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Wow doing my annual today theres a line out the door

Wow, where are you? One thing good here, San Diego Sheriff staffs its registration counter well. Usually wait 15 minutes at most, even without an appointment, and the process takes about 10 to fifteen minutes. Don’t get me wrong, won’t ever be a time where I love going down there, but every consideration on their part is much appreciated. You wonder why they are not properly funding the registration process in some places, because it is supposed to be just a “Price Club” application. Right.

I am not sure this actually means anything since most companies do a background check, but it’s a start…


This executive order by President Obama is a win win for all..job opportunities..fair equal opportunities is what this is talking about.. Thank you.
Now apply for those jobs local state and federal…at least try…
Citizens here have value to be a part of this economy.

There is most likely, inserted “except those whom have be convicted for sex offense, according to AWA.” somewhere in Obama’s E-order

Sometimes, you read something that’s so astronomically insane, you can only shake your head and laugh. Here’s an article making its way around Facebook:

Notice the lack of ANY evidence whatsoever! Not a single story linked to this; not a single “fact” (including the one now debunked by the Washington Post no less than 3 times). Nada. Nonetheless, people on Facebook are freaking out.

You are right. It way over the top ridiculous.

I pray Janice will be successful in getting the SO Registry tiered. This Lifetime requirement sucks! I was convicted of misdemeanor Indecent Exposure and desire to terminate this requirement before I get senile and get jailed for forgetting to Register.

I don’t know that this has happened to anyone else, but I own a small business and one of my employees discovered that I was an RSO. She was not effective and I had to fire her. Before she left, she embezzled from me. She had a lame excuse but her real justification was that I was an RSO. The police declined to even file a report. I would love to just hire RSOs. Is there a hiring board somewhere?

I’ll work for you!

Good idea. I would like to give a job to an RSO. My revenge.

Actually, if they had such a job board, I would do a back ground check on every applicant to make sure he or she was REALLY an RSO, not a vigilante. There are a lot of crazies out there.

Wait a minute….are you telling me the police refused to file a report for theft?? Please tell me you got that on video or something!

On the last couple of months on probation for me, I had a very sharp PO who you could say sympathized and actually saw probationers as actual people.

She gave me one sage-like advice: DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. She then further explained to have a recording device ready and on hand at all times and learn how to discreetly turn it on at a moments notice. “This will protect you in the long run and decimate those who would try to inflict harm on you.”

Also, which area do you run a business without giving too much info? I’m certain there are many who would work for you, myself included.

She should be able to be charged for harassment under 290.

I’m available if you’re in the Silicon valley area. My P.O. says I can’t work in gyms or rehabs because of my offense (311.1. 1count) I have had 5 offers to manage facilites, but she says no. Then she sends me a job flyer and right in large, easy to see type it says, ” child friendly environment”. Really? Did she even bother to read the flyer. This system is seriously broken.

Every person who knowingly sends or causes to be sent,
or brings or causes to be brought, into this state for sale or
distribution, or in this state possesses, prepares, publishes,
produces, develops, duplicates, or prints any representation of
information, data, or image, including, but not limited to, any film,
filmstrip, photograph, negative, slide, photocopy, videotape, video
laser disc, computer hardware, computer software, computer floppy
disc, data storage media, CD-ROM, or computer-generated equipment or
any other computer-generated image that contains or incorporates in
any manner, any film or filmstrip, with intent to distribute or to
exhibit to, or to exchange with, others, or who offers to distribute,
distributes, or exhibits to, or exchanges with, others, any obscene
matter, knowing that the matter depicts a person under the age of 18
years personally engaging in or personally simulating sexual conduct,
as defined in Section 311.4, shall be punished either by
imprisonment in the county jail for up to one year, by a fine not to
exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both the fine and
imprisonment, or by imprisonment in the state prison, by a fine not
to exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or by the fine and
(b) This section does not apply to the activities of law
enforcement and prosecuting agencies in the investigation and
prosecution of criminal offenses or to legitimate medical,
scientific, or educational activities, or to lawful conduct between
(c) This section does not apply to matter which depicts a child
under the age of 18, which child is legally emancipated, including
lawful conduct between spouses when one or both are under the age of
(d) It does not constitute a violation of this section for a
telephone corporation, as defined by Section 234 of the Public
Utilities Code, to carry or transmit messages described in this
chapter or perform related activities in providing telephone

Wow, what a completely ridiculously worded code. Also (b) is just comical; “legitimate
medical, scientific, or educational activities, or to lawful conduct between
spouses”. Anyone ever heard of an instance where such content was distributed, possessed, received, sold, or bought for scientific or educational activities? More importantly what was being taught or researched and where is the curriculum or research findings?

To your PO you should ask what about a gym or rehab regarding your offense makes you at such a risk she won’t approve you working there?

I just watched an episode of Criminal Minds from this past week about an RSO community in Florida. It was very frustrating, they portrayed this real life place as a nice suburban neighborhood when in reality the place it was based on is an old run down sugar cane farm. Also they immediately assume that the murderer must be one of the RSOs and only at the end do they look at others and find that it is the cops next door neighbor. The pastor that ran the place made everyone get a GPS implant (except himself even though he was an RSO).

Did anyone else see this episode?

I don’t watch this or any other crap on TV because, well, it’s pure crap. Save yourself some aggravation, and a few brain cells, and turn off your television, or at least avoid episodic fictional programming that deals with people in your situation.

Found this gem written in 2009 on Smith vs Doe. Some have probably seen it but a very good read and 5 years later most everything he mentions about things that should be “noticed” and that could lead to changes have happened

Arlington police: Would-be cop arrested for child porn

Is this an overstep by law enforcement/government? This guy wasn’t being “investigated” for any crime…the purpose of the polygraph was to find out if he was up to the standards of being in law enforcement. Do they have you sign all your rights away (self incrimination, etc) before hooking you up? The smart thing to do would have been to abortthe polygraph LONG before admitting to anything illegal…especially possession of CP. So you don’t get to wear a shiny badge and carry a gun…at least you don’t end up on the wrong side of the bars.

I feel sorry for the guy. Maybe a good attorney can challenge the search warrant and have it thrown out of court. If not…welcome to Price Club.

Over the last couple of days I’ve been hearing much talk about the City of Carson and their football stadium. Carson’s Mayor has been on KFI640 AM (SoCal) twice in so many days this week talking with Bill Carroll about it.

My question: Since I believe Carson has ‘presence’ restrictions in their city, does this mean that once the stadium is built that a ‘registered citizen’ would NOT be able to purchase a ticket and attend a football game???

What is the latest with the city of Carson?

If you ask me; sure is a lot of legal mumbo jumbo. Nobody that has a misdemeanor crime should have ever made it on to a registry; much less for life.
More specifically, anyone committing a crime like this was taught it by another human being, so anyone angry about it, I don’t get either, it’s a human condition, it wasn’t conjured up in a vacuum.

To those who couldn’t attend the meeting in L.A. there is work available in Torrance, but act fast. Ask to speak with a Horizon Personnel Services representative at the Jessie Lord Bakery at 21100 S. Western Ave. 90501. They’ll be hiring until next month.

Had my Costco membership updated today. The Cadet said the Police needed missing information they should have gotten when I was released for a report titled M.O. He asked for the actual date(s) of offenses and many other specific questions.
A criminal’s MO (Modus Operandi) is how they “habitually” offend. Do they expect me to be a 1%er? It may also be used in profiling perpetrator’s psychology.

It happened to me once… Told them don’t remember…

That will be my response if it happens again. “It was over 30 years ago. I don’t remember.”

I went through this BS last February when renewing my membership. The female cop and another woman, the same one who helped take my info last year was asking for all the lurid details on my crime in front of the other registrants who were not being asked anything other than the usual questions. The conversation went something like this: “Look I am just here to register,” I said. “But,” she replied, “I have to complete this section of the form. The person who registered you last year did a terrible job and it’s incomplete. Now, can you give me more details about that night.” The other lady, the one who took my info last year, shook her head and chimed in, “Yea, it was really shoddy work.” Are you effing kidding me? I did not say. I held my mud, of course, and convinced them I had enough and was ready to go.

In 21 years of registering this was the most uncomfortable experience I can remember and I dread the 2016 “renewal.”

I won’t repeat it here, but Tony Soprano had a favorite word for these types.

I just tell them to read the court records. If they don’t have access to those or are too lazy to do it, something is wrong.

Please support Assembly Bill AB-813 which will grant postconviction relif to reopen cases and attempt to vacate:

Major newspapers like The Washington Post & NY Times have posted articles calling on the Dept of Justice to investigate that orange county cal type criminal justice.
Also letter::”As of the writing of this letter, it is fair to say that the criminal justice system in orange county is in a state of crisis”, signed by over 30 retired prosecutors, prominent professors and other legal heavyweights.
Remember the Washington Post exposed corrupt ‘Watergate’.

What is the best way to contact janice? I need to talk to her about a civil rights and due process violation. Dire need. Thank you!

She’s got her own law firm; do I quick Google search for her.


Does anybody know if the Santa Ana police still makes you dress like an inmate by making you put on a jail shirt to have your photograph taken?
If so, that has to be some sort of civil rights violation.
I know everybody at CA RSOL is very busy, but if this issue hasn’t been resolved in the past few years, I think a letter should be sent to the Santa Ana Police Department addressing this.

I have never heard of this…

In news Trump would put Muslims in a registry… backlash from many elected officials, its un-american; its inhumane for such classification registry.
Exactly ! That’s one reason also to stop this current classification registry that exists on us and get people off this registry in California.

This got my attention, too, but Trump never said that. A typical shady lame stream media reporter playing “gotcha journalism” said it. Jaw-dropping headlines like this remind me to read the full aeticle and cross reference with other sources.

As a conservative small business owner who wants secure borders I support Trump, but I think Sanders will enable a more compassionate America. That’s a topic for another forum, I suppose.

Oh say can you ‘c’…that trump answered a question and followed up by saying it could be well managed ..but your trump isn’t the got hooked line & sinker just the trump…snap out of it.
Focus on the big picture, people in power said its unamerican & inhumane for such classification registry…
I think this classification registry we are in deserves & demands equal protection.

You may want to re-think your position, both on borders and on which parties are good for small businesses owners.

For borders, we have been hearing scare stories about immigrants that are only slightly less vitriolic than that reserved for sex offenders. This country is a nation of immigrants and historically free immigration in the U.S. has contributed enormously to its economic might. Immigrants are statistically far less likely to commit crimes than citizens and most are here to do work that other Americans won’t, but which is needed.

On parties which are favorable to small business owners (and I am one) I have found both to be equally hostile to my interests and concerns, the Republicans no less than the Democrats, which is one reason why I am a Libertarian. Another is that I am a Registrant and Libertarians are out in front in the cause of dismantling the Registry.

With a year to go, during which anything can happen, I remain undecided. I am a HUGE fan of Rand and Rob Paul, however, much to my disappointment, they never gain any meaningful traction. Rand might even be relegated to the kiddie table at the next debate if his numbers are weak.

In the last two elections I voted for Obama, a decision based purely on the hope that he would appoint more liberal SCOTUS justices that would make decisions more favorable to RSOs. So much for that.

Considering ISIS activity abroad, I am not sure open borders are what we need at the moment. If they, ISIS, stick to their word and attack DC or any other American city, the Dems will probably be finished next year.

If you want a candidate who says he does not support registries, support Ted Cruz. You’ll find his comments about Trump’s Muslim Registry toward the end of the article below.

I think it highly unlikely that Ted Cruz would extend his discomfort for registries to sex offenders.

A quick Google search brought up this, about Ted:

“As Solicitor General, Ted Cruz played an essential role in helping crack down on the growing scourge of sexual predators. He defended the primary state law at the Texas Supreme Court that ensures sexual predators will be fully monitored and brought to justice.

Cruz successfully defended the constitutionality of Texas Sexually Violent Predator Civil Commitment law before the Texas Supreme Court, allowing the state to fully monitor predators determined to threaten children.”

I find little in that which is encouraging on any issue related to registrants.

Thanks for your input. I am not comforted either.

Ted Cruz needs to be monitored because he is determined to harm the constitution and those who have paid their debt to society.

KangaroOCourt wrote “In news Trump would put Muslims in a registry… backlash from many elected officials, its un-american; its inhumane for such classification registry.

Ted Cruz said that he’s not a fan of registries of American citizens.

Pasadena includes registrant compliance checks on its “Call for Service” log (available online at police department’s “crime statistics” menu). Recently, they verified two addresses at midnight and 1:00 a.m.! That’s absurd – knocking on someone’s door at that time of night for this horsecr@p!

I can relate to this…

Majority of Americans Feel Like ‘Stranger in Own Country’

Received a letter from the city police department on Friday. It says that ‘as a convicted sex offender it is a requirement to register within 5 days of my birthday’ and as my birthday is approaching this is a reminder for me to do so. They list the number to call, hours they are available etc. The letter ends with ‘if you fail to comply I would be in violation of CA Penal Code 290 and they will forward a criminal complaint to the DA’.

This would be my first birthday that I’m registering. Is this really the type of thing I will be facing for the rest of my life? Does everyone else receive a ‘reminder’ from the local PD before their birthday?

My heart sank when I read this letter. I found the language of the letter to be very confrontational.

Another thing, my birthday happens to be December 25. So for the rest of my life I’ll need to be available anytime between December 20 and the 30th to physically go into the PD and do this thing. Puts a damper on any holiday traveling doesn’t it. I do have a wife and young kids but I guess they don’t matter.

So much for the Price Club application.

I’ve never actually heard of anyone receiving a reminder letter in the mail. Certainly, I’ve never received one.

Yes, this is what you have to look forward to for the rest of your life (unless the law changes; you receive a certificate of rehabilitation; or you move to a state that offers relief ). California, like most states, requires you to physically present yourself to the registering agency. So, unfortunately, your holiday travels will be hampered.

Welcome to Price Club!

I’ve been a member of the “CA Price Club” for 27 years, this the first time I have heard of this type of letter sent by PD. It must be local nut police thing. If I was you, I would file a compliant with COP and/or city counsel. Visit the public defenders office with this letter. Try not to be a door mat.

I have been a Price Club member for 25 years. In some cases, the PD gets all eager and excited about registration and other years (most years), it is just walking in, filling out the form and that’s it. But you do need to do it within the proscribed time limits. Sorry about the timing of it, but there is nothing to be done.

Under existing law, you will have to do this for life. For most of the last 25 years I have dreaded election years because that is when Republicans have concocted new requirements for registrants. In the last few years, we have mostly beaten back those efforts and there have even been some positive legislation proposed. So it is not nearly as bad as it has been.

Far more encouraging is the new makeup of the California Supreme Court, where we have seen some genuine progress in turning away the worst aspects of Jessica’s Law and may see some other forms of relief in the future. I think that our clearest path to real reform is with the courts and not the legislature.

You just realized that you have to register within 5 working days of your birthday? Well, you have a lot more shocking things in store for you. That birthday thing is nothing compared to things you are going to encounter for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Your government has betrayed you and they will remind you of that not only on your birthday but each day for the rest of your life.

No I didn’t just realize.

What I’m realizing is that it’s not just going to be an ‘administrative detail’. They’re going to take the opportunity to intimidate at every turn. Did they really think I would forget that I had to do this?

And yes I’m realizing the government has betrayed not only me but my family by association. Who will it be who’s being terrorized when they come by for the ‘address verification’? Not me, I’ll be at work. But my children who get the holidays off will be home during this period every year.

I’m angry and I’m not sure there’s anything I can do about it.

Jeb Bush is a liar.

Last week, Bush was asked his opinion with regards to requiring Muslim immigrants to register as such. Here’s what Bush had to say:

“It’s not a question of toughness. It’s manipulating people’s angst and their fears. That’s not strength, that’s weakness.”

“In fact, I find it abhorrent that Donald Trump is suggesting we register people”

As Governor, Bush used people’s angst and fears to transform Florida into a “scorched earth” for registered citizens. Under his watch, Florida expanded their registration requirements, implemented residency restrictions that, quite literally, forced people to live under a bridge, and built so-called “safe zones” that criminalized being present within so many feet of a large number of facilities (schools, parks, etc.).

No other Governor in this country did more to leverage people’s fears to drive out a population, than Jeb Bush. His policies, and the laws that he signed, have ruined people’s lives; forced people into homelessness; and made them 5th class citizens.


I read the link, provided anove by Guest, regarding my question about registration in Santa Ana and the comment that, Janice took care of it.
But what does that mean currently?

The article linked only said that was part of a larger lawsuit that have been filed,but it gave no disposition.

Can anyone tell me if Santa has actually changed the way they register people now?
Are registrants no longer trapped in the jail? Are they no longer required to wear jail uniform tops for their pictures?

I’m wondering because I was thinking of taking a class at Santa Ana College, the city I do not normally register in, and of course you have to register with the police department if you do that.
But being subjected to the (previously?) arduous procedures at San Ana Police Department just may not be worth it.

Awhile back I was informed I was going to get a background check.. and nothing happened… No one from HR or anyone said anything since than.. Now HR informed me that after the holidays I will be going for a LiveScan. From what I read a Live Scan isn’t restricted to 6 years ago, basically its everything… Does anyone have experience with Live Scan?

Livescan requests are reviewed by technicians. While all results are returned to the technicians, (all arrests, and convictions), the information supplied to your employer is limited to their request. It is my understanding that employers normally limit their results to drug, sex, and DUI convictions. However, the length of time is irrelevant. Whether your conviction was last year, or 20 years ago, the conviction will still be returned as it is a part of your DOJ record. I believe that your employer must advise you what information it is that they are seeking, so you may want to ask HR what their request is limited to.

Here’s a link provided by CA DOJ:

So a drug conviction is more persistent than a assault and battery? That is
something that needs to be addressed; hopefully Ban the Box may bring some relief and equal protection under the law to bear here.

I’m dreading for tomorrow… I’m not sure how this livescan is going to go… maybe hopefully the warehouse be to busy and sort of forgets about it… But I know they wont because of a “New Client” requesting that anyone that touches their stuff must be livescanned. I keep running it in my head over the weekend and I have no one to talk too. basically been by myself.. I keep saying I’ll be okay, I’m not a thief so I should be okay… but I’m not even sure what would disqualify me from loading and unloading this new client’s boxes… would a sex offense? I’m not sure..

I resently came across this article about how in the UK now the presumption of innosence is no longer going to be applied by the police/prosecution/court on an Administrative level. Yes while not law, Yet. None the less under color of law men will have to prove their innocence in rape cases. They will have to prove consent occurred. How can one do that? This is extremely disturbing as 800 plus years of legal tradition are being abandoned by the country that gave us the Magna Carta and thus the adversarial court system. The crown can now treat the accused as guilty procedurally and stack the deck against someone trying to defend themselves. The recipe for abuse and False Accusations is now staggering, and while they can fight it this Will make it all but impossible for non-rich defendants. While this is in the UK,for now. Legal practices tend to transplant between the U.S. and the U.K. It is only a matter of time before it comes here.
Title:”Men will have to prove a woman said ‘yes’ in tough new rules for police investigating date rape”