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When the sex offender registry goes too far

You may have heard about questionable instances of people being put on a sex offender registry: teenagers having sex with other teenagers, overly curious children touching each other’s private parts, someone urinating in public. These are hardly the pedophiles and violent criminals who abduct and rape the innocent, but oftentimes they are subject to the same stringent restrictions on where to live and shop and the same stigma that makes finding a job very difficult. The case of Zachary Anderson helps to illustrate the failure of this one-size-fits-all punishment. …

Let’s change the laws and focus on using the sex offender registry to punish violent criminals and child predators, not to destroy the lives of teenagers (and their families) for having consensual sex with other teens or of drunken knuckleheads peeing on the side of a building. Full Opinion Piece (OC Register)

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Adam B Summers / staff columnist is just one more disturbed individual with a keyboard and a platform to spew his deceptive filth. He is saying that it’s alright to destroy an adult life but not a minors life (it’s not OK to destroy anyone’s life based on myth). This article is very deceptive, calling for some things that actually make sense, like removing the Romeo and Juliette type of registrant from the registry, as well as others and in the next paragraph advocating ex post facto punishment. I don’t think we need this clown out there further rousing the… Read more »

I’m starting to the think the Federal judges know fully well Megan’s Law is a feckless boondoggle, but they continue to circle the wagon around it out fear of retaliation. They don’t want their name to be attached to a legal precedent that will be instrumental in it’s demise. Quite simply, they don’t want to pull out a block in this convoluted Jenga tower. They’d rather perpetuate the cycle of unfounded fear than have the so-called child “safety” advocates whining about how it would make children “less safe” if the registry came down. NONSENSE.

So true. These are NOT honorable men and women (Federal judges). They claim their hands are tied; but I don’t believe that for a minute. I think you are right, they lack the courage to stand up for truth. Or they get paid behind closed doors to perpetuate the lie. Where have all our real men gone? How has it come to this?; Instead of men and women of honor, we have liars and cowards, cons and self serving opportunists in positions of power. We also have a population of fools that don’t know when they are being lied to,… Read more »

Excellent article in OC Register (of all places!!) @ Q, I must respectfully and completely disagree with you. We need more voices of reason – like Mr. Summers’ – bringing this issue to public attention. If it’s the Zachary Johnson case that starts this conversation, that’s fine with me. I’m just very glad to hear someone starting the conversation.
(I hope someone with a Facebook account will post a comment on the OC Register’s website for this editorial.)

David; With all due respect I think you should re-read the article a few times until you see what it’s saying. It’s talking about you/us!

Critical thinking man!

David – yes this is good for being in OC, but it is still far from the position that should be taken.

LM – I have a feeling that some judges are making these harsh punishments to get a case like this in the news where there can be outrage at it.

Conservative newspaper O.C. Register? Who would have EVER believed they would publish an editorial decrying the insanity and obvious over-reaching of California’s SO Registry! What exactly IS the usefulness of this immense listing? How can any victim utilize the information gleaned from this humungous listing which includes the full range of sex offense perpetrators?

Hi Ostracized Witch

It looks to me like another thinly veiled call to keep the punitive measures in place. The author is using kids in this emotional appeal. You will notice –

“Let’s change the laws and focus on using the sex offender registry to punish violent criminals and child predator”

If this article was really about kids the above statement would/should not have been made. Especially since the registry is already very punitive. Even though everyone from the top on down to governors and states know it’s punitive; they just call it civil and do lie.

“Let’s change the laws and focus on using the sex offender registry to punish violent criminals and child predator”
Yes, Q, this has always been the battle cry to get registry laws passed. That and what follows, “and this time we are going to get it right.” They have never gotten it right and will continue to make it worse, because the idea of a registry itself is the evil, not what shape it takes.

Hi Timmr

Agreed on all points. I don’t see how “and this time we are going to get it right” will ever happen, especially since it’s pretty obvious they nver knew what they were doing in the first place.

“How can any victim utilize the information gleaned from this humungous listing which includes the full range of sex offense perpetrators?” Well, maybe the victim can use the vastness of the registry to verify that feeling of being vastly in danger, which supports the belief he will always be a victim under vast circumstance he can never really control, and therefore he would need a vast infrastructure of laws to keep that vast danger at a distance, and lull him to sleep at night. Why would one want to be a lifelong victim? Well, ironically, it might be the same… Read more »

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