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SPECIAL REPORT: Pair seeks repeal of sex-offender laws in California

A crusading civil rights attorney and a registered sex offender have partnered in a legal battle that has prompted dozens of California cities to repeal or revise what the pair believe are unconstitutional ordinances restricting the activities of sex offenders. Full Article

Same Article, different publication, same publisher:

Pasadena Star-News

San Bernardino Sun

Daily Bulletin


Question: How Exactly Was Sierra Madre’s Sex Offender Ordinance Put On Legal Hold?

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This info from the article should be repeated and re-posted: “Contrary to popular belief that sex offenders are “bogeymen” lurking in the shadows and preying on children while they’re at their most vulnerable, studies and statistics prove otherwise, they say. About 95 percent of sex crimes are committed by individuals who have never previously been convicted of a sex crime, and about 93 percent of sex offenses against children are committed in private locations by persons known to the victim, not by strangers, according to a report released this year by the California Sex Offender Management Board, a group composed… Read more »

Go ! Janice ! and Frank !

There are about 8000 sex offenses per year that result in convictions. About 100-120 of those are registered sex offenders. These statistics are consistent with similar statistics around the country and over many decades. The elected officials from Carson and from San Bernardino County support laws and procedures that are oppressive to sex offenders and exhaustive to local government to address the 100 sex offenders who commit new sex offenses. They have no interest in preventing the 7900 sex offenses committed by someone other than sex offenders. They are not interested in doing any research, they are not interested in… Read more »

You are totally correct! They have no interest in the truth, only in their own political careers! The founding fathers would be sickened to see what these politicians have done to this country and they might as well shred the Constitution and all it stands for! Yes, I am angry at them. I am sad for my country. What once stood as a symbol for freedom and individuality to the world has been systematically destroyed by those who have taken an oath to protect those freedoms. They are traders to this country and should be thrown out (not voted out)… Read more »

Using the logic, as set forth by members of the Carson City council, maybe city council members should be kept out of parks too.

It’s obvioul from the article below that the potential for abuse is there. How can we take the chance? It’s just too risky.

We must protect the children from these council fiends.–former-mayor–arrested-on-child-molestation-charges

Also, as I have said before, IF they are really concerned about “the children”, then why not have an ordinance that is taylored just to those offenders that target children? Why does the ordinance, as they do, have to include ANYone who has to register for ANY offense? Same with Jessica type laws. Why the residence restrictions on an RSO whose offense has naught to do with children? I’m not saying that such a narrow ordinance would then be right or constitutional, But if that is what they are saying (it’s to protect children), then that is the narrow type… Read more »

I disagree, though I can see your point. But the bottom line is that the judicial system dictates punishments and restrictions, and the legislative / executive branches can only create the statutes that dictate the punishments. If the legislators feel it’s that big of a problem, the solution is to create statutes that would dictate sentencing reflect such conditions (including your example of offense against children). The key is the constitutionality of restricting people after their sentence, and while they are free of the court system, must be maintained for All individuals, not based upon the specifics of their crime,… Read more »

Right. That is why, with the last paragraph, I tried to make it clear that that was NOT what I was for. Just that if the “protecting the children” thing was THIER argument, then any ordinance should reflect just that.

But as I said below, you have to hand it to these various council people. They don’t let the facts get in the way of their decision making.

Although the headline is a bit misleading. It should be; Pair seeks repeal of UNJUST sex offender laws in California.

Also, when speaking to these reporters i think Janice should say something like, “Some city councils just don’t let the FACTS get in the way of their decision making”.

Another thing I liked when I heard it from one Irvince city council member, when the OC DA was on the warpath trying to get cities to pass copies of the Orange County ordinance, was that “these ordinances were a solution looking for a problem”.

Why are all registrants “predators?” Is it because people are too stupid to realize that the majority of registrants do not act in a predatory manner?

And why does the number of registrants hang around the number 774,600? It’s been this way for years. It has to be well over 1 million by now.

Why is it these news reporters, police, counsel members and all other proponents of this lie never mention all the lives negatively impacted by these illegal laws? Or all the murdered people; murdered after they have paid their debt to society; do these lives count for nothing? Why do they not mention all the little children that are ostracized and sunned; treated as an untouchable? Do they count for nothing either? Good laws do not harm innocent people or destroy lives, as these laws do. These people are liars by omission and hypocrites of the worst variety. I hate their… Read more »

Thank you Janice and Frank. You two are indeed heroes in a sea of lesser men and women.

I’m personally amazed the article admitted “The Sex Offender Management Board’s report also found no evidence suggesting that sex-offender registries reduce the frequency of sex crimes.”

I think Janice has her next big target: San Bernardino county. Which is the largest county in the United States, and maybe the world by area. Going after cities and repealing ordinances and presence restrictions is great. Though in a county like San Bernardino where rules are in place at that level then its best to deal with the county and then follow up with the cities informing them of changed regulations and making sure they comply.

Bravo, to Janice and Frank as well as the reporter of this article. We can only hope that others like Janice will take up the fight in other states on our behalf. I’d love to see someone like Janice in Massachusetts!

Bravo, to Janice and Frank as well as the REPORTER of this article.
For what? Giving any idiot with an opinion a platform to be heard regardless of a lack of facts to support it.
Anyone reading this reporters article is only going to find confirmation for what they already believe to be true.

With all due respect, the author of the article was very even-handed and objective in his writing. He presented both sides of the argument, and allowed both sides their chance to make a case. He then left it up to the reader to form his/her own opinion. That is the job of a good writer. I wish more articles written about this subject were presented as objectively as this.

Great progress! It raises awareness which is so important.

But instead of fighting the technicalities of CA law (a loophole easily closed) I’d love to see the fight address the punitive nature of these ‘movement’ laws and end the fight once and for all.

CA could easily pass its own restrictions on movement like IL, IN, etc. Then all of this was time,’ money and talent wasted.

Cut to the heart of the matter : sue because these laws are punitive and an ex post facto violation. Not because state law trumps local.

The causes of action you have mentioned are included in the lawsuits that have been filed.

re. Jim Black, a retired San Bernardino police officer and former sheriff’s deputy who now coordinates the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s sex offender compliance program. – I wonder if the six figure income he pulls from knocking on people’s doors all day (on top of a police pension?) has any influence on his views? Let’s keep in mind that the bulk of this work consists of driving around, armed and with a partner, checking on people who are NOT accused of any criminal activity (administrative ‘crimes’ at the worst), snooping with neighbors, giving lectures on this and that, collecting… Read more »

That’s a fine example and just an iota of the funds that Californians are willing to cough up in this mobster type game of coercion to pay for protection in the unlikely chance that a registrant may re-offend. What would insurance cost, based on analytics, risk, and predictive modeling in the event your child might be harmed by a registrant? Probably a small fraction that we’re being bilked out of in this charade. Your premium would have to increase exponentially to cover the risk of harm being caused by a non-registrant or even by a law enforcement officer based on… Read more »

I received multiple thumbs down for my criticism of this reporters article which didn’t surprise me.
How desperate do you have to be accept any article that includes some kind words about sex offenders as good reporting?
When the reporter quotes someone like Mr Black (without any credentials or supporting evidence) to make broad generalizations like “they can’t be cured” than the reporter gets no respect from me.
To realize that he might be biased in justifying his position , as you have done, should have been included in the article.

Thank you for this information regarding Officer Black. He is making a lot of money for taking little or no risk. After all, registered citizens are not armed.

Well, I left that one out on purpose. I am sure you are aware that there are many many people in this state required to register for the rest of their lives because they committed a mere misdemeanor offense. With that they do not have their 2nd amendment rights restricted. I would imagine that pretty much all of the registrants that are not on the Megans Law public web site (about 1/3 or 30,000) are registering because of misdemeanor convictions. Such horror! That, of course, only speaks to these people’s 2nd amendment rights and is no comment on their propensity… Read more »

San Bernardino County is one of the few counties in California with a rising crime rate–both violent and property crimes. More people are having their stuff stolen and more people are victims of violence, but the Sheriff certainly has the RSO compliance thing down. Great job.

To put things in perspective: Last year there were about 8000 convictions in California regarding sex offenses and about 120 of those came from RSOs.

I imagine that given the panic over ebola San Bernardino is probably suiting up all their employees in gowns, gloves and hoods. You just cannot be too safe.

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