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PA: 3 men jailed for separate sex assaults of 12-year-old girl from OKCupid dating website

A trio of Lancaster County men recently stood before a local judge and admitted to sexual abuse of a 12-year-old girl they met in an online chatroom. … Each man told Reinaker they met the girl through OKCupid, an online dating website. Each claimed they believed the girl was over 18. She was, in fact, 12 at the start of the contact, police reported. … Cory Miller, ____’ lawyer, said the victim continued to use the website even after the men were charged. Full Article

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From reading the comments section of this article I believe a jury would have had a hard time deciding guilt in this case. It’s too bad these guys took a plea. Who was the predator? Who was the victim? Who was being deceptive and manipulating in this case? The law IS the law, but at what point are people going to get fed up seeing this injustice and demand the laws change?

Did you notice how t seemed to be more about the system exacting their pound of flesh instead of actually doing anything for this kid that lied about her age to get what she wanted; sex? I mean; all this is going on (the system manufacturing consent to destroy 3 lives) and this kid is still on the same site probably doing the same thing.

I’m in agreement with the poster “Chris Stockum” in the comments section who said.

“Sal Goombah she is not a victim! she put herself in this situation and got what she wanted by lying! the victims here are the people she deceived who are now registered sex offenders!”

What’s wrong with people? Why can’t they see what is actually going on with the court and prosecutor? When, if ever will people learn to recognize lies and when they are being lied too?

There are many kids do creat situation seeking sex with adults.

So true Harry. I have noticed this for most of my life. But it is one of the fact’s about human sexuality that people absolutely refuse to acknowledge or look at; yet it is there, right in front of their faces.

That is to say that the sexual instinct an intrinsic part of every human being from birth. It awakens when it awakens, and when that happens there is no denying it. And still; people intellectualize it under the rug with statements like “they are too young to know what they are doing” or “they don’t understand what they are doing,” etc.

These statements are actually laughable, especially when you take a look at all the mothers still in high school or Jr high school, or all the mothers that have had a child and have been forced to put it up for adoption because of their age. I will never believe that all of these girls have the mentality of a single cell organism that turns into a fully functional and mature human brain once they turn 18.

I understand that most of these youngsters are indeed too young to make an informed decision, yet this doesn’t make the act less pleasurable or desirable for them. Nor does it keep them from seeking out partners, and I’m positive this is not going to stop girls that are not 18 years old from discovering and seeking out partners for sex.

It was stated in the comments section that, “I hope you’re not blaming the victim.” No I think the “so called victim” should be brought up on charges and put into therapy. A twelve year old in today’s information age isn’t the same as a 12 year old of 50 years ago but we treat them as if they are. In many countries a 12 year old had finished their former schooling and are sent to be married or put in the fields to earn a living like an adult for their families. We coddle youths to much and victimize others by doing so. Truth

….another point, a twelve year old can be charged with murder and tried in a court of law but are not culpable for a lie that caused a sex crime. Really?

Before I read your comment I was thinking the same thing. I see many minors charged as adults for various crimes in the media, but when minors are willing and obvious participants of a sexual act all of a sudden they are classified as victims.

Imagine if parents were held accountable for some of the actions of their children? If parents were fined for some sort of negligence I’m sure we would see less minors in trouble because of parental intervention. I’m talking about minors misbehaving in general not just sexual activity. The world would be a better place if parents did a better job with their children.

Because… “it is not in the public interest, and doing so will discourage legitimate victims.”

The prison industrial complex and registration/rights – taking complex should name the wing of a new prison after her…after she fills it of course. Too bad that no one is talking about getting this kid help, just making sure that punishment is inflicted on ‘the bad guys,’ but what else is new…

I realize that the child victim here did not “gain” anything in a monetary sense from her actions, but could she (i.e. her parents) be sued in civil court for some sort of fraud? Granted she didn’t acquire anything from her actions, but the 3 men have certainly lost something from her fraudulent actions.

For instance, you see a woman in a parking lot looking like she needs help. She tells you she locked her keys in her car and asks for your assistance with getting inside the car. You’re able to unlock the car with a coat hangar, she thanks you and you begin to walk away. As you are leaving you see her empty out the contents of the car and place them in another car and drive away leaving the first car abandoned. You call the police to report the theft. Are you responsible for breaking into the car even though she lead you to believe your actions were lawful?

Another line of though…Can civilians be culpable of entrapment? In the news story and my fictional story both women caused the indvidual(s) to break a law that they had no intention of breaking. That is the definition of entrapment.

You know they did this to me to. They say its an online chatroom which insinuated that it is an open form that anyone can join into at any time which is not the order to use these dating sites you have to agree that you are at least 18 years old and therefore old enough to form a binding contract in the US this is a blatent breach of contract when a individual who is not that age to enter these sites. That contract according to well established law in the US concerning contractual agreements does by law exonerate the party involved of any culpability in such cases at least it should except the criminal court will not reconize or even allow such a contract to have legal bearing in a criminal case. In my case the court wouldn’t even allow my contractual agreement to be entered into evidence or be presented to the jury during trial. I was not trolling chatrooms as the procecutor or the courts stated and I was in fact on a website that every individual using the site had to agree to the contractual agreement that stated that are at least 18 years of age. Just an observation on this case why should these guys be expected and obligated to beleive anything that contradicts there terms in their contract. You cannot beleive anything anyone says online but you should be able to rely on the terms of a binding contract in the US.

Oh look at that, this reminds me of my own case. The law says she was a victim and yet her actions say otherwise. Here’s a fun fact:

Federal law actually creates victims by defining what constitutes a victim. It gets really whacky in child pornography cases. If something is created in another country and is deemed cp under US law it doesn’t matter wether or not the material is defined similarly in its country of origin. No one has to come forward claiming to be a victim and no proof other than what can be backed by US law is required. Automatically the assumption is someone must have been victimized. Luckily people don’t like being misrepresented and actually many even find misrepresentation offensive. Say someone is a victim and they don’t agree, that probably won’t make them happy if they discover lies being told about them. On the other hand claiming someone is not a victim when they see themselves as a victim is just as insulting or offensive.

A few things should be clear to everyone about this girl.

1. She lied about her age in signing up for OKcupid.
2. She knew or learned quickly how to get what she wanted.
3. After the first time she knew she wanted more and sought more opportunities.
4. One guy might have been okay, but clearly not enough.
5. Purposefully she did whatever she could to make herself seem six years older and tricked three adults.
6. Whatever occurred between her and each guy obviously must have been positive for her to continue on for a month.

Like “Typhoid Mary” bringing destruction to people’s lives, maybe this girl should carry the name “Registration Sally” or some similarly suitable moniker.

Well, this is my opinion. In today’s world, 12 year olds have access to cell phones, the Internet/texting ect. Furthermore, I have a 12 year old and I’m blown away by how well developed some of the girls are! No question! Although, a 12 year old is still legally a child and considered such until 18! As such, anyone with any intellectual capital who had any doubt the girl was underage should have asked for an ID? Where did she live? Attend school? Drive? Seriously, a 12 year old SHOULDN’T be online and lying, but the law is the law! Ask questions? The guys would have had to of picked her up? I don’t believe any of the men should be required to register, but there are always 2 sides to the story. Her parents should have been charged with something as well! It’s disturbing to hear she is still online. What if she where 11? 10? Guys, you always ask. If I met a younger looking woman, I would sooooooo ask for an ID! If I had any doubt, there would be no way! Secondly, how did the guys get caught?

When anyone is in a personal association of young girls under 30 they need to ask for ID. In most states to buy tobacco and one is under 30 they need a government issued ID, otherwise they are out of luck.

Well stated Harry! It’s the law! If I picked up or met anyone online or via Starbucks, I would get to know them? Drive? Where do you go to school? Even if your not sure, ask! The girl is obviously screwed up and her parents aren’t doing their job, but it is what it is!

I always used a little misdirection instead of not seeming like I don’t trust her by asking for I’d. I’ll send her into a store to buy me cigarettes, and give her the money.

Comes back with no cigarettes she goes home.

Hey people I understand you totally! These laws are so screwed up it ain’t funny. In my case I thought I was talking to an 14 year old girl, but ended up being the A.G, they prosecuted me, and said they were the minor, but excuse me if your the AG your not a minor or a damn victim. I was in a yahoo chat room, and they made a profile of a 14 year old which in the terms of service you must be 18 and that you do not provide false information. So this takes me to the questions of, 1) they violated the terms of service, 2) does this fall under identity fraud and 3) was there an actual victim knowing that there was no minor invovled? We need to make a collation to fight what’s right. This legal system is total bs in pa.

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