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British court blocks extradition of sex-abuse suspect, saying California law violates human rights

A British high court has refused to extradite a former Orange County choir director who fled the U.S. before he was to stand trial on sexual abuse charges, ruling that a California involuntary commitment law would violate his human rights. Full Article


England Refuses to Extradite an Alleged Sex Offender ( with High Court decision

More time over US ‘fugitive’ Roger Giese extradition case (BBC)

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The US is not known for keeping it’s word, let alone respecting and honoring it’s own laws.

“The British judges said they will grant the extradition only on the condition that the U.S. government guarantees it would not subject Giese to a civil commitment.”

I think the British judges should reconsider the condition under which they are willing to send Giese back. I also think they should take a look at the chaotic unconstitutional laws under which Giese will be forced to live under until the day he dies. I believe these laws are also a violation of human rights.

The thing is, is that the British seem to be gravitating towards more restrictive laws on sex crimes, much like the U.S. I hope that they don’t send him back, but he probably would have been better off going to Germany.

Why Germany? Aren’t they a part of the EU like Britain is?

While part of the EU, Germany has an entirely different set of laws than the UK. In fact, it could not be more different as general UK laws are based on English law, while German law is based on Roman law.

The UK and Ireland have a sex offender registry while every good German (and there are many) recoils at the idea of registering its citizens for any reason whatsoever. They remember all too well what happened when that seemed like a good idea.

Wow! I want to escape to Germany. I’ve been fantasizing about somewhere in South America, but Germany sounds better! Either way; what’s the point of being an american if you can’t enjoy the same constitutional guarantees as murderers and politicians, drug dealers, etc do? And what’s the point of being an american if american laws can get you and your family killed?

I never did understand this…. first a guy is deemed mentally competent to commit a crime and is sentenced as such. Then, at the end of his term, he is deemed to be a mental defective and is held indefinitely due to this mental illness. When and where did he ‘acquire’ this defect? While incarcerated? Or did he have it all along – and would that not make him unfit to stand trial?

The European Court (not sure the exact name) ruled a few years ago that Civil Commitment AFTER sentencing violates Human Rights. If a person is to be held as a ‘patient’ after serving their sentence this is still possible, but it must be ordered at the original sentencing.

It’s just the state/system/government contradicting itself again.

Like when it says a 17-year old is a child victim of child sexual abuse the same day they charge a 14-year old as an adult for a crime. 🙂

Either way, the courts and the states prison industrial complex profit from the child victim (even if it was consensual) and the child/adult (even if the child/adult isn’t mature enough to realize the gravity of the crime.

It’s a money machine that keeps the CCPOPA and other victims advocacy groups happy, including the courts.

There’s gonna be a good number of orange curtain county teachers school personnel and within state heading across the Atlantic.
Sure been allot in the news where that sham registry DIDN’T prevent them teachers.

They already give probation for full fledged sex with students to some teachers ALREADY.. usak..usuk..whatever…

YEAH I hope they never expedite him untill the public registry is abolished and only available to police like every other civilized country. There shouldn’t even be a registry but if they must then it should only be available to law enforcement. It’s cruel unusual arbitrary unreasonable oppressive retroactive punishment. Violates numerous human rights. To many to list.

“the public registry is … available to police like every other civilized country”

You are being facetious, right? Other than our English / Puritan brethren (CA, UK, IRE, NZ, AUS), France (for some really hard core cases) and South Korea, NO OTHER country on the planet has a sex offender registry. Countries considering one are still heavily English influenced (India, So. Africa, Bermuda, etc).

There are about 220 countries in this world. The overwhelming majority without a sex offender registry whatsoever.

And the only real public one is right here, in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

The free and brave part; it’s an illusion for the most part.

I’m so glad that common sense is prevailing against the insane laws in this country. Even if it’s in a different country. The U.S. is becoming the laughing stock of the world. What a shame!

Let’s try a slightly different approach. Do you realize that many Americans are required to register as the result of doing things that are perfectly legal in most of Europe?

I say: if is legal in Europe, it should be legal here as well. And if it legal over there, it is hardly a menace to society over here. These thoughts lead to the following: quite a few of these so-called offences are just minor issues: like “right turn on red”, or smoking marijuana. Legalize these things—–it is no longer legitimate to leave the laws as they are.

Wow, I’m in a little bit of a shock. I believe and strongly feel the registry is terrible, but I never once heard anyone address what he did? You guys just stated it violates human rights/it’s unconstitutional and so on? Although, what about the victim? The guy flat out lied to the boy and from what I’m reading, did some pretty bad things to him? I don’t know much about Civil Commitment ect, but this isn’t your run of the mill flasher ect. This man was put in a position of authority and clearly was out of control. I wouldn’t want him around my child. Now, you can click negative comments via my comment/respond anyway you desire, but facts are facts. I can only imagine how the boy provided this man blood, urine, stool and semen samples? Uh, how would any of you suggest rehabilitating this man if convicted? Would you allow him to continue teaching music? Working with children? Should he just get probation? Parole? Maybe we should just give him Summary Probation and tell him to be good? Counseling? I can only wonder how this 13 year old is doing. I welcome your negative comments and so on, but from what I’ve read, it sounds like your neither rational or taking any responsibility. Best wishes /that’s my opinion

I think most people would be fine with him being returned if the prospect of civil commitment wasn’t on the table. While I believe that the registry is a violation of human rights and unconstitutional, the real issue here is civil commitment.

As for what he did, he absolutely does deserve some time in prison and real therapy not the joke that they call prison therapy.

Everyone talks about civil commitment violating human rights because it DOES violate human rights. There should never be a country that denies even basic human rights to the worst of human beings. Yes, the guy should be punished. Subject him to a court hearing and/or trial, and if guilty, an appropriate punishment, debt paid and be done with it.

As per this victim, it’s irrelevant. Americans have this warped view that justice is about the victim. It isn’t, nor is it supposed to be. It’s about the accused. That’s why we have the 5th and 14th amendments right to due process.

Going to be hard convincing the American public that the justice system should not be all about revenge and retribution — easier said than done.

I agree USA this guy needs to be locked up. This just goes to show you how desensisized we have all become because of the draconian laws that have been levied against all of us. There needs to be justice and justice needs to be restorative and towards rehabilitation and retribution not just punishment. The fact that our gov. Has levied all these unjust laws against its citizens is the core of the European courts decision not to extradite I’m sure.

USA wrote “Wow, I’m in a little bit of a shock. I believe and strongly feel the registry is terrible, but I never once heard anyone address what he did? You guys just stated it violates human rights/it’s unconstitutional and so on? Although, what about the victim? The guy flat out lied to the boy and from what I’m reading, did some pretty bad things to him? ”

Right. Though the story is somewhat ambiguous, it appears to me that the abuse occurred from the ages of 13-17. The boy, as you call him, is now 21.

“I don’t know much about Civil Commitment ect, but this isn’t your run of the mill flasher ect. ”

Civil comittment used to require 2 separate victims for sexual assualt. Now I believe it’s only one victim required. The way things are going, it will be one time urinating on the side of the road perps being civilly committed eventually since the prison guards/mental hospital workers union always will want more hours for their guards/employees and a higher budget.

“This man was put in a position of authority and clearly was out of control. I wouldn’t want him around my child.”

Yes but who’s to say he is not already rehabilitated since this occurred 8 years ago. Let’s leave that judgement to the experts. I would think he would have a higher chance of being cured if he had had therapy, but then again John Walsh and Ted Nugent never had therapy either and a lot of people trust them around children. Well maybe not Nugent…

“Now, you can click negative comments via my comment/respond anyway you desire, but facts are facts.”

Facts are facts, but all we know is there were 19 charges filed. The boy was asked to provide bodily fluids. At age 17, I don’t see how he could have been fooled to think a choir director is really part of an elite military unit and that the military is hiring childen. And all this during the heyday of the reckoning for the Catholic Church scandal.

The victim is now so sacred. No need for the victim to prove the level of damage they claim. No need for any conflicting evidence to their claims to be weighed, just believe the victim as coached by the Victim Advocate. Restitution becomes extortion when the victim’s therapist cannot be contacted by the offender nor his/her attorney to obtain a treatment plan concerning the length of therapy.

According to my victims, “that their victim’s advocate completely wrote an false and exaggerated account and submitted to the DA”. They said, “it was so bad they walked out on the advocate and refuse to meet with the therapist, again. They said, “that they tried to hire an attorney, after they became adults, to sue the advocate, however, the lawyer would not file the case.”

It’s time the DAs and their “Victim’s Advocate” henchmen were prosecuted for this. It is something those monsters must have felt safe doing, as they supposed no one would ever care what cruel and unusual punishment came our way.

Wowwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! You guys clearly fit the profile. I just read a few comments regarding the victim. One individual stated, “As per this victim, it’s irrelevant. Americans have this warped view that justice is about the victim. It isn’t, nor is it supposed to be. It’s about the accused.” Im speechless. You can argue this comment all day long, but 9/10 people would consider you to be blaming the victim and in some way its their fault. WOW. No pun intended, but the DA’s do try and attempt to portray them as helpless individuals, but in some ways they are! Children are victims. Im in shock. Go ahead and respond, but it is what it is. You have no one to blame but yourselves. Keep this tone up and somebody is going to read this and the laws wont be changed. Terrible

USA, I think what some people are saying is how poorly the justice works for those accused of sexual improprieties against others. In other words, not all victims are brutalized to the extent some prosecutors would lead the court to believe.
Proof is required for a conviction but none is for guidelines for dispensing justice.
The court becomes handicapped to focus on rehabilitation because of an underlying greed for harsh and vindictive punishment by unscrupulous DA’s and victim advocate groups.

USA are you for or against the registry? It sure seems like your pro registry. I agree with you that the real pedophiles and rapist should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. These laws are just so disproportionate and unjust that every body on here has suffered tremendously at the hands of our gov and the public that they may appear to be un emphatic for victims of crime. The worst of the worst offenders get locked up for life in almost every serious case so all the people on this site or the registry are mostly low level offenders. I bet there are very few true monsters on this site and only a fraction in the registry. Before you rant about how these people somehow deserve everything that’s happened to them or is happening or will happen to them in the future is ridiculous. Just because you feel the registry is the only thing keeping you from reoffending doesn’t mean that’s the norm because it isn’t. Youre not the norm you are the exception.

USA is pro-registry. He has explicitly stated it that it has helped HIM keep his life on the straight and narrow. CLEARLY this disturbed individual is among the less than 1% population who is more likely to reoffend. He should have been sentenced to life in prison because no person who is a danger should ever have to live their lives on the list, but he does.This makes him a clear and present danger to himself, his family and other Americans due to his emphatic statement in his belief that he needs to registry to keep him in line.

Remember those who shout the loudest and point their fingers at others tend to have the biggest skeletons in their closets. No comment he ever makes has any credibility whatsoever. Take his comments with a grain of salt.

Wanderin, I completely agree with your comments 100%! I appreciate your intelligent and well thought out comment. I’m not sure what the others are talking about, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Glad you didn’t over analyze my comment. Best of luck to you. This war will only be won by thoughtful thinking!

Agreed NPS if he needs a registry to keep him from reoffending then the phsycs should’ve seen this and he is the as you stated the one percent that needs civil commitment or life in prison untill he is deemed not a threat. I do actually believe in civil commitment for the worst of the worst or life in prison but not the draconian cruel shaming of a individual for the rest of their life while not protecting anyone or have any benefits for society other then keeping the very few like USA from reoffending. Hope he don’t have kids or grand kids

Hmmm. I don’t see the issue here as being the registry or what this guy did. Both of those are horrendous. The issue appears to be a sovereign country’s right to defend its own principles, codified in its laws, traditions and treaties, and not break those laws by sending an accused to a country where those principles will surely be undermined. Do you think this country would extradite a foreign citizen, no matter how horrendous the crime, if it knew the accused would surely have his head chopped off, for example as practiced in Saudi Arabia? Or would the US, signatory to the Geneva Convention, send a suspect to another country to be tortured, or imprisoned indefinitely without charge? — oh, right, we have done that. The capacity to operate on principle rather than the expediency of revenge, is that what USA doesn’t get?

love your post wondering hits the nail right on the head. I was convicted of a chris hanson scenario or pretty close to it. I never had any long sexual conversations with underage girls and didn’t seek them out in chatrooms like the da or the courts claimed. needless to say most people would consider me a perv but you know what that was just a spare of the moment laps in judgement that never physically harmed anyone but myself and I learned from the mistake and after a lengthy prison sentence of over two and a half years and the three years of hell on parole and losing everything I owned and any chance of getting or keeping a decent job and over ten years without a chance of reoffending there is no way I ever would reoffend. The registry has 0 effect on rather I would reoffend 000000000. See unlike USA there most people learn from their mistakes and don’t need to be ridiculed and reminded or supervised for it for the rest of their lives.

so what were you convicted of USA and why do you feel that the registry is necessary in order to keep you from reoffending. If your man enough to tell us im sure we would all like some insight into why you feel the way you do and you may even make us all reevaulueate or perspective abut the registry. Man up and explain yourself.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This victim stuck around for his abuse for FOUR years, which begins to sound like it may have developed into a “consensual” relationship. Although we all know there is legally no such thing, it shows he wasn’t being forced or tortured. The DA promotes the idea of “specimen collections” to shock everyone, so my guess is it probably happened once as an initial deceitful ploy to cross boundaries. Terrible; but Correction and Rehabilitation should still be available to this offender, not Civil Commitment.
Admittedly, I am bitter about the DA spin on my own inappropriate relationship because she made it sound so heinous. However, I took full responsibility and voluntarily paid all therapy costs for my victim for 6 years, from age 17 to 23, (there was no court order requiring me to do so). During my abuse, he was age 15 to age 16; already in therapy for depression throughout the time of the offenses, as well as seeing a Shrink for medication. Taking the stand, the victim said I was responsible for his depression, and no one investigated the police report right in front of them which contradicted this information. Is that because Victim’s Word Rules? And who give the victim a template of exactly what to say, so that the punishment will be harshest? The Victim’s Advocate, who works for the DA. A Conflict of Interest.
As for my own rehabilitation, I am grateful to say that I picked-up my sons daily from High School for years without any attraction to teen boys, and I have many tools of recovery to use should I ever find myself attracted to anyone inappropriately.

Oh and why are you even on this site if your pro registry?

Wow, its pretty sad to see how people completely know my business. NPS and Mike seem to know everything. For the record, I was arrested for 5 VERY serious felonies that didn’t involve a minor ect. ALL charges where dismissed and I plead non contest to a battery charge. wobbler. THereafter, the charged was reduced to a misdemeanor and expunged. Lastly, I received 5 years SUMMARY Probation. I’ve never had any issues like you guys prior or after. So, what else do you want to know? I imagine from reading your comments, you where convicted for something related to children? Man up, lets hear your story? Pretty intelligent to pick on people with similar issues rather than sticking together. Nice

I was not aware sex offender registration was required for battery. Maybe you mean ‘SEXUAL battery’? FELONY SEXUAL battery?

And YOU are judging others here? So you got a good plea deal. And expungement means nothing. Dude, if anyone – you of all people belong on this registry for life!

Jo jo, I just read your statement. While I’am taken back by your story, it takes a man to admit his mistake. Good for you!!

I’m a woman.

That’s even worst

That is not even a sentence…. sheeeesh.

Well USA I told my story you just didn’t read it or chose to ignore it. Here’s the thing your right that we should stick together and whatever you did or didn’t do to land you on the registry is besides the point. It obviously wasn’t that bad or you would be in prison. The fact remains though that in previous post you stated that the registry was what kept you from reoffending so you feel that it is necessary in some ways. I guess all of us on here,all least I do, want to know why you feel its necessary and why do you thin you need this constant vigilance hanging over you’re head to keep you from re offending? I can see a need for supervision of the worst of the worst true pedophiles and rapist especially repeat offenders but that is just supervision for a certain amount of time until the are seen as not being a threat by real professionals that are not controlled by CDC or the state in any way. After a person has completed their supervision they should be able to be a free american again with ALL their rights restored ad even their criminal record should be private and only available to law enforcement for future prosecution if they decide to re offend. If we had a system like that then those who do go to prison upon completion of their supervision they would have a fighting chance to reintegrate back into society.

As I’ve stated, take his comments with a grain of salt. USA has contradicted himself on every statement. Don’t feed this pigeon.

Speaking of stories, it’s irrelevant. I don’t want to hear anyone’s stories because to me it doesn’t matter. It’s not even any of my business. And frankly, no one should have to justify themselves to scum like USA, who at every turn has criticized every person for having a different opinion, erroneously accuses them of crimes he knows nothing about, and even condemns those who do tell their story; that comment against JoJo was totally uncalled for.

The point is, most everyone on here has already owned up to their mistakes, completed the terms of their convictions, and fully paid their debts to society. And because they have remained law abiding citizens, they continue to be unjustly punished by this registry. Don’t feel you have to explain yourselves to people like USA. He’s no better than the rest of us who are also subjected to registration. The only exception is, he is among that less than 1% of registered citizens who is likely to reoffend as he explicitly stated on multiple posts that it kept him in line and is therefore a danger to society.

People make mistakes; some have been unjustly accused. I don’t care what you did. You owned it, you worked through it, and you are deserving of the same rights as all Americans. This is not about a “my crime was not as bad as your crime, so therefore I’m a better person than you” conversation. It’s about all registered citizens (no matter how minor or major the crime) and or fight to end the unconstitutional registry that has denied basic human rights.

Man jojo how can they even call what you did abuse if all you did was have sex with a young man. That’s every teen age boys dream to be suduced by a older female. I had plenty of relationships with older females when I was a teen and it was great.

mike r, please note: it may be every *heterosexual* teenage boy’s fantasy to be seduced by an older female. Not a favorite fantasy for gay teens.
(And I’d wager that homosexuals are much more frequently targeted by sex offense laws than straight guys are.)

Mike R, I completely agree with you. Otherwise, the worst case scenario is we should be able to fall off the registry as occurs in so many other states. California needs to wake up and get with the program. To require someone convicted of a misdemeanor offense to register for life is a joke. Well stated.

Note: I agreed with Mike R’s first comment/not second.

Oh, I see. It’s EVERY young man or woman’s fantasy to be seduced and have sexual contact with an older man or woman? Okay. Makes perfect sense if your a pedophile. Must be a misunderstanding. Right. I hope lawmakers aren’t reading this blog.

And I didn’t say it was the same for girls. It might be djfferent now but i know for a fact that when I was growing up any and all my teenage friends boys that is would and did jump at a chance to have sex with a older women. I really find it hard to belive that all the different friends that I’ve had and all the different parties I went to where that was exactly the case in not just my group of friends. Anyone that says different grew up on a different planet or was one of those home schooled never get dirty parent forced recluse which I know there are a lot of out there.

I also bet if you would’ve been convicted of one of those four or five felonies that you said you were charged with( the only reason you weren’t convicted of is because you had money, which I came to conclude since you stated in other post that your one of the upper 5%) you would have a different stance on whether the registry should apply only to felonies. Its people like you who live with blinders on that are the oppressors of this country, the war on drugs doesn’t work drugs are everywhere and will always be everywhere, the war on guns doesn’t work guns are everywhere and will always be everywhere, and now this war on sex isn’t going to work either sex is everywhere and will always be everywhere, failure after failure after failure and the gov. keeps doing the same thing. throwing laws at the problem who cares if it solves anything or gets any positive results. Its the definition of insanity. Our junior high and high schools are flooded with sex and drugs. They even made a movie based on a true story where one girls had a venereal disease and like over 40 or 50% of the school ended up with it. If parents want to keep their kids off drugs and from having sex then they need to take responsibility and educate and convince their kids not to do it. Its their failure if their little precious is out there doing drugs and having sex with everyone and anyone that comes along. This ruining the life’s of millions of american s mostly men and their families because they didn’t control their urge to have sex with sexually active sexually mature young women needs to stop. This is the real world all those people that think that these youngsters are the helpless and unwilling and in every case a victim simply because they are not 18 are living in a fantasy world. I don’t care what people think of me or what especially USA says if you didn’t rape someone or have sex with a prepubescent child and didn’t coerce or threaten the individual into having sex you shouldn’t be charged with a crime. That’s my opinion and I am man enough to say it unlike most of the population in this country. I would never engage in such an act simply because it is against the law in this country with severe consequences. That’s what keeps me from reoffending not some lame a** registry that does absolutey no good whatsoever. Every one is so afraid of sex in this world that its ridiculous and so protective of their little precious child now days but are so afraid of taking responsibility when their kids don’t live up to their moral beliefs. I am tired of puss* footing around it if these teens are cognizabley mature enough to be charged as an adult for murder and the likes then they are cognizabley mature enough to consent to sex. That’s the bottom line. So come on all the Genophobias have at it.

HAA!!!!! pedophile huh? WOW just when I think you might actually have some intellect in that distorted brain of yours USA you go and show your stupidity by opening your mouth again with something you cant wrap your head around like the definition of a pedophile. Just a reminder a pedophile is defined as a person that is attracted to PREPUBESCENT children you mentally challenged idiot. Sounds like you were accused of rape with all those felonies and the fact that it didn’t involve a minor. Its scary to think that your money probably bought you out of those rape charges and kept you from going to prison because rapist and true pedophiles need to do prison time and get help other wise it will take a lifetime of supervision to keep them from reoffending. OH wait that’s right you have self proclaimed that the registry was the only thing keeping you from reoffending.

You want to know how we should deal with all the problems in america?
(1) Start by legalizing and regulating drugs of all kinds. By doing this you can release hundreds of thousands of prisoners immediately and force them into drug treatment programs that have been proven to work. With the money we save on imprisoning all these individuals and the money we would save by not wasting are resources on this unwinnable war we can then focus the billions if not trillions of dollars on education, prevention and rehabilitation and the cops can then go after the big time cartels,street gangs and all the other violent offenders and prosecute them to the fullest extent and have the space and resources to devote to those people.
That’s how you win the war on drugs!
(2) Instead of wasting any more time money or resources registering and regulating legal gun owners the cops can take that money and resources and add it to the money and resources that they save from the end of the war on drugs and focus on getting the illegal guns out of the hands of violent criminals and off the streets. They can also focus all those saved resources on prosecuting and detaining the real threats to this country which is all the violent offends out there. Throw the book at these guys and make rehabilitation a top priority in the prisons instead of just training these guys to be better more violent offenders that are trained in close combat and that are prime and ready for combat as soon as they get out of prison. We could also focus all the money and resources that we would save on reintegration programs that are not just look good on paper programs but real life programs that work. Stop public accessibility to past criminal records so that companies cant use those to not hire individuals. Use past convictions for future prosecutions if a offender reoffends. Once a person does their time and is off of all supervision restore all their rights and I mean all.
That’s how you win the war on violence and solve the problem of mass incarceration and eliminate gun violence in america.We can never keep guns out of the hands of deranged people but if our society was more fair and our systems just then it would eliminate a lot of the problems the people face and we could also devote more resources to mental health with the trillions saved from the reforms I suggested.
(3)This is going to be the biggest challenge to overcome: the war on sex in this country. This is a radical idea that I know most people wont agree with but I am going to tell it like it is. We need to lower the age of consent to thirteen or when minors become sexual mature and place the responsibility back on the parents to educate and convince their precious children to believe as the parent does and to not engage in such activities including using drugs or having sex.Release everyone that was convicted of having consensual non violent non coerced sex with any one that was sexually mature and of sound mind to make a cognizably mature decision to have sex just like the courts can deem a person of sound mind to be charged as an adult. Eliminate the sex offender registry and any other registry for that matter and take all the money and resources saved from doing this and put it into educating and preventing kids from engaging in these activities since our society deems it so wrong. Legalize and regulate prostitution in every state just like Nevada.We would then have the resources to go after and prosecute and confine to the fullest extent of the laws the true monsters of this society,(Rapist, true pedophiles, and all the real true violent offenders) All these categories of offenders can then get the treatment that every human deserves in this world because those are the people with mental disorders,or have no opportunity i life outside of prison.
This ends the war on sex in this country,reallocates funds and resources to prevention through education and allows the resources needed for rehabilitation for those that seek it.
I don’t know why I even felt I needed to write all this on this site but hey what the h***

mike r said, “thirteen or when minors become sexual mature.” Now with endocrine disrupting chemicals polluting children’s bodies, girls are developing breasts at age 7.

Have at it USA I find this discourse with you interesting and entertaining at least.

It’s a free country, unless your on the registry

That’s it USA little dim witted huh. Lol thought I would get all kinds of hate speach coming back from you over what I wrote. It is kind of hard to argue with my proposals though because they all makes sense. It won’t never happen because all the mentality challenged people out there but what the h…. It would be a much better society if it did and someday in the far future it will happen because the gov will not have a choice because the system is going to get so over loaded and bogged down that they will have to make changes.

My husband may not have stuck by me if I had gone as far as intercourse with my victim, but I definitely crossed the line. The actual point I wanted to make here is that, even though my victim was 15 & 16 at the time of offenses, prosecutors hammered down on me saying my victim was 13 at the start of offenses, just like the guy in this article! Prosecutors wanted a million dollars bail set and may have been planning civil commitment for me for all I know. The father’s shocking hear-say report, which remains the first damning page of my police report, states offenses had begun when I first met his son at 13. In fact, it was a good thing I had checkbook proof that I did not hire this teen to babysit my kids (isolating him in my home) until he was 14. They then asserted there were 2 years of offenses starting at 14, so unfortunately the grooming period was included. Then, after successfully fighting off the under 14 count in court,the Court Clerk accidentally left one count under 14 anyway. We had it corrected after my incarceration and it continues to confuse everyone who looks at my rap sheet. Therefore, I suspect the possibility that the prosecution’s assertion about this offender’s victim being 13 years old could be false as well.

In my case, the DA told the Judge, it wasn’t “kidnapping”, but that the victim felt he couldn’t get away. Yeah? What about the cell phone that was on him at all times? And what about the long legs on his 6′ frame? Or was it he just felt he couldn’t get away without “being impolite”?
The point is, prosecutors are cheating to obtain harsher convictions.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

(By Reverend Martin Niemoller, A German anti-Nazi theologian)

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