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Operation Boo

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) is implementing the 20th Annual “Operation Boo.” Operation Boo helps protect children from sexual predators during Halloween and its new educational component helps parents and teachers show kids how to stay away from potential sexual predators year round. Full Article

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This may sound funny but many years ago when my children were small we would go trick-er-treating with a friend of mine that was an LA police officer living in Costa Mesa. Being a registered sex offender hanging with a decorated cop from LA on Halloween with our kids…Talking about humor people!

“During the curfew, sex offender parolees can only open the door to respond to law enforcement, such as parole agents who are patrolling their caseload to ensure compliance.”

Seriously…what about pizza delivery? So they can’t open the door for food delivery? Really?

How will they know if it’s a trick or treater in a police costume? Who can tell?

“The California Department of Corrections. . . . . . . oh, AND Rehabilitation.” Almost forgot that was in there. They should probably just remove that seeing bad their antics have NOTHING to do with rehabilitation. Question, does this mean that they will perform checks on everyone, even those that aren’t on Parole/Probation? Could I politely offer them candy to give to their children when come and knock on my door? Hell, maybe I’ll dress up like a concentration camp prisoner with a number burned into my arm and answer the door to them……and cross costume with the Scarlet Letters!… Read more »

No, our previous Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger okay-ed the spending of twelve million dollars to allow CDC to changed their name to include R for Rehabilitation. When i was in prison, i remember having my “Arts in Corrections” taken from me right after that happened, due to “budget cuts”. Yeah, sure. It was also at the same time that the prison system shut off our phones and cut off our mail both ways to keep us from telling anyone on the outside that we lost water to the prison for more than two weeks. People were dying about 2-3 per a… Read more »

I am still waiting to hear of a child becoming a sex crime victim on Halloween night. Haven’t read any stories of this ever happening. Fear mongering at it’s best.

On Novermber 2 (Sunday, Halloween is on a Friday and some trick or treaters may go out the next day), I will do my first annual review on child injuries from car accidents while trick or treating, compiled from around the country. There is ALWAYS at least ONE death and several hospitalizations from car accidents.

And I bet some of the drivers are drunk. Funny how drunk drivers kill, maim, and destroy the lives of so many children every year in this country. But, the politicians go light on them…because the majority of them have drunk driving convictions of their own.

$ Gotta $ keep $ the$ lie $ alive; $ For$ obvious $ reasons$

Just to clarify, Operation Boo curfew and non-engagement requirements are directed ONLY for those under court supervision, either parole or probation. Operation Boo does NOT apply to registrants not under court supervision, except in cities that have Halloween restrictions for everyone such as Simi Valley and Orange.

Tulare countries you can hang decoration before I believe 6 pm Halloween night but not after 6.

… and Cypress. Ugh.

Do you know is sacramento has those restrictions?

If your not still on paper, there are no restrictions. If you are, you need to ask your PO.

Thank God for our government shepherds. The sheep are being cared for. No longer will Halloween be so scary for our children. No longer will parents need to accompany their children. The only minor inconveniences which remain will be razor blades, poison, bullies stealing their candy, reckless drivers and etc. Hallelujah!

The coordination of the media coverage of this operation should make the true intent of this activity painfully obvious. Just like watching wild animals on Safari on the Serengeti…. but a h3ll of a lot cheaper. Aren’t we all about the cheap thrills? Official Media Ride-along forms are required to be submitted on a first come, first served basis for journalists who wish to be embedded with the crews on Halloween night. The tours will be designed to include the Transient Sex-Offender Curfew Sites (where available) or transient sex-offender GPS tracking compliance checks. The tour will also include traditional compliance… Read more »

And don’t forget your camera!

What better night to exploit the “sex offender = bogyman” myth than Halloween!

This holiday was just made for this sort of hysteria and hype. Keeps it alive in the minds of voters which is what the politicians all want! Give the illusion that they are being “tough on crime” and in the meantime quite a few of these little darlings will be out doing more tricking than treating and causing property damage but hey…reality is not what matter in America.


The operation should really be called “Operation Overtime Pay” for the cost of sending countless officers from myriad departments and agencies into the “field” all night for this snipe hunt.

Why aren’t we petitioning the CDCR to remove the inaccuracies and stereotypes portrayed in this program? We shouldn’t let the government run a media propaganda campaign with our money.

Here’s an idea:

Someone, anyone on the registry. Do something to make actual ghosts and demons hang outside your house all Halloween night. That will give law enforcement, trick or treaters, and the media something to talk about. Plus it might scare everyone off the street, but hey they are ghosts and demons it’s to be expected.

Ghost buster comes to mind

I, as I’m sure many other probationers have, received a letter from my county probation department directing me to: stay indoors from 5pm til midnight: place a sign on my front door reading “No candy at this house”: leave all the outside lights off: Have no decorations: not participate in any community events related to Halloween. What bothers me is that a probation department can decide to, in effect, confine me to my home whenever the mood strikes them without a judge’s order. This amounts to defacto incarceration as far as I’m concerned. If they can order me to stay… Read more »

Unfortunately, that is within the power of probation. They can impose stricter rules on you within legal limits, but at the same time, they CAN lighten limits as well. The bad part is that Probation has mutated from what it once was: A department to guide a newly released ex convicts back into society. Now it’s just the next line of offense to try and send you back to jail. The restrictions are general, ambiguous, and slanted heavily against you. These rules aren’t designed to keep one from becoming rehabilitated, they are tailored to ensnare you. Why? Because of money.… Read more »

My advice:

Leave your house dark, but don’t sit around all night. Go have a nice long dinner with family, a significant other or others and/or friends. Then go see a movie you want to see. Make sure it’s a late showing starting between 9 and 11pm at the earliest. Oh and the more people you can meet up with for dinner the longer it will be. Also go to a theater that isn’t too close to home and get as many people in on seeing the movie too so its a shared group experience.


I would do that, but unfortunately the letter I received from the probation department directs me to stay in my home from 5pm til midnight – I can’t leave my home without risking a violation of probation, even though my offense was a misdemeanor, non-contact offense.

As I pointed out in my original post my complaint is that the probation department can place me under “house arrest” whenever the mood strikes them, without a judge’s order or approval.

And I am saying you should ask your probation officer about an alternative. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should have to stay at home if they have better things to do. Sure it’s Halloween, but not everyone celebrates Halloween and legitimately being out on Halloween doing something else not related to the tradition of that day should be no problem. Its not like you are going to a Halloween party or trick or treating. Just tell your probation officer that you would like to enjoy a dinner and movie with friends and/or family. Very few people will be… Read more »

Thanks ab! Good advice!

More chest beating and using this class of disenfranchised citizens for window dressing. All the time, the children of registrants hang their heads in shame and trying to figure out exactly which lawmakers and gloating public officials have their best interest in mind…

Let’s no forget that there are a million children effected by the registry, they are the ones who have a loved one on this list.
OPERATION BOO, sends this “family activity” home with their students. These children could very well be destroyed over this, knowing that the person they love, are viewed as the MONSTER everyone else hates.

Let’s see…so this and other restriction against people who have made a mistake in their past and paid for it already (and some who are fully innocent as well) have children who are being hurt over and over and over by having a parent being punished for life! So..rather than helping children as claimed…these restrictions and public shaming hurt countless children and entire families! It seems to me, that common sense would say that if one has done the time and cleared of being a threat to others that they should be FREE! What a wild concept right…pay your debt… Read more »

More like Operation Booooondoggle.

Donuts and overtime included…

I think that no parent should let their child go “trick or treating”, and here is the reason why: All parents can go on the Megan’s Law website to see where these “monsters” live. So, they could tell their kids to avoid those places. Then, there are all these soon to be “Monsters” who just have not made the list yet. Chances are, your kid will encounter those future “Monsters” on their annual candy search at Halloween. Heck, it might be the nice next door neighbor, the teacher you thought was so great, or even your own brother, uncle, aunt,… Read more »

I personally think this operation is a wonderful idea ! The economy isn’t doing that well and this operation will probably provide a substantial number of officers with overtime pay! In addition , since there has never bernard reported abduction/ or molestation by a sex offender during Halloween/shhhh don’t tell the public , this operation will create hysteria and hopefully allow some of these officers to pad their savings accounts for Christmas! Great idea. I love the comment about calling sex offenders predators/ grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. There are multiple convicts with serious misdemeanors that resulted in summary probation prowling/expunged multiple years ago… Read more »

I just read an article about this year’s Operation Boo, and it was talking about 5 arrests out of their 18 checks. So, let me get this right, they only visited 18 residences? What about the rest of the 10 thousands of sex offenders who are deemed dangerous to children? If they are not considered a threat on Halloween (for some reason this seems to be the most dangerous day for children), why would they be considered a threat on any other day? Shouldn’t Operation Boo target every sex offender, public or not since they are on the registry? What… Read more »

You miss the point….5 out of 18 is a 28% violation rate. They will use these numbers next year by saying that statistically greater than a quarter of all registered sex offenders are prone to violating the law. They are unscrupulous.

Don’t tread ~ I don’t agree with your logic. Per the sex offender hype, they should have checked on over 100,000 “ex” offenders if they really believe all on the List are a danger to kids. If they don’t check on them, they obviously are not deemed dangerous and should not be on any list. The “violations” were never mentioned, and they could have been anywhere from drinking alcohol, using the Internet, etc. Those are NOT new sex offenses and can not be calculated into “re-offending”. Everybody “violates” the law on a daily basis (drinks and drives, jay walks, opens… Read more »

So….not one Operation Boo parolee was arrested for a new sex offense…shocking.

so what im not understanding is whats stopping these people from leaving their houses 5 minutes after the check and going to a differnt county? i dare say all this is pointless.

@ Blake: There’s nothing stopping them from leaving their house 5 mins after the check… maybe conditions prohibit leaving their home, idk. One has to realize money is the driven source. Safety has taken a back seat in much of the USA. It has in many centuries… yes centuries… 100 years and more. This country is young, this country is biased, this country is ignorant. It’s also mostly followers (sheep). “I have my job, I have my house…. no one encroach into my domain” kinda people. They do not concern themselves with this planet. Hopefully, humans can migrate elsewhere. I… Read more »

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