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Please supply your recent experiences with traveling abroad using the format below plus your comment / narrative. This is intended to collect experiences AT THE PORT OF ENTRY IN THE FOREIGN COUNTRYFall 2013 and later and being detained, denied or allowed in. NOT about re-entering the US and secondary inspection.

It is assumed that there were no issues before Fall 2013 / early 2014 and that there is always a secondary inspection in some form upon returning to the United States.

In the interest of organization please copy and paste the list and write your details between / over the ***.  Any comments should be in direct response to the country in question.

1. Destination Country: ***
1a.Does this country require a Visa?: *** yes / no ***
1b.If Visa required, was the application denied (reasons): *** yes / no (reasons) ***

2. Date of Travel: *** Fall 2013 or later ***

3. Issues: *** denied entry / detained / etc ***
3a.If denied, was there a reason given?: ***

4. Currently registered: *** yes / no ***
4a.If yes, on public web site: *** yes / no ***
4b.If no longer required to register, reason for termination: *** Expiration / Court Order / Other ***

5. Offense child related: *** yes / no  ***

6. Offense Level: *** Misdemeanor / Felony ***

7. Conviction expunged or dismissed: *** yes / no ***

8. State of registration (current or former): ***

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I have spoken with David and am ready to head up a group that can focus on Thailand restrictions. There will be other groups focusing on theit country of travel. If anyone feels they want on board , please speak up.

Thank you

1. Destination Country: The Netherlands, France
1a.Does this country require a Visa?: No
1b.If Visa required, was the application denied (reasons): N/A

2. Date of Travel: October 11-21, 2015

3a.If denied, was there a reason given?: n/a

4. Currently registered: Yes
4a.If yes, on public web site: No
4b.If no longer required to register, reason for termination: n/a

5. Offense child related: CP

6. Offense Level: Felony

7. Conviction expunged or dismissed: No

8. State of registration (current or former): CA

That’s good – and very welcome – news, Paul! Thank you for posting it.
Where did you fly into…Schipol?

Yes, flew into Schipol and flew out of Charles De Gaulle.

Same here. Flew into Shipol, no problems at all. Came back to the US and my fiance was put into secondary for questioning.

I am a RSO since march of 2010.I was on probation for 4 years. I got off probation September of 2014.During probation ,with a court order , I was able to travel to India twice via Bangkok and no issues except when coming back the usual harassment of two to three hours. During that time I also travel to India thru Dubai going and coming and no issues. In Oct 2014 I travel to Costa Rica with three other family members. I was stopped and guarded back and was sent right back to USA. Very frustrating and embarrassing. Then I went on a cruise from a port in Florida t on RCC and boarded the ship with no problem. Once the ship started cruising, I was called to security office and questioned big time. The cruise ship officers then said I was to stay away from all children area like game rooms. No problem and sailed ok to St. martins,St. Thomas and Cocoa Cay,Returned home with no problems and no problems when going thru immigration upon return.
In December 2015 I am going to Thailand with connection in Narita.
Am I going to have issues in Narita. I am not entering Japan bit just in transit.
Then to Thailand for 3 days and then to India.
Can someone help answer my question. I have been thru Bankgkok with a stayover twice brofre during my probation and as a RSO. WIll I have a problem this time.

After travelling to India, I will be going to several countries in Africa with 4 other people in December of 2015. Can I expect any trouble in Africa. I see very little information on Africa. Any information will be appreciated.

Hi PK,

What will happen, you will provide your travel information to the authorities. They will then send this data to the SMART office in Washington. They will send this data to the US branch of Interpol where they will issue a Green Notice against you saying that you intent to commit a crime in your destination country. So in this case the Green Notice will go out, and it will last for 5 years. Thai Police will receive this advanced warning of your trip and you will most likely be denied entry upon landing. The Green Notice will follow you around every time you travel across an international border for the next 5 years, so if you don’t get denied in Thailand, you can get denied into India, Japan, African countries, etc…

Sorry but this is going to happen. Please report back here what happens with your trip.

As planned I left USA to go to Bangkok and was stopped right as I exited the plane and was denied entry and sent right back to home. After this second experience once sent back from Costa Rica and now form Bangkok I now have cancelled my entire trip to Africa and India as well. My family is in India and I am stuck here alone for Christmas. What I don’t understand is I have been an RSO sing May of 2010 with the first four years on probation and no jail time at all. During probation due to health reason I was allowed by courts to go to India. I went three times and thru UK and France with stays there then India and also thru Bangkok the second time and had no issues. I had informed the authorities here before my travels just like I did now. Yet the previous ties I had no issues but this an issue. Can anyone answer or explain why before and not now. Also I am an Indian by birth although born in Africa. Does being a person from Indian origin makes a difference to go to India. After being sent back half way thru to India I have decided to cancel my trip and not even attempt India even though I was not denied entry in the past three times during the last five years.
Thanks for your responses.

The “Angel Watch” program seems to have come online sometimes toward the end of 2013. That’s about when stories started popping up of people who had been denied entry to various countries. I’m guess you had no issues prior to this because the program had not yet been implemented.

In reply to PK, the answer to your first question is that the U.S. has been able to influence other countries around the world to fall into lock-step with their restrictions on our international travel, and they have implemented a system whereby they could be sure to notify the immigration officials of these countries and have them comply.
As to your second question, India began tracking down and kicking out tourists with sex convictions after the big earthquake/tsunami that devastated Thailand, Malaysia, and even India’s coast. Apparently, sex offenders were using this disaster as a means to exploit homeless children.
I remember hearing the news after the tsunami how India was arresting prospective sex offenders and kicking them out. Frankly, I can’t blame them for doing so, unless the reports of sex exploiters were greatly exaggerated (though I tend to believe the reports) as a means to employ the U.S. plans. I remember telling my wife at the time that I expected this to really hurt those of us who are registrants, and I was correct, as now my wife and I are separated from each other because of these new restrictions.
The one possibility that you have is your Indian ancestry. If you have, or can get dual citizenship, or a separate Indian passport, then maybe you can return to India. That is just a guess. You will have to deal with India’s embassy here in the States.

I moved to the west coast of Mexico in Oct of 2013. Prior to moving I attempted to get a temporary resident visa where I disclosed my background and was denied politely but told that I could go on a tourist visa. That is good for 180 days. So I drove in with as much as I could carry and declared what I brought and paid the duty. During that time I developed a great life with many friends and was in a position to help some that were less fortunate than me. It was satisfying. In April of 15 I flew back to the states for some medical tests and upon my return was met at the plane and denied entry. It mattered to no one that my vehicle, all of my furniture and my fishing equipment which was substantial was left in Mexico.
I left thousands of dollars in Mexico. A month later I hired someone to drive my vehicle with as much as he could load and met me at the international bridge where I drove it across the border. I just had to walk away from all of my furniture which was a house full.
I hate living in the USA. I am in my 60’s with a limited fixed income and really have no place to live as the registry makes it almost impossible. I do not know how to determine if there are states where low level offenders are not on the public registry. How difficult is that to find out?
I would much rather return to Mexico but as of now that seems impossible.
Any help would be appreciated.

Take a look at the top, right-hand corner of this website. There are links to the laws of all 50 states. Depending on your conviction, how long ago, etc., you may not have to register in some states. For example, a few do not require registration after 10 years, 15 years, 25 years…it just depends on the conviction, and the time since conviction.

Good luck!

In California level 1 are NOT listed on the public registry website. However, that will have no effect at all on Mexico’s refusal to allow you into the country.

Sorry but there is no way around this or out of this trap.’

Trust me…I loath living in the United State of Hypocrisy as much as you do!

In CA, there is no such thing as a “Level One” offender. There are simply some convictions which are exempt from public disclosure on the website.

CA doesn’t tier; at least, not yet.

I should clarify that point. In the state that I took my plea in it is a level 1 classification. I am posted online there. Here in California I am not listed on the state website.

I therefore, used the term level 1 which is actually a standard on the Federal level.

Could you not have driven back into Mexico or walked across the border?
It seems that people are only being stopped when they fly into Mexico.
I live in Ga and recently moved here from SC so that I now only register once a year instead of 4 times and pay 150 dollars. I would suggest you consider moving to a small town in Southern Ga where wages are low and so is rent. My people are from Fitzgerald Ga. It would be cheap to live there. only 10 thousand people in town. Depending on how much your income is, you may be able to buy you a home. my email is if you want to correspond.

I currently live in NY and am going on a cruise that will be international for 1 day next weekend, I emailed my state a while back and they said they did not collect travel information. However now i am worried because NY is Non-Sorna Compliant. will I be arrested for failing to provide info 21 days prior to travel?

If your state does not have a 21 day requirement for notice of international travel then the 21 days does not apply to you. Keep in mind that much of SORNA is a “guideline” that the Federal government is shoving down the throats of states/territories/tribes and they say if they are not “substantially compliant” then that state/territory/tribe will lose some of its crime fighting funding. If HR515 passes then it is not clear to me how the 21 day requirement would be enforced since many states are not SORNA compliant — does anyone know?

Do you have any cases or information that would show this? I’ve emailed and called the smart office but have not received a reply as of yet

I’m also curious if this changes the current 21 day issues in non-SORNA states. The text of the resolution essentially amends the Adam Walsh Act of 2006 so my non-legal opinion would be status quo on that particular issue.

“If HR515 passes then it is not clear to me how the 21 day requirement would be enforced since many states are not SORNA compliant — does anyone know?”

I’m working on it but it is remarkably elusive information to obtain. The problem is, our lawmakers are being none too clear in their intentions or in distinguishing between SORNA-compliant and non-compliant states.

However, it seems quite clear that IML WILL result in ALL Registrants (child victims), regardless of state of registration, being screened for travel notifications by means of all electronic travel databases at the government’s disposal with any resultant “hits” triggering an onward notification to Interpol/foreign destination.

The question I have is if the Registrant, himself, is subject to the federal penalties for failing to provide 21 day advance notice if they are not resident in a non-SORNA state.

I think it is absolutely Congress’ expectation that we are subject to this penalty and is as clear (as Congress gets) in this Senate Amendment to IML:

I would love to hear others’ perspectives on this. Am I missing something? I may well be in which case I would like to know it.

I found the answer:
Section 6 of HR515 called “INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL” outlines requirements that SOs provide travel itineraries in the “Time and Manner” requirements prescribed by the U.S. Attorney General. Failure to provide the required information and engaging or attempting to engage in foreign travel can result in a fine and/or imprisonment of up to 10 years. The big question in my head is how the U.S. Attorney General will collect this information if local registering jurisdictions are not the ones collecting it? If HR515 passes I guess we need to wait for direction from the U.S. Attorney General’s office on this one. As for now there is no federal law requiring 21 day advance notice but the 21 day advance notice is just in the SORNA supplemental guidelines as something for SORNA-compliant jurisdictions to implement if they choose to implement it.

I suspect that they (the Feds) are going to assert that Registrants in non-SORNA states must contact the “SMART OFFICE” directly with their travel plans. That’s just my hunch.

But it isn’t really necessary, as we all now know. They have already crossed passports against a bunch of different criminal databases, including the federal sex offender database which, while it may not be, technically, a “registry”, is a comprehensive database of all of the states’ Registrants.

They are receiving all airline reservations, which include passport numbers, when an international flight and they have already fully implemented the means to be alerted before we even get on the plane.

But of course, if they are not able to force non-SORNA Registrants to provide advance notice, then they will be thwarted in their desire to charge us with a felony for failure to notify them.

By the way, I really doubt that most of Congress even realizes that foreign countries are already being notified of our travel. It’s not mentioned anywhere in the current law or referenced as a current practice.

Part of this law is, imo, an attempt to strengthen their claim to do what they are already doing.

“Part of this law is, imo, an attempt to strengthen their claim to do what they are already doing.” Yes! Without a law these agencies DO NOT have any authority for them to do anything, like what they are and have been doing. I know, I have worked 33 years for the Federal Government and I work closely around LE individuals and a common question was ask when seeking legal actions. ‘Where is the written authority”, or in other words, ‘where is the Congressional mandate?”

I am afraid vagueness in the law is a very effective tool in keeping registrants afraid and constantly on edge wondering what if anything we are doing wrong, who is watching us, and what is or isn’t illegal.
It is the very nature of the panopticon, that relic of prison theory from the early industrial revolution, in sum where the prisoner knows he is being watched, but does not know who is watching him. The constant doubt is supposed to keep the former offender honest. So goes the theory. But modern psychology shows this environment only creates anxiety and other mental disorders. Modern law enforcement continues to practice the dusty old utilitarian philosophies of the early 1800’s.

I think that each state would need to change their SORN law to include the 21 day requirement regardless whether it is AWA/ SORNA compliant. Since the feds don’t register people, only states or territories do, the feds cannot charge someone with a federal FTR charge unless they violate the state law of their residency. Even in cases like Nichols v. US currently being heard by the US Supreme Court where the guy has a fed charge and on fed parole, the jurisdiction for application of SORN/ sex registry falls to the state where he resides.
It seems this law would be like AWA where the law was signed into effect but it is up to each state to choose whether it changes state law to reflect the federal act.

The jurisdiction of Sex Offender Registration & Notification (SORN) may be a legal issue to challenge IML. The alerts and green notices sent by the US government are clearly Sex Offender Notifications to a foreign country which are not within the jurisdiction defined by current federal law (AWA/ SORNA).

DOJ has essentially expanded its jurisdiction for Sex Offender Notification to the entire world with these alerts and green notices to foreign countries vs. the limitations set forth in the current law to the 50 US states and its territories.

The 21 day notice procedures for international travel are already published in the Federal Register in 2010, updated in 2011. This is worth a read because the 2011 update includes public comments from jurisdictions, many of states objecting for the exact problems that we have today since DOJ implemented the alerts and green notices as policy.


Evan, How was the cruise? Any issues?

My cruise went well. I don’t think they are for me though . I will post a result post in a moment

1. Destination Country: Dominican Republic. Flew out of Boston to Miami International then to Dominican.
1a.Does this country require a Visa?: No
1b.If Visa required, was the application denied (reasons):
2. Date of Travel: March 2015

3. Issues: Denied entry up passing through immigration.
3a.If denied, was there a reason given?: Not really. They said the U.S sent them notification’s saying I should not be let in. My GF thought she overheard them say”rape” in Spanish so who knows what there telling them.

4. Currently registered: yes
4a.If yes, on public web site: yes
4b.If no longer required to register, reason for termination: *** Expiration / Court Order / Other ***

5. Offense child related: Sexual Abuse of a Minor

6. Offense Level: Misdemeanor, Class D.

7. Conviction expunged or dismissed: no

8. State of registration (current or former): Maine

Side note: I never notified Sorna or anyone of my departure Once the passport is scanned then it must send our an alert.

I am sorry that happened to you.

I think the alert is sent out once you board the plane. The destination country doesn’t usually need to get to the point of scanning the passport, since they already “know” you, and will be likely waiting for you at the gate.

1. Destination Country: Jamaica via a cruise
1a.Does this country require a Visa?: No
1b.If Visa required, was the application denied (reasons):
2. Date of Travel: Jan 2016

3. Issues: None, including none upon return
3a.If denied, was there a reason given?:

4. Currently registered: yes
4a.If yes, on public web site: no
4b.If no longer required to register, reason for termination: *** Expiration / Court Order / Other ***

5. Offense child related: Yes

6. Offense Level: Misdemeanor, Class A

7. Conviction expunged or dismissed: no

8. State of registration (current or former): New York

Note: traveled via birth certificate and license as closed loop cruises of the Caribbean allow

You are a Level 1 in NY for a Misdemeanor? I’m a Level 2 in NY with a Misdemeanor.
I’m not too clear if Interpool Green Notices are being issued for SO’s traveling on a cruise. If you had tried to fly-in, that would be a better indication as to whether they’re issuing notices for you with your Level 1.

I am a level 1 for a misdemeanor. I do not know about flight nor will i be finding out as i do not desire to fly anywhere, it mostly scares me but those are my results

Does the actual flying part scare you? Or is when you get accosted (practically arrested) while passing through US Immigration that scares you?

It isn’t so much the flying as it is the crashing that scares me.

I’ll take a bunch of government hacks over a sudden ground impact any day.

I just get home sick, i don’t really care for travel. The added bonus of the interrogation just makes it less off a desire

Anyone has any experience with Frankfurt Germany port of entry at all?

Also Bora bora and Maldives?

Several years ago I was okay going through Frankfurt. Not so sure what would happen now that Operation Angel Watch is operational.

Bora Bora and the Maldives sound like great places to live out your life under a palm tree (until they are swallowed up by the rising oceans :/).

Hi so, Frankfurt now has the Operation Angel Watch? When did this happen?

Can an RSO enter bora bora and Maldives?

I breezed through Frankfurt customs last May. They barely looked at my passport. I had notified my local police registration office three days before leaving (the requirement in my state). The good news is that once in Germany you can travel without customs inspection to any Schengen country, which extends from Scandinavia to Greece. No one back home will know where you have been. My destination was Greece, and I had consulted via email with an attorney in Athens, who wrote me regarding the sex offender’s list: “Such a list or equivalent of it doesn’t exist in Greece. More than that, the Greek authorities only receive notifications from Interpol for serious cases and regarding international warrants of arrest and not for previous convictions, which don’t interest the Greek authorities for tourists who enter the Greek territory.” I believe that’s true in most European countries.

Hey Bill,

do you think I would have any issue with traveling to (Munich) Germany? I possibly would be visiting Austria as well.

Lee, The Maldives Immigration system runs off of ICE here in the states.

Robert, what does that mean ICE? So it’s not good to go there then?

ICE = Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It’s what became of several federal agencies post 9/11, under the Homeland Security umbrella.

Lee, its not a go to the Maldives. Their Immigration system is off of the US Immigration system. So when your passport is scanned in the Maldives they will know all about you right then and there and you will be denied entry. It is the same with Japan. When they scan your passport there they will also know about you since they too run of of ICE,FBI, and NCIC database. Even Singapore now scans your fingerprints and face. But i dont think they are hooked up with ICE and FBI computer database

fwiw, I just entered Singapore recently (April), and they did no fingerprint or facial scan

Dear Tuna:

Are you registered? As with Bali mentioned below…I would have assumed that Sigapore was off limits also.

Thanks in advance (if Singapore and Bali are open to RSO’s…as I am, then my thinking on this might be all wrong…though I didn’t have that much trouble traveling everywhere in 2014 either)

Best Wishes, James

Sorry for the tardy reply.

I am not registered although I do have a qualifying conviction under IML.

my comment was more directed to the claim that Singapore does fingerprinting and favial scans.

Robert, thank you for the info, but how do you know if Maldives setup with ICE? It’d be helpful to know this.

Lee. I read their Immigration statutes. I also wondered if i could enter the Maldives being a RSO. But back in February I did enter Indonesia on Bali with no problem

Glad to hear you got into Bali (and thus, Indonesia). I have not been there in nearly a decade and rather assumed that they would be closed to us by now. I hope you got out of the greater Denpasar/Kuta Beach tourist-trap area 🙂

As a reminder to anyone with a foreign travel attempt, successful or not, please respond to the short questionnaire at the top of this page. This is very important for tracking the implementation of IML through real-world experiences and is essential for the lawsuit, as well. Remember, these experiences are not being tracked anywhere else. This is the place to do it. Thanks!

David, this is the place to report travel experiences for the moment.

Paul Rigney of RTAG has indicated that they are nearly complete with a data-driven website, where users can post their travel experiences for the relevant country.

However, I don’t see any link on this website pertaining to RTAG.

David, also I went to the island of Bintan in Indonesia. It is a 45 min boat ride from Singapore through the Tanah Merah ferry terminal. That was on March 3rd. It was there they did electronic fingerprint and facial scan at the ferry terminal. When entering Indonesian Immigration i was cleared in less than a minute.

Robert do you have one of the offenses targeted by IML please?

David H. What i was charged with back in 1989 was here in New York 130.25. It was 3rd degree statutory rape . A class C Felony. In the last 4 years, here are the places I have been. This year i was in Singapore, Bali and Bintan Indonesia. In 2015 it was Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand. In 2014 I was in Singapore, Bali Indonesia, Hong Kong, Langkawi Malaysia. I was Blacklisted from entering the Philippines in 2013. What happened there was that I did was an extended stay visa which triggered a background check. The good ole US Embassy told Philippine Immigration about my crime and I was detained for 2 days and put back on a flight to Korea not the US. What was funny was that I was approved for the extended stay visa and used it. It was when I tried to renter Philippines I was stopped. The only time i was really questioned by CBP was when I came back to the states from Thailand. CBP notified my local sheriff that I went there. Now that New York removed my name from the registry back on March 22 after fulfilling my 20 year registry obligation, i am going to travel Asia again in summer. I will see now if I will be stopped for secondary screening when I reenter the US

I notice people are still posting their international traveling experiences which is fine. But I don’t mean to rain on everyone’s parade. The unique identifier will change everything. So I’ll be more interested in traveler experiences a year from now, vesus today

I am unhappy to disagree with Irwin…but I must.

We as a group tend to automatically restrict ourselves, if only because we want to avoid trouble and especially contact with LEA in general. It is these self applied breaks we put on our own lives that is the most powerful force that keeps us…not only in line, but from living our lives as fully as we might.

Nothing is free and we must, as is true for everyone, take risks.

I thought the Angel’s watch program was the problem…since I was caught up in that…once out of a dozen trips. Maybe the Green Notice Interpol things are not as terrible as we think…maybe the Unique Identifier will be in the RDF chip in Passports….we just don’t know.

And it is for this reason that sharing information is so very important…on a couple of levels….1. Knowledge is power (at least over our own lives)…and 2. sharing experiences makes us feel useful and engaged…which is always good on a personal level.

This information is important and I would like to thank Robert and others for sharing with us.

It may embolden me to live a little freer.

And if I get burned, I get burned…it won’t be the end of the world…it is the effort to live free that counts…and these reports help Mightily in these regards.

So thanks to all these recent reports…my attitude and approach on International Travel might be all wrong. (they purposefully keep us in the dark)

Sometimes it is great when I am wrong.

Best Wishes, James

PS Obviously Mexico and Brazil are out…exactly because of the reports received…but again, this need not necessarily be true for everywhere. Hope is our friend. There are things that are true and things that maybe are true…being able to draw these distinctions is what this board is all about.

You know what…hope is a wonderful thing BUT if you have been burned like I was trying to visit Argentina because of Green Notice then you would know that they are indeed a big thing when you are out thousands of dollars when turned back.

I don’t know about you but just being optimistic and buying a ticket somewhere because you might get in is stupid. How many times can you afford to be turned back? Sorry but I blew my load on that trip and that’s that…either the next time has to be a SURE thing or I can’t risk it.

So yes, some of us are really stuck and things are that bad and getting worse.

Well, we are all stuck and few, if any, can immigrate away from the United States.

But since we are stuck, as you say, we do have I think a duty to live as well as possible within our limitations. This is our only way of saying…F@@@ You…living well, in small ways too…I bought myself a whole cherry pie tonight, (on sale $4) and ate it all. In small ways and big, gotta try to be happy.

But I think you actually miss the point of my post…I am sorry for what happened to you, but because you recorded it here…I know not to go to Argentina. Likewise, the report that you can get a Brazilian Visa in the US and still be turned back…is important, as was my reporting of my deportation from South Korea…until we hear differently, people should maybe avoid Inchon or Seoul.

I think Mainland Europe is open to most of us, as is England, I believe. Until I hear of an RSO being turned back, my easy access to London still stands.

This doesn’t mean people won’t be stopped in London…things change, but for now, mine is the most up to date information on this…and if people want to risk it…they have some basis to decide on.

If I remember correctly you have family in Argentina, so this is especially bad for you…Europe is worthless; but maybe not to others.

I am going to do something this year…I kind of mapped out a drive South from Rome to Sicily…even watched some youtube’s on how to take a ferry to Messina.

Maybe it’s just a fun dream…maybe I’ll get away, maybe not…but if it is a properly weighed decision…and I have the time, I should do it. I really miss the easy access of Mexico…but it is gone for me.

Why shouldn’t I try Sicily, especially since I can’t be spending any money in Mexico? (my x-wife in London will be very unhappy is one reason not to go to Rome…lol).

Life is hard…I’m tired and have been working like a dog for 18 months…while all this legal stuff shakes out…time to try to live differently. (and oh, I am a notoriously cheap traveler…everything can be done on a nickle and a dime if you work at it).

Best Wishes, James….and of course, I will report whatever happens here…that was the point of my initial post.

I read this post yesterday, and today on the drive home I was thinking about sex offender laws and then imagined eating a whole cherry pie for the whole thirty minutes it took to drive home– hmmmm, delicious, I savored every imagined bite.

Timmer , that’s funny sh!t , eating that cherry pie , hell that gave me and my wife the munchies lol I don’t mean to be rude snooping in on this comment , but some times things like cherry pie you just have to say something , you know like you feel like your getting left out lol , so in the morning I WiLL go get a black berry pie , about the same prize , Foof Max ,lol ,, Cheers , nothing like good food

Enjoy your pie today. I wouldn’t doubt they are thinking of a way to make it illegal for us to enjoy eating.

lol , yep , me and my wife cant afford a bus ticket from CA , to TX most of the time , so it would really smart to loose a few grand! and it has to be a frigging night mare when your with loved one and watch them go through the same thing , man I know that feeling , like you could tilt if you don’t watch your cool , and that feeling in the pit of your stomach , I would love to do a bunch of travling over seas , but its just not in the cards , but I do feel bad for those that can afford it, and this stupid IML thing is in there way , I just feel bad when it comes to RC’s anyway, but admire the skills that many RC’s seem to have in a pinch

Loosing a grand could have turned out to be the least of his problems. Imagine being thrown in an Argentine prison until authorities try to figure out what kind of “threat” you really are. When the US got sends out those notices and Stamps the word SEX OFFENDER in big bold letters on your passport…heck…we have a problem

Of course we have a problem….I will come back to my point: this thread is to notify people of successful and failed attempts at international travel so people can make informed intelligent decisions.

It has a real and important purpose. I was thanking Robert and Tuna for sharing their experiences.

Best Wishes, James

Don’t think I don’t appreciate what you’re doing. It is an act of bravery. I for one wouldn’t be the guinea pig….just my cowardly instincts. There was some other traveler on this forum talking about going to Cuba. Now that really takes a lot of cajones! European Union countries have been very tolerant up to now, but once the identifier comes, even liberal Europe may change it’s tune. But we won’t know unless someone tries.. So like Rick Steves likes to say, keep on traveling James!

I was arrested in 2010 for capturing and distributing a nude image and I am now a tier 1 RSO. Before my arrest, I was a field service engineer and traveled to many foreign countries. I have a passport that is valid till 2019. How do I know if it is still valid? could they have cancelled my passport without me knowing? I am planning on meeting my girlfriend who lives in Bankok in Amsterdam this summer. I was just wondering what my chances are of getting into Holland. I used to fly into Shipol in Amsterdam all the time and it was always a breeze, I have a feeling it my not be so easy anymore.


Please do let everyone know if you were able to get into Holland.

You may want to consider staying there if you do get in.



Your passport is still valid. They won’t take your passport away because they have not yet implemented the new “markers” for our passports. They will most likely send a notification when you travel and if they deny you entry, you will keep your passport but will be sent back home.
The good news for you is I have read on this site of people successfully gaining entry into Holland. Europe for now seems to take the notifications less seriously then other countries, with England being the exception.
Good luck.

Tuna,, I was in Singapore back in Feb and March. I went to the resort island of Bintan in Indonesia through the Tannah Merah ferry terminal because it is a 50 min ferry ride to the Island. Leaving Singapore and reentering they did a facial scan and fingerprint scan to all passengers. They are going to set this up in the airport too. The problem I had coming back into Singapore from Bintan was that the Immigration officer scanned my passport 4 times. Then another office came over to tell her what F buttons to hit on her keyboard. Finally my passport finally did scan and I asked her if there was a problem. She just said her system locked up. But I wonder

I flew from SFO to Lima Peru through Houston Texas. Upon arrival in Lima Peru with my wife I was initally denied entry. They said the interpol had me on a list. My conviction was 5 years ago for possession of 4 emails that each had 2 underage pics in them. I did not distribute pics etc but in California I will have to register for the rest of my life. They finally let us into the country and upon my return to the US I was stopped in Houston upon re entry and my luggage was checked. Nothing was mentioned about being a registered sex offender but I am sure that was why they stopped me

Thanks, Bill, I am glad you gained entry into Peru…of course, others may not….this may be up to the discretion of that specific Immigration Officer…

As an aside question, Do you speak Spanish? A little further afield…how severe, or gentle, was the questioning of you in Peru? I know none of it could be fun…but also how long…15 minutes can be an eternity in this context.

But I am surprised you could talk your way past this…pleased maybe at how well you handled yourself…but still a little surprised. Good on you.


Best Wishes, James

WE all should consider a plan B. Options seem limited for registered citizens…that is if you plan to return to the USA. There are some countries that don’t push to do harm to registered citizens…for many of them that do would you really want to visit there anyway? The link below hits on having a second passport and dual citizenship. I had gotten a World passport a few years ago. It’s more like a second form of ID. It looks official and has been accepted historically for travel in some countries…not sure about it today though…with a foreign drivers license it might give you an option outside of that US passport with whatever kind of identifier that might be in it.

World passport:

I was questioned and I dont speak spanish but my wife and her family did. Finally after about a hour they let me in. Upon leaving the country there were no issues but in Houston upon my return I was pulled out of immigration line and they checked my bags and asked me the nature of my trip with my wife to peru

Bill, I was curious to know if you are required to Register in your state? Also was your conviction a Misdemeanor or Felony? Did you happen to bring your Criminal Record to show the Peruvian Immigration Authorities? What information did you need to discuss in order to convince them to let you in?

my conviction was a felony for possession and a first offense and no i did not bring any information pertaining to my conviction

If I may ask Bill, when did you make this trip?

February 2016

Hi Bill, I was denied entry into Lima, Peru back in June, but the first time I had this experience was heading for Mexico for a weekend vacation with my Co worker who’s from Mexico. When I arrived at immigration in Guadalajara, I was approached by an immigration guy who seems to be a cool person. We had a chat in his office and he told me that my name came up and that I cannot come into Mexico and they turned me back. When I returned, I contacted the State Department, Department of Homeland Security, and even the FBI to find out about things about what happen to me and they found nothing, so I turned to my local law enforcement and told them what happen and they said that I was suppose to do 21 day notification which I didn’t know about which was why I got turned away, so I then told them I was going to Lima, Peru which was back in June and I did the notification, and I was on my way, and I had my fingers crossed hoping that I can clear through, and when I arrived at the immigration in Lima, and my turn was up and my passport was scanned, I saw the puzzled look on that person’s face which made me realized that this was happening to me again and they said that I can’t come into Peru and I was turned back. When I got back I told my local law enforcement about what happened and later I contacted some people I know that were waiting to pick me up that I couldn’t come into the country and that I got flagged. Later on I contacted Janice and told her my experience and she said this was due to the IML that was passed.

1. Destination Country: Singapore
1a.Does this country require a Visa?: no
1b.If Visa required, was the application denied (reasons): *** yes / no (reasons) ***

2. Date of Travel: April 2016

3. Issues: denied entry
3a.If denied, was there a reason given?: no

4. Currently registered: yes
4a.If yes, on public web site: yes
4b.If no longer required to register, reason for termination: *** Expiration / Court Order / Other ***

5. Offense child related: NO

6. Offense Level: Felony

7. Conviction expunged or dismissed: no

8. State of registration (current or former): FL

My purpose of travel was for business. Now my job is sending me to Mexico though were I am likely to be denied entry as well from what I’ve read online.

1. Destination Country: Singapore
1a.Does this country require a Visa?: no
1b.If Visa required, was the application denied (reasons): *** yes / no (reasons) ***

2. Date of Travel: April 2016

3. Issues: denied entry
3a.If denied, was there a reason given?: no

4. Currently registered: yes
4a.If yes, on public web site: yes
4b.If no longer required to register, reason for termination: *** Expiration / Court Order / Other ***

5. Offense child related: NO

6. Offense Level: Felony

7. Conviction expunged or dismissed: no

8. State of registration (current or former): FL

My purpose of travel was for business. Now my job is sending me to Mexico though were I am likely to be denied entry as well from what I’ve read online.

St Maartin (St Martin) Does anyone have any information about traveling here? I am hoping to plan a vacation here. Thanks!

I would steer away from St. Marteen. I would suggest the U.S Virgin islands as they are similar in costs.

I was convicted of a misdeamenor sex offense in New York State in 1994 and was on the New York State Registry for 20+ years as a Level 2 offender. Recently, I successfully petitioned NYS to Lower my risk level to Level 1, and was therefore relieved of my duty to register in NYS. As of May 2016, I am no longer listed on the NYSOR or in the SMART national database.

Does anyone have any experience with International travel after being removed from the registry? I haven’t traveled internationally since 2012, so I have no idea if my travel will trigger an alert or notification. I would appreciate hearing any insights on this, or how I might find out about this (other than traveling and being denied).

Thanks, guys. And I appreciate all the great information here very much!

Dave, My name was removed from the registry back in March and i will be going overseas in 2 weeks to find my family and children. I was a Level 1 and went to Asia with no problem. The Philippines is where I was denied in 2013. I will let everyone know what happens

If your name was removed from the registry, and you’re not listed in any other states, you’re pretty much free and clear to go anywhere you want. Are you going back to the Philippines to find your wife & child? If so, I would definitely drop a dime and call a Philippines lawyer first. Or call one in the San Francisco Bay area who knows the laws of the Philippines. The question you want to ask is if you were denied entry once before over an offense, will the country permanently bar you from entry even if you’re no longer listed on your home country’s registry. Finding out first will save you airfare costs and aggravation & possible criminal charges in the Philippines

You’re name could still be in the Philippines Database. I would definitely have a Filipino Attorney lined up and waiting for you at the airport.

Erwin, my family is somewhere now in Singapore. I have never had a problem entering there. I was Blacklisted from the Philippines back in 2013 when I did an extended stay visa which prompted a background check. Thanks to the US Embassy who provided Philippine Immigration of my RSO status. But I know that when removed from any registry you have to wait 10 years before you can petition Philippine Immigration to be lifted off the blacklist to reenter the country or if you can get lots of money to the right people in Immigration they would be happy to remove you. Last February my wife said goodbye to me because of IML. My family is not allowed here in the states because of the Adam Walsh Act. My girls are 10 and 11. And its tearing me apart not having any contact with them. My wife told me before she said goodbye to live my life now and be happy because I am full of so much hate for our government. I just wonder what was told to my girls of what happened to me. All e mail addresses and phone numbers have been changed. Even her families. Does our government care? Shit no. Our government has so much hate for us it’s pathetic. But I will tell you this, I will be at that rally in Oakland. Even though I am no longer on a registry I still feel like a prisoner in this filthy country. I hid and remained silenced since 1989. I will be silent no longer.

Robert, did you ever have new experience with your travel to Asia this summer? Did you have to notify 21 days in advanced before and now?

so with the Megan’s law that the President just signed, it says that besides registering 21 days prior to departure for international travel, US will also notify the destination country that an RSO is visiting. So they are going to send out notifications to every country in the world or there’s a specific countries that are not going to receive the notification because there’s no such system in place? Been able to enter Thailand fine and now I don’t know anymore.

My wife was Thai( she died March 10th last year) from Urban Ratchathani. Her Brother is Chief of police, although his title is different there. He has assured me that once I’m off probation in one year, he will help in whatever ways needed to, and these are his words,”Get my brother home”. Once there, I will apply for permanent residence status and denounce my U.S. citizenship. I have nothing here to look back on. No family, no obligations. I even plan on changing my name to honor my wife. This is what keeps my heart alive.

1. Destination Country: Thailand
1a.Does this country require a Visa?: ***no ***
1b.If Visa required, was the application denied (reasons):

2. Date of Travel: 8/25/16

3. Issues: *** denied entry / detained
3a.If denied, was there a reason given?: ICE sent a letter out to stating my conviction and that I am SO

4. Currently registered: *** yes
4a.If yes, on public web site: *** no ***
4b.If no longer required to register, reason for termination

5. Offense child related: *** yes

6. Offense Level: *** Felony ***

7. Conviction expunged or dismissed: *** no ***

8. State of registration (current or former): Massachusetts

Convicted of possession of child porn in 2011. Served and finish 5 yrs probation. No jail time. Level 1 SOR. No public record. Met by Thai immigration police while getting off the plane. They showed me the ICE letter and denied my entry. I had to buy my own ticket and fly back. Lost hundreds of dollars in hotel reservations. I did not know RSO have international travel restrictions prior to this. Very scared and sad. Now I don’t know which country I can or cannot go. I know there’s a bulls eye on my back now. Anyone can recommend a good lawyer for this? I read through this entire forum and don’t think a lawyer can help but I’d want to ask anyway.

I would not have bought my own ticket, I would have told them one you wanted a copy of the letter, and two if they did not want you there then they need to buy the ticket.

They gave me choice to buy my own ticket or wait in a detention room overnight. I would pay for the detention room and the guy said it’s not going to be pleasant there. It was a horrifying experience as I felt I was treated like a most wanted criminal. I also just learned that I won’t be able to sponsor a green card if I ever want to marry a foreigner as my girlfriend is one. I’m devastated that my life is in ruin and it’s impossible to have a normal life.

Don’t let it totally get you down. You’re more fortunate than you think. In many states (especially the south) you would have did prison time for possession of child pornography. You’re also lucky you live in Massachusetts which is one of the tiny few states that don’t publicly list level 1 offenders. But over 90% of states do. And don’t worry. You can always find a girl in Mass. Most of us American girls aren’t that bad

Also report that information to RTAG so they can add it to their matrix

Too bad you didn’t know about this forum earlier because people have known for months that East Asian countries like Thailand & the Philippines have been a no go for registrants
Sorry you wasted your money but at least you didn’t end up in a Thai prison

Sad, did you notify 21 days in advanced?

1. Destination Country: Japan
1a.Does this country require a Visa?: no

2. Date of Travel: *** September 2016

3. Issues: none

4. Currently registered: *** yes
4a.If yes, on public web site: / no
5. Offense child related: yes

6. Offense Level: Misdemeanor
7. Conviction expunged or dismissed: no ***

8. State of registration (current or former): CA

currently in summary probation. No issues.

I was led to believe that we could not go to Japan.
My wife is Chinese and she wants me to go with her to visit her parents in Guanxi China.
My friend who wanted to meet his online sweetheart in indonesian was turned back in Singapur from getting on the plane to Indonesia, and they lost his luggage. the poor man spent 4 days wearing the same clothes.
Now he needs to know what Country he can meet his girlfriend so they can get officially engaged.
I suggested France or Belize. It should be a Country where neither he nor she needs a visa.
France is out because her visa would cost 1200 dollars. Hes a poor fellow to top it all off and he does not have money to waste on another plane ticket. He did get one over on the system. He only bought a one way ticket to Indonesia so he flew back on their dime.

Japan’s laws are a bit confusing and I haven’t tried as of yet but I know that if your crime had you sentenced to over a year you are not allowed in technically. Additionally they have access to NCIC. Seeing as his was a misdemeanor it may not even show up in the system. I had this discussion with the embassy several years ago. They advised me not to mention it on the arrival card and said I had a 50/50 chance

Anyone knows if Europe start denying RSO now? I did not have to register 21 days before, but now I have to due to Megan’s law. I cannot find information if someone registers at least 21 days can go to Europe or not. Some reporter here said can enter but it does not say 21 days registration required or not, and the post appears to be older than/before the Megan’s law.

I think the best advise you’re going to get is to call your registering agency and speak with them. California is not AWA compliant however, it is a federal law.

Someone around these threads recently posted from California advising that they had made contact with their registering agency, and were asked to come in and complete a new form that’s currently being used with regards to international travel.

So definately call and speak with them. Covers your you know what!

Regarding travel to Europe, numerous people on these threads have traveled there recently without a single issue. My guess is it depends on where you are entering Europe…I’ve seen that Amsterdam barely takes notice; just a glance at your passport and you’re on your way.

I am not in California and the registry agency said I have to register 21 days prior to my departure with full itinerary. How do I know which European country that’s easy like Amsterdam?

This is a big issue. You don’t know until you get there! All you can do is rely on the experience of others, and hope and pray it works out. But there’s no master list of guaranteed entry points…you’ll arrive at your destination and simply hope for the best.

If you’re in California, you don’t have to. If you want to CYA (cover your ass) you can go to your registering agency and have them fill out the optional international travel form and keep a copy with you as insurance. When I went to Japan, I asked three registering agencies and all three said I didn’t have to give them notice. Go figure.

Sorry, but you are mistaken! You absolutely do have to file a 21 days advance notice in California now. Don’t believe me? Try it. I will send you a care package in jail! I am not kidding. I recently took a big hit $$$ and cancelled my trip because I thought the same thing and when I did a CYA 16 days until the trip, I was advised I am REQUIRED to. So, lesson learned: There is enough misinformation out there, just enough, to get your butt ensnared, and I don’t want to be the guinea pig that stands in front of a judge and tries to explain that even though I have read that it is mandatory 21 days notice that I didn’t THINK it applied to me.

I recently completed my annual and noticed a sign on the window about traveling abroad. It said that if I was planning a trip outside the US that I SHOULD give a 21 day notice. This is a city in California. It did not say I must or shall, it said I should. Yes, its good to CYA for sure. Now, “should” has no legal definition and “shall” does. Shall or must is a requirement to a rule, while should is an encouragement . I don’t think it wise to kick a sleeping dog or tempt fate. I’ve not heard of anybody in California getting busted for not giving a 21 day notice. Has anyone on here heard of arrests for non-notification? What does California law say?

“SORNA’s baseline standards that jurisdictions were required to have their offenders inform them of any intended international travel at least 21 days prior to that travel taking place.” So if I interpret this correctly, I have to notify right at 21 days before my traveling plan? Or any days within 21 days to my departure time? Meaning, can I just give them full itinerary 2-3 days before my departure? I don’t like planning vacation.

No. The mandate is that you provide your itinerary at least 21 days prior to departure; not within a 21 day window. Therefore, you must have made the notification a minimum of 3 weeks prior to leaving. I believe this was a point that was trying to be addressed in the lawsuit, as there are lots of reasons a person may want to travel on short notice: a death in the family; a sudden business meeting; etc. The 3 week requirement is insane, but it’s law.

Paul, is the 21 days notice requirement happened before in other states, but it wasn’t federal until Megan’s law, correct? I did not have to do 21 days before, now I do. I am just trying to understand whether this requirement has been going on before Megan’s law or not.

Dirk – 21 days notice as a minimum of your INTENDED travel

Has anyone traveled to Germany or Austria? If so, did you run into any trouble upon entering?

I am a RSO and planning to travel to India. Any one get denied entering India?
My case was in Texas and transferred to California because I was a California resident. I am on a 5 year probation . Now I need to travel to India for family reason and my lawyer was able to get the approval from the Texas Judge for me to travel to India. But California doesn’t not allow for international travel and I was told by the Texas court that if I still want to travel, I can transfer to Texas , finish my travel and After I get back, they can start a process to transfer me back to California . In that case anyone know where to inform my travel plans and iterinery . Texas or California ?


Where ever you register is supposed to give you the US Marshall form to fill out at least 21 days before departing, but to let you know, if they notify India you will most likely not get in.

They enacted their registry recently and there has actually been quite a few murders because someone was just suspected of being a registered person or accused of having done something..

This side of the world is a bit crazy like that, and news travels fast here through social media. If they pull you aside at the airport you could end up infamous within an hour.

I was convicted in the US (state of Illinois) in November 2006 of possession of child pornography (no production or distribution charged). I received a sentence of 30 months probation (no prison). I was also placed on lifetime sex offender registry (mandatory for all sex offences in Illinois).

My wife and I traveled to the UK in 2014 and, although I had traveled to the UK many times before, I was denied entry at Heathrow airport (customs found my record from the US on their computer) and made me purchase a ticket back to Chicago. This was in pre-IML days but I did notify LE in Chicago three days before leaving (the rule in Illinois). Still, I popped up on the UK computer with all the details of my conviction.

I have read about the UK Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and wonder if I could use that to be permitted to visit the UK some time in the future. My wife and I traveled to London many times in the past and would love to visit again.

I wouldn’t know how to proceed with this process and would be ready to engage an attorney to help. Anyone had any experience with this or know of an lawyer in London I could contact?

On a similar note, can a US RSO use the Criminal Rehabilitation Act in Canada to be able to travel to that country? I found a link to a government website about it but it’s pretty complex. Anyone go through this process and actually enter Canada.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x