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Hemet Man Displays ‘Child Molester Danger’ Sign To Warn Residents Of Neighbor

HEMET ( — A homeowner has displayed two bright green posters in a Hemet neighborhood in an effort to warn neighbors of a man who is registered as a sex offender on the Megan’s Law database. Doug Ennen made the posters, one of which says “Child Molester Danger,” and taped them to his two cars. He then parked one of those vehicles in front of a registered sex offender’s home. Full Article

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Another example of how cowardly people are in this country now afraid of their own shodow and the boogyman. These idiots are going to get themselves hurt man someone did that to me we would have a serious problem. There has to be some way to help this man stop his neighbor from doing this without having to physically hurt him.

And the cops will do absolutely nothing. And neither will civil courts.

“Both Lopez and Ennen are concerned about their property values decreasing .”

If you’re concerned about property values, the first thing to do is stop with the signs

Decrease in property values is definitely another entry to the list of collateral damage caused by a publicly available registry. Seems to be in the best interest of Lopez and Ennen to abolish te registry.

Maybe the guy could be sued for inflicting emotional damages? Or possibly for harassment? Or, if something happens, for inciting an incident?
Doesn’t the website say something about it being a crime to mis-use the website’s information?

Yes, anyone who threatens, harasses or intimidates a registered citizen faces the possibility of both civil and criminal penalties. Based upon the information in this article, it appears that Doug Ennen could be liable to pay a civil fine up to $25,000 and face jail time.

Will you refer this man to a good attorney willing to take this case? Perhaps pro bono? Maybe Chance?

I think he’s a coward who needs the rest of the mob to support his action.
I think one strong letter from an attorney would put an end to this.
Wish I was one. I’d contact Steiner and offer to represent him, at least that far, for a $1.

I was about post on the articles site about this person filing a lawsuit but not only against the poster of the sign, he should also file a lawsuit against government agencies for not providing equal protections and justice. I would certainly file a lawsuit not only on that person but also on any government agency for not providing equal protections and justice. I would have thought that the Sheriffs department instead of saying “The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said a sign like Ennen’s isn’t illegal because it’s a display of public information” if true this in itself is a… Read more »

Kudos to the man who had the courage to stand if front of the camera and not judge his neighbor. He’s the one with the Amercan Eagle on his shirt. One of the few real Americans left.

It would spiral out of control but couldn’t the registrant post a sign that a jackass lived nearby?

We should do background checks on all these neighbors then post signs on our cars and park them in front of the appropriate houses.

Or at least one on that Ennen guy.
Then all his arrests credit rating, BKs or what ever could be put on a flyer and passes out in the neighborhood.

Something tells me everyone already knows what a jackass this guy is. I’ll take the Registered Citizen over the male Gladys Kravitz any day.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said a sign like Ennen’s isn’t illegal because it’s a display of public information.

No, it’s bullying and harassment which the Megan’s law website strictly prohibits with the information gathered from it’s pages and is not freely available public information.
Furthermore, it’s an illegal activity meant to incite and cause damages to a legal property owner and citizens at that address.

What part of protect and serve doesn’t the Sheriff’s dept. understand?

sounds like the RCS is of the same ilk as tony the tiger and all the other vigilantes circumventing state law and writing and interpreting their own system of street justice. Time to get the to the twenty first century via the bill of rights and the constitution. Something they seem to know anything about.

Maybe the rso should place a sign stating a domestic terrorist and enemy of the constitution lives next door.

My post on the article was deleted 🙁 . For your edification and entertainment I paraphrase: — zuma7 says “I would thank the guy for letting me know there was a molester in the neighborhood.” You cannot be serious! A little math, if you please Population of Hemet: 81,750 General Demographics: 50% male, 75% adult (18+) -> Hemet Population Adult Male: 30,656 (81,750*.5*(1-.25)) Female Adults RSO Profiles on ML web site (Hemet): 9 (3%) Male Adults RSO Profiles on ML web site (Hemet): 277 (97%) RSO generally not displayed on ML web site: 25% (25-35%) -> Male Adult RSO in… Read more »

Thank you for doing this research and math. Honestly, I think people would be amazed if they knew how many registered citizens walk among them. Numbers like 800,000+ can be too big for the average person to deal with, but saying 1 out of 88 is something they can wrap their head around to get a sense of the issue.

Do you think you could do the same for Carson (and/or the local county), where the protest march will take place? Perhaps someone can make use of the information.

One guy, on the article’s web page, said he’d thank they guy for letting him know that that an RC lived in the neighbor. Well, that is pretty silly. Just like those Halloween ordinances that say RCs have to turn off their lights and can’t hand out candy. Why? You don’t need some neighbor to tell you there is an RC in the neighbor. IF you care so much, ALL anyone, any parent, has to do, if you are that concerned about it, is not be lazy and look at the Megan’s law site for RCs in their area. Then… Read more »

Numbers like that are great the more affected by the registry the better the chance of getting rid of it.

If we have the ability to cause property values to drop, then lets put 5-10 in every neighborhood and make housing affordable for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I’m really not sure what to say about this article. The guy posting the signs reminds me of the dysfunctional people who in the past has harmed or even killed a registered citizen! He is clearly an arrogant and angry individual who wants to portray himself as some kind of hero or great guy? His actions are almost to the point of being both threatening and rather arrogant! I’m appalled. I think it would be wonderful to file a civil suit against him. He is certainly full of hate. Most people who either talk about or focus this hatred… Read more »

I think your right. I also think this individual (I will not call him a man; because men don’t do this sort of thing) has a low self esteem and is seeking approval to make his self feel better. I also think this little boy in a man’s body is dangerous; what he is doing has the potential to facilitate vigilantism. He needs to be sued and prosecuted, along with the sheriffs dept; they have basically said this is OK and will not enforce the warnings that harassment is a crime.

Doug Ennen clear did not think this act through. There is a frightening amount of information that is public about Doug and **** Ennen and their relative **** Ennen. While I realize that is easy to armchair this and the urge to react is even greater since it’s a 5 minute drive to Doug and **** Ennen’s home, I think a very appropriate response to Doug AND **** would be to publicly challenge them to take the same polygraph examination given to sex offenders on parole and have the results made public for all to see. I saw the video… Read more »

Me,,? Personally Would Park My car in front of His house and put a sign on it that said: AND I LOVE HIM!,,HAHHAHAhaahhahahhahahahhah

Better Have Full Coverage… and a Really Low Deductible though….Put a Camera On Your Car You can BET he DID!

In all seriousness, there WAS A violation of Megan’s Law, despite the cops inistance that it is “public information.” If the RC would specify the violation, not just complain about harassment itself (though that should also be a qualifier). From Megan’s Law website itself ( ): Q. I want to share with others the information I found on the Attorney General’s Megan’s Law Website. Does the law prohibit me in any way from sharing this information? A. A person may use the information disclosed on the Attorney General’s Web site only to protect a person at risk. It is… Read more »

This was NOT a display of public information. – the registrant resident was convicted of PC 288(a) “Lewd and Lascivious Act with a Child Under 14 Years of Age”. THAT is fact and public information. – he was NOT convicted of Child Molestation (the only occurrence of the term ‘Child Molestation” in the California Penal Code is PC 647.6 “Annoy and Molest a Child under 18”. Of this the registrant resident was not convicted – it is NOT fact and / or public information that he is a danger He should lawyer up and take legal action against the sign… Read more »

Finally!!! Someone actually spelled out the definition of “Molestation” and L&L! Thank you!

In conclusion, the individual posting this stuff is very arrogant. I would be a bit scared that someone would harm his vehicle. I’m a law abiding individual, but I would be tempted. I’m still in shock anyone would have the balls to do this. I also concur with Eric Knight! I might recommend contacting the Chief of Police in writing and state your concerns. This is honestly no different than someone burning a cross on a lawn! If someone does harm the individual, I would consider this a hate crime! Its highly inflaming and I would have no issues calling… Read more »

Hiring a lawyer would cost too much, certainly more than moving even if the house has to be sold. This is a job for the ACLU or other organizations of that side. It would also be too much for CA RSOL at this point based upon the costs of going through this lawsuit, as the costs cannot be forecast as easily as for the blatant constitutional violations by the cities. I DO agree, though, that the focus of the lawsuit should not be directed toward the actual offender (though he would have to be named in the suit), but toward… Read more »

Yep its only a matter of time before police start posting signs like that county in Florida. Janice Maybe you might have some suggestions in how you could stop these people legally.

The philosophy I live by, with my neighbors, is to make them get along with me. I suggest everyone do the same. This victim was described by one of his neighbors as a nice guy. Remember the saying nice guys finish last is used for a reason. I don’t put up with anything from bad neighbors. I’m here to stay as long as i wish. Let them move. If this clown was my neighbor I doubt seriously he would harass me because he wouldn’t know what a crazy person like me might do. To tell you the truth, I don’t… Read more »

Guys, after 5 minutes, I’ve located the man’s (poster) home address, place of employment and I believe he has a criminal record. This will take more time. Did you notice how he kept avoiding eye contact when interviewed? He clearly is unaware there are always reactions secondary to actions! We all know this. Plus, what makes him a professional on the topic of registered citizens? 1.8 percent? I’ll continue to investigate him. I sure hope know one dents or breaks the windows of his vehicle. Can you imagine?

I’m recommending someone address this issue in writing with the Chief of Police. Written/documented and require him to sign for the letter/registered letter! Then, contact the Department of Justice regarding the individuals current situation. I will investigate this tomorrow. I’ve called before and received an immediate response. Plus, I’m sure the police chiefs email is available. Send a registered letter and email the DOJ and cc the police chief/or vice versa. I think a prompt response would occur! If you speak to them in person, you are likely to get police intimidation and it’s your word against theirs! This way,… Read more »

Lawmakers demand swastikas be removed from California house,

“We have learned that the purveyors of hate tragically often follow their vile speech with criminal acts of terror,” Block said. “We’ve seen it around the world. I pray that’s not going to be the case in this instance.”

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