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I’m moving to Garden Grove from Westminster in 3 weeks. Does anybody know what the registration experiences is like in Garden Grove??

California Supreme Court Justice Marvin Baxter announces his retirement. He will step down next January. A short list of names already has been bandied about who might be his replacement — but unfortunately, I do not see Janice Belucci on that list. Dang! If I were governor, I would l name Janice.

Baxter was appointed inn 1990 by right wing Republican George Deukmejian. He has been considered more moderate than Deukmejian although still conservative – but on the single issue readers here are interested in, he voted against us every time.

Brown’s first appointment to the high court, Goodwin Liu, even while considered to be a real liberal has proved to be a big disappointment for us (I note in particular his concurrence in Doe v. Harris). Brown now gets two more appointments to the court, between Baxter and Joyce Kennard, who announced her retirement in April. Unfortunately, since both will leave as Brown’s re-election campaign moves into full gear, I doubt he will take any risk, such as another Rose Bird. If these came after his reelection, he would have nothing to lose, that second term will be the end of his career in elected office. Perhaps that is why two conservative justices who wanted to retire did so now.

So I was just reading through South Carolina’s registry requirements for a vacation I am planning in the late summer and stumbled upon this gem:

(F) If an offender receives a pardon for the offense for which he was required to register, the offender must reregister as provided by Section 23-3-460 and may not be removed from the registry except:

Correct me if I am reading this wrong, but even if you receive a pardon in SC, you may STILL have to register? WTF?!?!

This is interesting – Trying to ban questions about convictions on employment applicaitons:

This was in today’s Chronicle regarding juvenile sex offenders and punishment. It seems like the pendulum is finally swinging toward a more logical and common sense approach.

Things that make you go…hhhhmmmh. What is wrong with people? The woman is claiming he is making provocative moves? The comments are clearly in favor of him, and many want him back. BUT, this is how it starts. Have one person be offended and others will catch on. This is another good example to show how differently people are being offended. How will they feel if this old man ends up on the Sex Offender Registry for doing what he (and obviously many others) enjoy?

Coming to a neighborhood near you! Just an FYI and more stellar police work.

275 alleged child predators arrested in California, as read on From what I read on this story, they baited people to show up at parks. This sure can’t help our cause in the media when they do this.

Yay yay…RonLake…you know this incident could really help this political prisoner listing (their sexo list) when the news report says >95% of new ‘sex’ crime arrests are from people NOT on registered list ….news report that..?…so more likely than not those new ‘sex’ “predators” are NOT from registry…news report that ..?…news reporting the waste of taxpayers money on a listing when new crimes are NOT from registry ..?

So I just stumbled across this…. an initiative that just made it on to the November ballot, reducing certain non-violent offenses from felonies to misdemeanors. Things like shoplifting or forgery. Due to the prisons busting at the seams, a huge percentage of budget being spent on corrections and an ever increasing felon population that is virtually unemployable becoming a drain on society.

Sound good? Sure, except for the fact that the proposed law ensures that all those required to register under PC 290 are excluded from this new provision and will continue to be charged with and prosecuted for felonies. Woo hoo.

Oh, the exclusion seems to apply to those convicted of murder as well. Which seems fair as everyone knows kissing a 15 year old girl or owning a photo of a topless teenager is about the same as murdering another person.

It is getting to the point where not only normal conduct is a crime for certain people, solely based on a prior conviction for which the criminal sentence has been served in full, now also actual criminal offenses are treated differently for those people.

Maybe this is good news. At some point that camel’s back has got to break. I mean – really!

Is there an update on Proposition 35? It’s been so long and so quiet.

More police news…So police are failing to report to the state 67 deadly shootings? Oh, the paperwork is too extensive and so confusing. If they can’t keep track of 67 fatal shootings, how in God’s name can they possibly keep track of the registered citizens and the mess that’s been created by a very extensive and confusing registry? I’m smelling “cover-up”

This just came out in today’s SFGate. Oakland is getting ridiculous. “Innocent until proven guilty” is out the window. On the bright side, an overwhelming majority of the readership is against this.


Having lived in Oakland in the past and now have family there, this kind of police “work” is about all Oakland cops can do. There’s constant gunfire in town, to which police don’t respond so anything that will put Oakland cops in harm’s way is a no response situation. This is becoming typical of law enforcement in big cities; public shaming above public protection, guilt is assumed, shoot now and ask questions later. Oakland has one corrupt police department that’s staffed largely with lazy cowards that selectively enforce the law when it doesn’t interfere with donut breaks.