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WI: Sex offender ordinance passed by Park Falls Common Council

At the Park Falls Common Council meeting Monday, Jan. 12, one topic high on the agenda was the passing of an ordinance that will regulate the movements and residential areas of sex offenders in the City of Park Falls. A draft of the proposed ordinance was previously reviewed and approved at the December 8 meeting of the Public Services Committee. Full article

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  1. Ron

    Wow, I can’t wait for this law to be challenged in court. Especially the part about you cannot move into the city unless your crime took place while living there. This ordnance seems one of the most draconian one I’ve seen so far. And what are holiday events that involve children? I guess that would include going to a 4th ofJuly parade. Not many holiday events don’t include family’s with children. Now a RC with kids would have very few events they could take their own kids to. Very Scarry ordnance.

  2. mike

    Where’s this park falls at is it in CA all I can say to this is go get em Janice I can’t believe with all the murders terriost threats and violent crime in this country people focus on people that the statistics and facts prove are the least likely to be a threat to public saftey.

  3. USA

    This is a wonderful article! It’s pretty clear that this city believes first time offenders are capable of being rehabilitated. I especially like the clause where sex offenders will not be allowed to move into the city! So, I imagine if you get convicted of a sex crime in the city, your going to have to move unless your a murderer, gang member, drug dealer, prostitute or ? Great idea. Shouldn’t they add a castration clause? Very disturbing article !

  4. USA

    To be honest, I just re-read this article to fully comprehend it! To be honest, this is probably one of the most disturbing set of laws that I’ve ever seen passed! The city is banning sex offenders from their town, banning them from all public locations (ie: parks/libraries/ect) and the offender is prohibited from participating in any holiday festival where children are present? I’m outraged, disappointed and this is one city where I would have no issue filing a lawsuit and going the full nine yards so that the message becomes loud and clear. The city council clearly have created a city full of hatred! This is honestly surreal and truly disturbing

  5. 4sensiblePolicies

    This ordinance is itself an atrocity against basic human rights. It is a poignant reminder of the degree to which evil can be perpetuated, even by persons who would probably consider themselves reasonable and moral. When people in a position of authority run amok in this manner based on panic and irrational behavior it is frightening, and imperative that someone who has standing to file suit in that jurisdiction do so. Failure to do so will simply encourage other communities to follow along the same path. It needs to be cut out quickly, like cancer.

    I hate to pick on ACLU, but since there seems to be little organization with the Wisconsin RC community, this is something the ACLU needs to pick up on. Even persons who don’t care about RC issues should be able to see it is an absolutely dangerous and evil precedent that could easily spill into entire categories of persons who are ‘excluded’ from an entire community. This is simply one of the most blatantly depraved and unconstitutional developments I have heard of in a while.

    Even though I am thousands of miles away, and believe that the RC community in each state had better start getting together and fighting for themselves, I will donate to Wisconsin ACLU or any group that files suit against Park Falls.

  6. wonderin

    Hmmm, a registered stranger in town must risk a five hundred dollar fine if they want to risk a felony assault on a child. Sounds about right to me. Good luck with that.

  7. td777

    I can’t help but hope Wisconsin has someone like Janice who will go after this city. Are they simply not paying any attention to what’s been going on here in California, the birth place of the registry?

  8. Jo

    More grandstanding lunacy that obviously won’t stand up in court. Sheer stupidity except it is highly effective with the great unwashed masses come election time: “Look how tough I am on crime!” What is even funnier is this town has a population of 2200 and the town itself is only 3 sq miles. Bet you there are very few registrants even living there. Stunningly brazen and smart for the politician/politicians trying to appear tough.

  9. mike

    These people that want to live in fear and isolate themselfs from the evils they perceive in their lil tiny brains are cowards and are completely unamerican. They are a disgrace to this country and are subhuman themselves it makes me sick how cowardly and fearful the majority of this country have become. What happened to home of the brave and life liberty and justice for ALL. It’s disgusting.

  10. Marie

    The sad truths are: dozens of WI cities have the same ordinances and they were vetted in court and held up to be legal. (At least on the piece they fought).

    The piece not fought was the original domain not allowing someone to move in that wasn’t a resident when the crime was committed.

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