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Janice’s Journal: Carson Court of Opinion to Convene on July 21

The City of Carson has taken a stance. It has “declared war” against registered citizens. That war includes both presence restrictions which prohibit all registered citizens from visiting both public and private places as well as residency restrictions which prohibit all registered citizens from living in a significant part of that city.

The Carson City Council knows that its laws do not comply with recent state appellate court decisions which are based upon interpretations of the state and federal constitutions. Members of that Council have stated publicly, however, that they disagree with the courts’ decisions and therefore refuse to abide by them.

The City Council also disagrees with a Settlement Agreement signed by the City Manager and City Attorney in July 2014. The terms of that agreement require the City to “align with state law” by significantly revising its presence restrictions and by placing a stay of enforcement on its residency restrictions.

In order to compel the City of Carson to honor its promises in the signed Settlement Agreement, the City of Carson was sued for breach of contract and fraud. The attorneys who represent the City attempted to stop the lawsuit by a filing a motion that was superfluous at best and mean spirited at worst.   A judge this week denied that motion and allowed Plaintiff Frank Lindsay to file an amended complaint which adds two important components – compensatory damages and punitive damages – which for legal reasons were not included in the original lawsuit.

After the judge’s ruling, the plaintiff has attempted to initiate settlement discussions. The City of Carson has failed to respond to that attempt and is unlikely to do so unless they are forced to do so by a different court, the court of public opinion.

It’s time to convene a court of public opinion at the Carson City Council meeting on July 21. Join us for a protest prior to that meeting near City Hall and/or speaking to the Council during its meeting. There are plenty of protest signs available, the same signs used during our peaceful protest on March 7.

It’s time to Show Up – Stand Up – Speak Up.

by Janice Bellucci

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  1. Jim

    Jim Orey from Carson. I would be proud to carry a banner that states, it is your tax dollar this city is throwing away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nicholas Maietta

      I say bring it. If the tax payers don’t want some of that money to go into the hands of sex offenders through the use of lawsuits, it’s time they wake up and realize they need go get those damn politicians out of office who keep ignoring the truth.

  2. Timmr

    What time?

  3. j

    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the courage to bring the constitution and civil rights inherent to all citizens of this country to shine on such a dark corner of humanity as is the body politic of Carson. Playing by the rules is impossible for them because they have never read them and apparently don’t plan to her read them, learn them or abide by them in the next century. It is time to expose these charlatans for exactly what they are and hope the the City of Carson can abide by the city attorney’s recommendations, throw those currently in power out of office, collect themselves and move gracefully into the future with the US Constitution firmly in hand.

  4. AV Homeless Veteran

    Stupid is what Stupid does. Politics is a dirty game and those who play fair and carry a big stick, always win. I believe it will cost Carson slightly over $10,000 ($100,000+-)or we might lose (doubt it). Win this battle or lose, we know the Constitution will always win in the end (BIG STICK).

  5. Ostracized Witch

    WOW…..pray Frank Lyndsay wins!

  6. Clark

    How can I and others get our lawsuit against this city for violation of civil rights ….people need to be paid for being the public agenda of “war….” which puts registered as enemy of the state in such a declaration ….it doesn’t get any clearer that this registry is punitive…..its as clear as “war”.

    • j

      It will never happen but the CA National Guard needs sent by the Governor to guard the Carson City chambers and registrants in protection of their civil rights and in protection of the US Constitution. A rouge cadre of imbeciles has seized control of a government body and is waging war against US Citizens. They need to be rounded up and and tried for treason.

  7. Kevin

    I would love to go, but I must go to my “treatment” night. Still not sure what I am being “treated” for. Oh yeah, being so stupid!

    Good luck to everyone, fight the good fight.

  8. George

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if RCs could not attend if the law were in effect because “near City Hall” is also near forbidden zone x, y or z?

    • Cool California RC

      The last time I was there they didn’t EVEN have a police department. They depend on the CHP to protect them.

      Don’t worry just be there!
      I plan to be there..

      • curiouser

        Karson uses Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies for all their law enforcement needs, criminal as well as traffic. CHP doesn’t patrol Karson at all. LASD makes up their own rules as they go anyway, so its a coin toss as to what they will do. Not long ago, Karson Station’s commander was suspended for allegations that she was leaking information to a known drug dealer who was also either a close friend or family member, so he could avoid being arrested. And they call US the bad guys…

        • Michael

          Just to make it clear for everyone;

          In California it is the county sheriff who provides general law enforcement services in unincorporated parts of the county, with the CHP having concurrent jurisdiction, and thus dedicated units assigned to patrol there, over public roads in that area.

          In incorporated cities, like Carson, the city can have it’s own PD or
          contract for those services from the sheriff or from another city’s police department.
          Most just use the sheriff. But in Orange County the city of Yorba Linda contracted with the city of Brea for police services for decades, before they too went with the OC Sheriff.

          Also, police officers/Dep.Sheriffs not having direct jurisdiction over an area can not enforce that areas municipal codes.
          Police officers enforce state laws and their own city’s MCs.
          In other words, the Orange police can not enforce the city of Anaheim’s MCs, or ordinances, on sight.

          So the CHP would not be enforcing these various MCs, unless assisting, by request, the agency having general law enforcement jurisdiction over that area.

          However, in a practical sense, I wouldn’t hold street court with the cop who might try. That usually ends up badly for the person who is NOT the cop.

    • j

      It would be interesting to see if CHP would actually effect an arrest based on the recent court findings. I wonder if and how they would respond to a question about this and their possible liability as well should they support a regime that is clearly out of control and in stubborn opposition to recent rulings and reality for that matter.

  9. Michael

    At this point it seems too much like being begging.

    Why is it not?
    Why not just sit back, so to speak, and deal with them through the courts?

    Or, to put it another way, it’s pretty clear they are going to get hammered in court. So why not just let the courts deal with them?

    • Timmr

      Because it lets the public know just exactly who has hammered them… the most despised group in America. I think that is great!

  10. VAHALl

    Be there, aloha.

  11. oncefallendotcom

    This sounds like a better plan than the last protest, held when city hall was closed and the councilpeople out on the beach or playing golf. I hope you plan to have some sign holders outside city hall DURING the meeting, and perhaps you could pass out fliers with your position on it as well so passers-by can be exposed to the truth. This time, have someone film it and have people not afraid to show their faces on film so those of us unable to attend can see it.

    • Joe

      What’s with the tone? Who the h3ll are you???

      • jo

        Joe, let’s stand united. Its his OPINION. Let him express it. The LAST thing we need is to be a fractured, splintered group. The bottom line: We are all in the same boat trying to stem an overwhelming tide. Every voice is needed. Let’s try to limit ourselves to constructive debate.

        • Joe

          Totally. No benefit in divide and conquer. And anyone can express their opinion, and has the right to do so. BUT unless they were THERE at the last event and

          – was one of the 50 or so who could be bothered to show up on a Saturday morning

          – held one of many signs whilst walking down the street

          – got their photo and name in photos on this web site and in the newspaper and on TV (more than one had)

          I have the right to say “who the hell are you” and “how dare you lecture those who had the guts and could be bothered to show up”.

          Why you would chastise me and not him I do not understand. I applaud the people who organized the last Carson protest. I applaud the people who attended the last Carson protest. I sure as h3ll applaud the people who got their names in the paper and on TV. They are bigger people than I am. They deserve praise and admiration, not criticism. And certainly not criticism from someone hiding behind a pseudonym who may not even have been there. I just don’t want the sacrifice of the people who put themselves out there, should there be such a thing, to be minimized. The people I am talking about know who they are.

        • oncefallendotcom

          “Joe” If you don’t know oncefallen, you obviously don’t know jack about this movement. I am Derek Logue, I run one of the best activist information websites in this entire movement,, and chances are I’ve been doing this at least a decade longer than you. You better get familiar with this name real quick, pal.

          Now, if you folks can’t appreciate the FACT that I gave a critique and offered ways to improve the demonstration so folks can see more than a one minute video with still shots to share with fellow activists, then why bother having a protest in the first place?

          I stand by my assessment of the first protest. The first protest was held on a Saturday, when folks were not in office, so this time, they are at least having one when there are actually people at city hall, so people can be exposed to the protest. That’s why I like this effort as opposed to the last one.

          Second, the idea to have video and have people who want to be on camera is a good idea because people wanted to see more than that “official RSOL video” that was nothing but audio with a few still photos. People wanted to see people holding signs, marching, chanting, and maybe even people giving the thumbs-up and interacting with protesters (you know, like my video for the Rally in Tally). That’s not a criticism, that’s a good suggestion based on actual protesting experience.

          Also, the idea of passing out fliers explaining your position is a good way to advertise your existence. Do you want people who stop by city hall that day to remember CA-RSOL or not? Don’t think people are going to remember to go to CA-RSOL without a visual reminder? That is not a criticism but a suggestion based on actual protest experience.

          Now, all of you giving me the thumbs-down need to grow up. If you crack under the least amount of criticism, how are going to react if you get a negative response from people in person? Now that you’ll be at city hall when the place is open, that means you’ll be dealing with a number of people in person, not just people driving by. Based on my personal experience from NUMEROUS public demonstrations, you WILL face the occasional vocal opponent.

        • Rick

          Joe, Derek is prominent in the fight to protect registered citizen’s constitutional rights. He has organized protests in the past and knows what he is talking about. He has also consulted with lawyers to help battle the unconstitutional registry laws.

          What was disappointing in the FloriDUH protest is that he drove from many states away at his expense and there was hardly anyone who showed up who live in the community to protect their own rights and protest the scorched earth policies of the state.

          If this is going to work, it needs the support of the local citizens and their families.

        • Timmr

          Thanks Jo. I hope this sort of dialogue doesn’t discourage people from going to the protest. I’m glad I did. Right now I would encourage more people joining in these events. Everyone will gain more positive energy that way ,and it will carry them to the next level.

      • oncefallendotcom

        You have a problem with someone giving an opinion? Then you must have a problem living in America, where we have a little something called the First Amendment.

        I am free to offer criticism anywhere I see fit. I want to see a better effort than the last time, when all folks got as evidence something happened was a one minute video that consisted of audio from a local news story transposed over three still shots. Some of us wanted to see more.

        My “opinion” is based on expectations one has as a veteran of this movement, from someone who has been around longer than most of you.

        • Margaret Moon

          I have been gone, attending the 2015 Nat’l RSOL Conference and so I missed this thread.
          Derek, I have to correct your misconception.
          First, members of the city council were invited to attend our picnic and chose to ignore the invitation.
          Second, several of the attendees were happy to be interviewed on camera, including me, but our interviews were never shown.

          You’re absolutely correct, you have every right to express your opinion. And I have a great deal of respect and gratitude for all that you have done to advance our mutual cause. I just hope that, even if we think something might have been done “better,” we will commend anyone who is willing to Show up, Stand up, and Speak up.

      • Harry

        All our dialogue on this site needs to be productive and constructive and this means that we need to hear the other way or a possible better way. We are all people of different up-bringing and social understanding, which, could be abrasive and/or irritating to one another, if we do not control our behavior. This site is for the sole purpose of reforming sex offender laws that we are ALL victimized by, regardless of our other likeness or dislikes. I am not here to understand, lifestyles, religion, politics or any other non-topical matters. We need to behave and mature humans and keep our eyes on the target, only.

    • cool CA RC

      It doesn’t matter the last protest got publicity and that all it count.

      I will be expecting about 100 to show up this time at Carson. Twice as much.

    • j

      The humiliation of the registrants was one of the punishment factors built into the law and it has worked in many cases. The fact that what few jobs registrants get may be compromised if they cannot get time off work in the middle of the week may well be a factor.

      Folks are hiding for non-imaginary reasons in many cases and are simply torn on which aspects of their privacy, employment and their children’s emotional health – as their social circles and status at school are forever diminished and compromised.

      We pray for the courage to act publicly but it is tempered by some the above reasons. In my case, it is to prevent further humiliation to my children and family members.

  12. Two states east

    The guy you are thumbing down is DEREK LOGUE. Saying: “who the hell is this guy” frightens me about YOU.

    Please take some time to learn about him. As you deepen your advocacy experience, eventually you will look NATIONALLY at the Movement. You will find him there. His ONCE FALLEN website contains the SINGLE, LARGEST SOURCE of information available anywhere in the United States. He has been compiling and adding to it for OVER 7 YEARS !!

    I suppose you also haven’t heard of his SHITAKE AWARDS or ABSOLUTE ZERO UNITES ? Does the RALLY IN TALLAHASEE ring a bell ??

    California will NEVER single handedly achieve Janis Bellucci’s ultimate goal of getting Smith v Doe REHEARD in the United States Supreme Court !! We all have to think NATIONALLY. And that’s where you’ll find DEREK LOGUE.

    Derek’s comments are based on his OWN EXPERIENCES; look at them again, will ya’ . And change those thumbs down; we could use this guy’s help….

    And yes,I know some of CA RSOL are miffed at him from a few months ago. Gotta look beyond that. Divided we’ll fall.

    • oncefallendotcom

      They can be miffed at me all they want but unlike other people, I have no qualms saying what needs to be said. If I didn’t care at all, I wouldn’t have offered up some pretty good suggestions for this next demonstration. Obviously I’m promoting the event. I don’t have to agree with every idea CA-RSOL devises, but I want to see effective demonstrations, and the more we have, the more we learn from them. But some of you need to quit being so hypersensitive and actually read and comprehend statements.

      I stated I thought having a protest on a Saturday was poor planning, and it was. Having a protest when the city council is having a session makes sense. Quality over quantity makes sense– having half the number of protesters on a weekday when there are more people around makes more sense than twice as many when no one is around. I will NOT back down from it or any other criticism just because a few of you can’t deal with it.

      So CA-RSOL members can’t handle critical comments, perhaps comment sections here should be removed, because as long as they are here, you WILL get some criticism. Deal.

  13. anonymously

    Harry said ” I am not here to understand, lifestyles, religion, politics or any other non-topical matters. We need to behave and mature humans and keep…”

    Well it’s too late for that. Many things are related by now. Al Robles of Carson scapegoats registrants while trying to build a football stadium on a toxic waste site. Robles is also *** please refrain from making false statements about actual persons – Moderator***. Maybe it’s a good thing a protest was planned when this guy was not on his free time and selfishly wouldn’t sacrifice a second of it to deal with something that now can be seen as a smokescreen for his own transgressions. Also related, Hastert’s demise and the politics he represented along with his fellow SORNA architects, John Walsh and Mark Foley. Life doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

    I think empathy is the key. We must be able to empathize with transgendered people since they cannot change their orientations just like a person cannot change the color of their skin. A registrant cannot go back in time and change a past conviction, even though they are a different person now. Children of registrants cannot change who their parents are. Homosexuals who were born gay cannot change their sexuality. Homosexuals who were not born gay but became gay as a result of external stimulii cannot go back and change whatever made them gay. The bottom line is anyone who is in a circumstance they cannot change should be given the benefit of someone elses effort to understand and empathize with them. If you cannot do that, that you are no better than the hypocrite Chris Kelly, who supports marriage equality and other gay rights issues, while on the other hand makes it his goal to scapegoat registrants with draconian unconstitutional restrictions, while his company FaceBook continues to discriminate against registrants by denying access to their service, disregarding California’s 290 law in the process.

    Lastly, I am not sure we should turn our backs to oncefallen’s commentary. He after all is doing a good job of keeping the valigator at bay, where if he wasn’t she could be out pulling guns on teenagers and harassing registrants. This guy is a pioneer of the movement and its like if Dennis Sobin was offering advice, we should listen and at least consider the words, even if we don’t like what we are hearing always.

    • Janice Bellucci

      Derek Logue has accomplished a lot and continues to conduct meaningful research. For that we thank him. He is entitled to his own personal opinion regarding the peaceful protest in Carson in March. We chose the date of that protest for what we considered valid reasons including the fact it was the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. That fact was indeed mentioned in the TV coverage of our protest. We are moving on to the City Council meeting on July 21 because the City Council is not paying attention to our important issue. We may or may not be successful in attracting their attention. Either way, there are two pending court cases against Carson — one is state court (breach of contract and fraud) and one in federal court (violation of state and federal constitutions). These matters could be resolved quickly if only the City Council would pay attention and do the right thing. If they do not, the City faces the real possibility that a judge will order them to do what they have been trying to avoid.

  14. turtle



  15. Middle of no where.

    Actually, I still see oncefallen’s fla protest a failure. We all can learn from both protest.
    There are other areaa that he success in.
    So, try again oncefallen.

  16. Two states east

    Middle of no wear…..Are you the Valigator ? You write like she does.

    • Middle of No WHERE

      Valigator? (cough cough) She wouldn’t encourage Once Fallen to try again. I think she does have a crush on him.

      My point is TRY again. He didn’t meet the goal expected. So try again!

  17. Timmr

    I don’t see any peaceful protest as a failure. Anytime anyone stands up for her rights, it is a success for humanity.

  18. Two states least

    Midst of no where: I apologize

  19. Eric Knight

    Is there any word on what happened at the meeting? I haven’t seen anything about it. Thanks.

    EDIT: Here is the page for the video of the meeting, though it’s unrelated to the protest.

  20. Timmr

    Yes, but it doesn’t have any footage of the closed meeting, obviously, where I assume the lawsuit was discussed.

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