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NH: A local lawmaker sponsors bills to protect convicted sex offenders

A local lawmaker has sponsored several bills in the N.H. House of Representatives that would increase protections for people on the state’s registry of sex offenders.

Rep. Timothy N. Robertson, D-Keene, said he was motivated by information about two recent local attacks that he said may have been committed by someone who targeted people listed on the registry. Full Article

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Could we also lobby this in California as well?

It is already part of 290 pc California Law. But it doesn’t help us. What person reads the 290pc code before committing a crime against us? Law enforcement rarely knows all these laws and are certainly not eager to help us. It’s great that some people recognize the vigilantism caused by the registry, but this bill will not protect anyone. At least it can’t hurt though.

I don’t see any teeth in his bill. Just saying you can’t does not mean you will not.

This is interesting a lawmaker who says the registry is punitive.

Don’t we already have this provision here in California? Has it done much good to protect people? Harrassing a registrant needs to be designated a hate crime and threats to do harm to anyone on the registry would be a crime same as threatening to harm a gay person, a woman, a muslum.

To paraphase MLK, you can’t make them love you, but you can have laws to keep them from lynching you.

Hi Timmr: Apparently the laws MLK had in mind are in place (keep them from lynching you ) for registrants, and they don’t work at all because LE and the courts are largely unwilling to look bad for going after someone that attacks, harasses or otherwise mistreats a registrant; someone everyone has been conditioned to hate by way of miss-information, as well as outright lies. People that murder a registrant basically get a slap on the wrist, free dentures and toilet paper at our expense while we are paying their housing costs in state prison, where they are considered a… Read more »

The law needs to be that when anyone signs into Megan’s Law website, they need to leave their name, address, phone no., email address, and reason for the visit. They need to confirm each visit from their IP address. Simple misuse and harassment should be a felony with prison time. Life time registry for all who are guilty of RC abuse. Unlimited civil damages plus legal fees. Mandated response by LE.

The CA Megan’s Law website make it illegal for RC to use the site. Why? This should be challenge under equal access.

This issue is on the list of possible lawsuits for CA RSOL to pursue. Given that more than 90 percent of all profiles on the Megans Law website are incorrect, incomplete or both, it demonstrates that registrants need to have access to their profiles. Why don’t they? Because “society” fears that registrants will communicate with one another. And then they might try to change laws that continue to deny them their civil rights 24 hours, 7 days a week. Sounds like a CA RSOL meeting to me. Be sure to attend the next meeting near you!

So what do you need most to go forward with this issue? Time, money, plaintiff? This should probably be an early priority so we can all easily contact and organize with other RCs.

I will make sure to attend this next meeting. Before CARSOL I had no hope. I kept seeing the freedoms I earned whittled away one law at a time. Worse yet, I had no means to object to any of it. Now I have a voice of my own and feel I am human again. Thank you all.

““society” fears that registrants will communicate with one another. And then they might try to change laws that continue to deny them their civil rights 24 hours, 7 days a week.!”

This never occurred to me!! And it makes perfect sense. By not being allowed to visit the web site freedom of speech is being suppressed! So I ask; “who is the real bad guy here?”

There is no reason, tecnically, the that someone on the registry can not at the minimum, be able to view his own information without seeing others. I assume they are also afraid they will get bombarded with complaints about inaccurate information. Too bad, if it is important enough to protect one child, it is mandatory that the information be accurate.

If Megans law website is such a great tool for public safety, why not let registrants use this tool to protect themselves and their families from this over-hyped threat of registrant sex crime? I know the 2% rate of registrant sex crimes is not much of a threat compared to the 98% sex crime rate committed by non-registrant community. It is in fact 1/50 of the threat. But just to stay within the rhetoric of the registry proponents, this valuable tool for safety is being denied to some.

It’s nice to know there are some lawmakers willing to put their necks on the line to help registrants. In my opinion it should never have to come to this. We all have served our time. We all have paid our debt to society and then some. I really don’t understand why the government can justify the Megan’s Law website. I understand if I had to register with the local police but I don’t understand why someone in a neighboring city, or another state needs to know of someone’s crime and where they live. Do parents everywhere create flashcards of… Read more »

Back in the late 90’s or early 00’s the sheriffs did have a kiosk at the Del mar Fair, where anyone could check to see the registrants in their neighborhood. There were long lines. The difference then vs. now was that you had to give them your identity before you could look, now you don’t.

Not to step on religious toes but below is a response I gave to a fellow Christian’s reasoning for having a registry: For the registry to exist a Christian must compromise their character under grace. Remember the woman caught in adultery. How did Jesus handle that situation? Be Like Jesus! Remember Matt. 25:40 What you do to the least of these your brethren …you do it unto me (saith the Lord). Who is more least than a registered sex offender? That settles any and all possible religious responses you might have. Grace doesn’t allow place for a thing like the… Read more »

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