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Alright… at least the media is beginning to call it how it is. Recent headline in the Press Enterprise online reads “blah blah blah ordered to register as sex offender”, secondary mention of a jail sentence of 240 days (more than many here have done?) and 3 years probation.

Thanks PE for pointing out the real punishment and the obvious!

I feel relieved now that I got my new driver license… For whatever reason I was dreading it since I couldn’t recall if the “Sex Offender” label was going to be part of it.. Don’t see anything I can see that says sex offender..

Oh, did Any one hear about an OC LEO giving privileged LE INFO To a Motorcycle Gang member? Background info, DMV, arrests, etc. Yep Not in the news is it? True Story,,Google it! Now is that Helping Us I see what is happenin’ with that & It’s NOT Just a OMG that has dirty Cops Every Organized Crime or Gang Has LE leaks. You See it’s like this,,They cannot be seen Breakin’ the law…But Civilians,,,Can get away with it if LE shows up just a lil late & Guess what,,,Jobs done & they got away & the investigation is HALF ASSED or not @ all….Unless they can arrest You fer somethin’

Can anyone here please tell me if the police have a mandate to do compliance checks?

Or if there is a law that says they are obligated to do compliance checks?

Or are compliance checks something the police have just taken upon themselves to do?

IF You want to Know how everyone has been busted with IP over the Years Watch this You will Be Amazed at HOW they have been working on AMERICANS & THE WORLD They just ,,Well Watch & Learn something. It’s up to You

On this day 51 years ago President Kennedy and attorney general Robert Kennedy shut down Alcatraz prison…as Robert Kennedy noted ‘as an example on how Not to treat people” …….I say let those words apply to shut down this registry and shut down that orange county courthouse ‘as an example on how NOT to treat people” ……..awesome work done by the Kennedy’s …amazing leadership for all people….this is a great day.

Registered former sex offender running for governor as a Republican:,0,1243785.story

I say vote for him, even if you are a Democrat. To all here at this site, I think the registration issue should override any other consideration. Only a registrant will understand what we are saying, what must be done to help us. And a registrant in office will only show how registrants can be and are respectable people.

I have no idea what this guy’s policies are or what he promotes — but we need him. I think we must support ANY registrant who runs for office, we need them in elected offices.

(That said, yes, I know this guys doesn’t even stand a snowball’s chance in hell — but get his vote numbers up anyway. Nobody else on the ballot, from any party, is going to do anything at all for us, will only do more against us.)

Check Out what their doing in Mi.
Iwonder if it hasn’t been happening Her there everywhere & We just don’t Know it YET ?

What The Hell? Yea vote for Him, He’s What Needs to be put in office He can set a bunch of people strait. Actually allot of people have family members that Are currently in prison on parole or some form of probation, This Guy’s got BIG BIG BRASS ONES Kudos!

I can’t find another section to ask this, so going here.

I am supposed to travel for a conference in June to Cobb County in Georgia. I have tried calling the “Offender” unit down there to see if there are any travel restrictions or how many days I can be there without having to alert authorities. No one is returning my messages and I need to know in the next few days.

Does anyone have any insight? They are not an Adam Walsh state, but I need to make sure I don’t violate by being in the county for too long?


I am confused and was wondering if there is anyone knowing or on the legal side that can clear up some things. I am on probation in San Diego. My crime was an internet sting where having sex was never discussed and there was no victim. I know a few guys that had victims and even knock her up and these guys have no restrictions for being around kids and the guy was awarded right to see the kid. I can not even have a photo of my grandkids. I know guys with CP charges and can still use a computer my offence was around six hours of emails back and forth but I can not use my computer which ic my skill set. Because I mention my camera in the emails yet with no reference to any worngful of illegal photos, I take still life photos. I had security cameras because I was a victim of a armed-home invasion butprobation it it there policy that they do not allow people on probation to have security cameras, aswell as have any other type of camera. So this also means I can not use my smart phone because I can get text messages and take photos. I ask probation once about this issue and they said I would have to go back to court to get things changed. So I did and probation told the judge and with no further input from the sh@# hole of a public defender my request shot down so fast it broke the sound barrier. So for not having a victim and having this the only time in my life ever getting in trouble with the law is sure seems like I am getting slammed.

I hope this link comes through. Just see what one can do when you have multi-millions of dollars.

Reading about the massive GM auto recall in which GM execs were fully aware of the problem, but did nothing, and Congress was aware, but failed to launch an investigation. Here’s where I’m having problems with all of this; children and young drivers have been killed in the faulty cars, but I see no public outrage, I see no grieving mothers standing before Congress crying and demanding a special law named for their child and severe punishment for the executives who knowingly allowed these deaths, I read of no special registration calling for these execs to be classified as violent offenders. Is it because GM will pay out billions in lawsuit hush money or am I just missing something here?