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How Josh Duggar and Dennis Hastert could change the laws on sex crimes

Two days after former House speaker Dennis Hastert’s (R-Ill.) indictment became public, a small group of sexual abuse survivors gathered at Federal Plaza in downtown Chicago. The group, made up of members of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP), was there say thank you to prosecutors for exposing Hastert’s alleged crimes. Full Article

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  1. Two states east

    THANK YOU for taking Eric Knights’ referenced article from 2 days ago and giving it a separate spot here.

    This Hastert business may very well ignite things to become the Nation’s new Statute Of Limitatations (SOL) “UNLIMITED” Law… But I can’t help thinking that the “prep” has ALREADY been done and just waiting for a FIRE like Hastert. I mean after Megan Kanka’s death ONLY TWO WEEKS passed by before Bills were presented to the New Jersey Legislature..

    So off and running we go with a DEMOCRAT leading the charge (Harry Reid, lame duck) Could it be this is to provide HILLARY with a VOTE GETTER? I know that’s a COLD thing for me to say; I’m sorry.

    Let’s look right here in California: DEMOCRATS sponsored the latest SOL bills that last year that SAILED through the Legislature (SB-924 and SB-926) raising SOL of 28 years up to 40 years of age criminally. But Jerry Brown VETOED the civil part. He is a former Jesuit seminarian; Catholics opposed it for obvious “third party” reasons. Jerry vetoed it the year before too (SB-131).

    So now looking at the SCOTUS 2003 decision of California v Stogner: It was CLOSE; a 5/4 SPLIT ! So SOL in Calif was held, but only in the ExPost Facto realm of things. Of course there were then and now loopholes to help victims get redress in spite of all this.

    So I have to ask: Will they really need to resort to FEDERAL BLACKMAIL ??

  2. LM

    Good article from the WP. Also, did you hear the one about JEB BUSH ?

  3. ab


    1. Why focus on the statue of limitations? Giving free reign to everyone will cause more problems.

    2. Does anyone realize the harm of publicizing sexual misconduct? People can and do move on after experiencing inappropriate contact. Not everyone is affected the same way . Actually if people want the whole truth then society must accept that not all illegal sexual activity results in harm. Bringing pornography into the mix creates more complications than most would willingly admit. Jurisdictions classify depictions differently throughout the world. What is porn here might not be elsewhere or vise versa. In fact I could (but won’t) introduce statements from supposed victims that tell an underreported perspective. Dig deep enough and such statements can be found.

    3. Why does the United States prevent people from seeking help without the law becoming involved? So many offenses in this country could be prevented by both a victim and victimizer going to counseling without any law enforcement involvement. I would even bet a greater understanding of sexual assault, molestation, rape and other offenses would be reached.

    • Robert Curtis

      You are Quite right. The problem of seeking help through counseling is how therapist are required by law to report any dialog that you have with them if it regards any thoughts or behaviors deemed illegal. So, the whole purpose of therapy is to bring out issues and thoughts that may by their nature be viewed as illegal or immoral. The laws of disclosure therefore prevents healing and disclosure due to fear of arrest in doing so…again why do we have counseling if it’s not meant to be effective? The same standards are also applied to members of the clergy. Laws are used as a form of pressure placed upon society to push the herd in certain directions. The direction is often not towards getting well but designed as a vehicle of harm towards failure and destruction. TRUTH

      • Margaret Moon

        You certainly have the right idea, Robert. The mandatory reporting laws, use of polygraphs in “treatment” and all the rest is NOT called rehabilitation, it is called CONTAINMENT. (by those who mandate it)
        I do not understand how any ETHICAL “mental health professional” can participate in this One-size-fits-all travesty!
        Could it be the steady government paycheck???

  4. George

    Note that both men, Duggar and Hastert, are presumed guilty. They are so guilty laws have to be passed right now to prevent them and anyone like them from doing evil. The same is true for the alleged O.C. serial killer cases, presumed guilty, pass laws based on that presumption. Lawmakers no longer believe in the presumption of innocence.

  5. Two states east

    To: AB. I don’t know why someone gave you a thumbs down. What you said is timely and TRUE. THUMBS UP FROM ME !

  6. Timmr

    “So many offenses in this country could be prevented by both a victim and victimizer going to counseling without any law enforcement involvement. I would even bet a greater understanding of sexual assault, molestation, rape and other offenses would be reached.”

    AB I agree, but I have discovered that most people employed in this victim/offender/enforcer complex want just enough understanding to make their job of controlling people easier. The rest of the population turns away in disgust, and are terrified at looking at the truth — who knows why, possibly because if one looks from a non-judgmental perspective, one will recognize something of oneself in the offender. And if one openly admits his full humanity, thoughts, emotions and biological urges included, he invites the full force of public shaming and accusation that our culture inflicts on sexual violators.

  7. W.C.

    Two States East and Timmr, the underlying fact is that people are so vindictive in this day and age. When a 10-year-old boy can be listed as a sexual predator for life in the state of TX, you know pretty well what time it really is. Child molestation is one of those crimes wherein all one has to do is point a finger and accuse and the accused is pretty much convicted and sentenced before he or she ever steps so much as their big toe into the court room. It’s the Salem Witch Hunt mentality. Today, most would rather see 1,000 innocent men and women go to prison than for one guilty molester to get away with his or her crime.

    • Timmr

      Even the guilty need to be treated fairly and given a chance. That statement shocks the sensitivities of people of all persuasions nowadays. As nvmike said, or something like it, Democrats are all for saving a victim, and Republicans are all for tough on crime. It all amounts to the same thing, punish first, ask questions later. In such a scenario, innocent people are bound to get swept up in the punish-fest.
      And yet, even the guilty need to be treated fairly and given a chance. People who are convicted of sex crimes have the lowest rate of re-offending of all crime types, except murder. What can this mean, but that former sexual offenders, as a broad group, are very redeemable.

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