CDCR Lawsuit Expanded, TRO Hearing Set October 26

A lawsuit challenging CDCR’s requirement that registered citizens post signs on the front door of their residences on Halloween has been expanded to include an individual in Los Angeles.  Similar to the original plaintiff in the case who lives in San Diego County, the man in L.A. was told by his parole officer that he must post a sign on the front door of his home.

“Both plaintiffs believe their lives will be in danger if they post a sign on the front door of their homes,” stated CA RSOL president Janice Bellucci.  “They also fear that members of their family could be harmed.”

The lawsuit, as amended on Oct. 19, alleges that CDCR is levying the sign requirement against registered citizens on parole as a blanket restriction regardless of when they were convicted, whether their offense involved a minor and their risk of re-offense.  According to Dr. Karl Hanson, a PhD psychologist who has conducted re-offense research for decades, an individual convicted of a sex offense is very unlikely to commit another offense if he has not done so within 17 years.

“We have recently learned that in the recent past CDCR required registered citizens who were  homeless to post Halloween signs on their sleeping bags, tents, vehicles and hotel rooms,” stated Bellucci.

According to PhD sociologist and author Emily Horowitz, “There is no research that sex offenses increase on Halloween, no evidence that sex offenders target children on Halloween and, in fact, no evidence that a child has ever been a victim of sexual abuse by a stranger while out trick-or-treating.”

An application for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) was filed in this case on Oct. 15.  CDCR must respond to the TRO application by Oct. 21 and the plaintiffs may reply to that response on Oct. 22.  A hearing on the TRO application is scheduled in San Diego for Oct. 26.

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Janice, you rock!!!

I marvel at the fact that this sort of draconian mind set still exists with all that is known about the uselessness of these kind of requirements against people forced to register. The only things that have come out of all this registry non sense is bad; families and lives have been destroyed, entire communities live in fear and their hate festers and grows daily because they believe lies, and too many people have been and will be murdered because of the states obsession with persecution of a created class of people that are for the most part citizens in name only. Simple common sense should tell a normal person that this should not be the results of laws if they are good laws. I believe the state has a responsibility to set the record straight and at least try to undo some of the harm they have caused to children and adults instead of sliding even further down the slope of dishonesty and immorality.

I hope you can outsmart the fraudsters at the California Department of Corruption and Retribution (CDCR). CDCR has imposed harsh special conditions on parolees and have violated the individual’s Constitutional rights on countless matter. CDCR has too much blood in their hands. The balance of power must equal to justice. CDCR, and their contracted companies, is/are dirty organization(s) with concern only for their employees. The ‘us vs. them’ mentality, top-to-bottom approach does not work! CDCR has over a 60 percent recidivism rate! Jeffrey Beard, Tom Tobin, and all of their minions must be held accountable for corruption!

“We have recently learned that in the recent past CDCR required registered citizens who were homeless to post Halloween signs on their sleeping bags, tents, vehicles and hotel rooms”

Since when do kids go up to a homeless person on the street and ask for candy????
I’m praying that the TRO is granted.

I heard of this CARSOL organization on an NPR segment a few months back. I think it does a noble job in protecting the most oppressed from the tyranny of the government. These sex laws make very little sense when you examine the evidence. The media, politician, and police won’t admit uselessness of sex offense laws because their credibility relies on a broken system built on lies, exaggerations, and special interests. Speaking of “special interests,” I read in the other post how this “Tom Tobin” character is making profit from exploiting sex offenders in his “Sharpest Future” program. Nice to see others can see when they are being defrauded. No one, no matter their background, should ever be put into having to undergo abusive practices pretending to be treatment. Mr. Tobin ought to have his license taken away from him.

CDCR agents impose excessive special conditions that lack rational reason precisely because there is no fair check and balance overseeing CDCR’s abusive policies. CDCR and state courts almost never correct themselves in wrongdoing for fear of undermining CDCR’s credibility. This lack of oversight has led to special conditions that often perversely promote anti-social behavior (i.e. parolees barred from gathering with family because of children at gathering; parolees barred from seeing one’s own child(ren), even if no victim was his or her child, etc.). To CDCR: prohibiting pro-social behavior does not stop crime, but may in fact increase it (of course, the self-serving schmucks at CDCR would never realize such reasonable notion)! Parole agents have an absolute blank check to do whatever the hell they want, often depending on the agent’s mood! A slew of special conditions permits an agent to pick and choose to ‘violate’ a person for even a fairly minor issue, often in revenge. Jeffrey Beard and CDCR = frauds.

I’ve had some dialogue with one of the reporters covering this story and was told the signs these folks are given and told to post are done up in a “Halloween” font. Seriously, whose bright idea was this? And I’m from one of the cities that won a TRO against posting a sign, and most disturbing of all is that in the interest of family safety (because I’ve been off parole for over 20 years) we were at least afforded the option to vacate our residence if they were going to require a sign be posted. The conditions of parolees requires them to remain at the residence under curfew from 5pm to 5am. This is a recipe for disaster for these registrants and their family members if they are required to post a sign. They are expected to be nothing more than sitting ducks.

Nice article. Post signs on their sleeping bags? That makes a lot of sense. This is probably one of the craziest laws I’ve almost seen. No registered citizen has ever committed a crime on Halloween, but yet this law was put in place. Nice

Sharper Future ‘hired guns’ — who operate under pseudonymous titles of “psychologists,” “therapists,” and “clinicians” (and are all soul less sellouts to their profession) — working in concert with multi-million dollar contract financier CDCR (California Department of Corruption and Retribution), are beginning the Halloween season of frightening parolee sex offender test subjects into believing the necessity of Operation Boo in protecting Sharper Future’s test subjects from the public. If a test subject disagrees with the brainwashing propaganda of sex offender “treatment” program Sharper Future, ‘clinicians’ are sure to make note for future proceedings (for use against him/her). What is essential to participation is that one not question the wholly unreasonableness of the ‘treatment’s’ premise that relies on periodic polygraph interrogations. All test subjects are painted with equal repugnance, with specific attention to a test subject’s logically flawed Static-99/R score. How can this CDCR scam continue?