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IL: Sex offender workplace registry bill sparks debate

State Senator Julie Morrison (D-Deerfield) has introduced a bill that would require convicted sex offenders to register with police in the locales where they work to plug a hole in the state’s registry system.

The measure is viewed as a common-sense approach by Highland Park Police Chief Paul Shafer and others in law enforcement, and seen as overly punitive and burdensome by some advocates looking out for offenders’ rights. Full Article

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  1. Paul

    “I think it is well known that sex offenders have a propensity to violate again,” he said.

    Really? Well known? Because that’s not what the evidence, or the recidivism rate, supports! In fact, quite the opposite is true.

    • Q

      Hi Paul:

      The statement “I think it is well known that sex offenders have a propensity to violate again,” should be a red flag to anyone reading the article, because it is clear cut evidence that this individual doesn’t know what they are talking about, or that they are trying to advance their career at the expense of the constitution, bill of rights and the rights of the individual.

      Unfortunately the vast majority of sheeple are too bloody lazy to look and see if what they are being told lines up with the fact’s/statistics, and are so wrapped up in their own little lives, plans and designs that they are comfortable letting someone else tell them what to believe/the way things are. Because of this apathy they usually never know when they are being lied to and are ill equipped (uninformed/willful stupor) to recognize a liar or ill informed do gooder staring them in the face spewing their poison.

      Had the article read : I think it is A well known MYTH that sex offenders have a propensity to violate again,” would indicate a person who is well informed and honest enough to want to tell the facts to the sheeple. It’s all in the words. The tone of any article is invariably set in the first. Second or third paragraph. These media outlets have become the mouthpiece of liars looking to advance their careers at the expense of freedoms many people died for. They are not good Americans and many reporters and media outlets have become nothing more than “secretaries writing what they are told to write.

      Here in Amerika people only have the illusion of choice when it comes to the media, which I prefer to think of as the propaganda ministry. The media has never been more consolidated in the history of the world. There are 6 (satans number in Biblical numeric s) media outlets here that own and control the information you and everyone else is fed. The first one is GE, which owns Comcast, NBC and others. Then there is News Corp, which owns Fox, Wall Street Journal and the NY Post, to name a few. Then there is Disney, owner of ABC, ESPN, and others. The others are Viacom, Time Warner and CBS. I believe these companies are responsible for lying to the American people and the people of the world. They need to start telling the truth.

  2. David

    Wow! Great comments that follow on the website’s article!
    Another legislative “solution” to a non-problem, a completely unnecessary law.

  3. David

    Comments are worth reading!

  4. Gerald

    “I think it is well known that sex offenders have a propensity to violate again,” he said. “Based on that, historically, it just makes sense that if someone is working 40 hours a week some place outside of (their home town) at least notify the agency of where they are at.”

    Another ambiguous self serving statement that ignores individuality.

    Kinda like, it is well known that historically politicians have demonstrated a propensity to violate public trust when they are working outside of their home.

  5. Clark

    Well Julie Buford bucktooth jabronie ..that’s a great misrepresentation of facts..and you propose public policy be based on your deception/misrepresentation ..?.. whatta ya gonna do with the over nine out of ten people who are your. commit sex crime that are NOT from a registry..?….tell the public and warn them Julie bout that nine out of ten and registry just a decoy/patsy.

  6. Molly

    I just called the Senator’s office and told her representative she is on the wrong side of history on this issue.
    (217) 782-3650

    • FRegistryTerrorists

      Nice. Good for you. And thank you for the phone number. Terrorists like this senator need to understand that when they attack families, the families are going to respond.

  7. anonymously

    Q said “in the history of the world. There are 6 (satans number in Biblical numeric s) media outlets here that own and control the information you and everyone else is fed. The first one is GE…”

    Let’s not forget Clear Channel/I Heart Radio/I Heart Media/I Heart Hate owned by Bain Capital/Mitt Romney. Radio’s version of Fox news/Newscorp.

  8. anonymously

    Thats something agencies could share themselves, and does not require registrants added participation. Having a job is a good thing for anyone and shouldn’t be something that adds furthur punishment. I don’t mind Julie’s big smile that probably got her elected, but any brains behind that smile?

  9. Commenter1

    Senator Trotter who signed on as co-sponsor of this bill has mysteriously removed his sponsorship from the bill. I wonder if he realizes the bill is bad. It’s scheduled for 3rd reading in the IL Senate next week and if it passes it’s probably going to go nowhere in the House since we seem to have committees with better judgement over there.

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