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FL: Couple found guilty of having sex on Florida beach

A jury Monday found a couple guilty of having sex on Bradenton Beach after only 15 minutes of deliberation. The convictions carry a maximum prison sentence of 15 years.

____ and ___ were charged with two counts each of lewd and lascivious behavior for having sex on a public beach on July 20, 2014.Video played in the courtroom during the 1- 1/2-day-long trial showed Alvarez moving on top of Caballero in a sexual manner in broad daylight. Witnesses testified that a 3-year-old girl saw them.

Both ____ and ____ will now have to register as sex offenders. Full Article

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Fabiola Santiago: Prosecutors went overboard in beach-sex case

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I’m glad they didn’t take a plea. This case will make a great Eighth Amendment appeal.

From the comments it looks like most people see a need to punish this crude public behavior but balk at excessive punishment and registration.
I don’t know where Florida stands in it’s total RSO tally but I’m guessing they hope to be number one in the near future.

I am sure you are right. That is where I am registered.

Total setup and took a plea 16 years ago as I was younger and had no knowledge of the legal system and had never even heard of “sex offenders”…couple that with a shady lawyer who has seen been disbarred and well you know the rest of the story!

Note that the actual worse consequence is the fact they both have lifetime Florida sex offender registration and all its restrictions.

Here is the scene in question… appropriate? Hardly. Worth years and years in prison? Hmmmm….

In a sane place someone would have walked up to them and told them to cut it out. Sanity and common sense no longer has any place in this country where the only way to solve anything is to register, incarcerate or, on a broader sense, bomb the place to pieces.

Wow, how insane. Sure, maybe they should have kept it a little more discrete, but prison??? If that were the case in Europe, everyone would be serving time. When has this country become so prude? Why not start censoring TV programs? How ridiculous. They should have been given a hefty fine and a warning and asked to leave the beach.

Welcome, welcome to the club…. one way to dismantle the abomination that is the sex offender registry is to fight it, in court and such. Another way is to put so many people on it that it defeats itself. A combination of both should yield best results.

If you use the calculation and data sources shown here

then 1 out of every 120 male adults in Florida is a lifetime Registered Sex Offender. In Oregon it is 1 out of 60 male adults.

At what point does something become the norm?

It seems that so called justice in this country has become a perversion in it’s own right. That this is happening in Florida (the other stupid state) is not surprising.

Isn’t it interesting that the comments under the original article show an incredible amount of support for the accused in this case, in spite of a child seeing them?

Well, I’m not sure what to say. The couple was clearly out of control! I mean, what if you where walking down the beach with your children? I don’t agree with the lewd charge, but this is more of an indecent exposure charge. Please read the article/articles carefully. The man had spent 8 years in prison for cocaine sales ect. So, the reason he is facing up to 15 years is because this is his 2nd felony. Having sex at a public beach during the day around children isn’t appropriate! If your an adult, you clearly should understand this. Now,… Read more »

Tell you what. If I was walking down the beach with my children I would simply have turned around and walked the other way. You think they would be scarred for life seeing people humping on a beach towel…maybe your children but not mine.

Mine would not be under the impression that we live in Disney world and besides that…mine would be educated and not taught that the stork had brought them and dropped them down the chimney.

Sorry but prudes like you have caused this mess we find America in today.

Well, whoever found my comments to be posted in a negative fashion clearly must still have issues! First, if you think it’s okay to have sex on a public beach during the daytime, then you have issues! Nobody in their right mind would think this is okay or acceptable! Secondly, I spent a few days in LA County after my ordeal 20 years and I won’t forget! This guy spent 8 years in prison! He was released 3 years earlier? So, who knows if he was still on parole? Now, if you break the law and pay your debt to… Read more »

Wow! This is exactly why I wouldn’t care to associate with these type of “victims” giving thumbs down. USA, you are right on with your comment.

I think the penalty for the accusation, regardless if he had priors, is still an extreme punishment that simply doesn’t fit.

Secondly, other sources have quoted that there was no evidence of nudity, exposure or penetration. The defense stated that she was on top of him trying to wake him up. What I find very disturbing is that these two were charged and convicted based solely on one eyewitness account. It’s widely documented that eyewitnesses are not always reliable.

I agree. Someone was offended, that’s clear, but who was harmed? These minimum sentences mean to do something more than keeping people from harm. Some people are offended by cartoons mocking their religion. Not reason enough to kill the offenders. Some people look like they are having sex on a beach. Is that enough for taking 15 years out of their lives, and exposing them to real sexual abuse in prison? In this age, apparently it is. There are jerks in this world who offend others purposely, and they get off at making others uncomfortable. This couple may have been… Read more »

Oh boy! You guys all must be innocent as well! Your all victims! Surreal

No one is talking about being a victim. No one has even excused the behavior. No one is even disputing that they should be punished. What is being criticized is the iron fist of justice making another sucker punch. 15 years in a state prison for allegedly having consensual sex at the beach? (Heck, far worse things happen on those same beaches during their spring breaks.) 30 days in county jail, probation and 500 hours of community service would better serve the interest of justice than a prison term and a lifetime on Florida’s registry. This is just another example… Read more »

They will after nearly, everyone either themselves or someone they know will get affected by it. It looks like it will happen soon, especially in Florida

I think it’s fair to assume anything when people give a thumbs down instead of offering an opposing opinion.
Of course they can’t be rebuffed and apparently that system works well for them and their agenda.

Many have in fact, offered detailed opposing viewpoints.

Clearly you are willing to accept the state crushing individuals…well, that might work for you and I am sure you have accepted your place as a damaged individual that the state has labelled you as and you are quick to have others equally crushed and labelled as criminals for life.

Well, not all of us accept that classification nor do we feel that we are damaged either. This is simply a case of the state using its power over individual to control behavior that is perfectly normal. Prude

Duh, I was facing 24 years! Prior to my preliminary hearing, the DA offered me 6 years in state prison? When it was all over, I plead to 1 battery charge and received summary probation! Duh, they could be facing 20 years, but that doesn’t mean they will receive it! Are they first time offenders? Furthermore, have you ever met an honest TV reporter or writer? They always blow stories way out of proportion? Do the newspapers or TV newscasters always portray sex offenders correctly? No! No! So, I think you guys should put your thinking caps on and realize… Read more »

I believe everyone one has come to this post open-minded. You were the one to come out guns blazing condemning these defendants in the news and subsequently attacking anyone who gave you a thumbs down. You say to be open-minded but chastise anyone who isn’t in agreement with you. Pot, meet kettle. I’m not here to pick a fight with you; just trying to restore a bit of civility. You usually have insightful posts. Your recent entries, though, have been quite out of character. Perhaps you’re having a bad week. Just take a deep breath and be glad you don’t… Read more »

What’s is up with usa. Brags about being in the top 5% of wage earners but doesn’t file motions or pursue any legal avenues to help the cause. At least not that I know of and then to come off with the sarcasm towards others on this site. Hmmm I tell ya if I had the resources I would be following every legal avenue I could pursue in this cause not nust for myself but for the good of us all. USA hire a lawyer to prepare a boilerplate motion for injunction relief based on the issues I brought up… Read more »

Just in case you missed it in previous post here it is again. I want to know if you would be interested in assisting me in refining and or formatting the following into a proper court document or if you can direct me to someone that would. Any feedback or suggestions would be great. Thank you for your time. Please be aware that courts do award attorney fees in such cases. The following is just one example. In January of 2009, the Court also granted plaintiffs’ motion for attorney fees in the amount of $145,823.50. I the plaintiff __________________________ do… Read more »

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