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CA Sex Offender Management Board Considering New Tiered Registry Bill

The California Sex Offender Management Board (CASOMB), a state organization, has begun consideration of a new tiered registry bill that would allow some, but not all, registered citizens to end their requirement to register in either 10 or 20 years. The bill would also allow most registered citizens who have been registered for 30 years or more and have not committed a subsequent sex offense to stop registering in the year 2017.

According to CASOMB, the draft bill would increase public safety by allowing law enforcement to focus resources upon individuals who pose a current danger. Although the draft bill was discussed during the CASOMB meeting, copies of the draft bill have not yet been made available to the public.

“The state’s current requirement to register all sex offenders for life is inefficient, expensive and constitutes punishment,” stated CA RSOL President Janice Bellucci.

The new tiered registry bill is the product of a working group that includes representatives from several government organizations, including the offices of the Los Angeles District Attorney and the California Department of Justice. The draft bill was discussed during the September 18 meeting of CASOMB, however, a decision whether to support the draft bill was delayed until the CASOMB meeting on October 28.

“It is important that the State of California adopt a tiered registry bill,” stated Bellucci. “California is 1 of only 4 states in the nation that does not have a tiered registry The remaining 46 states have a tiered registry and know that their citizens are safe with such a registry.”

Registered citizens, family members and supporters are encouraged to attend the CA SOMB meeting on October 28 in order to state their support for a tiered registry. The meeting is open to the public and members of the public are allowed, but not required, to speak up to 3 minutes. The CASOMB meeting will be held at the Grand Hyatt hotel, 1 Market Place, Golden Hills AB Room, in San Diego, starting a 1 p.m.

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  1. NPS

    Some very good news, indeed. Though Rep. Ammiano did his best to get this passed during his tenure, it seems the rest of the state legislature was waiting for a non-partisan entity to step up and take lead so they can keep their precious voters. Regardless, this is definitely a step in the right direction. Hopefully some day we can see a complete end of 290 registration.

  2. Tired of hiding

    Still not good enough. One should do their time and be totally free. Each case should be looked at..just as they were supposedly done when we were we “caught”…judged…and a punishment put on us.

    Once that punishment period (time – probation) each individual should be examined again and if they are psychologically found to be “reformed” or determined to not be a threat…or and here is a BIGGIE – their crime was victim-less – then they should should be done.

    No multi-year BS probation which amounts to just years more supervision. It should be over period.

    • steve

      Yeah well that’s not the reality. The reality is the registration scheme is going to be FAR more difficult to get rid off than passing this tiered registry. ANY relief is welcomed.

      • Tired of hiding

        Well, I disagree totally with you. NONE of it is reality…all of it are laws made up by man and those can just as easily be changed with one stroke of a pen!

        So why not go for it all…I am not taking crumbs like a beggar when I deserve the whole cookie as much as anyone else!

        We have been second class citizens long enough!

        • steve

          While agree agree with you…it’s going to be a process….unfortunately.

        • Tim

          Tired of Hiding, I appreciate your comments, which some site as “negative”. They are part of what used to be called democratic discussion, one vote, one opinion, amongst equal citizens, whether I or someone else agrees or doesn’t agree with the point of view is besides the point. In this age of “likes” and “dislikes” and instant public surveys, which tend to shout out opposing viewpoints, it is still refreshing to have dissenting opinions. Indeed, all of us who question the RSO’s laws are considered dissenters against the majority. That doesn’t mean the majority is right.
          Keep your eyes on the prize, which I see it is to restore civil rights to all citizens who have completed their sentence and are law abiding citizens. Public opinion is at best a temporary reality. It can shift and change in an instant, so therefore not a good foundation for basing your convictions.

  3. Bluewall

    Sure… they still haven’t applied everything the Adam Walsh act wanted on the database… and its been forever ago… Not saying it might not happen… but I’m sure it’ll take at least a century..

  4. Jim

    This is goood news, how ever many of us on the registry are restricted to a 50 mile radius witch prohibits us from attending this meeting and would like to express our opinion!

    • Janice Bellucci

      To the best of my knowledge, the only registered citizens restricted to a radius of 50 miles are those on parole or probation.

      • Jim

        Janice you’re abolutely right, but those of us that are still on parole or probation probubly have two cent that we would like to have heard if we could attend this meeting!

        • Tim

          I suppose I could take a statement from someone who can’t physically go and read it before the board?

  5. mccartin

    Why not freedom from registry for all people clean from any other ‘sex’ crime after ten years?

  6. Roldan

    Thank God for God, Jesus Christ and for people like Janice Buluci and the management board whom are fighting against the injustices and can clearly see how it’s costing the taxpayers when taxpayers money can be used for better means like funding schools, colleges and law enforcent to concentrate on serial child molesters and rapist. Those who are on the registry can’t even get section 8 and that to me is some form of punishment and you’re not even advised of that when you initially apply for section 8 thus having wasted years to find out you don’t qualify leaving you all dumbfounded. Like the unjust THREE STRIKES LAW THIS REGISTRY 290 LAW IS ANOTHER UNJUST LAW SO THAT THE SYSTEM COULD KEEP THE TAXPAYER DOLLARS FILLING THE US CAPITALIST SYSTEM POCKETS. But because the change is strange and the money is funny {less taxpayer dollars flowing into the system}and the good Lord bringing about JUSTICE UPON THE GREEDY WHO OPPRESS THE POOR AND IMPOSE UNJUST LAWS TO FILL THEIR POCKETS AND THIS JIHAD COMING AGAINST THEM HOPEFULLY THEY WILL MAKE THEIR WRONGS RIGHT! And that they and everyone will turn to the Lord and live a RIGHTEOUS LIFE.

    • Roldan

      A law that is in place that has been under the radar to the public in CA is the “SEXUAL VIOLENT PREDATOR’S ACT OF CALIFORNIA” (SVPAC) since 1996, is suppose to either clear an alleged violent sexual predator or refer him/her to the county district attorney by two State psychologists that evaluated the alleged sexual predator showing probable cause for commitment for treatment thus not allowing the alleged sexual predator not be released on parole and back into society. But if cleared and it is determined by two State psychologist that the alleged sexual predator doesn’t have a likelihood to reoffend and an ongoing mental deviant sexual disorder the alleged sexual predator will be released on parole back into society-So if it was determined that the alleged sexual offender doesn’t have an ongoing deviant sexual mental disorder and not likely to reoffend then that should be what the State, Law Enforcement, the Parole Dept. and the State Legislature ought to respect instead continuing to hold the past against the person who has just been cleared by two State psychologist under the ” SEXUAL VIOLENT PREDATORS ACT of CALIFORNIA” and punish him/her with residency restriction laws, curfew laws, housing laws, traveling restriction laws having to wear a monitor on his/her leg and forever laws; etc. Even if his/her current conviction offence is not a sex offence. To me there’s an UNJUST APPLICATION of the 290 Registration law, especially when one has not reoffended in over 20,30,40 years or more and has established a family with children, an independent business and no run ins with law enforcement for serious crimes. All comments will be appreciated.

  7. Roldan


  8. freedomwriter

    “The remaining 46 states have a tiered registry and know that their citizens are safe with such a registry.”

    The joke is these lists don’t help public safety, tiered or not. The Joke is John Walsh met his wife when she was underage. From his own dang book…”There is a picture of Reve in the paper, John, and she’s 16 years old.’ But you know, she had this way about her. She had a certain presence. And after awhile I just got over how young she was. She was way more sophisticated than anybody in her high school and she always dated older guys.”

    His law doesn’t care about anyone else though. He should be on the list like everyone else!

    The joke is the guys signing these laws like Arnold Schwarzenegger and G.W. Bush also had relations with underage women.

    The joke is we put teens in prison for consensual acts then label them when they get out.

  9. Bruce Ferrell

    I know this is a draft bill, but is anything on it available on the legislative site?

      • George

        Thanks for posting that.

        If I’m reading it right, there is a list of violent or serious felonies that will limit the relief. The list is here:

        Thankfully, I’m not on that list. I must join the chorus celebrating Janice’s efforts and thank ___ ____ for standing with her. It took some courage and heart to break the police state momentum that seemed like it was never going to slow down. All we can do now is wait and see what they decide.

        • steve

          No the only people that will not be able to get off the list are people who score a 6 or higher on the Static 99 or: Sexually Violent Predators; kidnappers;
          offenders with repeat violent sex
          offenses; high-risk** sex offenders

          If you have had previous convictions of anything prior to your sex offense that would be cause of concern as that greatly affects your static 99 score.

        • Joe

          Question about the Static-99: can that be run at anytime? Is there a time limit when that is no longer valid? It looks like the biggest swing factor is Age at Release / Conviction (if no incarceration).

          If you were convicted at age 20 and now you are 60, 70, 80 – how is that factored in? That is quite different than if you were convicted at age 20 and now you are age 21.

          I looked at all manuals and guides and see nothing about that. Did I miss it?

        • Austin

          Something of concern to me is this – my offense is a misdemeanor – placing me in the lowest tier (register for 10 years) yet at the same time my staticc-99 score was 6 placing me in the highest tier (register for life). How will this be reconciled because as it reads now the proposal suggests that ALL misdemeanor offenses are to be placed in the lowest tier?

        • steve

          Austin are you considered high risk currently? You must have prior convictions which is making your score a 6. I would try to get your previous convictions expunged.

        • George

          Agreed, there are limits, but even then according to the FAQ the Static 99 applies to those who were convited 10 years or less ago.

          Q12: Who is eligible to be assessed with the Static-99R or JSORRAT-II?
          A: The Coding Rules (scoring guidelines) for the risk instruments define which sex offenders are eligible to be scored. Not all sex offenders are eligible to be scored on these tools. Generally, the Static-99R is used to score offenders age 18 and over, but certain offenses do not qualify for scoring, and offenders who have been offense-free in the community for over 10 years may not qualify for scoring. The JSORRAT-II is used to assess juvenile sex offenders if they are under 18 at the time of the risk assessment.

        • steve

          I am assuming they will have to score everyone whether it’s longer than 10 years ago or not. My offense was almost 18 years ago and I never had one.

        • George

          Another link.

          The STATIC-99 is not applicable to offenders who have had more than 10 years at liberty in the community without a sexual offense before they were arrested for their current nonsex-offense, if they have not committed a new serious or violent offense of any kind after release in the community for 10 years.

        • Steve

          ….”for their current offense” it seems to me they are talking about someone who has committed a new crime you can’t use static 99.
          Still, they way I interpret this for mysf is I can be scored even though
          It’s been longer than 10 years as I don’t have a new charge or conviction.

  10. Avig

    Well: it is not perfect but it is so much better than what we have currently. The CASOMB has studied the issue carefully and come up with something that ought to work and ought to become law without delay. Who knew that a government agency could come up with good ideas and solutions? I have no doubt that additional fixes to the laws will be needed but for now, lets just take what we can get and be thankful for the improvements.

  11. USA

    I think this is wonderful news! I’m now 19 years into registering/expunged/summary probation and truly appreciative that a state like California now has prosecutors and board members beginning to see daylight at the end of the tunnel. I personally have lived a law abiding life and recommend people focusing upon the great news, rather on their personal issues! The passage of this law is amazing! Stop the negative comments! Furthermore, take the time to donate to this cause and also take the time to realize how California might be without Janice!?

    • JBCal


      I agree, this is great news. The holdups are the politicians and political appointed judges. Having any Law Enforcement pushing toward tiered registry relief is huge. (Misguided public opinion is a whole different topic.)

      I also agree, stop with all the negative comments. I’m attacked for wondering the details on how NPS can get relief after only 4 years of registration because he got a 17b? Good job, but big deal so did I and a dismissal and 20 years law abiding on a Hofsheier offense. I’m one of the few who will likely get relief after the Supreme court decision in the spring. I hope NPS does as well. I still strongly believe ALL offense free registrants here deserve the same break. I am being positive.

      EVERY registrant who is NOT a threat should get RELIEF. Period.

  12. A

    I am currently on parole, to answer the question above, I am on a 25 mile radius from my place of residence. However, since I live 4 miles from the county line, I can actually only travel 25 miles in one half circle direction. Hope this helps

  13. Justfortoday

    I am so grateful that this is even an option that is being considered. I am, as always, going to stay optimistic without setting any expectations. I will keep the hopeful prospect of a tiered system in my prayers.

    No matter what happens, I know I will be ok. We will ALL be ok. I truly believe it. It is all in our attitude and awareness of gratitude. Being a sex offender does not define me. I get to decide what I think of my crime, not what society feels they believe it to be based on fear and ignorance.

    I get off parole in a year and would love to move in with my boyfriend. Hopefully, one day, I can decide not only what I think of me, but I can decide where to live too. 🙂

    God bless!

  14. Jesse

    I am a sex offender and have been off parole for 15 years and never violated or did any other crime I was scared into a plea in that I was told I would get probation and all I had to do was sign a paper saying i was guilty of lewd and lascivious act on a child of 14 or younger I was told i had to go to prison on a z number where psych would evaluate me and as long as I was not a threat to society i would be placed on probation I knew nothing about law and my Public pretender I mean defender told me I better accept it because children are always believed and if I was convicted I could see up to 30 Years in prison So of course since I have no support network ie. family because the state of california took me from my family when I was 5 years old and place me in Camarillo state hospital and Devorough home for boys and Ahern ranch where I was molested repeatedly at a young age and all this was on the record so I of course had no possibility of proving my innocense I took the plea . After I finished my 90 day diagnosti of course CDC of course stated I was a great danger at the time and the judge sentance me to 3 years which I served every day and I was a model inmate as i was i model citizen befor and after release I was told I could appeal it after 2 years 10 months in prison but I was almost done with my time so I did not appeal for the same reason fear of more time . Befor I went in I was making a living in the cannaries I worked hard was about to be married and had a child of my own . Since this my fiance when I got out not because she wanted to but because she was threatened by her boss that if she remained with me she would loose her job/ Career I was kicked out of my house appartment and now every where I go in Fresno the apartment have Have you ever been convicted of a crime if I tell them no Im liable if I tell them yes I dont get in. wich now I am disabled on ssdi $740 a month with cancer, homeless, have and I am a good guy the places that dont ask for the info are run down cockroaches infested places or room and boards that dont provide food like rays place . I want to work but no one would hire me because of registry and age on top of disabillity. I am truly contemplating suicide because nothing is as bad as these last 15 years prison was even easyer than what I suffer now. If any one is fresno is not on Parole and in my sittuation or similar and has info on a residenc that can help me I am a honest person looking for a place to stay that i can afford food rent and ellectricity etc plz leave me a message here or contact me at my google voice at (559) 549-7259

  15. barbara

    CA law says that if you have been convicted in another state of an offense that falls under the PC290 registrant section and now live in CA, you must register–even if the state where the offense occurred no longer requires you to register. The Tiered Approach is long overdue in CA but to my knowledge does not address people whose offenses were in another state. Will they still remain on the registry and website for a lifetime?

  16. Bam

    I am the opposite of What Barbara is saying. I live in Florida and I am a tier one registrant. The State of Florida is saying that as long as California wants me on the registry, I will be on there. Im trying to find out will there be any recourse for those of us who have moved out of California and have to register in another state. What I am trying to say is, will the tier system help California registrants who have moved out of State at all. The State of Florida is saying that I have to prove that the law has changed in a major way to let me off of the registry for my California wobbler case.

  17. Tim

    I know, this is unworkable, but what the heck. A better system would be one based on repeat offenses: 1 offense, registration during probation or parole, 2 offense, tier 3, 3 offices, tier 2, etc. Of couse, with 3 felony convictions, your going to be in prison for life, anyway. Misdemeanors, no registration. Wasn’t Megans Law intended for serious repeat offenders?

  18. AA

    I believed in second chances. God is watching and listening weather you believe or not, he knows your pain and suffering. Miracles really do come true just believed…Pray for the Politicians, political judges and people that are persecuting you. Pray for Janice Bellucci and her team to give them the strength to fight for what is right and fair justice.I am thankful for this tiered approach at least its a start. Stay positive..

    I will be praying for all of you. God Bless.

  19. GRR

    Did anyone attend and/or know how the meeting went yesterday?

  20. SC

    I attended the CASOMB meeting on 10/28/2014. The Tiered registry item had previously been moved to the November meeting. To me, this was the major take-away from the meeting: People v Mosley and In Re Taylor will be argued on the same day, December 2, in Los Angeles. The decision is normally issued 90 days later, unless the court gives themselves an extension.

  21. Pedro

    anyone know the October 28th final ruling for the tiered registry? I’ve been on this retro-active roll-a-coaster thing for 33 years. it would be great!!!

  22. KLK

    I drove 200 miles to this meeting on the 28th of October and it was a complete waste of time and gas. I got to the meeting 10 minutes late, it was in progress when I walked in. When I asked how to sign up for making a public comment on the tiered registry system at the end of a question and answer period, I was informed that “tiered registry was not going to be discussed at this meeting” and “public comments are not welcome”. I was the person who created a little disturbance at approximately 2 PM. If you were there, you would remember me- hair a bit long, I yelled at the “chairman” of this BS meeting. I didn’t swear, and I stayed polite, although perhaps a bit loud, everyone in the room knew that I am an angry person.

    I am so sick of this “sex offender” list. I said a few inappropriate things over a telephone line to someone younger than 18, someone who said equally inappropriate things back to me too… and it was over 14 years ago. I am not a rapist or pedophile. It was a misdemeanor, and I never even put eyes on the “victim”. That is as close to a “sex offense” as I have ever done. However, any time I apply for a job, my name comes up on the list of sex offenders. I’ve tried to get a “certificate of rehabilitation” but I can’t get my “sex offense” case expunged, but I got a reckless driving conviotion while on probation. So the whole process of getting a certificate of rehabilitation is not an option. I’ve wasted time and money on attorneys, I’ve done what I can do. I am just about out of hope that things will ever get any better. I need to work. This system of ruining lives has GOT TO END AND END SOON. Some sick people probably need to be on the megan’s law list, but definitely not people who urinate in public or whatever minor little thing can be construed as having something remotely to do with sex or public exposure.

    I am angry, depressed, broke, and would really like to know when I can start to live free in this so-called “land of the free”.

    • MM

      KLK … really?? I am usually very respectful, polite and for the most part quiet. However … YOU sound as if you are the only one going through what you are going through!! YOU ARE ANGRY? We are ALL angry! You are sick and tired?! NEWS FLASH … WE are all sick and tired of this “sex offender list”! I am the wife (together for four years) of a registrant that had an offence at the age of 19 … Back in 1987. YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT SICK AND TIRED?!

      You thought the drive was a waste of time? I am sad for you! When was the LAST TIME you were in a room when EVERYONE knew your past … YET were ACCEPTED 100%? When?

      The system that ruins lives must end, NO SHIT! You need work? So do many others … Yet, you sound as if you are alone in this nightmare. You must be new to the group!

      I have NEVER in the four years I have fallen in love with a registrant, been to the meetings … Sued the city we live in (in Orange County) … Been so upset with a post!!!

      WAKE UP … WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER … thank you, Frank.

    • Tired of hiding

      I agree with you 110 percent! We only have one life to live on this earth and we deserve to have it back after we have paid the so called “debt to society”! I am as pissed as you and I agree that too many are complacent and just take getting f^cked over and over and over!

      I am sick of it also. I don’t think “traditional methods” are working or will work. We need to think out side the box because the cards are stacked against us and the game is rigged so we can not and will not be allowed to win.

      So what we gonna do? Got any ideas? Honestly I am about to ready to sneak across the boarder to escape this BS. I am looking into countries that I can seek political asylum in because of this inhuman lifetime torment…I have NO PROBLEM giving up my US citizenship.

      I actually HATE this country because of what it has become.

      • JBCal


        Canada has a process where if your offense is over 10 years old and you can show you are rehabilitated, you can gain residency and a path to citizenship. (The offense can not be over a 10 year penalty under Canadian law I believe.)

        The Canadian Immigration website has a detailed web site on all the details and requirements and appears the best option for an alternate country jurisdiction.

        Remember too that R. Carl Hansen, the “top psych expert in the world’ on sex offenses and quoted/instrumental in the CASOMB report to allow relief, is Canadian and has a big influence on reforming RSO laws there.

        Just from what little I know on the topic.

        • Tired of hiding

          Thank you very much for this information. I would have never thought that Canada would ever “forgive” such a crime when from what I have heard they are very picky about who they let in and a DUI can get your denied.

          I will certainly check into this. Any other recommendations?

      • JBCal


        Canada is “picky” and I was equally surprised, but it seems they have a very well developed approval process. On this site in a thread is an RSO traveler who has recently been to Canada and not been refused entry.

        Also, there is that one recent case of the women offender given political asylum for a Florida sex offense (facing 30 yrs). The Canadian details and guidelines are very clear as listed on the site. They apparently have “due process” and some rationality. (My offense isn’t even an offense in Canada.)

        I don’t know of any other country where this is a possibility and with Homeland sending notices, none likely. Fortunately, you wouldn’t need to “fly” internationally to Canada anyway and once in Canada, you may be able to travel from there (not over or connecting to USA airspace/ports), notice free. Maybe.

        Good luck.

        • David Kennerly

          We have heard many reports of land crossings into Canada being very thoroughly intrusive and on-par with the level of scrutiny experienced at airport ports of entry. I don’t think that such entry attempts into Canada are any more likely to result in entry. However, in the case of the woman seeking asylum (although I was thinking that it was a case where it was both parents as well as their young adult son seeking asylum) who, upon request by Canadian officials for identification, immediately invoked Canada’s asylum laws. This may confer something of an advantage to the land-crossing over the airport entry. It certainly keeps the U.S. authorities from having advance knowledge of any attempt to flee the U.S.

  23. KLK

    MM – Really???

    Obviously, you were not at the meeting!

    “When was the LAST TIME you were in a room when EVERYONE knew your past … YET were ACCEPTED 100%? When?”
    LOL- Where the hell did you get THAT idea??? At this meeting nobody knew my past. I walked in and sat down, nobody ran a background check to let them know that I did or did NOT commit a sex offense. This was a meeting of high ranking probation officers, probably some district attorneys, mental health experts, probably some private attorneys, high ranking cops too. It didn’t look or sound like any members of the public were there. It was not what I expected from reading the first post of this thread. I asked, during the first question and answer period, “Where should I sign up to give my public comment on the tiered registry system?” and “Is there a list?”. When the chairman spoke to me with rudeness and contempt in his voice, I got a little bit perturbed. He did not sound 100% accepting at all.

    “I am usually very respectful, polite and for the most part quiet.”
    Me too, but when spoken to disrespectfully things change fast. I’d like to point out that you were not respectful to me or my post. Yelling (all caps) “WAKE UP” “NO SHIT! & “NEWS FLASH” etc in a direct response to me isn’t very respectful at all.

    Although “public comment” was not welccome at this meeting, I believe that those present heard from me what they needed to hear.

    Go ahead and be upset with my post, I don’t really care. You weren’t at this meeting so you don’t have any idea of how it actually went down.

    Have a good day.
    A fellow OC resident.

  24. Clark

    Give me a break…’considering’…….how bout that orange county consider providing a fair trial ..?….how bout consider checks &balances of democracy allowed to work in orange county ..?…..Before ‘considering’ conditions of control/double jeopardy bout correcting record so its accurate before sentence..?…because your not protecting the’re protecting corrupt court personnel.

  25. KK

    Well, to get this thread back on track: Has anyone heard anything more about California adopting a tiered registry? Janice? Anyone?

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