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NJ: Megan’s Law 20 years later: Pros and cons of sex offender rules still debated

Two decades after a convicted sex offender lured a 7-year-old named Megan into his house with the promise of seeing a new puppy, then killed her, the law that bears her name remains broadly popular, but gets mixed reviews. Full Article

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    I wonder if a child of RC is killed due to these laws, will any kind of law be made in the name of that child?

    • td777

      Considering there have already been children who have committed suicide as a result of harassment from classmates over having an RSO parent, there already should be something, but I’m afraid just like when a wife of an RSO was killed, it will be largely ignored. Those who are perpetrating the hype and hysteria have made it clear that family members of RSO’s do not matter any more to them than the RSO’s.

      • Tired of hiding

        You are correct. Just as in any war acceptable collateral damage I am afraid. The sacrifice of a few for the good of the many. Those deaths are irrelevant to the government and sadly to most people when it involves sex offenders!

        • Pat

          “Parents for VICTIMS of Megan’s Law” is on the way… there are many , many more VICTIMS of Megan’s Law than there are of sex offenders!
          Time to hold Law makers responsible for the VICTIMS they create!

        • Timmr

          You’re correct. When this country can send a targeted drone to shred the bodies of people celebrating a wedding, because they believe it may be a terrorist gathering, the family and friends of registrants don’t even appear on the radar.

        • Lance Mitaro

          Don’t confuse the legislative intent of Megan’s law with a “war” to protect children. It’s not. A war implies that there will be an intended victor or winner, with the registry, there are ZERO winners. Children are still being groomed and exploited by individuals not on the registry, and worrywart mothers actually believe the “knowledge is power” BS the lawmakers feed them. It’s a false win win for everyone.

        • Timmr

          War, crusades, police actions and all conflicts in which the guilty and the innocent are maimed or killed together, which is all of them, what good have they accomplised? What recent wars have actually done what they promised? Declaring a war gives one license to justify taking casualties. At any other time harming innocents is criminal. In this way it is a war on people previously convicted of sex crimes and their families are caught in the crossfire. This country needs to stop making wars and start restoring peace, or we are going to end up like Nazi Germany.

        • Fran

          It saddens me that none of you are putting into consideration the pain and agony these little babies go through when being raped and sometimes killed by grown men or women. What do you think the parents of these babies that could not defend themselves go through? Their lives are never the same, some parents commit suicide, marriages and families are torn apart because they are unable to cope with the situation and you are here saying the government does not care? The government is trying to find a solution, try to be part of the solution by suggesting positive ideas instead of being so negative and not considering the first victims. A child rapist is worst than murderer. Think about this, because it could be your sister, little brother or your child one day.

        • NPS

          Fran, if little babies are being raped, as you claim, then the police need to look no further than the victim’s family. Chances are, it’s the baby’s own parent, sibling, aunt/uncle, grandparent, etc. If the child is older, they’re abused by someone in their social circle. Heck, it could be another “child” as most teens engage in sex.

          If you’re talking about the rare occasion of a stranger danger offense, I will still question the parents’ lack of proper supervision a la Revé Walsh.

          So enough of this…what do the parents go through diatribe. You’re just looking for someone else to blame. It’s not the registered citizen (RC) committing these crimes. RCs have already been adjudicated (whether rightfully or unjustly) and have paid their debts to society. Justice is not about the victim. It’s about due process and 14th amendment rights.

        • R M

          Fran, so you’re saying you’d rather have your child murdered than raped? The occurrence of any sex crime is saddening but the present laws made by the government and fear mongering parents DO NOT WORK. In fact, they are creating more victims by focusing on people who have committed a sex crime and 90% of them will never do it again (very low recidivism rate compared to other crimes). The ones who HAVEN’T committed an offense are the ones to watch out for. Better yet, create reasonable laws instead of continually increasing the offenses that land people on the registry. Mind you, the occurrence of sex crimes hasn’t gone up, it’s just more and more stupid laws creating “sex offenders”. And btw, you and your children have a better chance of becoming a sex offender than of being a victim of a sex offense. Do your homework and use facts instead of emotions.

  2. ab

    Maybe I am just too darn observant, but for a law that is supposed to make communities safer and prevent sex offenses it is doing a terrible job. I challenge anyone to come up with a singular pro that isn’t outweighed by a singular con in Megan’s law.

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