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Peaceful Protest to be held in the City of Carson on March 7

California RSOL will lead a peaceful protest in the City of Carson on Saturday, March 7, in order to highlight the harm done by the city’s sex offender ordinance.  That ordinance bans registered citizens from being present in or within 300 feet of public places including the library, parks and swimming pools as well as private places including fast food restaurants that have a children’s playground.

The peaceful protest will begin at Carson City Hall at 10 a.m. near the water fountain.  Registered citizens, family members, and all who support them are invited to join the event.  Refreshments will be served.

“This is a unique opportunity for registered citizens and those who support them to show up, stand up and speak up,” stated California RSOL vice president Chance Oberstein.

The event will include a march to John D. Calas Sr. Park near the intersection of 223rd and Cluff Streets.  The current city law prohibits registered citizens from visiting this park, however, family members and supporters are welcome there.  Registered citizens will be served lunch at a distance outside the 300-foot limit.

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  1. mike

    Unrelated comment here but I just sent this email to the dream foundation that granted a guys dying dream to visit the grand canyon and revoked it when they found out he was a sex offender. Just makes me sick and I encourage any and all to email tbem.

    Your organization is disgusting for denying a persons dying wish to visit the grand canyon simply because he had a sex offense in his past. You people are unamerican and should be ashamed to call yourselves anything but heartless inhumane enemies of the constitution and traitors to the country. Every citizen of this country deserves to be treated with some humanity and not to be looked upon as subhuman not deserving of anything good or any civil rights. This man obviously paid his price to society or he would still be institutionalized. This country has become a disgrace because of all these sex offender laws and issues. All those in favor of such laws are domestic enemies of the constitution and traitors to the country.

    • Q

      Well said Mike. Apparently the dream foundation only grants dreams to a select group of people. Do you notice the divisions forming in this country beyond the sex offender label? And did you know that only 232 media executives control the information diet of 277 million Americans? So when it comes to the news we chose to read we only have the illusion of choice.

    • Robert Curtis

      Mike I am as frustrated as anyone about these parks bans..These things started on my watch in my county. This showing if it is to be useful need’s be PEACEFUL. We loose ground if it becomes aggressive. Beating a bee hive with a bat Might render drops of honey after many stings, but is it worth the effort? I feel Carson will use the situation to rally support from the community (I would if I was them). We should stay the course and focus on dialog with legislators, city and county leaders. Education and dialog. Let the courts do their thing as well…reach out to churches and civic organizations like that of the Chambers of Commerce get involved with soup kitchens and homeless shelters…be twice the good citizen of the rest of the community. It is from that place we can make the biggest difference for good…and while you’re at it Youtube our efforts as the RSOL Sex offender’s action committee for good” invite others to join…go now and be the difference we wish to see in society… Render awards to those that engage the most and have made a difference. Shore up our ranks and drive on towards better and at the end of the day you will find rest and great joy for a job well done together. The biggest difference and change we can make is in ourselves first.

  2. Hans Landa

    Ferguson style?

  3. D-Truth

    So, why is this being held on the weekend and not on a day when the council is in session? This makes no sense. If a protest is held and no one was there to witness it, did it really happen?

    • Jo

      I would guess so more people could attend? And let’s see, a large gather or registered offenders gathering to protest. Hmm, I am going out on a limb here and guessing there will be press galore

    • Janice Bellucci

      Based upon input we received, the event is being held on the weekend so that the greatest number of people can participate. We hope to see you there!

      • Robert Curtis

        What if a registrant was to choose to violate their ordinance while there? Will they have representation? How about all of the registrants perhaps violate the ordinance? I’m game on for that! I will write a letter to everyone one I know to contact their congressman, pastors, assemblymen, Senators and call the crap out of the Carson City council. Does it have to be a citizen of the city to have them recalled for violating their oath of office?

  4. Q

    Do you suppose the media will be covering this event? And if so I can’t wait to read the negative spin you know they will put on the story. I’m thinking I’ll be there; work permitting.

  5. Stephen

    I don’t care what day this takes place on, I’m just happy to see it being done. Now let’s see how many of you criers show up. Wear Sun glasses if you don’t want your face shown, but please be there.

  6. Jim

    Those of us that do show will be the ones showing that we give a DAMN about what society is doing to us and our families!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you’re living within the 50 mile radius show that you give a DAMN. Thank you

  7. Michael

    I’m confused. Why can’t RCs now go to that park?
    I thought the court rulings made these ordinances unenforceable.

    • Joe

      Agree. How about going to a park AND wearing a t-shirt with lettering that reads “I am a 290 Registrant” in large letters and “I dare you to arrest me because I will sue you for a boatload of money so fast your head will spin” in smaller print underneath.

      I jest, of course, but not really.

    • Janice Bellucci

      The City of Carson is choosing to ignore the Court of Appeals decision which states that laws such as theirs are preempted by state law. The City of Carson is also choosing to ignore the fact that CA Supreme Court denied review of that decision and therefore that decision is the law of the land in California.

  8. mike

    50 mile radius? If you have the means and ability to get there cine from anywhere you are. Im in sacramento if I had the money a.d ability to be there I would. I realy don’t believe protest do anything in this day and age unless there are tens of thousands of people show up but I feuds it can’t hurt and I thank in advance any and all who do attend and Janice and staff for organizing and participating in this march.

  9. Eric Knight

    I would look into hiring a couple of off-duty sheriff department deputies for “parade duty” to ensure the riff-raff don’t take potshots at the registered citizens. I don’t know if the budget can call for it, but it may be wise to ensure nothing happens.

    BTW, do NOT take Avalon to 223rd St, as it passes directly by a McDonald’s with a children’s playground. You may even wish to emphasize this by taking a parallel street west of Avalon that is outside the 300′ range of the restaurant property, which abuts the east side of Avalon about a quarter mile south of Carson.

    • Joe

      Seriously? You are recommending altering one’s travel route via automobile on a 6-8 lane (whatever it is) major thoroughfare, based on a law that is illegal and unconstitutional?

    • Janice Bellucci

      According to my interpretation of the Carson ordinance, registered citizens are allowed to walk by a McDonald’s restaurant. The ordinance prohibits loitering only.

      • cool Register Citizen

        Okay then I have a question
        The key to loitering is lingering with no purpose for being there.

        so I have a reason to go to Mcdonald to EAT..

        can they still arrest me for that ?

        • Harry

          My Thoughts, as well.

        • John B

          That’s a great point, CRC. Unfortunately, you are operating on reason and logic, and clearly that’s not the measure they use. “Can” they arrest you despite the fact that the conditions you outlined are clearly not “loitering”? Well, “Can” they force me to register as a “sex offender” even though I am not one? We both know the sad answer.

          I was convicted for an offense 40 years ago. I’ve been living as a productive, tax-paying citizen and father for the past 35 years. Logically I’m not a “sex offender” and yet they can coerce me into registering.

      • Robert Curtis

        Janice police have a loitering law on the books to execute if a registrant or any citizen is deemed doing so. That simple law in itself addresses giving law enforcement a tool to use.

        • Timmr

          If you’re walking by, by the time they thought to arrest you, you would be clear of the zone.

  10. Clark

    18 U.S. Code sec.242….Deprivation of civil rights. under color of law……….also deliberate INDIFFERENCE …..also further proof ..further proof ..further proof registry punitive.

  11. cool Register Citizen

    my lawyer says

    Expect the worst but hope for the best.

    I expect to be arrested but hope this is a turning point of our fight!

  12. Stephen

    It’s not Loitering if your in a place to check the Direction of the sun or litter problem of the area. Be Creative. Polling Elections would be very hard for the state to fight.

    • Timmr

      Yes, exercising your first amendment rights is not loitering. As Clark says, “Home Run”.

  13. Jason

    It’s time to stop hiding like society wants us to. The oppression registrants face is an undeniable human rights violation that will not change and will only get worse if we keep hiding. If you truly believe the registry negatively impacts your life or a loved one, you have a duty to take a stand. If you won’t, who will? Bring your families and friends so society can see that we are real people with real lives, and that we have families that love us and are also oppressed by this law. Be a part of history, this is how movements gain attention and spread awareness. It’s understandable to feel reluctant or hesitant, but like I said, if you won’t stand up who will?

    • John B

      You’re right.

      701 East Carson Street, Carson, CA 90745

    • John B

      And, OK yes, I will be there on Saturday and I’ll tell you why – besides the fact of Jason convincing me that I should.

      I’ve done this type of protest. Oh, not for this issue, but for others. The last I did was probably around 1984 against the Ronald Reagan administration’s military involvement in supporting the repressive, bloody government in Nicaragua and El Salvador, against the left leaning people who just wanted what we want – civil liberties. My son, Oscar, was named for Archbishop Oscar Romero of the Roman Catholic Church (I’m not religious) who spoke up for the campesinos (peasant farmers) and was murdered for his efforts.

      I learned to not believe in this sort of protest. It does not change people of bad will, in my opinion.

      So I’m not doing it to change these politicians and the frightened and ignorant people of Carson who elect them for pandering to their fear. No. I will be there for Janice and the others involved with CA RSOL who are dedicating their time and energy on behalf of us and our human rights.

      That’s all. I’ll be there. Hope you will be too. If you still can’t bring yourself to do so, or are just unable due to a myriad of other reasons, then please give them support by giving a financial contribution (even a small one), writing a letter, making a call – whatever. You’ll feel better. You’ll feel empowered.

  14. Me

    Question: Plenty of registrants are fearful of being recognized, so will fear participating. Is there some kind of mask or other that can be used and/or provided, so all those people can participate without worry about being recognized? And, is their any law barring masks?

    You have to expect media overage, so people are likely to have their faces pushed out on TV.

    • John B

      There’s always the Guy Fawkes mask as worn by protesters with Anonymous, Occupy Wall Street, etc. If there is a law against it I suppose we need to shut down Halloween, Mardi Gras and New Year’s Eve!

    • Janice Bellucci

      We will invite the media to attend our protest. If you don’t want your face to be seen, please wear sunglasses and a hat. I don’t suggest wearing a mask.

      • anonymous

        Are there any no-mask laws in California. I know some locales around the country outlaw wearing masks in public. If any such applies here, we want to know that so we don’t give the police an excuse. Yes, sunglasses and a hat are legal anywhere — but some people might be plenty recognizable with that, and we would not want them to stay home because of that.

        Also, it would be good to put up some info for participants so they know the lines they cannot cross. For instance, without a parade permit, the only place we can march is the sidewalk — or we justify police coming out with clubs — don’t forget, we will be marking is a city of hate that is so extreme as to go against the state supreme court. What else? No one can jaywalk, no one can cross against the red even if the first half of the march line already has crossed. There might be other considerations.

      • Anonymous Nobody

        And one more thing, perhaps the most important:

        If you want news coverage in Los Angeles, you have to know how to get it. The most important thing of all in order to get news coverage from anyone in Los Angeles is to get on the City News Service budget. If you are not on that, you just cut your chances of getting coverage by about 85%. Sure then also contact the other news outlets, like the Times, the Daily News, the TV stations direct. But the CNS budget is most important of all.

        And contact CNS shortly after the event — to make a statement, to follow up. They will use it to write and update a story to go over the wire. There main number is: (310) 481-0404 — ask for “the desk.”

        To get on the CNS budget, either e-mail the info (time, location, point of event, any other helpful info (say 10,000 expected — just to get their attention) and a contact name and phone number, to: Or, fax the information to: (310) 481-0416

        ALL the media in Los Angeles watches that religiously and knows their competitors are also assigning from that, and so they make their coverage plan for the day from that budget. And Saturday being a slow news day, and TV stations needing video, a big turnout march is just what they want.

        I recommend getting the information to them on Monday, and repeating it on Thursday morning. The budget for Saturday will go out on Friday to all the news media in SoCal, and again in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

        I think it would be wise to seriously stress in that notice that we are planning a 100% peaceful and legal march and protest, and will not respond to any violence imposed on us, if that should occur. Put that idea in their heads strongly and they will inevitably watch for it — or else they will simply regurgitate anything the police tell them about bad things we did that forced their hands. Be proactive. Influence the news.

        • Eric Knight

          Actually, with sex offender issues which by definition is a huge deal, all you have to do is to call the radio stations with eht bombastic talk show hosts. It will then get spread like wildfire.

        • G4Change

          Call those 2 moronic windbags John and Ken of KFI. They LOVE any opportunity to sh** on registrants. With the hate talk on that station, no wonder it’s ratings are crashing. 50,000 watt station that is going down the drain. They’ll do anything for ratings now.
          On a serious note, the guy from KPCC who interviewed Janice a year or two ago seemed fair enough…I guess.

    • Timmr

      How bout a gas mask and safety goggles?
      Seriously, do you need any signs made up for the march? I can do that.

      • Janice Bellucci

        Yes, we could use help making signs! Please call CA RSOL at (818) 305-5984 to discuss.

  15. Anonymous Nobody

    This is VERY good. The first of what needs to be many and an ever growing number of participants to march for out rights, make noise. And hopefully inspire registrants across the country to march in their locales.

    But as planned here, please, everyone stay peaceful, even if police come in to batter and arrest – which they should not if everyone remains peaceful. Do not do any even slight offense of anything not even littering, or they will use it as an excuse to go after everyone.

    It is very key here that registrants be seen as very respectful, as peaceful, even as nice people, polite. Registrants must be seen as people you would like to know, no matter what we might be confronted with. Image can be everything – send out the wrong image, and we can do more damage to ourselves than good; send out the right image, and we can gain supporters. Think of the movie Gandhi,” where the Indians were opposing the British law against them making salt, and they stood in a long line to go before the British to be clubbed, never once raising a hand against the clubbing. Not that I want anyone clubbed here – and that shouldn’t be an issue — but I’m just saying, that is the kind of image to project, that much lack of being a danger, in the face of any extreme. It will be too easy to want to turn to violence, especially if any violence should start — do not do so under any circumstances, not under ANY circumstances. Again, I am not expecting any circumstance that would get any violence started – I’m simply being cautious in putting out the proper thinking. I surely do not want to scare anyone away from this PEACEFUL protest. We all need to be there.

    I we don’t even show to stand for our own rights, how can we expect the legislators to do so, how can we expect the courts to do so.

    I note, when marching, just because the line at the front has a green light when it starts crossing a street, when the light turns red, the rest of the line MUST stop and wait for the green to then cross and catch up. I have seen LAPD use that as an excuse to come in with clubs flying and beating people. (I knew in advance that LAPD was planning to do that, and they did it! Never mind how I knew, or when this was. But I’m not going to rule out a similar plan in Carson.) So, don’t give them that excuse. I’m sure there will be cameras, so they don’t want to be recorded going at registrants if there is no even minor violation. And WE don’t want to be recorded doing any viollation or anything that will make for a bad image.

    • Janice Bellucci

      Good advice, Anonymous! We will have “experts’ on site to train us how to act in a peaceful manner no matter what. There will also be trained “neutral observers” to watch what happens and to report on it later if necessary.

    • Eric Knight

      How about tshirts with “I am a registered citizen”, “I am a spouse of a registered citizen”, and “I am the son/daughter of a registered citizen?” Then walk hand in hand. Registered “sex offenders” walking hand in hand with 8-year old kids will really get the message across that emphasizes family sharing of the stigma that goes with registration.

      • MS

        I thought the same thing until I realized what a problem it might be for registered citizens to be in a place where children are. The police would probably be there in short order to start arresting 290’s for being around children. Not their own children…but those of other registrants. In the eyes of the general public we are “sex offenders”… predators, a danger to every man, woman, and child (especially children). sigh…..

        • Timmr

          If that happens, then arrest me. We must show due caution, but if you try to image everything that can go wrong, then you’ll never leave the house. I’m tired of the fear — on both sides. I’m going there to show two things, that people on the registry are not shifty people who need to hide in the shadows taking advantage of those weaker than them. That’s not my view it is the public’s view. Second, to show that we value families and friends and are concerned about them just like everyone else.

        • Eric Knight

          The law (purportedly) applies only to child-centric locations, such as “parks<" schools, and "McDonald's with playlands." As Janice said, registrants will be eating lunch outside of the 300-foot zone while their family members are in the park itself. But walking in the non-restricted area should involve normal parental interaction with kids.

  16. Harry

    I am too far North to be there. The most important wisdom I can give for this event this the human side RC need to very clear. The public in Carson need to see that we are real people and are not the scary demons lies that their city’s leadership has made out to be.

  17. Timmr

    This is about time. Many are not legal scholars, good writers or public speakers, but we can all march. It’s truly democratic. Even if you are infirm in a wheel chair, I will be happy to push you. Need a ride from San Diego, I’ve got room in my car.

  18. mike

    Please do not consider mask in any way. It would only put more fear in the average idiot population if you don’t want your face on camera wear glasses and a hat as Janice suggest and simply don’t look at the camera. This march is to important to hide your indentity people have to see us as people with faces and not just mindless bodies and see that rso are fedup with hiding or being afraid its got to stop and if we had even a quarter if rso and family members in this march your talking bout thousands of people now that would get attention and would be a huge positive for our fight. I don’t know how Janice and staff are getting the word out but every rso in socal needs to be alerted to this march be even better if every rso in CA could be notified.

    • Anonymous Nobody

      On the other hand, one of the things we demand is that we NOT be revealed to the public ever, not online or any other way. Considering that, it would be VERY appropriate to demand our privacy even in this march — in fact, show it by wearing a mask. We could make it a stated reason for the masks, announced as the reason, sent to all the news media in press releases to explain it — that we are every bit as much deserving of our privacy as everyone else out there who none of us know.

      I simply leave that up to discussion.

  19. Vis I Tor

    So, if the proposed NFL stadium gets built in Carson; where does it leave us?

    • NPS

      I’ve been going to NFL games quite frequently since being a registered citizen. Let me tell you one thing you don’t see at the games…kids. In fact, I’ve seen many sports articles lamenting the fact that sporting events are no longer a family event due to the insane ticket prices.

      By the way, I’ve NEVER heard of any sexual assault at stadiums. I have read news about the violence and fighting that goes on in the stands and restrooms.

  20. barbara

    Curious to learn how Carson’s proposed stadium plan will impact their willingness to stick with the ban–and whether the new stadium would be included in the public places that registrants could not “loiter.” (Would tailgating be considered loitering?) Will they want to dispose of this lawsuit as an unnecessary distraction or stick with it to leverage continued publicity?

    • John B

      I don’t know, Barbara, I’m trying to see what the downside of being unreasonably aggressive with their registrant laws would be for them. This is the continuing problem we face until the highest court simply makes clear that this is all unconstitutional.

      Thought experiment: Put the question to 100,000 football fans at a stadium on Sunday – You are watching this game in the city of Carson, which doesn’t allow convicted sex offenders to loiter in any place where children may congregate without adult supervision. Does this seem unreasonable and make you less likely to come to future games in this stadium?

      I’m guessing over 90% answer, “no”.

      Only unelected jurists who can sit on the court for life and make rational, reason-based decisions and needn’t worry about the pitchfork mob chasing them from office can restore our civil liberties. People who vote, are frightened, ignorant and reactionary and the political representatives who play to those fears in order to get votes – are the most intransigent problem.

      There are about 100,000 of us in the entire state, not just in one football stadium on Sunday. Assume that each has an average of 20 friends and family who know our situation, perhaps share in its hardships, and support our position that this is just wrong. That’s about 2 million. Sounds like a lot, but there are 38 million citizens in California. We are a small and largely unsympathetic “interest group”.

  21. Tired of hiding

    I am not in favor of peaceful demonstrations after the endless violations we have endured. I prefer to take this court as it should be fought on human rights violations and constitutional violations.

    Protesting in public holding up a bunch of sex offender signs means accepting the label and applying it to yourself which I WILL NOT DO AS I AM NOT. I will not stoop to the lowest level as they have in tormenting and abusing us.

    If that fails THEN I am in favor of violent protests because when you have nothing you have nothing to lose!

    • Anonymous Nobody

      I fully understand your feelings. But I GUARANTEE you, if you at this point act according to emotions instead of intelligence, you will make matters worse, not better. This is why I posted what I did above. You are definitely not alone in that feeling. But we ALL must act intelligently. Any ONE of us can undermine all the rest of us by their isolated action.

      You do not like the image of sex offender. Well, this is where we get to start building the REAL image of who we are. Should that image be of crazy, violent, dangerous people who the public want to oppress even more, or of nice, pleasant, honest, decent citizens who are fully Americans just like everyone watching, and just as deserving of full rights, which they have earned?

      It is not even good enough to show ourselves to be as good as all the other “saints.” We need a lot of time now to over and over again impress people with this nice and peaceful and better image.

      If a time for violence ever comes, it will not be until well down the line and ONLY after this better image is well established — so that the violence is justified in the minds of the public, as it was in the civil rights era when the peaceful black protests finally turned some years later to riots.

      We do not want to eventually have to turn to riots, but regardless, that time is long down the line if it ever should arrive. This absoltuleey is not the time for violence — that is the absolutely worst thing that could happen. Better to have no protest and accept registration than to have violence now. The public already sees us as violent killers snatching kids off the streets and killing in darkness and coming out of the woodwork — the worst thing to do is feed that image! We need to show an image of who we really are: good people, nice people, intelligent people, cultured people, contributors to the betterment of society, poor souls unjustly and draconianly oppressed.

      If you think you have it hard now, just wait until you see what you get if you turn violent. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Really

      Keep this march and protest peaceful to the extreme, even if violence should be imposed upon us. If even one person does otherwise, you will be making life forthe rest of us a lot harder — really.

      • Tired of hiding

        So now they will see us as a bunch of pathetic perverts with signs complaining because we can’t do this or we can go there…well guess who is going to care about that – NO ONE.

        By doing this we are showing them that they do indeed how power over us and that we do indeed accept the designation of REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER – once again let me state I do not accept that label.

        I will fight this in the only place that can make a difference and that is in court using the very human and constitutional rights that I ALREADY HAVE and that I am being ILLEGALLY deprived of!

        This is NOT like the civil rights protests of the 60’s and you will never change people views of RSO – NEVER – FACTS DO NOT MATTER!


        • John B

          “They MUST BE FORCED”

          Tired of Hiding, yes, but as you said, forced by orders coming from the highest court in the land. Not by you and me, except as plaintiffs. As Anonymous Nobody said, you can only make things worse (at this point) by even talking about violent action. So you see, I agree with you on nearly all you say until you get to violence.

          There is one other place we slightly diverge. I will demonstrate and I’ll do so without accepting their labeling of me. In fact, part of my demonstration is specifically aimed at rejection of that label. As I said in an earlier comment, I’m with you that I don’t think these types of marches change the minds of people of bad will. We can’t change their hearts; we can only change the legal framework that they are attempting to operate under. Again, by court edict.

          If your feelings against marching are so strong, then no one should make you feel as if you have to join us. You have a right to those feelings. I can only share with you my own reasons for doing so. We have an organization in CA RSOL that is taking the battle into the courts for us. I certainly can not fund that effort and am incredibly grateful that it is proceeding. I give a little as I can, but I’d be lost if it was only my contributions which would get the case heard. Therefore, if that organization asks me to participate in an action, even one that I think is largely symbolic and will contribute very little to the end result we seek, then I’m going to accommodate their wishes. It’s very little to ask of me when I consider what they do on my (our) behalf.

          But that’s just how I feel and you are not wrong to feel differently. I’d just beg you to set aside the talk of violence, which I agree with others is completely contrary to accomplishing our rightful goals.

        • Harry

          Tired of hiding, you said, “FACTS DO NOT MATTER!” Facts’ is a weapon we have and we need to use at every opportunity. Yes! There are a few numb brains it will do no good, however, when the masses start comparing our truth with their lies, at first, they (the masses) will not believe us than they (the masses) will start wondering and that when they (the masses) will get angry because they have been lied to by government, lawmakers, victim exploitation groups and so forth. It will take time and consistence and the more of us that will effect with the truth will shorten the outcome. If, violence is what you mean “by force” it will ruin the cause, like a fly landing into a good, bowl of soup. Facts is a force, slow but sure.

        • Tired of hiding

          The masses have always been manipulated by their leaders because they WANT TO BE…they don’t want to think and it has been PROVEN time and time again that they WILL NOT think.

          I am sorry but you can be as optimistic as you wish but you are only going to make us look like desperate fools who accept the label of RSO which again – I DO NOT!

          I will NOT beg for something that I already have (my dignity) BUT I will FIGHT for what is legally MINE and is being ILLEGALLY taken from me!

          Good luck to you!

        • Harry

          Bitterness is the worse state anyone can be in and no one should go there and I refuse to be bitter. Yes! It is tough endure our situation and I am not accepting the label of a RSO, either. I am 66 y.o. and have been on the list for nearly, half of my life and have seen it go from acceptable to now, insane. However, I am seeing cracks in the establishment against us and their claims are detracting, everyday. I refuse to let this to steal my joy and my optimism will move this mountain and I am having people that are getting on board with me to help. It maybe that I live in a small North CA city, most people here, including the PD, are very uncomfortable with SOR. Have good and peaceful day and a better tomorrow.

    • Jonathan Merritt

      A man who has been denied his dignity and human rights is already a dead man.
      Perhaps registrants could Bill Clinton masks.

  22. Anonymous Nobody

    That is, we need to gain sympathy; we do not want to bring on more rage of the beast. this is a double-edged sword. We must walk that tightrope, or we will fall hard.

  23. anonymously

    The Carson City Council takes the cake. I have heard of scapegoating registrants for politicians to boost their careers, but now a City Council is scapegoating registrants to get a Football stadium built in their city. I don’t see Carson backing down with that one Councilman Albert Robles seeming pretty stubborn. He seems to be a good criminal defense attorney too, since he got Albert T. Robles ( no relation apparently ) only 10 years in Fed lockup as his defense attorney for bilking $12 million. Whereas Robert Rizzo from Bell got 12 years for stealing 6.6 million, with a different criminal defense attorney. When it comes to Robles, I don’t see why he thinks any little thing will tarnish the reputation of Carson, like newspapers using the term ‘West Carson’ in describing where petty crimes occur or even questionable non-criminal incidents occur, when he has no problem with himself formerly defending crooked poiticians who steal millions, and also moving in ex-cons to the city of Vernon, in a failed attempt to take over the Vernon government power structure. I wonder if any of those ex-cons were registrants. I never thought I would say this, but I feel sorry for the oil companies in having to deal with such a sheisty character.

  24. anonymously

    timmr said “How bout a gas mask and safety goggles?”

    timmr, I was thinking exactly the same thing. Clearly, the problem in Carson is not registrants, but industrial contamination. It appears that registrants rights are being scapegoated in an attempt to draw attention away from Robles and his fellow City Council members trying to get a stadium built on a former site of a toxic waste dump. Any rational parent at some point could see the difference in dangers…compare registrants reoffense rate 2%, with 98% of new sex crimes coming from non-registrants to being present and watching Football on land was is a former toxic waste dump. Recall Robles, vote against Lu-Lu ( if you live in Carson, since she is up for re-election next month ). Aside from the straight up nastiness of Robles to not care about the health of the fans, the 2 teams, Raiders and Chargers health who would train at the site, there is no problem with building a football stadium for the Rams in Inglewood. Having both stadiums built and L.A accomodating 3 teams would be out of the question. So only one stadium can get built. If Carson was the site of the stadium to be built, can you imagine the security costs coming from building a stadium that will accomodate 2 teams whose fans hate each other, the Raiders and Chargers? The Raiders can’t afford to build a stadium anyways, unlike the Chargers who are in better financial shape. The only positive thing about building this stadium in Carson is it would save the Raiders from going under, since they are the poorest NFL team.

    Robles needs to stop skirting the issue of the contamination, and stop diverting attention to non-existent crime. If his lack of knowledge on who is committing sex crimes ( 98% non-registrants ) is any indication of his knowledge of industrial contamination, I think this guy is negligent in protecting the public from dire health issues. If Robles thinks the site can be cleaned up at the same time the stadium is built, he is delusional. And also look at how much money it would cost to try to clean up the site, as well as build the stadium at the same time. Inglewood is clearly the best place for a football to return to L.A. Go Rams!

    • j

      This sounds like a plot from an LA detective movie that has disastrous implications for the selected victims of this plot. If such a coverup by city officials of a toxic waste site is part of the plans for the new stadium, they certainly need rhetoric, subterfuge, hyperbole and fear mongering to overshadow the potential criminal implications of their activity.

      Someone ought to contact the press so they can do investigative journalism that will may shed light on any such mishandling of the city’s business dealings and clear up any doubt.

      The names have been changed to protect the idiots…

  25. j

    By denying registrants the use of the public library, they are clearly in violation of state law, and implicitly in violation of too many US Constitutional protections to name.

    What are these idiots doing in power?

    • Janice Bellucci

      According to a recent article published in The Daily Breeze newspaper, the City of Carson is “a community where progress tends to be overshadowed by dysfunction at City Hill”. The same article states that there is a City Council election on March 3 in which two incumbents — Lula David Holmes and Elito Santarina — are up for reelection. Many of us remember Lula as the City Council member who declared war on our community and vowed to fight no matter how much it costs. According to that article, she “also pushed the city to ignore a state law that required Carson to reverse its ban on sex offenders”.

      • steve

        “Lula is married to retired Los Angeles Police Department Detective…”

        Hmm. Says a lot.

      • j

        This Lula person sounds like an overgrown teenager who somehow found a way to get elected. Now she wants to play in her make believe world – and inflict real damage upon children and family members of registrants in addition to violating the rights of over 100,000 registrants.

        At the same time, the is clearly and arrogantly stating her disregard for The City of Carson’s money.

        Isn’t that enough for the citizens to take appropriate matters into their hands and remove her before she does even more damage?

        If her ego and disconnect is so egregious, why in the world would anyone keep such a person who believes that the term “abiding by California law” is just a nagging and inane phrase that distracts her from her misguided practices. How in the world does someone with such little practical knowledge (at least as evidenced by her viewpoints) of the constitution get elected, much less stay elected?

        Politics at its very worst and an outright betrayal of the public trust.

  26. Cool Califonria Registered Citizens

    The other day I was looking for couple houses to rent in Carson.
    I was surprised to find couple housing that are “affordable”

    maybe I should move there.

  27. USA

    Well, I’ve just read the City of Carson’s laws and it’s both very disturbing and rather hateful. The requirements are extremely prejudicial and the city leaders are essentially attempting to argue that first time offenders are being incapable of being rehabilitated? Furthermore, the idea of being unable to visit a public library or pool is highly disturbing! What if I owned a McDonalds with a at ground and this law was later instituted? Or, what if I wanted to visit Ikea? There is a small children’s playground present within the premise? I’ve never heard of anything like this. Who would ever believe this if I had mentioned this was possible 10 years ago? While spending a brief time in LA County over 20 years ago for a misdemeanor/summary probation/since expunged for a massage parlor incident, I became aware that Carson/also through prison ministries has a high percentage of gang members, drug dealers and other illegal activity/prostitution/massage parlors? Yet, the Mayor/the last Mayor/Filipino I think was convicted of a crime and deported/ continues to focus on people with a less than 2 percent recidivism rate? From my past experiences/sorry/I have first hand knowledge, the Philippines is in the current mess that it’s in secondary to the corrupt politicians and past 4-5 presidents? So, it appears we have another over zealous politician out of control as well. I suggest the peaceful demonstration and hopefully the corrupt civic leader will show up and continue to show how truly ignorant he is !

  28. mike

    There’s also the fact that these ordinances are going to basically bar every rso from higher education since nearly all college campuses now have daycare centers

    • Anonymous Nobody

      Well, as Janice points out, it only bars LOITERING near these places, not going to class near them. Attending a class or going to the school library is not loitering.

      These ordinances are very bad — but don’t feel that you have to skip your education because of them.

      Actually, a legal definition of “loitering” would be helpful. Would laying on the bench to get a tan be “loitering?” Would sitting on a park bench to get a break from the city and some fresh air be “loitering?”

      And would participating in a political protest march — into a park — constitute the “loitering” needed to spark this ordinance? (But I see no reason to push that issue for this protest.)

      • cool CA RC

        We are meeting our lawyer in a PARK! They shouldn’t arrest us for that.

  29. Ostracized Witch

    KFI radio announced protest, there will be overwhelming presence of conservative listeners aiming to stone the rights of Registered SO’s.

    • Eric Knight

      Can you be specific? Date you heard this, what hour, what host, etc.?

      This is important information to know. Please forward any such information to the Contact page.

  30. barbara

    Any women needing a ride from San Diego? I have room in the car.

  31. anonymously

    It’s too bad Mike Gipson, ex-Councilmember from Carson and current California Assemblyman who is co-sponsoring a bill with Bill Brough to make it legal for cities to make their own local sex offender restrictions which are illegally still on the books, did not learn anything about civil rights from his former boss, Mervyn Dymally. Dymally unfortunately has passed away years ago. Mike Gipson was Dymally’s chief of staff, if we are to believe Gipson’s campaign website claims. It just seems so hard to believe. Dymally got rid of California’s Sodomy law and was good on registrant issues through the years.

  32. anonymously

    Or, no Mike Gipson claims to be one of Mervyn Dymally’s former staff aides. I think Dymally would be opposed to Brough/Gibson and Leyva’s bill/(s?) Dymally was a great man and could have been California’s first black governor since he was Lt. Gov in the 1970’s when Jerry Brown was Gov and if Brown would have become president, then Dymally as Lt. Gov would have become Gov. Gipson will always remain in this mans shadow if he supports draconian restrictions against U.S. citizens.

  33. Molly

    I think someone should ask Lula Davis-Holmes if she is really sure she wants to go down in history as The City of Carson’s Anita Bryant.

  34. Timmr

    All, right, I’m taking any last minute suggestions for slogans for some signs I’m making.

    • Lance Mitaro

      Megan’s Scapegoatees
      Screwed and tattooed
      Not Megan’s killer
      Security Theater doesn’t protect your children
      Watching Dr. Oz to lose weight is like using Megan’s Law to keep your kids safe
      Your fears are being exploited. Congratulations, you fell for it!

      • Nicholas Maietta

        I don’t know about using the names of the children victims in horrible crimes..

        But I would call out those politicians and lawmakers who use the names of those children to promote their own political agendas. When people like Runner can’t or won’t grasp recent decision by california’s highest court that the law did the opposite of what it intended, but then continues to push this as a good law, then that is a disgrace towards those children and to their families.

        To think someone would rather promote their own political agendas rather than actually intelligently promoting public safety is ludacris and appalling.

    • cool CA RC guy

      something to do with family?

    • Janice Bellucci

      Thank you for the great signs, Timmr! They really helped us to deliver our message in Carson today.

      • John B

        Yes, thanks to Timmr for the hard work and great looking signs. I thought about bringing my own and would have gone with “at long last, have you no sense of decency”? but in retrospect, probably more of a confrontational note than Janice was going for. I liked my “support the Constitution” sign.

        • Timmr

          Thank you John B. My wife and I really enjoyed making them. I had also ordered 80 pocket Constitutions to hand out, but they didn’t arrive in time. I can keep them for the next time, hopefully there will be at least 80 participants.
          I told Janice and I tell all of you, I felt like I had crawled out from under a rock, where I had been cowering, and got out in the light and air to do my civic duty. I hope it does some good for all of us, if nothing else, it was worth it for my own self esteem. I hope others feeling powerless will find a way in their own time and manner to do that also.

    • Anonymous Nobody

      How about:

      “This Could Never Happen in America — But It Is!!”

  35. Robert Curtis

    I will violate tomorrow’s ban and welcome the said illegal arrest of my person. I saved my son’s life twice because I was there to do so, but these bans violate more that a registrant’s Rights but also that of their children to have their first line of protection (their parent) present with them in parks…My presentation before the Orange County Supervisors on 05-08-2012 under public comments (I’m the first presenter) exposes the whole issue.

    • hannah grace

      Robert – Just watched your presentation to the Orange County Supervisors and was brought to tears. My loved one spent twenty-four years serving his country and made one very horrible life-altering decision. He got caught in a sting. No actual victim. However, he was convicted on what he might have done. He can no longer spend time with our grandchildren (who love and adore him). I have no idea how I will be explaining this situation to them when they are old enough to understand that he is “not at work.” Once again, the family is being punished by this draconian laws.

    • G4Change

      WOW, Robert. VERY beautiful presentation before the apathetic supervisors. More of us registrants need the courage and eloquence that you have!

    • MM

      Robert, just watched. Thank you!

  36. G4Change

    GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!! May it be a peaceful and successful day.

  37. lonovati

    Do you think this will garner sympathy from the general public?

    • j

      Empathy would be a good thing. We are at this juncture because hate has been put into law and it was done by the obfuscation of real facts and statistics in favor or mob rule. So when these politicos who use the abuse of registrants and their children to bolster their political profile, they are exposing themselves for the hate mongers they are.

      It is relatively simple. The battle is the instinct of fear and hate, spurred on by “leaders” versus truth and reasoning. Sadly instincts such as fear and the resultant hate drive frenetic responses and the modern social architects of hate, such as these chest beating “leaders” who intimately consulted the Joseph Goebbels playbook when setting these unconstitutional and macabre instruments into play,
      are blissfully ignorant to the facts and pass that ignorance on to their constituencies.

  38. Nicholas Maietta

    I will not be at this event today, really hoping you guys/gals stay safe out there. Keep cool, keep collected while you demonstrate and hopefully law enforcement will not try and intimidate or harass anyone there. I fully expect a lot of media coverage on this event, so keep your best face forward and good luck.

  39. Breezy Sis

    Too far to participate but my thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Keep fighting the good fight, and know that there is an army of support behind you.

  40. Nathan K

    I went it was good.
    I was expecting the city council mrmbers to show up and tell us they were there to protected their city children’s
    They knew we were coming but I think they chicken out.
    If they did then I didn’t see any of them
    We got couple Thumb up from citizen as We March.
    Thanks Janice

    • The Anon

      Glad to hear it went well. I live in another state, so I wasn’t able to attend, but you have my full support. How many people attended?

  41. Gerald

    Next: A peaceful march on the Mexican border, to bring attention to government imposed travel restrictions.

    • Janice Bellucci

      Today’s protest in Carson was a momentous occasion! About 50 people showed up, stood up and spoke up by participating in the protest. The group included people of all ages and represented the diversity of California — Asians, African Americans, Hispanics and Caucasians. We first gathered at the Carson City Hall where we chose signs and banners, then walked about a mile down Avalon Blvd. to Calas Park (intersection of 223rd and Cluff Streets). KTLA TV filmed the entire event which was also captured by a photographer from the L.A. Times. About 300 feet from the park, at a place designated by “crime scene” tape, registered citizens stopped and the rest of continued into the park. Food and water was delivered to the registered citizens in a red wagon pulled by a 7-year-old girl and her mother. During the picnic at and near the park, L.A. County deputy sheriffs watched and waited. Before it was over, there were six cars full of them. When it was over, the sergeant in charge commented that we were both quiet and quick to clean up. Overall, it was a great day. More details to come tomorrow.

      • G4Change

        In my opinion, each registrant who was prevented from continuing with this march because of the park restriction was denied their right to peaceful assembly and their right to free speech by the City of Carson. I believe they are owed damages.

  42. Ostracized Witch

    Good turnout, however, an arrest for violation of the city’s park restriction could have helped us focus light on it’s overall stupidity. More media coverage could have stimulated much needed dialogue on the reasonableness of many of California’s sex offender laws.

    • John B

      I’m not trying to be confrontational, but I have to point out the obvious… WHO is it you would like to have been arrested? You were there. If you feel this strongly, you could have put yourself in a position to be the focus you are asking for. If you are not willing to, and I certainly understand that because I was not either, then it’s really unfair to ask for anyone else to do it.

      But, in fact, there was one member of our group who DID go into the park and could have been arrested. He was not. He expected to be, but was not. What more could he do?

      I do agree with you in principle, that if someone, in an act of civil disobedience purposely goes into a McDonalds with a play area, a library or a park and is arrested, it will force the issue to eventually find it’s way to Supreme Court. In that case, I can’t imagine the legal and logical gymnastics the Justices would have to perform in order to find for the city of Carson.

      I just think we can’t ask for someone to do that sort of heavy lifting for us.

      • Anonymous Nobody

        You mean, of course, the court system that has lied at every turn in order to justify even the most draconian of disabilities meted out to registrants? This is who you want to take your chances with, you think will save you from having to go to jail? You think they would have trouble with legal and logical gymnastics?! They have proven time and again that they have no problem with that at all, have repeatedly ruled that red is blue in order to justify anything against registrants. The court system we have today is one of the biggest problems of this registration fight, not the savior! The court system we have today is not going to let even facts get in the way. Haven’t you been paying attention?!

        • John B

          I don’t think you understand my position.

          There is no way I’ll ever think that the courts are going to “save” me. But as far as taking our chances with the Supreme Court – well, that’s the ONLY chance we have.

          What are the alternatives to getting this changed? Convincing voters to overturn the unconstitutional measure that they enacted in the first place (mostly overwhelmingly)? THAT ain’t happening. Or, how about convincing politicians like these ones in Carson to stop being unreasonable? The same politicians who can read the fear of the voters and thus try to out do each other in aggressively undermining our right? No.

          So I’m not hopeful that the SCOTUS will rule in our favor at any point in my lifetime but I do know that them doing so is the ONLY way this changes.

    • Maybe

      The problems are
      1) I have a car parked on the public street and it could be towed if i am siting in jail.
      2) Will I be safe in jail ? can I handle 5 angry men? 2
      3) which sound better NO arrest or a SEXUAL OFFENDER was arrested for attempting to enter a park where there are children around.
      to me no arrest sound better. showing that we were peaceful.
      4) what the bail ?
      and I better stop here before my mind start running listing 100 more stuff that could go wrong!

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