, eh? I don’t honestly believe it will prevent another random murder. The polygraph testing might have prevented the “Butner Study” in which S.O. patients were encouraged and coerced, under threat of not progressing in treatment, to confess they had multiple victim’s who never existed.

Yah. The law was rushed through, with grieving mom in tow. “Emergency, emergency”. Same ole same ole. Didn’t take the time to analyze other options or the affects it would have on rights or public safety. It was political theater at its best.

Thank you all very much for this education. I appreciate your taking the time.
Fingers crossed that relief will trickle down for all who suffer soon.

Just saw The Hunt, now on Netflix. This film is excellent. Food for thought on many levels that will hopefully cause a reduction in stigma.

Thank you again.

“Men decide far more problems by hate, love, lust, rage, sorrow, joy, hope, fear, illusion, or some other inward emotion than by reality, authority, any legal standard, judicial precedent, or statute.”

–Marcus Tullius Cicero
Roman philosopher, politician, lawyer, orator,
political theorist, consul
and constitutionalist, 43 BC.

In case you have not seen this about the NV challenge to the implementation of the Adam Walsh Act… here’s a copy that I found on the net…

Best to all in this struggle… I like the Cicero quotation very much… so true, so long ago.. and now…

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