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FL: Woman Filmed Having Sex on the Beach in Front of Kids: ‘I’m Not a Sex Offender!’

Elissa Alvarez is paying a high price after she was filmed having sex on a crowded public beach.

She told INSIDE EDITION: “I am a sex offender right now.” The 21-year-old and her bodybuilder boyfriend, Jose Caballero, are now on the national sex offender registry. Full Article

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  1. ab

    Hey lawmakers you got what you wished for. Isn’t this a great reality? So tough on crime going after those sick perverts who had sex on a crowded public beach at 2:30pm while a three year old and other children were playing nearby.

    Dumb choice for sure, but if this is how law enforcement and prosecutors continue to use government resources we are not going to have anything left over to spend on important things like roads, schools, and community improvement initiatives that reduce the overall risk of crimes being committed in the long run.

  2. USA

    Well, I’m pretty open minded, but what if this had been 2 men? Or, what if some man was masturbating on the beach?

    • Joe

      “Well, I’m pretty open minded, but what if this had been 2 men? Or, what if some man was masturbating on the beach?”

      @USA – you have been on this site for a long time, perhaps longer than most, me included. From your many comments I do NOT gather that you are a pretty open minded person. The impression that I get is that you are quite okay with the registry, and that many people belong on it – but that you are the ONE and ONLY person who does not. That you – because your offense did not involve a child and no prison, and you have taken certain legal steps since – are somehow better than the rest.

      Here is what I think, and I consider myself a pretty open minded person. The Sex Offender Registry is unconstitutional and evil and needs to be abolished yesterday.

      BUT! If anyone belonged on it is the person who subjects others to UNWANTED sexual contact. No matter who it is. A child or a prostitute.

      NOT the person who has a willing relationship with a person under an arbitrarily set age. Especially if the person lied about said age (please see your comments on the Zachary Anderson threads).

      NOT the person who has some inappropriate images on their hard drive. And NOT the person who has sex on a public beach in the middle of the afternoon, by themselves, with another man, another woman, whatever (as per your comment above).

      Again, the person who subjects another to UNWANTED sexual conduct. Regardless of how long ago, regardless of what the sentence was, regardless of reductions, expungements, etc.

      So it is my personal view that you are no better than the people you have no problem with being on the registry for life. If anyone belongs – it is you.

      But never mind me – PC 290 explicitly states that you are just the same as Philip Garrido as far as it is concerned. And ‘it’ is all that matters. Booom! What about lifetime registration is it that you do not understand?

      • Joe

        I wish to clarify that my comment was not on this case, whether anyone was harmed or not by this display and whether this woman should or should not be required to register as a sex offender (no one should, but people have landed on the list for less).

        I am tired of the attitude “the registry serves a valid purpose and some or many deserve to be on it, but not me, not my loved one, never me”.

        Which @USA has expressed time and time again.

        Absent the possibility of the abolition of the registry I agree with @Harry – “The more that are put on the SOR, the quicker it will be repealed.” or Honest Abe Lincoln – “The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.”

    • NPS

      Well, I’m pretty open minded, but what if this had been 2 men? Or, what if some man was masturbating on the beach?

      No. You aren’t. In fact, in the past 6 months you have been judging every person who disagrees with you. You’re quick to let everyone know about what got you on the registry as if it somehow makes you better than another registered citizen who may have had physical contact. Yet, I don’t see you commenting about your effort to help end the injustices. While you’re sitting here condemning others, many of us have been dedicated to writing letters, making phone calls, and/or driving to Sacramento to stop these unconstitutional bills. What have you done? Nothing buy whine. No sir. You are NOT open-minded.

    • David

      Well, it seems to be well-past time that we start to question the harm which children ostensibly suffer from viewing sex acts and nudity. The truth is that there is NO demonstrable harm which flows from either. Any “studies” which attempt to do so invariably fail to conform to objective scientific standards and are always, ALWAYS motivated by the social agendas of prudes, which includes leftist feminist prudes.

      I have been observing this scene for well over forty years now and, to date, no one has been able to credibly substantiate any such harm. The actual “harm” is to the puritanical sensibilities of adults. This is one of those shibboleths that is long overdue for expiration.

  3. Margaret Moon

    This stupid woman thinks she shouldn’t be a sex offender because she didn’t molest a child. That is a good example of what happens when everyone is ” painted with the same brush.” Many who are labeled sex offenders never molested a child, or anybody else! However this genius, and many others like her, thinks they all have. And, since we’re being judgemental, how can anyone think it’s acceptable to have sex on a public beach in the middle of the afternoon??

    • NPS

      Stupid? Yes. Sex Offender? No. She’s right. She isn’t a sex offender. The original intent of the registration was to register those who are violent rapists and those who committed offenses against children (pre-pubescent). Now this is proof that registration requirements are out of control. I agree she should have a consequence for her actions, but lifetime registration equating her with what the entire country believes is a registry for violent rapists against women and children? No absolutely not.

      There is no reason for anyone to be on a sex offense registry. Those for whom this registry was originally intended are still sitting in prison for life.

      • Joe

        Of course she is a ‘sex offender’. Just like Zachary Anderson is / was a sex offender.

        What is is a sex offender? It is a designation. Once it is slapped on you, you ARE a sex offender – in the eyes of your state, which is all that matters.

        “… those who committed offenses against children (pre-pubescent).”

        Is a person who touches a 9-year old in the middle of the thigh a sex offender? Who makes some crude comments to a 10-year old? Who snatches a 4-year old off the playground and anally rapes them? Even with your definition they all committed offenses against pre-pubescents.

        There may be rapists or child molesters or weenie waggers, or, or…. But sex offender… it is nothing but a label. And with that, this woman most certainly is a ‘sex offender’ (her profile on the FDLE website would support this), regardless of how many times she says she is not.

        • NPS

          You COMPLETELY missed the point. Please go back and rhetorically read my comment before dispersing with your absurd interpretation.

        • Joe

          I went back and re-read your comment, rhetorically (?) and literally, and repeat my response. I know what you mean but instead of my interpretation being absurd your point was poorly made. As this statement is simply incorrect.

          “She isn’t a sex offender.”

 (I do not see a prohibition for anyone to look at the FL web site)

          She. is. a. sexual. offender. Should she be? Should she not be? Does not matter. She be. Now and probably for the rest of her life.

          Because she was convicted in a court of law of ‘Lewd Or Lascivious Exhibition, Victim Under 16, Offender 18 or Older; F.S. 800.04(7)(b) (PRINCIPAL)’, which comes with mandatory lifetime registration in the State of Florida. Her conduct at this point becomes irrelevant.

          ’nuff said.

        • NPS

          Rhetorical requires critical thinking and analysis of a text.

          My point was pretty clear, and yet you still miss it. I don’t know; maybe you don’t understand academic English. Here it is in plain English.

          The point is the original intent of the registry was to keep tabs on those who committed violent sex offenses against women and children; that is offenses that were non-consensual. And that is precisely what American society thinks it is for. By that logic, she means she is not a sex offender. And. She. Is. Not.

          Now try to follow me here. The registry has been watered down to include even the most inane act such as urination. And when he or she is on the registry for something as simple as that, the perception is that he or she is a violent rapist.

          Once again, I stand by my original comment that the no one should be on the registry. WHY? Because those for whom this registry was created in its original intent (violent, repeat rapists) are sitting in prison for life.

          I don’t know how I can make it any clearer for you. *SMH*

    • JM thinking of this scenario… You have kids at the beach while you notice this occurring. Do you simply walk your kids away from the area, or do you stand there, grab your camera and start filming? I very much doubt a three year old knew what is going on.
      Yes, it was extremely wrong. No one in their right mine would do that, but perhaps Grandma should be charged for filming a sex act.

      Some say that only 90% get charged for sex related crimes that are committed. Well I say let’s charge them all until our registry swells to over 9 million in this great state of ours. Than perhaps we would have enough people to care about what is happening. Yes, there are those who deserve to be on a registry for life, but in this case, I don’t think it should be a life time of punishment.

  4. Naples

    NPS, I agree with you that this young woman made a stupid choice (under the influence of alchohol), but should not bear the burden of a lifetime registration that was intended to keep tabs on violent offenders against young victims and woman.

    Margaret Moon said it correctly “painting everyone with the same brush”, should not be allowed in this great country. It is time to keep our voices flowing to the authories that could change this stupidity and humiliation of offenders not violent against anyone.

    All the evidence surrounding this particular situation “registrations of sexual offenders” seem to point at a political agenda item of power and nothing to do with “saving the innocent victims” of such sex crimes.

    Praying for this to all come to and end soon.

  5. USA

    Wow, you guys have a very disturbing view. What should happen if this occurred in a front yard? These people clearly knew what they where doing. You guys think it’s okay to have sex on a public beach during the day in front of women and children/families? You guys belong on the registry. I have a family. Furthermore, I’m entitled to my opinion. Plus, if you read the other articles, the man was a convicted felon prior. Im very disturbed

    • MatthewLL

      What is disturbing is you think that forcing this woman to register for life as a sex offender is appropriate and an effective use of law enforcement resources. How is this woman a risk to the public that warrants the label? Should she be punished, yes. Will making her a sex offender a more productive citizen, absolutely not. Is she a risk to the public, again absolutely not. The only reason to make her register is to torture her under the guise it is only regulatory and not punishment and protects the public. Everyone of these claims is false and proven to be so. It is the self righteous folks that some how believe if a minor see or hears anything about sex that it will damage them for ever. That is rubbish. Humans are sexual creatures and need to learn healthy ways to express that as we mature. it is people who freak out about something like is who are damaging the emotional health of our children. If my children saw these two on the beach, I would calmly explain how that was wrong and that is should be done in private, in language appropriate to their age, and move on. The overreaction was surely more damaging to the children than what they witnessed.

    • ab

      No. No one who has commented on this story is guilty of having a disturbing view. Also you are actually not entitled to have an opinion on anything and neither is anyone else. People may choose to have opinions, but nobody is automatically entitled to have one.

      So what if it happened on a front yard? In most cases that might have been better than a public beach in the afternoon. Here’s something not one person has suggested yet; why didn’t someone ask the couple to go find a more private place to have sex? There’s this concept called escalation of force. The basic idea is use only the amount of force needed to resolve a situation. If the couple had not responded accordingly to a kind request then absolutely try to resolve the issue with more force. People who have knee-jerk reactions and act on impulse rather than rationality often end up with more trouble than bargained for.

      Stop with the poor weak and vulnerable women and children crap. Nobody has proclaimed its okay to have sex on a public beach around other people. Most children didn’t have a clue what was happening between the couple and they still don’t. The women and men (funny how you left out the other men at the beach) could have resolved the problem in a sane adult manner.

      The fact that you have a family is irrelevant, most people here also have families.

      Oh no! The guy had a previous felony conviction. Do you have any idea what the difference is between a misdemeanor and a felony or what makes something one verses the other? When you are ready to act like a grown up come back.

    • Joe

      So I “belong on the registry” because I have an opinion, that is different from yours? That is rich. Your opinion – to which you are entitled, but rich nevertheless. LOL

  6. j

    What eludes many in all aspects of this is that the real constructive use of the registry may be when a person is actually on supervised release. When their sentences end, in most case, they should be removed or given a finite time they are on the published registry. England has a ten year period.

    (BTW – why does Pete Townsend get to perform here if we can’t vacation over there? I’d like to know that answer in a different thread!)

    This would have been the appropriate use of the mechanism in the case of the victim that this law is authored after.

    It’s use as punishment for those who have atoned for their crimes (or attempted to amidst the chaos) is far beyond the reasonable scope and ventures into cruel and unusual very quickly in too many cases.

    The perpetual ruination of lives is punishment beyond the sentence itself. There are many factors but the point of much of our concern is the arbitrary punishment that has no safety or rehabilitative measure – it is done out of sheer ill will and hatred for a beleaguered group.

    People can learn from mistakes. Statistics indicate so. Let’s give them a chance
    and remember that we all have taken a fall of sorts and have learned – or are learning – from our mistakes.

  7. Q

    Wow! Based on the comments; I’m not touching this one! Is it a full moon?

  8. Harry

    The more that are put on the SOR, the quicker it will be repealed.

  9. USA

    Well, Joe doesn’t sound like he likes to hear other people’s views or their opinions. Furthermore, like many uneducated or narrow minded people, he takes things out of context/I’ve mentioned receiving summary probation for my ordeal and meant the life requirement to register is disturbing. He sounds very angry, unhappy, non educated, narrow minded and it seems or appears (in my opinion) that he thinks it’s okay for people to have sex on a public Beach for all to see? Get counseling.

  10. Timmr

    Well, I don’t know, but it seems like this couple going at it on the beach upset the sensitivities of the adults, probably much more than it did any lasting damage to the kids who happened to glance at it.

  11. David

    I’m willing to bet that the 3 year old hardly noticed nor cared. The adults were the ones offended. The child was simply a convenient object to rationalize social outrage.

    I wouldn’t, myself, have sex on a crowded beach but I’m willing to risk seeing others do so, on the very rare occasion that that might occur, rather than have an all-powerful government strip me, or them, of their rights.

  12. NPS

    I see the common theme is, “what would you do if…” I agree that the 3 year old probably had no idea what was going; toddlers usually don’t have a clue.

    On three occasions, I’ve witnessed sex at the beach.

    1. Evening bonfire with friends and a few yards away from us, a couple started getting it on. One of the guys in our group went up to them and told them to get a room. They left.

    2. At dawn, I saw a couple having sex on a lifeguard tower. I just laughed and paddled back into the ocean with my surfboard. They were gone before sunrise.

    3. In the afternoon, one man was performing cunnilingus on his girlfriend. She was sitting up smiling with a towel covering them both; though it was still pretty obvious. My friend and I walked past shouting, NO SHAME! We turned to look back and noticed that the couple was leaving.

    That’s all it takes. Just a few words and they leave. Grandma could’ve easily yelled out, “Get a Room” and it would’ve made them stop. She went overboard by filming them and calling the police.

    Now, I just went through a similar scenario just last week. The couple upstairs from me always have extremely loud sex. Not just at night but also mid afternoon. I walked out of my building to the parking lot and noticed their windows were wide open. And yes, you can easily hear the girl moaning loudly. From my vantage point, no one could see, but the people in the next building have a clear view. Finally I shouted “THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD CAN HEAR YOU!” The girl stopped mid-moan. It’s been quiet ever since.

    The point is… this an example of a gross overreaction with a harsh punishment that is completely unnecessary.

    • David

      I do take issue with your seeming obligation to “shame” the couple on the beach. I would argue that it was none of your business.

      • NPS

        True, but it’s much better than shaming them on the registry. If we hadn’t said anything, someone else would’ve recorded, called the police and charged them with a sex crime.

  13. USA

    Wow, it doesn’t sound like any of you are married or have children. I’ve not heard one of you truly address the issue. Everyone seems to be more concerned about the perpetrators and not the victims! It’s almost like you are blaming the families or children? This is a common practice amongst perpetrators/ie: she shouldn’t have worn such a revealing dress/the child seemed to be coming on to me.

    One inducidual even blamed alcohol? Lol. Oh boy, it’s everyone else’s fault. Guys, own it! The male is a convicted felon and spent time in prison. Maybe it was the 21 year old female was forced? I guess I can now get drunk and run someone over/it was the alcohol your honor? Lol/your free to go.

    Guys, start watching the show parole board. If I where a lawmaker reading your comments, I would have second thoughts about removing the registry. I don’t agree with lifetime registry, but the deserved something. Otherwise, why should we even have laws. Duh

    • NPS

      Can you demonstrate your delusional frame of mind any further? You are a real piece of work. I feel sorry for your family having to put up with you.

      No one has said anything about her being free from punishment. She rightly deserved to face consequences. NO ONE has disputed that. What people are disagreeing with is the over-reaction and extreme punishment of this woman by forcing her to register.

      But by your logic, the next time I’m walking across Santa Cruz beach boardwalk and I see another toddler running around the beach stark naked (and it happens ALL THE TIME), I will be sure to contact the police first so that the parents can be apprehended on charges of gross indecency and child endangerment, so they too can be forced to register 290.

    • Justice For ALL

      I am truly starting to question not only your original story, but your motives here. Clearly ANYONE that is on the registry would never advocate it in the slightest. Your logic (if one could even label it that) Is completely broken.

      I doubt you are a registrant and I suspect you don’t even have a close association with anyone who is. Your far-fetched examples and “what if..” Scenarios reek of those who promote sex offender propaganda.

      In that case, I ask what are your true motives here? What is it that you are advocating? It certainly isn’t anything that this website and organization was created for.

    • Timmr

      You know, USA, I believe you are genuinely concerned about all this, and I enjoy your comments, even though I don’t agree with lines of dialogue you have now. I wanted to stay out of this, but you are questioning the moral character of everyone who doesn’t agree with you. Like many, I am tired of being judged as morally inferior in perpetuity for what was an isolated morally repugnant act, and now we can’t have a measured view of sexuality or its abuse, or its’ diverse expressions without looking like we are favoring bad behavior or are morally defective. What’s up? Haven’t you felt the same thing?
      From what I have experienced personally, (most)therapists, probation people and judges want to hear you take responsibility for your own crime not divert attention to others or profess moral purity. Judging others severely has to be questioned as a smoke screen, doesn’t it? (As does severe religiosity or political correctness for that matter). Isn’t that the same thing this woman is doing, saying, not me, what I did was not really that bad, I am not a sex offender (summary probation, expunged, etc., etc.)– it is those other bad guys that deserve to be shamed for life.
      Franky, when I was in group therapy, it got my ire when someone was spewing this reactionary moral sexual purity, when you know that what got them there was not that pure. Indeed, it was encouraged, probably so that others could attack it– part of reforming our thoughts, no doubt. I look back now and hate that part of it. To be fair I was aware of that same flaw in myself, that is, trying to moralize to others, so that is probably the real reason it makes me angry, so with that, I’ll leave it at that.

    • David

      “Wow, it doesn’t sound like any of you are married or have children.”

      This is code for: “It sounds like you are a bunch of degenerate homosexuals.”

  14. MatthewLL

    Apparently USA cannot read and prefers to espouse a single minded point of view. I do have two children; a boy and girl in their early teens now. I am also happily married. I talk to my kids and teach them about life and not let the street do it for me. From all accounts they appear to be normal and healthy, and likely know more than I realize. I also don’t freak out about the topic of sex and need to shield their little ears. I pray none of your kids talk dirty over the internet, or send a photo, to some under age girl or boy, and get arrested for being a typical teenager, and labelled a sex offender.

    You still have not explained how labeling the women in question a sex offender helps at all. How was anyone truly victimized? Where is the trauma? No one here has said the behavior was appropriate. It is the follow up actions of law enforcement and the courts that is an over reaction. I would be more worried about my kids being around folks like you than this women. Your attitude is just the Christian version of Sharia Law.

  15. anonymously

    justice for ALL said “I am truly starting to question not only your original story, but your motives here. Clearly ANYONE that is on the registry would never advocate it in the slightest. Your logic (if one could even label it that) Is completely broken.”

    justice for All, USA is a real person. I do not sense the same air of deception of Miranda Veracruz de la Jolla Cardinal, who is clearly not a California registrant and clearly advocates for nonsensical positions like supporting draconian Chris Kelly cyber-nazi registrant internet identifier reporting and if anyone disagrees, he will rub the bad situation of being a registrant in your face. USA does not do that. So I will continue to read his posts without the same skepticism I apply to Miranda and whatever his new troll nicknames post here.

  16. Catch 22

    Wow ! Did anyone have the same thought I had that if I was watching this little circus go down knowing the dreadful situation we are all in here to actively warn them to stop . The simple words “Stop you guys ! You are gonna get busted on a Sex crime and have to register for the rest of your life as a Sex Offender ! ” That honest statement to them would cut thru any amount of alcohol or passion and would be the ultimate buzz kill or cock blocker . I really don’t want anyone else to have to suffer through our restitution .

  17. USA

    Correct! Yes, I registered. I’m not stating these people should be required for life, but they do require punishment. Otherwise, the next time you go to the beach or park, this might be happening for all to see. NPS and others never seem to address the issue or accept the fact that anyone is responsible ie: someone should have warned them? Ie: they where using alcohol ie: everyone does this ie: 3 year olds run around the beach naked all the time? It’s mind boggling. It’s everyone else’s fault. This is a common delusional view many perpetrators have. It was their fault! I wouldn’t have touched her if she hadn’t dressed so provicatatively. As such, you can’t rationalize with irrational people. So, you can take hours to respond to my comments, but the bottom line is that the man was a convicted felon (they might have let them go if they had ran him and he came back with s clean record/duh). Although, after running him, they realized this wasn’t the run of the mill character! Duh. Guys, start looking at the big picture. (The man had done 8 years in prison for cocaine trafficking)!!! So, maybe they should have let a convicted Felon who spent 8 years in prison a slap on the wrist! Guys, start looking at the big picture. If he had been some everyday guy without a serious criminal past, we wouldn’t be discussing this. Wake up!

    • NPS

      NPS and others never seem to address the issue or accept the fact that anyone is responsible ie: someone should have warned them?

      Yes I do accept exactly what you just said. I always look at the big picture as I did in this case not only at those who were arrested for the act, but also for Grandma who went straight to the extreme instead of telling the couple to knock it off. Accountability is shared by all in this and other situations. Some hold more accountability than others. It is YOU who is a delusional fool and cannot see the forest for the trees. You have an all or nothing mentality which is exactly the same mentality of those who support the registry. You obviously do not share the same vision and mission of CA-RSOL. So why are you here?

      By the way, it doesn’t take hours to respond. It takes the moderator hours to actually post the replies.

  18. NPS

    I’ve been doing some reflecting on this USA character. Yes Justice For ALL, USA is a sex offender (I can’t even call him a registered citizen), but regardless of that fact, he is still a troll. There is just no rationalizing a troll. Like Miranda (who has mysteriously disappeared), USA’s message is clear that everyone here should be a registrant but him. His message espouses the idea that the registry is necessary. Anyone who disagrees with his message is apparently deserving of the label. And he erroneously makes assumptions about who we are and what our cases may be. Many of you have met me in person at the Berkeley meeting which pretty much defied how USA had characterized me on this site. So when he starts critiquing who you are, just consider the source. Ignore him as I will start doing. He’s just no longer worth my time. Our time is better spent Standing Up, Speaking Up and Showing Up. It has worked and we are making progress with Janice, Frank, at the helm. Let’s continue to do so. Eventually USA will grow tired of being on the defensive and disappear.

    • David

      USA is an example of a small-minded, puritanical, petty and no doubt fundamentalist Christian who, once caught out in his own deviation from puritanical American constraints of behavior, had to go to elaborate ends to distinguish himself from the more deserving perverts which he clearly identifies us as.

  19. mike r

    USA has one point correct people need to be held accountable for their actions. I think that goes without saying its such an obvious point the problem is there is no such thing as proportionality in the criminal system when it come to these type of acts. Sure these people should have gotten a fine maybe even arrested at most but that’s where it should have ended that would have been proportionate not a felony charge prison time and life on a shaming list. Way WAY out of proportion.

    • Timmr

      A similar event happened today in Chula Vista. A couple of people who just met each other was going at it outside a shopping mall. According to the story on news 10 San Diego they received misdemeanors. They were even more rudely obvious than their counterparts in Florida. Still, people were just standing around, looking.

  20. USA

    Troll? Very defensive and obviously a very angry individual. If anyone disagrees with NPS, he attacks them/calls them names/becomes angry and he makes very false accusations. He appears to have a control issue. I imagine he lives in the SF area, is gay, attractive and probably holds himself higher than anyone else. Now, he made a mistake/probably many and is now focusing his delusions of grandeur on everyone else. He is too smart! Whatever he thinks must be final! Start looking in the mirror. Deep down, who hate yourself and past mistakes. So, stop focusing your anger on everyone else! I have noo desire to meet you. I personally feel your a very angry person and I bet 100000/1 you committed s child related offense!

    • Justice for All

      I want you to stop, take a step back, and really analyze the verbal vomit that is coming out of your mouth. No? I’ll do it for you:

      “I imagine he lives in the SF area, is gay, attractive and probably holds himself higher than anyone else. ”

      Tell Me, what relevance is it if he is gay or straight? Does that matter?

      “I bet 100000/1 you committed s child related offense!”

      Wow, seriously? This is the rhetoric that I stated previously about. It’s this sort of witch hunt nonsense that I can’t stand. Regardless of his offense, that is his business unless he wants to discuss it. Who the hell makes you an expert on such a matter? People vouch that you are a real person who has to register, so I have nothing else to go on…..but I still reserve some doubts.

      If what they say is true, then you are one delusional person who thinks that your own excrement doesn’t stink. Newsflash, you are a sex offender. Most people here are sex offenders REGARDLESS of their offense. We are here to fight these unconstitutional laws, and yes, they are UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

      Perhaps you should leave the judging to someone who is MUCH MORE EXPERIENCED than you: GOD. So get off your high horse and either be positive or just leave. Don’t think you are better than anyone on this site because you aren’t. Period.

      People “attacked” you because you constantly give the impression that the registry is OK, or even necessary, in some instance. For the record, it isn’t. It has been shown time and again that the registry isn’t capable of preventing ANYTHING. It’s punitive and is constantly the foundation of new laws whose sole purpose is to restrict/limit rights of a small group of people.

      Instead of you clarifying one way or the other, you passive-aggressively attack others, question their livelihood, and apparently accuse people of “not owning” their past mistake. Carefully reading over the comments in this article, I haven’t seen one instance of that NOR have I seen anyone say that the couple in the article shouldn’t have faced consequences.

      Just these two comments alone shows that the only person that has been overwhelmingly judgmental on here has been you.

      So, I’ll ask again….Who the hell do YOU think you are? Why are you here if you think/believe/feel that you are so better than everyone else here?

      You don’t have to answer these, but I want you to really reflect within yourself.

      • NPS

        Thank you Justice For ALL! I couldn’t have said it better. The bottom line is, does it really matter what anyone’s offense was? We’re all painted with the same broad brush.

        But I will go ahead clarify USA’s assumptions:
        “I imagine he lives in the SF area, is gay, attractive and probably holds himself higher than anyone else.”

        Yes, I do live in the Bay Area. No I am not gay. Yes, I am very attractive. No, I never hold myself higher than anyone. I have always believed that I can learn from other individuals. And lastly…I am NOT a “he”. I am a woman.

        “I bet 100000/1 you committed s child related offense!”

        I hope USA has enough money to cover his losses. I have no charges because the misdemeanor has long been expunged. I have a clean record. Second, the charge is NOT a registrable offense. The judge ordered a 290.006 because he could.

        Why do I say this? Because I’m in the same boat as everyone else forced to register. I may not be on a public site, in fact, I could probably get away with saying I’m not an RC. But I say the truth because I defy society’s perception of a registered citizen.

        All of my family and friends know my status, and they see me as a very strong lady. I’m always described as admirable and courageous. Other registered citizens have approached me and say I am an inspiration. That touched my heart. I say this because I want other registered citizens never to beat themselves up or let others (especially RCs like USA) put them down.

        I’ve done my part in writing letters, making phone calls, and personally hand delivering my letters to the capital. However, I feel it is my duty to help other offenders feel better about themselves. You are all resilient human beings. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

  21. Someone who cares

    Sex on a public beach in front of children….wrong, sure, but I don’t think children who witnessed the scene will have lasting mental problems or nightmares. It may have triggered curiosity at best. Heck, sex is everywhere, and kids are exposed to it on a daily basis, whether it is in a movie or a Carl’s Junior commercial. Parents need to educate their children so they grow up understanding what is right from wrong. I think this woman should receive a hefty fine and trust me, it most likely won’t happen again. Nobody got hurt and it was mostly offensive (for some at least), inappropriate and not to be repeated. But that should be the extent of it. I can think of many more inappropriate behaviors, but registry and possible prison time, that is just overkill.

    • Timmr

      A little besides the point, but I am sure I saw something like this growing up, strangers doing something weird, I don’t understand what it was, and I don’t remember, that is how traumatic it wasn’t — because it didn’t involve your parents or something obviously hateful or mean done by those you need to look up to.
      Not so when the two you love yell hateful words at each other at the top of their lungs or come to blows in front of you…
      There is potentially a long list of actions done thoughtlessly by adults that damage the psych of children and are long remembered — two strangers having sex on the beach does not fall on that list, in my opinion.

  22. vet

    Interesting to see the difference between those posting on Inside Edition compared to those posting here.
    IMHO I would feel much more comfortable around those folks with their conservative views on such crude public behavior.

  23. USA

    Well, your clearly defensive NPS. He gave you a 290.06! Wow!!! I received Summary Probation. Everyone knows about you? You shouldn’t even be on the register? You clearly did prison time and it clearly was child related! Your story are true personality is coming out. I do believe in the registry. I personally feel it kept me on the straight and narrow and I bet it does or has affected many of you. I believe misdemeanors should register for 5 years and felons 10 years. I also believe people’s names and addresses shouldn’t be posted online for all to see. In addition, I feel that the police should be the only ones who have access to this info. You guys are very angry. As mentioned before, this couple probably would have and should have just received a slap on the wrist ect, but the man is/was a convicted Felon and had did 8 years in prison. So, he was obviously not an angel. There is a difference between 2 drunk people having sex and a parole who did 8 years for cocaine trafficking. So, you guys don’t seem to comprehend this wasn’t your run of the mill guy. Felon/8 years in prison/cocaine trafficker! I don’t think any DA or Judge would let this guy slide unless they wanted to get fired or removed from the bench. Duh

    • NPS

      No. Not defensive at all. It is what it is. I’ll apply for the CoR in due time. No I never did prison time. Like you, I was also given summary probation which was terminated early. I know you’d like to insist that my offense was child related, but if it was, my name, face and address would be posted for all to see. I know this goes against your slanderous belief about me but no it was NOT child related.

      It seems to me that you are projecting all your feelings not only on me but others. I also think that you resent the fact that you have been corrected not only by other registered citizens but also by a woman. Your generalizing other offenders (and slandering them) has shown us your true colors; that of a bigot.

      Thank you for your honesty about your belief in maintaining the registry. If you think it is good for you because it has kept you on the straight and narrow, then you have bigger problems and compulsion issues. You have just confirmed that you are that .01% who is likely to reoffend. The rest of us don’t need the registry to keep us on a straight path. Many Registered Citizens have made a mistake (to err is to be human) and have atoned long ago and will never commit another offense. But if you truly believe in the registry, why bother to comment on a site that is dedicated to reforming and subsequently eliminating the registry. CA-RSOL is counter to your beliefs. Or are we just the dogs you need to kick around to make yourself feel better? Something to think about.

    • Craig

      USA I usually do not comment negative about people but if you had to have the registry keep you straight then you are sick anyway. The registry has done nothing but beat down families, but before you go off on me which I could care less, I have a good job, house, family and my crime was feeling up a 16 year old many years ago. WRONG yes, and I paid for it, but not one good thing has come by placing 800,000 thousand people on it. With that being said if you agree with the registry then why are you here?

  24. mike r

    No matter your veiws conservative or not its the disconnect between proportionality and the offense that’s troubling. Give em a fine and probation and be done with it. That’s proportional to their crime. BOTTOM LINE

  25. NPS

    USA clearly has Stockholm Syndrome with a side of bigotry. Can’t blame him for his distorted views and slanderous accusations against registered citizens.. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

  26. USA

    ***Please refrain from making personal insults. We tread a fine line here, but this is going too far. Try again. Moderator***

  27. mike r

    Wow USA says it took the registry to keep him on the straight and narrow. Hmm sounds like he should’ve did some prison time I bet that would’ve been enough to keep him straight. The only way the registry could protect anyone or be useful at all is if it only applied to habitual repeat rapist or habitual actual child predators/rapist but wait those type of people rarely see the light of day out of prison. So there’s no way to justify a registry and USA saying its helped keep him offense free is an outrageous claim. It makes me second guess my view of the registry because obviously people such as yourself should be on such a registry or be sent to the pen so as to make you think twice about reoffending. God I sure hope your the exception to the rule and are a very small percentage of registrants. Get some help.

    • Timmr

      Odd how family and children come into this dialogue. Seeing that I had inadvertently and thoughtlessly through my offense made my wife and children suffer was enough to keep me off the path to re-offense. Their pain is my imprisonment. Having a family and seeing what this registry system has heaped onto those who are trying to recover and reconnect more secure and truly loving emotional connections, one wonders how a registrant can wish the public registry shaming machine and all its associated restrictions on anyone.

  28. Jojo

    Prior to incarceration, and hoping it could help me to avoid it, I checked into Del Amo Hospital in Torrance. A 45-day lock-up in a specialized program for sex addiction/ sex offending. To me, this beach scandal seems like a sex-addiction problem.

    Coincidentally, one acronym taught at Del Amo to aid in sexual recovery was the word “BEACH”.

    B – Boundaries, have them.
    E – Empathy, feel for self and others. Be aware of reenacting past traumas.
    A – Accountability, listen to people around you who know you.
    C – Community, be in a group that lends support and strengthening.
    H – Humility, embrace that we all fall short.

    • Timmr

      It might be a sexual addiction or it might be an addiction to shocking people for personal gratification. Both are equally unhealthy in my view. Nonetheless, I like your slant of seeing this mainly as a mental illness and sociological problem and not exclusively a penal offense.

  29. someone who cares

    I believe everybody is entitled to their opinion, especially since we all grew up with different beliefs and norms. The guy was a felon maybe, but that should not make him prone to harsher penalties for the same actions if he has paid his debt. That is what is wrong, to judge people based on their past. It is easy these days to become a felon, and for those who don’t think so, please read “three felonies a day”. In some countries, sex on the beach would not be considered a serious crime, here it is. Who is to say, though, which country is right and which is wrong? Some people are more open minded (the Hippy times come to mind), and some are prude. Who is right and who is wrong? That is only in the eye of the beholder. Some people may like the color red best, my favorite color is blue. Which one is the better color? Neither. Same goes for everything else. Poor judgement is practiced every day by all of us, but the punishment needs to fit the crime, always. Do we really want to be remembered as the country who incarcerates the most people? Does this mean we live in the most horrible country? For some it will surely appear this way. Just my opinion.

  30. Euro

    I grew up in a foreign country where exposure to sexual imagery – on TV, print, movies, etc – was much more relaxed and prevalent. I dare say as a child I have witnessed all kinds of things that would have convinced the good people in the US of A that I must be forever damaged.

    That said, I was walking home from school one day. There was a crowd of people in the middle of the street. I was small – maybe 10 – and using my elbows I was at the front in no time. In the middle of the crowd was a homeless guy familiar to the area, sprawled on the asphalt, the contents of his bag strewn about, some blood on his head. I was shellshocked and ran home.

    Turns out he was back walking the neighborhood a few weeks later, but as far as I was concerned I had just seen a dead man, a murder victim.

    That image haunts me to this day. If this had happened here, no one would have given a rat’s behind. But seeing two people get it on is beyond harmful. Just sayin…

  31. anonymously

    Timmr said “Odd how family and children come into this dialogue. Seeing that I had inadvertently and thoughtlessly through my offense made my wife and children suffer was enough to keep me off the path to re-offense. Their pain is my imprisonment. Having a family and seeing what this registry system has heaped onto those who are trying to recover and reconnect more secure and truly loving emotional connections, one wonders how a registrant can wish the public registry shaming machine and all its associated restrictions on anyone ”

    In the end, Timmr, I agree, no one should be forced by anyone to register for anything, like the Nazi’s forced registrants, Jews, Gypsies, Communists, Homosexuals, political opposition, etc to do, before in many cases just killing their victims. William, although I can understand his apparent motivations, tempted us to advocate for a registry of unconstitutional politician law violators like Hueso acting as an agent of Chris Kelly, should consider this can lead to a slippery slope rationalization of a registry for anyone. As tempting as it is to support a registry for Hueso for his wrong way DUI ( Hueso hypothetically could be on 2 registries ), it still violates Hueso’s human rights. It looks like once we accept any rationalization for any registry, the slippery slope cannot be stopped, as evidenced by USA’s supposed advocacy for a non-public registry for himself and others like him where he would register for 5 years and then be done with it. I assume USA meant no add ons to the registry, which add unforseen draconian dimensions. If USA’s hypothetical registry was the implementation that prevailed, registrants probably would be able to re-integrate back into society better than what we have now and public safety would benefit accordingly. But, I also think USA may have taken that silly position just to take the opposite position of whoever he was arguing with. But I will note, NPS, if I recall correctly, was the only one here to predict the failure of SB 448, while at the same time working to defeat it. That is putting yourself and reputation out there, because NPS is a real person with insight. Unlike Miranda who predicted we better get our spreadsheets (and as would follow,store money) ready for the onslaught of Chris Kelly released terror coming our way. Miranda was wrong, but so likely to be wrong so much, that once he was wrong, we get no apology, no explanation, as if its just regular business of the day to be wrong and no need to ever elaborate.

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