Living with 290: Compliance Checks

It’s 10:30 am on March 6th 2014 and the yearly round of sheriffs coming to my residence has begun for this year. I’ve been told this is to make sure I live where I live and anything beyond that is a mystery to me (Christ! I just renewed my registration a week ago!). Every time this happens it is just another round of “them” trying to get me to say things to get me to give up my rights so they can walk all over me.

This is troubling to me because they wear an American flag as they try very hard to skirt around the constitution and bill of rights. I do not participate by not answering the door (and I don’t have to) because I feel this whole “sex offender” thing is unconstitutional and a violation my basic human rights. Everyone seems to know that the public registry and all the associated laws are an abject failure except the USA.

I’m sure they will catch me coming or going one of these days and I will have to “talk to them”, but I will only say what I have to say and refer any other questions to my attorney, but until then I will not participate in this wast of time and diversion of resources better used to address real problems like drunk drivers, gangs, drugs, etc. is some information every registrant needs to know.

Knowledge is power:


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Maybe this Texas guy shouldn’t have answered the door?
I certainly am no expert on these checks but this bust smells a little fishy from the small amount of information shown.

Thank you for sharing – the links are great! As for me, my last compliance check was last week….

It is a rare event that I am home when they come by, but last time was about a week after my registration. I did answer – don’t want them coming back – stepped outside closing the door behind me and the exchange took less than 5 seconds.
They asked my name…
“Just a compliance check.”
“OK” I said.
“Thank you. Have a nice day”

They were courteous, non-invasive and kept it short and sweet. I know they want it to go smoothly and get out of there almost most as much as I do.

Now, before you start to think I am defending or accepting of these cops and the laws that enable them to do what they do…

The visit was about 11 a.m. That was probably the 3rd one they had done that day and I am sure they were exhausted from all that driving and walking between the unmarked Crown Vic and front doors. Phew. Time for lunch. My tax dollars at “work.”

It was the same two people as two years ago which was the first time I encountered these them in 13 years in this house and 19 years as an RSO. How do they actually verify compliance if no one is home? If I am not there, the only reason they have to believe that I live there is because it says so on my DL and the DMV does not verify that. Not that I want them to probe any deeper, but it is such a superficial check, it is clear they are just going through the motions for appearances.

What a lackluster job. I don’t think Jerry Bruckheimer is going to produce a TV show based on this elite task force’s daily encounters. What a snoozefest that would be.
Where do you go wrong in your law enforcement career to where you are assigned such unfulfilling, meaningless tasks with zero responsibility?

In all honesty, as I bust my butt working for myself making half as much as I did before that web site went up, I am so envious of those cops; what I’d give to have a regular salary ACH’d into my bank account, paid vacations, PTO, health insurance and a pension.

If you are off probation/parole, then good for you! Don’t even open your door!

I feel the same way! I was arrested 18 years ago and received summary probation and my charges have all been dismissed. No arrests prior/after. Im angry that each time they show up (sometimes twice a year) I’m not home and they have flashed their badges at my wife, parents and now a niece!

Thank you for the kind comments. The laws are getting out of line! I mean, its one thing to register, but this is a bit out of line

Had 2 uniformed officers come to my door tonight…asked who I was…told them. Asked me if I still lived at the address (should have been obvious since I answered the door). Told them yes.

They left…of course all the neighbors saw this going on since it’s a Saturday night.

Thank very much

I really don’t think these compliance checks make any sense whatsoever, and here is why: 1) If you are on probation, you have to meet with your probation officer once a week, so he will know that you are still around. If you don’t show up for your appointment, I am sure they will try to find you. Also, the PO will come to your house and confirm you live there. 2) On probation, you will also have to attend weekly classes, so that is twice now that they will know you are still around. Again, if you miss your class, they will try to find you. 3) You have to register annually, even after probation, so if you really wanted to cheat the system, you would register and then leave right after. It would take them until their next “compliance check” to see that you are missing. Bottom line, the majority of those who have to register would not move without permission since they know it would get them in a lot of trouble, and those who don’t care about getting in trouble will find a way to skip. A compliance check would have to be made every hour of every day. Otherwise, the person could easily leave the day after, and the police would not even notice since these checks are not that frequent. So, really?? Who is wasting their time? Failure to register in most cases is a simple oversight, not an intent to move or cheat the system. If someone forgets to register but still lives at the same address, how is that not obvious that there are no plans of leaving. It is pure intimidation and senseless. It actually makes even less sense while the person is on probation since they are visible with all the required meetings. They need to put their money and effort somewhere else.

I know this subject has been discussed so much, but the more I think about these so called administrative compliance checks, the more angry I get. All of the 290 regulations after you are off probation or parole are punitive. We all agree on this. Those who say it is not punitive but rather administrative are complete morons. I follow a lot of administrative rules, like renewing my driver’s license, or making sure my car registration is up to date, but I NEVER get visited IN PERSON by the DMV or any other agency to make sure I am doing what I am supposed to do. If you want these compliance checks to be “administrative”, stop coming here. Send us a letter, an e-mail, whatever. We live in the 21st century an technology has come a long way. There is no need for door to door administrative tasks, EVER!!! Nobody else does it, so STOP DOING IT!!! There are other ways if they really really believe they need to do these checks (which they don’t).

I had a cop actually texting me asking me if I still live at my place. I reply yep and never bother me for another year.

I know this topic has been discussed in length, and we all know that once off paper, you are not obligated to open your door or talk to law enforcement. It was also noted numerous times, that often it might be better to tactfully speak to them as they might get louder if you are not at home. The problem is that these checks are so random, and the chance to find a registrant actually at home are pretty slim. Oftentimes, they may see your car and “assume” you are home, when in reality you are on a hike or bike road right from your home. So, they will possibly yell and bang, even though you might not even be home. So, all this is really moot. I am sure they have come by when we were not home and may have even banged on the door, alerting neighbors, thinking we are ignoring them when we aren’t. That is why these checks need to stop. Most are in full compliance and don’t need this type of harassment.

I have heard many here say that they were asked for their ID during these “harassment checks”. First off, California is not a Stop and ID state, and even those States that enacted Stop and ID laws, it says: “What does “stop and identify” mean? It’s a simple concept. In states where this statute is enacted, a person suspected of committing a crime is legally obligated to identify themselves to authorities. Even in states with this statute, a person is not required to provide identification without a reasonable belief that: a crime has been committed, a crime is currently being committed, or a crime was committed.” So, what gives LE the right to demand an ID when no crime has been committed? Yet another proof that they abuse their powers. LE does not get to invent the law, they enforce the law.