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Chris Hansen Is Back To Catching Predators

In mid-August, the police department in Fairfield, Connecticut, received a most unusual phone call. It was from Chris Hansen, former host of the infamous NBC reality series To Catch A Predator, which filmed the arrests of men caught soliciting sex from underage decoys online. Hansen informed the department that he was setting up a sex sting in Fairfield that would mirror the operations he became famous for a decade ago, with one key difference: This time, he was going at it without the backing of a major—or any—television network. It was just Hansen and his small team of producers, technicians, and security personnel. Hansen had chosen Fairfield as the site of America’s first-ever Kickstarter-funded sex sting. Full Article

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  1. Eric Knight

    Kickstarter needs to sued… bigtime! As funds are collected from all over the country, they can be sued federally. Please consider moving this legal action to the front burner. There is ample documentation to prove our case, not to mention Kickstarter’s own provision that they cannot fund an illegal activity.

    • td777

      Funds are not just collected nationally, they can come in from international sources. Using Kickstarter to fund this illegal activity has another illegal aspect…donations from one state used to fund a political action in a local jurisdiction in another state, or even using internationally donated funds to fund such an action. This has so many potential lawsuits, I say hit them on all fronts!

  2. KangaroOCourt

    While you’re at it Crust Cansen make sure you also report to the public in big letters that you are proving registry is a SHAM.
    You’re proving it Crust Cansen and its funded.
    Citizens forced to register have nothing to do with your scheme…less than one percent .
    It’s the 99 % of the public who are gonna be subject to your scheme

  3. Q

    I can’t believe this is being allowed! This scumbag is making money by destroying lives. I’ll bet he will create a crime situation where one would not exist unless he creates it.

  4. Justice For ALL

    He had zero interest in public safety, children, or anything remotely positive. He is a megalomaniac, which is clearly defined by the statements that he gives. Like every other politician or so called journalist/organization, he is clearly doing this for attention and money. It’s easy to generate interest, hate, and praise through this subject, which would only validate his effort for “public service and safety.”

    He is nothing more than a pathetic bottom feeder.

  5. ab

    Why? Of all the things anyone could do to help setting up sting operations isn’t on the list. More importantly Chris Hansen is not even catching predators; he is facilitating predators by helping them lure people (most likely men) into believing they are conversing with a promiscuous person under eighteen. Those who pretend to be something they are not are the true predators.

    • j

      Isn’t conspiracy rooted in these actions? The law ought to ban any private enterprise from profiting (in any way) or exploiting individuals from information made available through public resources. It is explicitly stated not to harass (entrap?) or use this information other than to provide “a false sense of security!”…

  6. mike r

    What better way to incarcerated mass amounts of people then to criminalize man’s natural instinct to procreation with women that have come into sexual maturity. I don’t care what people think of me its a natural sexual interest for grown men to be sexually attracted to sexually mature females. It is not as the courts and prosecutors claim is a abnormal sexual interest in a child. Big major difference no matter what our society says.

    • ab

      First let’s define “child” and “adult” because neither have universal definitions. Actually both terms can mean varying things from city to city, county to county, state to state, and nation to nation. Oh and don’t give one moment of thought to defining either by age. Just because someone is a certain age doesn’t automatically mean they are a child or an adult. Moreover attraction (despite being sometimes controversial) has not been the issue, but doing something based on it has been. People quickly judge a series of extremely complex and individualized experiences as though the experiences are well understood. When very little is known about the dynamics of how even “normal” interactions progress or where the limits are to normal.

  7. USA

    Well, I’m not sure what to think about this. I’ve watched the show and some of the segments where disturbing. On one occasion, one of the men where clearly mentally disabled and was caught twice? One of the men even drove 4 hours? For myself, this is in a sense entrapment. I recommend reading the definition (induced is different from predisposed). I found the show to be in a sense a set up. Very disturbing. Furthermore, it’s rather alarming to see a volunteer group (perverted justice?) assist law enforcement in getting people arrested? Then, to have a TV host confront the person is even more disturbing. Then, the man walks out harmlessly and is tackled by a barrage of officers! It’s wrong. It’s just wrong. I’ve seen on more than one occasion where the judge throws the cases out based upon this premise. Be careful!

  8. Nicholas Maietta

    I can’t wait for the day Chris Hanson is arrested for a sex crime. He fits the very description of the person who barks the loudest, must be guilty themselves.. or will be.

  9. mike r

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting that a grown man take advantage of a niave volnurable or misguided teen what I am saying is that its not abnormal for a man to be attracted to young females that are sexually mature. CA definition for child molestation is conduct motivated by an abnormal sexual interest in a CHILD. The definition of child is subjective and can be interpreted in two ways one under 18 the other being prepuebesent. I find it ironic and hypocritical that the courts can deem certain individuals to be adults for the purpose of prosecution but there is no scenerio where the same age person can have the ability to consent. Dome girls are way mature for their age and know exactly what they are doing while others are not and do not. All I’m saying is these factors should be considered by the courts and appropriate punishment for offenders. There is a big difference between someone who rapes and molest little children compared to someone that has sex with a sexual mature young female but the courts or the registry shows no differiation for the two.

  10. mch

    Please remember that scumbag Hansen got caught on film cheating on his wife, no moral character. Put him in the same category as John Walsh who had numerous affairs, one supposedly with a minor and the Lunsford’s who lack any moral compass. These are the types of people who amp up the ignorant public against people who have comitted less heinous acts than they have.
    Beware of the zealot!

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