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The Media makes it sound like an either or proposition. Protecting children isn’t an issue due to there not being any history of registrants ever violating against children in parks. I’m disappointed but not surprised on how the media spun the reasoning around that it’s somehow about protecting children when the real children at risk are those of registered sex offenders that are disallowed being with their children in public places like parks. I personally saved my son’s life twice because I was there to do so. Children have been known to having accidence in parks whether from falling from… Read more »

Janice orchestrated a significant rally to raise awareness over the unfair AND unconstitutional restrictions imposed upon Registered citizens.

She is our advocate to end the imposed cruelty and bring common sense to laws restricting the lives of offenders convicted of a crime of a sexual nature, many who have minor offenses NOT involving kids.

Oh boy! Here we go again; why don’t these news people ever use Frank’s full statement? I know the rest of the statement had to do with important truths/facts. This is also done to Janice, and I can’t help feeling Robert had some truthful, important and relevant things to say too. This is how the media controls your opinion (omissions and words); what you think and what you believe. Not so much with registrants, but the sheeple are just that!

“Dissecting the Media – The Words They Use, The Minds They Sway”

Thank you Janice and everyone else involved in yesterdays protest. Watching this brought a tear to my eye. I know now more than ever that there is hope, and that I am not alone. I wish I could have been there. Let’s prey this is the beginning of a turning of the tide in regards to attitudes and policies towards reformed former sex offenders. Keep up the good work, and keep fighting the good fight.

I was just about to send these pictures to my best friend of many decades who lives out in the desert, has a successful small business and I found he had already sent this to me! He had called me early this morning, distressed and worried because he saw my picture in the Los Angeles Times. What follows is my email response to him – HAHAHA!!! I was just going to send this to you. Get off my HOMEPAGE, a-hole! Seriously, lucky for you, you have nothing to do with me in everyday life and needn’t explain your buddy to… Read more »

John, you are among friends here.
Don’t waste time on people that have nothing to do with you.
Enjoy LIFE !!

Yes, by all means enjoy life! Just do it as long as that doesn’t include international travel and seeing the wonders of the world because the US government is betraying you and sending your information and telling other countries to NOT allow you entry into their countries!

Hi John, I too don’t blame people for hating the crime I did, but there is no reason to blame me for what I have done since, or even before. I found it nearly impossible to get a job from someone, but I was able to hang on by being self employed. After the offense and with the support of my wife and children, I was able to buy a house, keep it during the downturn and remain offense free, dispite society doing everything to disrupt my life and keep me labeled a criminal. Both my youngest son and my… Read more »

Your own home, no boss, a supportive wife and a handful of well-adjusted children…. registry notwithstanding, some might say you have it all! At least something a large percentage of people will never have.

At the end of the day, living well is the best revenge!

I totally agree!!! This action and web site have lifted my spirits. I am a RC of 16 years. Just turned 50 in fact and have a 12 year old son. If you figure I was an adult at 18, I will have been a registrant half my adult life. One thing I have noticed though is 50 showed up. A good start, but I think more presence is needed. Since we cannot look up our own registry or of any others, I think that Janice and her team might want to look into looking up the addresses of individuals… Read more »

The only coverage in the Sunday Los Angeles Times was buried in the B section, on B6 (left hand page), at the bottom. It was only a pic with a short caption, not a story. A good size pic, but I am disappointed that they did not choose one showing the overall participation but instead chose one that made it look like just a handful of people is all there was, and just standing around looking bored. A line of 50 people marching with signs would have made a much more impressive picture and fuller report. But then, the Times… Read more »

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