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CO: Commerce City wants sex offenders to be employed and contribute to the community

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. – What to do with sex offenders once they’ve served their time and are back in your neighborhood? Tracking them is one thing — making sure they stay employed and stay out of trouble is another.

Because of that, Commerce City is taking a new approach to keeping tabs on sex offenders. “The biggest part of these guys not re-offending – is whether or not they’re employed,” said Commerce City Police detective Christian Rasmussen. Full Article

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I take offense to the moniker “these guys.” Notice how it was intentionally made to sound disparaging and ominous.

No offense to the people from Boston.

This is a really great article. It makes too much sense. When people are working and being productive members of society, they typically move forward in life. I can only hope other city and states feel the same. I truly recommend reading 7 Habits of highly effective people. Many people on this site sound reactive rather than proactive. Read the book and your views will change. Good luck

oh and by the way here is a map of all the sex offenders

I love how there is a map to see sex offenders in your area at the bottom of the page. Totally awesome, and that is how to help “these guys” get a job and keep a job.

I just can’t see how Police Departments these days could afford to hire a Police Detective to find RCs jobs. Just get rid of the public shaming registry and we won’t need help finding and keeping a job. Is he helping with finding a place for RCs to live also?

Nevertheless, here is on police professional who understands the dynamics of how the effects of registration makes it harder for both compliance and community safety, and proactively helps to alleviate much of its effects. I assume he also works with the parole officers, who should take note themselves as their job becomes much easier. It is ironic that the compliance officer is actually making his own job EASIER when this happens. He would be an excellent guest at the next National RSOL meeting, and in fact could be invited to hold a class on how law enforcement officers in other… Read more »

I wonder just how this officer helps find the registrants jobs. Does he give them a reference, that helps to counteract the results from the background check? My probation officer always encouraged me to work, but what could she really do? She gave me the name of a place that helped convicted people find jobs with willing employers, but found out there is a hierarchy to the ex-convict population, and we are at the bottom — therefore I work for myself, which is kinda like looking for a job all the time and wondering now and again “what if.” Yet,… Read more »

Guys, I’m rather dissapointed to hear reactive responses. I’m sure many of you have bad stories, but this is amazing news! How often to you hear about cities offering to help in this manner? If cities like OC took this approach, I imagine this could or would create a lot more positive outcomes, as opposed to creating homelessness and loss of jobs (i.e.: one man lost a port job as the beach ban was imposed). Furthermore, if you go around and click my comments, I invite that of it allows you to release some of your unhappiness. So I welcome… Read more »

These responses aren’t reactive. Rather there is quite a bit of skepticism and rightfully so. Rather than spend the money on having an officer help registrants find jobs, get rid of the registry altogether. It would be up to 100% likely that if it were abolished, no one would have trouble finding a job outside of an economic depression. RCs would be contributing to the economy far more than having the government funnel public funds toward a registry that clearly does nothing for public safety. As for this particular program, it’s nothing more than a glorified compliance check. I would… Read more »

This news agency got the Statistics Completely Wrong! Also, they are showing the map which is OUT OF DATE for all too many people. Two full months passed since i had moved/registered, and CrimeReports STILL shows me listed at my old address and not my new one…….. 20% is violent and likely to re-offend? I’m sorry, but this is a lie and it is still not helping the cause. The only thing i’m glad to see is that there is a push to get sex offenders jobs so they can move on to become PRODUCTIVE citizens rather than being… Read more »

Well, NPS clearly must know more than anyone else. Do you live in that city? Rather than complain about this first time opportunity, people should embrace it. It’s a start. How often do Police Officers try and help people find jobs? You guys have bad attitudes! I truly welcome any and all comments. Please click negative after my honest opinion. It empowers me.

And it’s clear you have some personal vendetta against me. I don’t know why out of ALL people here who have disagreed with you, your retort always begins with “Well, NPS blah blah blah” But clearly I know more than you and so does everyone else on this forum. Accept the fact that no one agrees with you because you’ve lost all credibility when you started going into attack mode some months back.

And based on your final statement about empowering you…you DEFINITELY have some sort of inferiority complex.

Hey fellow offenders, I’ve been reading this forum and I rather bothered. I actually live in Commerce City and the city should be commended. I’m a registered citizen and I’ve recently been givens job! I’ve been treated with respect and dignity. I’ve recently moved out on my own and lives changed drastically. You people should start being more positive. I’m now living my American Dreama Dream and we all have to start somewhere! I’ve too read the above book mentioned and it’s changed my life. Turn every obstacle into an opportunity and every negative into a positive. Life is too… Read more »

I am glad a city wants to insure its residents are employed and contribute to the community. See what I did there? No mention of sex offenders or registrants. That’s the first step any city should take. Start treating everyone as a simple resident rather than anything else. Secondly there is at least one city in southern California that has a department within the police that helps anyone who has previously dealt with the legal system to find work. Their initiative is not limited to any specific offenses or solely state or federal or even just one city. Rather than… Read more »

Nice article. I’ve actually participated in a similar program here in Ca. Im dumbfounded by all the negative comments? Your the same people who are tired of the false reviews people have on registered citizens, but yet your quick to make judgements yourself! I’m presently employed, working on a regular basis and life is good!

It’s called skepticism. Can you blame anyone after having gone through the wringer with law enforcement? It’ll take time before they can fully trust any LE sponsored program. It has nothing to do with negativity. Trust is a two way street. We are slowly gaining that trust, but at the same time LE has to gain our trust as well. There are far more d-bag LEs than those who are empathetic and willing to help. I, too, am gainfully employed in the same field before this 290 business. It didn’t take a probation officer or any law enforcement entity to… Read more »

Well said, NPS. I might add that gaining a little pride back by earning something on your own terms is valuable in its own right. I don’t want to be given anything, I just want the barriers to opportunity removed. I say this now because I am tired of law enforcement in my life, but if I was still on probation, a little more help in the job search would have been nice at the time, to help with all the other stresses of serving out a sentence. One thing I mentioned that we are forgetting. What can a parole… Read more »

NPS, no one is addressing you? Every comment you make sounds defensive! You went through the wringer? I have read your comments and make everything in your life sound wonderful? You definitely aren’t someone I want representing us! Get off this site angry person. The works doesn’t revolve around you 🙂

I am defending RCs who are being unfairly described as negative by you and USA. Every comment I make is just a matter of fact. I just call it as I see it. No emotion behind it. If you don’t like what I have to say, ignore me and move on. Yes my life is wonderful, thank you very much, but I also don’t forget to help and encourage those who may not see life as wonderful. You may not need me representing you, but there are plenty of others who are and have been listening to my encouragement. And… Read more »

NPS, you don’t speak for RC’s. No one put you in charge. Get counseling. Change doesn’t occur in hours or days. It takes time. This is and has been an amazing experience to be able to work with the city and get a second chance. I’m sure a lot of people where skeptical about hiring registered citizens. After reading your comments, I wouldn’t say my view of you. Negative! As a registered citizen, I hope everyone doesn’t have your narrow minded attacking view. You don’t speak for me. Get help!!!!

I completely concur with Adam. I’m bothered by people who absolutely know nothing about this program. It is beginning to appear that no one ever makes positive comments any longer. Then, if you have different views, people are all over you. No one ever goes anywhere being negative. Lastly, why is NPS even making comments? I’m in the program!

Why am I making comments? FIRST: Because people whose comments are skeptical are misinterpreted as being negative. Two completely different forms of thought that I’m trying to make clear. No one is being negative; however if a person sees it as negative, then that is their projection of it. SECOND: It’s inadvisable to be starting off your introduction with “Hey fellow offenders.” RCs are not offenders. The correct term is registered citizens. If you find the program great for you, then more power to you. But if others are skeptical of the program, don’t blame them for it either. But… Read more »

I too agree with Adam & Steve. Nobody is talking about the registry. I think your in the incorrect dialogue. Go to general comments. We are talking about cities helping people get jobs who are on the registry! Cities have nothing to do with the registry/but enforce it. Legislators do! Your excessive and never stick or address the point. Move on/start ignoring the ignorant comments

Well stated guys. Why are people mentioning the registry? It’s very obvious nobody wants it, but why are people bashing a city for creating jobs and giving people a second chance? Grow up! It’s a beginning. Take your negativity somewhere else. It’s bad karma

You guys should be commended. It’s really nice to see people given s second chance. I just recommend ignoring people who have different views. Who wants to be unemployed? A hobos a job. This article isn’t about the registry, but rather giving people second chances and hope. I hate seeing the same person clicking negative comments time and time again. Very disturbing. Good luck guys!!!!

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