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I am considering moving to lake Elsinore in a couple of months. Currently living in OC. The city I live in has a simple registration process. Make an appointment wait 30 minutes and you’re out of there after an hour total and they treat you with respect. I simply want to move where myself, my wife and my two toddlers can live in a much nicer home. Does anybody know what the registration process is like in Elsinore compared to OC? Any info you have would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Jeremy:

I’ve never lived in Elsinore, but I know it’s not a major city. I’ve been on the registry since 1999 and have lived in four different locations and have noticed that your description of the process where you live now is pretty much the norm (based on my experience). The only city I didn’t like was Ontario. The process there took hours and one time I was put into a cell with some thug types.
Fortunately it turns out these dudes were sissies and I didn’t have a problem.

The key difference between Ontario and the other locations is that in Ontario the local police were the ones that I had to register with; in the rest of the locations it was the sheriff department that I registered with; they were and are the more professional of the two. I would venture a guess that if you have to register with the sheriff you can probably expect to have a professional and short registration process. If it’s the local cops you may have a different experience all together. Good luck in your new home.

BTW, if you are offered told to go into a cell that is to be locked and you are not to leave, tell them “no.” You are not under arrest, they may not hold you against your will. If they put you in a cell and locked the door or otherwise prevented you from leaving anytime you decided to, you have very good grounds for a serious lawsuit against them, with serious damages to be paid to you. That is not only violating your rights, it is a criminal offense, it is false imprisonment.

Remember, besides that, you are not even there as a criminal, you are there for “administrative” or “regulatory” purposes. It is illegal for them to hold you for any moment at all.

Thank you for reiterating that we are always being punished with these laws over and over again, explicitly and implicitly, by virtually any legal authority or jurisdiction we encounter.

There are a few agencies who are able to carry out routine registration processes and allow us dignity but we still have to be on guard to know when we are being compromised or bullied.

The body of law is such a jumble, that certain predatory agencies are counting on some little dangling participle to use it against us both for entrapment and to invoke ad hoc layers of punishment and continue to treat us as active criminals.

We have to be ever vigilant so we can recognize when our rights are being violated and to have specific avenues of redress. The law is intended to push us back on our heels and to further disenfranchise us in our communities. We have a long way to go but sharing of information and experiences is vital for us individually and as a group.

I would not go anywhere near riverside county ultra conservative and very aggrressive in trying to pass further punishment laws. If you want less hassles fromn law enforcement LAPD seems the least aggressive based on what I’ve read here and what I experience with lapd.

Hmm…. It seems yet another empirical study (this one used federal funds provided by the DOJ) focusing on the AWA. It’s long. It’s windy. But it is calling for a more empirical based method to classify risk levels. I personally think it’s a bunch of crap because it doesn’t touch on the many obvious negative results of the AWA and seems to be done from the standpoint that the AWA keeps people safe; which we all know is another bunch of crap. Here is a link to the LYNN University aretcl that has a link to the doc for those that may be interested.

This is an older scholarly/empirical study. Some of the information is dated, the rest of the information is either still being felt or is outright prophetic. It’s hands down one of the best studies I have read on the subject.

Revisiting Megan’s Law and Sex Offender Registration: Prevention or Problem

The whole risk study and classification of risk level idea is corrupt on its foundation. For one, it starts from a bias that all sex offenders are a risk that rises to the level of needing to be classified in the first place, as it does not allow one to be determined to have no risk. But this classification is not even being done particularly on any serious consideration of the individual. It is based mostly on the charge and the details in the arrest paperwork (can anyone reading this say that the police did not tell any lie at all in that?) and that came in any trial. No one is sitting down with the registrant for extended and repeated sessions to really be classifying them. You are being hit with a mostly one-size-fits-all classification. Its a fake as far as YOUR risk level is concerned.

Tell me, when all experience and studies show that recidivism, even for sex offenders, drops off dramatically at the five-year mark, then how can a low level offender be classified as a risk noteworthy enough to need to be classified even 8, 9, 10 years later, or 20 years later, or 30 years later? The answer is because the foundation of the classification system is completely biased.

This is one of the serious reasons why the concept of tiers is so wrong. Drop this idea of classification. While completion of parole or probation should be all that is needed to show rehabilitation – that is their purpose — if you are going to have registration longer than that, than at least link the time to the offense, and leave it at that.

At the end of that time, you simply stop registering, do not have to go asking for an OK to do so. Better yet, at the end of that time, the state Justice Department computer automatically mails you a letter saying you may stop registering. After all, they have been keeping close watch on you, right? Its not like they don’t know your time is up. It would be easier and cheaper for the state to simply do it that way than make people apply for permission to stop at the end of that time frame. And if someone moved out of state in the meantime, and now moves back, they should not have to go in and register so that they can ask to end it — just the fact that the record is more than X number of years later should mean they do not have to register. No one needs to chase down someone with a record that is too old — the state doesn’t have to be notified, they can see the record is too old. If someone goes in to register after that time, they should be told they are past the time in which they must register so no longer need to nor will they accept the registration any longer.

Hey, frankly, anyone alive on the planet is a risk! You cannot guarantee that anyone will never do anything. Why aren’t they all registering?

Hi Anonymous Nobody:

I agree the whole thing is flawed. I also think that whenever the DOJ or any other agency commissions a study it be biased from the start because they are buying/paying for the information. It stands to reason the researchers will feel some obligation to work from the agencies standpoint; and we all know the customer is always right, and if you want repeat business you had better give them at least some of what they want.

I don’t think any significant progress that will potentially restore sanity to the nation will occur until the powers that be start relying on empirical studies by researchers that have no connection to any state agencies, money or otherwise. God knows there is a ton of them out there already.

Re: Risk Assessment…one more time.

It’s like a blind man in a dark basement looking for a black cat that was never there.

New Laws: If stupidity was a college course, politicians would have made the dean’s list, graduating magna cum dumb.

I think we all need to sign the petition on It is important that he gets all the negative feedback possible, especially since he is up for re-election.

Hi Someone who cares;

Your becoming a regular on this site. That’s a good thing too. How is your registrant doing? Good, I hope. I signed the petition because I think having 25% of the world’s prisoners and 5% of the world’s population is disgraceful. Here is what I wrote to Brown:

Governor Brown; I believe you are mistaken. The Federal court said reduce the number of inmates, not expand the states prison industrial complex. It almost sounds like you work for the prison guards union instead of working for the people of this state. After reading some of your statements I must conclude you either did not read the order to reduce the prison population correctly or you just do not want to abide by the court order. I believe you must and are obligated to follow the federal court order. Most people think you should start with sentencing reform and release the sick and elderly. I agree with these people. I also believe many, many of this states laws need to be reformed. I hope you are up to the task and that you don’t fear losing the support of the prison guards union. They have more influence than they should. In fact, they should not exist. This is America. Remember?

I signed it, as well.

Q – what a great response. All of us need to sign that petition. There is power in numbers, and Governor Brown needs to hear from all of us. With all the registrants and all the family members and friend of registrants, we should have a pretty good case on being heard. So please, don’t be lazy. It takes 2 minutes to sign and make a difference. We have to make changes here. It is inevitable, but we can help it along.

Hi again someone who cares:

I heard that! There is strength in numbers. The last thing this state needs is more prisons or the prison guards union getting more money. Brown needs to be reminded that he is obligated to respect the higher courts decision. Locking up a major portion of the population is not any kind of solution. And when it looks like the higher courts order will have to be followed putting the ever gullible public in fear that the streets will be flooded with roving bands of criminals with ill intent is downright irresponsible. And you know Brown and the prison guards union will do just that through the touched in the head groups that are out there and under their influence.

This is a thought provoking must read by Constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead. I’m reasonably sure everyone that reads this will recognize the examples in this piece that play out daily and more frequently as time passes all across America. It’s also very disturbing.

Vigilantes with a Badge: The War Against the American People.

Driver License renewal time… been pretty nervous about it, not sure why… The last I heard was California rejected the plans on having sex offender label on it… or did they? I can’t remember.. but I need a new license to drive anyhow…

Mine does not have it & I just received Mine as well I also compared it to some one else for distinguishing differences & have not seen any BUT I have Not put it under UVL tests yet it may say it in big letters IDK

Was the license number the same?
Something for me to compare when I look at the new and old one side by side…

For some reason, I can’t post my comment on “Porn debate over National Geographic photo goes to SJC.”

Anyone else having problems?

Hi moderator. I cant post to “One Man’s Fight to Prove His Innocence”

Well, Kind of #13 on the rules of RSO’s We have to initial like 20 some odd “Rules” . Anyway # 13 on the list says in parenthesis ( Any address You spend the day or night at(“REGARDLESS OF AMOUNT OF DAYS OR NIGHTS YOU HAVE 72 HRS 3 days to register that address”) That is New I Never seen it before or on any previous copy. Now Here is the catch, If You go visit a freind and say helped him move some stuff @ his house and it took a day or even You visit every month & You don’t put Them down as a most frequented or as a residence YOU CAN BE FOUND GUILTY OF FAILURE TO REGISTER” !! Now that is infringing on Our rights to even spend the Day with ANYONE ANYWHERE (“No Mater the amount of days or nights spent”) That is on My Reg. Any one else? Because if it is & it is New ??? All I know is People do NOT want You to come around at all for fear of having the LE invade THEIR PRIVACY Basically making You a prisoner in Your own Home. Otherwise they collect data on Those that would help You & Who they are & Know & So On & So On. Now is that a problem? I Think it is.

I just went through 290 — quickly, or it would have taken at least a week, it is so ridiculously voluminous — and I can’t find anything about this supposed new requirement. But this is one of the points I regularly make about 290: it is so ridiculously voluminous and with a million details that that in and of itself should make it unconstitutionally vague. No one can possibly grasp and know it all — you can see even the lawyers getting all mixed up about it, not know all kinds of details; how can a non-lawyer, regular person possibly know what it requires.

OK, in that context, I didn’t see anything about this in it. But maybe others here will take a look through and find it. If you find that, please tell us the statute number and clause. You can see all of the 290 here:

Hi Anonymous Nobody & Bruce:

This is so messed up! I have to spend 2 nights in a motel because the house I live is going to be tented for termites. I’m going to look at the doc and hope to hell there isn’t something in there about that! You are right Anonymous Nobody, it is ridiculously voluminous. I am so f_ _ _ ing frustrated that this ridiculousness even exists with all the empirical information out there that says it doesn’t.

If I can get any work in the near future I am planning a trip to Frisco on my motorcycle; I hope that isn’t ruined because of the insanity!!!!!!

Or say You help a friend or have family that you go and visit 1ce a year for a day? & you do not register that address a guy just got busted for failure to register for just that! Yea he was in another county and visiting some relatives on Halloween passin’ out candy and went home & still was nabbed because THE POWERS THAT BE went and asked “How Often He visited” They said every holiday or some such & BAM! Done deal!!!!NOT RIGHT @ ALL He was not hurting anyone & Everyone knew in the family & He did not live there He just Visited For a day or two here & there. So Now THEY Are going to question family members & Friends at random when was the last time You visited & for how long? & This is America Home of the Free? NOT!

I haven’t seen that rule. Guess it’s new. I don’t update until summer. If that is the case, if I go on Christmas every year and spend the day (what is that, a full 24 hours, 12 hours, one minute or less?) at my inlaws house, I would have to register that address. Ridiculous. Besides, my in-laws already know my situation. It’s getting like when I was in a work furlough center and had to call in every move I made between jobs locations. If I didn’t notify them, I could be sent to jail. Now this really is exactly like being put back in custody. How can they do this and it still be Constitutional? And what have I done to deserve this? Just trying to obey their changing rules and somehow make a life.

That’s what I want to know is it Kern County just adding to the Vague laws grey area pushing constitutional boundary’s or is it new everywhere? Because it clearly says in #13(regardless of amount off days or nights spent)at ANY address You must register that address with LE

Sometimes when I go to the CA-RSOL meeting in LA I get a motel room just to break up the monotony of not being able to find a job and being stuck at home all the time. I hope there isn’t a rule about that too.

last year I was personally told if you are gone from Your residence for 72 hrs or more I had to report that to registration. I asked how long can I be gone for without everyone freekin’ out? Now it is, “a day or night anywhere but where you live”…Quite a jump wouldn’t You say?

Were do these rules come from? Why don’t they just quote penal code 290? That’s the law we are all supposed to follow. Are these more “administratve” rules. If so the executive branches of government really are taking the law in their own hands. That branch of government needs some severe pruning. So do the other two.

I have not seen anything to this effect in PC 290. The language is very vague. On purpose, most likely.

@Bruce, do us all a favor and get a copy of your registration, black out all personal information, scan it and share it somehow (email it to this website?).

Until then I am going to believe what the Penal Code says.

I haven’t either. Who makes up this list and under what authority? Where does 290 say we have to sign it and what penalty if we don’t. Great idea, Joe, Bruce, please copy this. I’d like to compare it to what I have.

Here is the form as provided by the Sacramento County Sheriff. It is not dated, but this is the current link from their web site. There is nothing about 72 hours or some such. Even if is this is an outdated form it should be noted that each requirement is backed up by a PC 290 section. So it must be in there.

However, this one bears paying attention to.

12. If I have more than one residence address at which I regularly reside (regardless of the number of days or nights I spend at each address), I must register in person, within five (5) working days at each address with the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction over each residence.

and under #5

DEFINITION: “Residence” means one or more addresses at which a person regularly resides, regardless of the number of days or nights spent there, such as a shelter or structure that can be located by a street address, including, but not limited to, houses, apartment buildings, motels, hotels, homeless shelters, and recreational and other vehicles.

This all hinges on the (not provided) definition of ‘regularly’ and ‘resides’. Like I said – vague as vague can be, and I would imagine 100% of the time interpreted in the government’s favor.

Joe; Thank you for this. I have to spend a couple of nights at a motel while the house is treated for termites, and sometimes I spend the night in LA when I go to the RSOL meeting. I think I’m not going to worry about it and of course I wont tell anyone about it.

I wouldn’t. Worry or tell. Unless, of course, you have time on your hands and want to waste some of theirs.

Yes those are the ones & they are in parenthesis it is just too weird i guess i never noticed IDK it is on there though.. Scary vague!

EXACTLY THE ONES Yours is #12 mine is #13 Strange, oh well,, Still it is BS frequented could be ??? Any where?? Fricken’ CVS, The store, Hell That is just waiting to be challenged, or used? Either Way it is just too Scary. & We Initial each one & sign the bottom. Huh? Not without being under duress? Ok.

That language was added after an appellate ruling that landed a registrant in prison for not registering at his girlfriend’s home, where he often stayed one night a week.

He landed in prison on that violation even though at that time, this language was not even in 290, they interpreted the language that you must register at your residence to mean even if you stay someplace as a visitor only one night a week.

That is to say, the appellate ruling means this more obvious language is simply redundant.

Homelessness Among Registered Sex Offenders In California:
The Numbers, The Risks and The Response

December 2008

With all the created problems cited in this doc you would the state would get a clue!

It is punishment. They know it and aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

I will do just that I will try this site will Not allow files to be uploaded or I would have already that is what I am saying This is hard to do unless I mail them to SOME BODY ???? Who Janice? IDK I HAVE THE PAPERS IN MY HAND RIGHT NOW!

Come on @Bruce! A technology guru like yourself should have no problem finding a file upload site. Just google “file upload” and maybe “anonymous” and there should be no shortage of options. You can then post the link here or send it via the feedback form on this site for further action, admin permitting.

I do not have them in digital format nor do I have a scanner I would give CA-RSOL a copy but it seems This is solved? Well for them & Thanks for the compliment but I’m No Rich techie, I’m a Poor semi adept techie with technical Problems & Legal

Or We could all get “Drop Box” But I’m afraid of what might wind up in it I used to have a dropbox account but I never reinstalled it after formatting because they were Hacked. & Since then I just figured safe than sorry a good way for some one to set 1 of us up! Don’t It’s cool for file transferes what is better is a program called team viewer You can actually see what each other has or wants to show on there computer but cannot take it & can only be paired via personal OK & Password. Use it all the time to remotely help people with their Techie issues It’s faster for Me & Them especially if We are far apart. Am I the Only guy that does this Tech & Counter tech stuff or what?

Tomorrow I might have to check myself into the hospital for a day or two. My question is there any special rules-laws I need to know? I will be telling the hospital I’m a RSO, I will call the local PD and tell them of my stay. Is there anything else I should do?

1. I am not a lawyer

2. I am NOT telling you what to do

3. The only pertinent language I see in the PC is

290.010. If the person who is registering has more than one residence address at which he or she regularly resides, he or she shall register in accordance with the Act in each of the jurisdictions in which he or she regularly resides, regardless of the number of days or nights spent there. If all of the addresses are within the same jurisdiction, the person shall provide the registering authority with all of the addresses where he or she regularly resides.

Under no circumstances do I see a stay in the hospital as either ‘resides’ or ‘regularly’ (maybe, maybe if it were a regular occurrence, like weekly overnight dialysis or the like)

4. I would not call the PD

5. I certainly would not tell the hospital

6. see 1. and 2.

NOPE! Unless the hospital is in the County then go to the DISTRICT OF JURISDICTION. That would be the Sheriff Go there too or call them or find out for sure the Hosp. is in the City then yer coverin’ yer butt,,better safe than sorry. I wonder what they are gonna do when I tell them I’m goin’ Campin’ ? When they ask where,, I’m gonna break out with a topomap & draw a big circle in some of the most rattlesnake infested harsh inhospitible environment I can Hike in & out of & say I’ll Be Here ,,Somewhere for a couple of weeks Wanna Go?;-) I can’t wait to see if I’m fallowed, tracked…It would Be a shame if some one Got BIT!

There is absolutely no reason to tell the hospital anything. I was in the hospital for a month and didn’t feel the need or have the desire to tell the cops or the hospital. It has nothing to do with why you are there.

(b) If any person who is required to register pursuant to the Act
adds or changes his or her account with an Internet service provider
or adds or changes an Internet identifier, the person shall send
written notice of the addition or change to the law enforcement
agency or agencies with which he or she is currently registered
within 24 hours. The law enforcement agency or agencies shall make
this information available to the Department of Justice. Each person
to whom this subdivision applies at the time this subdivision becomes
effective shall immediately provide the information required by this

this is in law books. So I m a bit confused.

This became law as of the 2012 election with the passage of Proposition 35. However, bright and early the next morning, the EFF, ACLU NorCal and CA RSOL filed a lawsuit and were successful in first obtaining a Temporary Restraining Order and subsequently a Preliminary Injunction in January 2013. The case was argued in September 2013 and is taking a very, one might say disturbingly, long time to be decided. Search for Proposition 35 posts on this site.

In the meantime, while it is part of the Penal Code, there is an injunction against the requirement to have to provide internet identifiers. The ML web site – the public portion – states the following in red:


On January 11, 2013, a federal court enjoined the Attorney General and law enforcement agencies from collecting information pertaining to e-mail addresses, internet service providers, and social networking/screen names on sex offender registration forms. These fields will not appear on the 2013 DOJ registration forms (DOJ forms 8047, 8102).This injunction is in effect until the lawsuit challenging these provisions of Proposition 35, the Californians Against Sexual Exploitation (CASE) Act, is decided or until further notice. (John Doe v. Kamala Harris, Northern District of California No. C12-5713 TEH). Registering law enforcement agencies should black out these fields on the 2012 forms, and should not collect this information until further notice

So don’t be forking over your internet information just yet. Thank you EFF, ACLU and CA RSOL!

It sounds like it’s one of those bear traps they are just waiting to Use & I have no way to answer that because AN internet Identifier is Your IP address which is routed through Your modem & WIFI Router That can change if the power goes out & You have to reset them they “ISP” automatically re assigns them. If You have a program that changes Your Computers MAC address That’s for keeping hackers out of your system the platform info on Your Machine changes as well. They already have something ” a GHOST in the machine so to speak on ALL of OUR machines You can bet on it. NSA,FBI,DEA,DOJ,CIA did I forget any letters HELLO? THEY ALL HAVE IT DOWN Believe that!

A District attorney willing to destroy families and harm and manipulate children to further his career. A equally reprehensible judge and investigators that believe their own lies. A snapshot of history and you will see how the public is so willing to believe what they are told to believe, guaranteed to make you sick.

Yep I Know how it feels! & IF You don’t Plea? Oh Yea You get Really screwed to a cross! I Know…

Does anyone know if we are planning on going on vacation, we live in Orange County, will be gone 8 days … Do you have to notify the police that you’re leaving? Fortunately in three years we’ve never had a home check. I know we don’t need to notify the state we are going to unless its more than ten days? But about here … .

From what I can see there is absolutely nothing in the California Penal Code that requires you to let anyone know that you are leaving town temporarily, unless, and unless only, you are giving up your residence at your current location.

Having said this, it might be a good idea to check the laws in your place of destination. Some states have a registration requirement even for visitors, even for a few days. Those are states I personally would never set foot or spend a penny of my money in, but sometimes things work out certain ways. Whatever you do with this knowledge is neither here nor there, but at least you know what you are getting into.

If I am mistaken someone please correct me. Just my 2 cents.

I was never told I need to let anyone know if I was going out of town and never do. Just make sure you comply with the laws wherever you are going.

Let 100 parklets bloom – L.A.’s ‘People St’ program will cut red tape to let neighborhoods experiment with ideas for street space.,0,458557.story#ixzz2wCgsfkE8

Wondering how these parklets would be treated with regards to residency restrictions. Are they being enforced in LA or not? Whatever happened to that tiny park that was being built last year – was it in Torrance?

AT THE MOMENT, I don’t think LA is enforcing the residency restrictions near parks. But that doesn’t mean they won’t start doing to tomorrow.

I hate the idea of these parklets. They are stupid, a waste of time and money. But they are putting them under the jurisdiction of the Recreation and Parks Department to make sure they are classified as parks, not something else.

I have seen Los Angeles specifically change small street spaces to the parks department — specifically so they can run out the homeless there, as LA has a law banning “camping” in parks. So, LA is not only at war with former sex offenders, but also with any homeless people. They have mounted a great effort to toss as many homeless in jail as possible and to otherwise roust them — and much of this has been led by the new so-called liberal mayor even while he was only a councilman, who really is one of the more fake people out there.

Any Experience with TSA PreCheck?

I travel for business and because of my status with a major airline, I almost always get TSA PreCheck when I fly that airline.

I’d like to register and pay for TSA Pre so I could have the privilege of faster times through security on all airlines I fly, but I don’t know if I went through the “official” process they may deny me because of my 290 status, and then I may lose it even on my preferred airline.

Anyone have experience with applying for and getting TSA Pre?

Alright… at least the media is beginning to call it how it is. Recent headline in the Press Enterprise online reads “blah blah blah ordered to register as sex offender”, secondary mention of a jail sentence of 240 days (more than many here have done?) and 3 years probation.

Thanks PE for pointing out the real punishment and the obvious!

I feel relieved now that I got my new driver license… For whatever reason I was dreading it since I couldn’t recall if the “Sex Offender” label was going to be part of it.. Don’t see anything I can see that says sex offender..

Oh, did Any one hear about an OC LEO giving privileged LE INFO To a Motorcycle Gang member? Background info, DMV, arrests, etc. Yep Not in the news is it? True Story,,Google it! Now is that Helping Us I see what is happenin’ with that & It’s NOT Just a OMG that has dirty Cops Every Organized Crime or Gang Has LE leaks. You See it’s like this,,They cannot be seen Breakin’ the law…But Civilians,,,Can get away with it if LE shows up just a lil late & Guess what,,,Jobs done & they got away & the investigation is HALF ASSED or not @ all….Unless they can arrest You fer somethin’

Can anyone here please tell me if the police have a mandate to do compliance checks?

Or if there is a law that says they are obligated to do compliance checks?

Or are compliance checks something the police have just taken upon themselves to do?

Good 4 U Q!!! They came last year and tried to intimidate Me And the cop had Me sign the compliance form I did. When they arrived He was a Shark not a Wolf & I recognized right away When I asked “What are You doin’ Here? He said “it’s the Law! I said” F$%k the Law to his face & He just smiled looked @ the ground and back @ Me I said I’m Here signed the paper & went back inside! Haven’t seen 1 this Year yet but That doesn’t mean They wont come anyway…I just stay Within The LAW I said F%^k to & as long as you stop them THEY will TRY EVERY THING TO SCARE YOU TO LET THEM IN Why? SET UP? once They are in & more than 1 to watch Anything is possible. So IF You say what You did Or let them Know You have an atty that WILL address LE Tactics on civil rights issues, They go away however You just probably pissed off the cop,,KEEP YER NOSE CLEAN THEY ARE JUST WAITIN’ For us to MESS UP..& there is ENOUGH PEOPLE MESSIN’ UP MAKING IT WORSE FOR Us..I was thinking,,& Laughed out of all organized criminals, Technically speaking WE Are the Most unorganized Group of all. Yet We still Fight this Crap. Then I thought …This Is POLITICAL LEVERAGE for a platform in an election of how THESE CHECKS KEEP CHILDREN SAFE? Joke! Why do WE NOT start a bill through WAR that would remove the registry PUBLICLY due to the danger it poses to family members After all WE HAVE documented Proof of Vigilantism all across the USA Irrefutable proof..Then I asked My self,,Self? How can they make individuals register in the name of Public Safety When 8 Countries can’t even find a Jumbo Jet in the name of SAFETY? That’s A oxymoron to Me.. IDK


Your right, I’ve always felt at my present residence they come for the sole purpose of trying to arrest me. I say this because I live in a rural area just outside of Palm Springs and there really aren’t very many kids; and besides, I looked at some pictures, I never touched anyone. You should see them around halloween; they come out in force when no kid in his/her right mind would trick or treat around here; they’d have to hike 20 miles just to hit 10 houses. They all go to the next town over. I’m going to get a motel next halloween in another town because I still have zero desire to talk to these terrorists that rigorously do everything in their power to violate the very laws they have taken an oath to uphold.

I didn’t sign the paper because I didn’t know what it was, and he didn’t give me a chance to say “let me ask my attorney.” And apparently I didn’t have to because I think Janice would have told me if I was required to sign. For what it’s worth; I don’t break laws. I have no reason to break any laws, aside from speeding if I’m in a hurry. I also truly believe these cops look at me as a ticket out of the rural towns and an assignment to the big city where they can make a name for themselves violating the rights of people that translates into promotions and pay raises.

Whenever I get a different vehicle I always report it (I have no reason to break any laws or requirements). He was just using the license plate thing as another way into the house or onto the property. It was pretty obvious.

(Truthfully; I could care less what he thinks or how he feels. If he comes at me wrong I just might be able to retire after all, at his expense)

There has been a lot said at this site about compliance checks. No, there is no mandate for police to do compliance checks. In fact, as I read the ordinance, it seems to ban them! The ordinance specifically says that you must provide PROOF of you residence at registration, and that would be your driver’s license or the other things it lists. It specifically says that police cannot require anything else to prove your residence — and I take that to include banning a compliance check. That is, with that line, it is not even optional for the police to do, as I read it — as a specific thing in the law to bar harassment of registrants, to keep police in check.

Regardless of my reading, you do not have to comply with the check. Up to you. You do not have to answer the door, you do not have to speak with them (and if you do, simply say “no thanks” and close the door). You do not have to identify yourself at the door, you do not have to talk with them in any way. You also can block them from coming to your door as trespassing by doing something like posting a sign at the gate (or other entry) barring anyone from going to the door as trespassing.

But its up to you. You might decide to just say yes, it is you, this is your home — so they won’t come back at least for a while. But certainly if you do speak with them, do not say any word at all other than your name and that this is your home — say NOTHING more, and close the door. Answer no questions.

And, they may not enter the home without your permission — say nothing and do nothing that could be interpreted as permission.

IF You want to Know how everyone has been busted with IP over the Years Watch this You will Be Amazed at HOW they have been working on AMERICANS & THE WORLD They just ,,Well Watch & Learn something. It’s up to You


I saw this last night over at Information Clearinghouse. Ed Snowden is a true hero and a REAL American. I also think he has a set of brass balls the size of two football stadiums! I believe he is a honest man; and that is honorable.

On this day 51 years ago President Kennedy and attorney general Robert Kennedy shut down Alcatraz prison…as Robert Kennedy noted ‘as an example on how Not to treat people” …….I say let those words apply to shut down this registry and shut down that orange county courthouse ‘as an example on how NOT to treat people” ……..awesome work done by the Kennedy’s …amazing leadership for all people….this is a great day.

Registered former sex offender running for governor as a Republican:,0,1243785.story

I say vote for him, even if you are a Democrat. To all here at this site, I think the registration issue should override any other consideration. Only a registrant will understand what we are saying, what must be done to help us. And a registrant in office will only show how registrants can be and are respectable people.

I have no idea what this guy’s policies are or what he promotes — but we need him. I think we must support ANY registrant who runs for office, we need them in elected offices.

(That said, yes, I know this guys doesn’t even stand a snowball’s chance in hell — but get his vote numbers up anyway. Nobody else on the ballot, from any party, is going to do anything at all for us, will only do more against us.)

Check Out what their doing in Mi.
Iwonder if it hasn’t been happening Her there everywhere & We just don’t Know it YET ?

What The Hell? Yea vote for Him, He’s What Needs to be put in office He can set a bunch of people strait. Actually allot of people have family members that Are currently in prison on parole or some form of probation, This Guy’s got BIG BIG BRASS ONES Kudos!

I can’t find another section to ask this, so going here.

I am supposed to travel for a conference in June to Cobb County in Georgia. I have tried calling the “Offender” unit down there to see if there are any travel restrictions or how many days I can be there without having to alert authorities. No one is returning my messages and I need to know in the next few days.

Does anyone have any insight? They are not an Adam Walsh state, but I need to make sure I don’t violate by being in the county for too long?


@ 290inNoCal

From the source:

A nonresident sexual offender who enters this state for the purpose of employment or any other reason for a period exceeding 14 consecutive days or for an aggregate period of time exceeding 30 days during any calendar year regardless of whether such sexual offender is required to register under federal law, military law, tribal law, or the laws of another state or territory.

I am confused and was wondering if there is anyone knowing or on the legal side that can clear up some things. I am on probation in San Diego. My crime was an internet sting where having sex was never discussed and there was no victim. I know a few guys that had victims and even knock her up and these guys have no restrictions for being around kids and the guy was awarded right to see the kid. I can not even have a photo of my grandkids. I know guys with CP charges and can still use a computer my offence was around six hours of emails back and forth but I can not use my computer which ic my skill set. Because I mention my camera in the emails yet with no reference to any worngful of illegal photos, I take still life photos. I had security cameras because I was a victim of a armed-home invasion butprobation it it there policy that they do not allow people on probation to have security cameras, aswell as have any other type of camera. So this also means I can not use my smart phone because I can get text messages and take photos. I ask probation once about this issue and they said I would have to go back to court to get things changed. So I did and probation told the judge and with no further input from the sh@# hole of a public defender my request shot down so fast it broke the sound barrier. So for not having a victim and having this the only time in my life ever getting in trouble with the law is sure seems like I am getting slammed.

I am still perplexed that those without a victim get the same or worse sentence than those with. Maybe, because of the sting, they have everything recorded. In real victim cases, it could be a matter of he said she said, and the defense is easier. Still, it is disturbing that the government can manufacture convictions like it does. If this is pre-crime enforcement, why wouldn’t it be enough for the police to just give a warning of the consequences and focus on victim crimes?

Hi noname:

I feel like I got slammed too. The a-hole chick I was with was the one in possession of CP pictures (she was a total perv). She called the cops on me, something she did every time I wanted to break off the relationship and leave, but this time she gave them a few 4in disks of CP pictures and said they were mine! She was in possession, not me (I busted her for being on the computer while I was at work looking at porn and going to adult chat rooms). I was already gone and in a motel! You can imagine how shocked I was when I come pulling up to my motel and 4 plain cloths cops swoop in on me guns drawn and inches from my face. I was arrested and charged; I made some statements I shouldn’t have because I still had a misplaced loyalty to her. After 5 days in jail I was convicted and it gets worse each year. When I was standing with my attorney and a L.A. CO probation officer in the court house the probation officer looked at me and said “congratulation’s, you’ve just been railroaded”. I’ll never forget that moment. Unbeknownst to me at the time, that statement signaled the end of my life as I had known it.

I hope this link comes through. Just see what one can do when you have multi-millions of dollars.

Reading about the massive GM auto recall in which GM execs were fully aware of the problem, but did nothing, and Congress was aware, but failed to launch an investigation. Here’s where I’m having problems with all of this; children and young drivers have been killed in the faulty cars, but I see no public outrage, I see no grieving mothers standing before Congress crying and demanding a special law named for their child and severe punishment for the executives who knowingly allowed these deaths, I read of no special registration calling for these execs to be classified as violent offenders. Is it because GM will pay out billions in lawsuit hush money or am I just missing something here?