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Independence Day

It’s July and in two days millions of Americans will be celebrating their freedom; but not us, because they have taken away our freedom.

These people will be rejoicing over their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; but not us, and this includes our families and millions of little children that have had their innocence stolen and their lives turned into a living hell because a family member is forced to wear the scarlet label.

In two days millions of Americans will be celebrating with friends and neighbors; but not us, because we have been turned into much hated and reviled social outcasts by the celebrants.

In two days millions of Americans will be going to fireworks displays; but I seriously doubt many of us would dare attend such an event with our children because “their” children will be present.

So many of us will stay at home (if we have one) with our families (if we still have or are allowed to have one) and make do with the semblance of freedom we have and try to give our children as much of a good time as possible with what we are allowed.

This doesn’t feel like America; at least not the America I was born into. I don’t feel like I have anything to celebrate. I feel like I live in a land of mad men, where my very life is in danger. The best I can do is to pray that change will come soon. It’s all I can do because I am a prisoner and can’t escape.

from General Comments July 2014 by Q

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This hits the nail on the head for our family. This holiday sucks for us. we used to parades and all kinds of events. now we have to set at home and try to find some way to help my teens celebrate, but not leave Papa out. <3

F that. Live your life how you want. I have been listed on the nanny big government Sex Offender Registries for nearly two decades. I have a great life. I find it useful to treat the Registries and ALL people who support them as enemies of America and good citizens like me. They are people to be defeated. And today I live a great life, with a lot of it coming at their expense. As I said, they are enemies. I live in a large city where I am never recognized by anyone. I go everywhere every day completely anonymously… Read more »

FRegistryTerrorists I suppose living in a large city does have it’s advantages for some registrants. I live in a small isolated town (approx 3500 residents)where anonymity is not an option. there is no such thing as melting into the crowd here. I’ve already been “outed” by a busybody neighbor over a resentment she had with me. (she was trying to illegally dump a king size mattress and box spring next to my residence)and I wouldn’t let her do it; mainly because it would have been the perfect rat’s nest, as well as an eyesore; not to mention illegal. Even though… Read more »

Hi Q. To paraphrase the Supreme Court judge, we are not really being shamed, we are just embarrassed by our offenses. The fault is with us. Sarcasm intended.


I heard that!!!

Sorry that I have not responded for so long but I have been on vacation and I turned all this stuff off. Anyway, living in a larger city is definitely an advantage. It is quite common for people to not even know their neighbors. So if you are listed on a Registry and your neighbors know, who cares? You never have to speak to them or interact with them in any way. Personally, I interact with my good neighbors and easily ignore the rest. They wallow in jealousy. You can also start your own business and easily operate it with… Read more »

I love my country but I loathe my government.


Our government has utterly failed this nation. They seemingly refuse to protect that which they took an oath and swore to protect; our constitution and bill of rights.

Agreed, which is why as someone who has always loved my country, I will only display the American flag upside down, which means the country is in distress.

This holiday means nothing to me at all any longer. Freedom in the USA is a joke and there is nothing to celebrate. This country was sold out just as we have been sold out.

I have no love for this country at all.

For what it is worth , I try to ignore the stigma , as much as I can .. I try to treat it as a handy-cap , or a disability that i have to live with and I choose to do it as best I can. I try not to put my family in situations that they are likly to beconfrunted by this thing , I find pleanty of places to go and things to do with out trouble. This is not to say I don’t feel , the bright red letter that i’m sure is on my forhead..… Read more »

Unless you are on parole or probation, NO ONE needs to feel left out of anything. I hate to sound negative, but WAY too many people on here fall into the trap of “I am a victim, please pity me”. I too suffer through all of the “restrictions” from this horrible label, but I choose NOT to be a victim, and strive to live my life fully everyday! I have been fired from jobs 3 times, but have applied for 100’s of positions until I finally found another one. I have been off parole for over 2 years now, and… Read more »

I believe what you say is correct. Stop allowing them to make those on the registry feel sub standard. That is their label. Stand strong and stop being a victim and continue to fight for justice.

Hi Rob:

I’m curious about how you handle the part about being a registrant when you apply for a job. Do you just not tell them and wait until they find out (fired 3 times) on their own, or do you handle that during the hiring process?

I think most of us have more of a feeling of betrayal than self pity. I do not think I feel sorry for my self; but I do feel betrayed by those that took an oath to protect what has been taken from me.

Hey Q – I understand how you feel. I have NEVER told any employer about my past, at the interview or otherwise. One company I did interview with found out about my past in the interview process, and I was still offerened the position after a lunch out with the president to expalain. I acutally did not accept this position, but everyone should know that NOT everyone despises us all. BTW, I was one of the “sting” convictions and have no “indentifiable” victims, IDK if this makes a difference in peoples’ minds. The 3 jobs I was fired from all… Read more »

Rob, while I truly admire your positive attitude would you please reconsider your use of the terms “pity” and “pity party? I have seen it in more than one of your posts. If someone is hurting, sad or angry at their position, their feelings are valid. Casting perceived judgment upon people for their feelings of hopelessness, which I do have quite often, does not help any of us. Please don’t take this as a personal attack, rather an encouragement of wanting to hear more of the positive outcomes of your situation. Let’s lift our brothers and sisters up because this… Read more »

HI Rob; I’m wondering what you said to the president of the company as an explanation of your status as a registrant? After I lost my job in 06 (directly related to the registry) I tried and tried to get hired somewhere that paid decent $$, but even though I was qualified for the job I would get shot down because of my status as a registrant. I have to say Rob, that your post and a few others have been inspiring and I think I may just get out there and try again. It’s been a few years since… Read more »

Did I mention the pis*ed category? I’m also in the pis*ed off category too!!! 🙂

Where do you live that you can’t go to a parade? Stop this BS of hunkering down in fear and shame. Unless there is some physical limitation, get “Papa” out of the house and enjoy life – it’s too damn short! Do you know how many people are laying in hospitals waiting to die who would trade places with an RSO in a New York minute? I’ll take RSO over a life threatening or debilitating disease any day! I could not agree with FRegistryTerrorists more and in some respects he is a man after my own heart. While I try… Read more »

Hey C – I am in total agreement with you on all of your points! The more we live “normal” lives, the more our “enemies” lose! As I stated, I have been at the bottom, and never stopped striving to live every day! I stood at the bottom off exit ramps of the freeway handing out resumes lsst summer – anything to find work! Now I am approaching my first year in this new position, loving every day! Yes, it can all come crashing down anytime, but if we all dwell on that, you might as well hang it up!… Read more »

When I started my IT career in ’97 I thanked God every day as I walked into my office knowing full well it could all come crashing down. In 2004 it did. The Internet boon started as a blessing, then a curse. The hardest aspects of being an RSO on the public registry is the reduced income, not being able to attend my kid’s school events and the pressures on my wife. I know that alleviating the first will minimize the second two. It has been quite the struggle to grow and maintain a business where you can’t apply one… Read more »

I don’t know maybe we already have a network. If I ever got big enough to need them (ha!), I’d try out your services.

Absolutely. As I said in a post above – I find it useful to treat the Registries and ALL people who support them as enemies of America and good citizens like me. They are people to be defeated. And today I live a great life, with a lot of it coming at their expense. As I said, they are enemies. I think all listed people should ensure that the Registries are worthless but also use them as great motivation to take a great life that you deserve. I let the Registries impact me as little as possible. I have used… Read more »

Agree completely. When I moved back to NorCal, the authorities were shocked that I had to register even going so far as to say that had it happened in their jurisdiction, they would’ve gone after the “victim”. They told me, and I quote, “just live your life. No one will be looking for you.” And I have. I go to parks, theaters, beaches, etc. because I enjoy an active life. I refuse to have the “whoa is me” mentality. It seems most have a paranoid delusion. If you know you’re doing nothing wrong and not attracting attention, then you shouldn’t… Read more »

I don’t see any hope in my future,
How can I be thankful that I’m alive, if I’m not able to truly live?
I am grateful to be out of the cell, but pained to watch as so many celebrate.
My pursuit of happiness has been replaced with an ankle monitor,
and international Meagans Law will never let me escape this.

A –
THIS is the attitude that they want you to have. YOU CAN HAVE A LIFE! I had a monitor for 3 years, worked every day (no one at work knew!) Although I am off parole now for 2 years, when ON parole, I went to the movies, the beach, Dodger games, Samta Monica pier, parades. NONE of this was out of my 50 mile radius. DO NOT let them win!!! It took over 100 applicatons to get my first job, BUT I EVENTUALLY DID!! You will too! STOP THE PITY PARTY and get in the game!

every one of those things you’ve mentioned are now part of the conditions. Each one of those mentioned will land me in jail. and they just extended my parole from 3 to 5 years. no beach, no movies, no parks. just home, where I sit. this is it for another two years.

Ok A so you can not go to the beach, or a movie or a park without being in violation. There is still plenty that you can do. Just find it and do it. Don’t let them get the best of you.

2 years? BFD. Find a life without those things for two years. Boo-hoo. How many people wish their terminal cancer were for only two years?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Perhaps some clarification should be submitted. I was released in 2011 after a 10yr sentence at 85%. Upon release, I was given 61.00 gate money and boarded a bus to my county of conviction. 400 miles south of my family and support. within the first 5 months of my release, the hammer came down with parole. Zero tolerance and 25 mile radius. (It was the day after Diane Sawyer interviewed JayCee Dugard and was nationally aired). One minute late on curfew results in instant arrest. One month after the zero tolerance in parole went into effect, I was beaten in… Read more »

Wow A!!!!!! That totally blows; chuncks!!!! I haven’t experienced much of what you and other recent parolees are forced to endure and I feel for you bro. I also believe everything you say. It seems like “they” want you to fail and do everything they can to insure that you do fail and are as miserable as possible until you do fail. When I was convicted my attorney said “you van win by doing good.” This has been difficult for me since 06 and I have stopped trying but I think I’ll give it another try. I believe things will… Read more »

Hang in there, man. One day the clouds will clear for you. Just hang in there.

You have to lose that attitude, my friend, or they have succeeded in breaking your spirit. You must adopt an F ’em attitude and one day that stoopid ankle monitor will come off. In the meantime, just tell people you are beta testing the latest fitness monitor!

I am celebrating the day with several families, all with children. And yes, most of the parents know that I register and don’t care because they know me for me, not for my registration status. Don’t let the idiots win by causing you not really live your life!

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