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Halloween 2015 Recap

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Hmm…?? This is quite odd; I didn’t get my space invaded this Halloween by the badge wearing domestic terrorists! Same thing last year!!!! My guilded prison is in San Bernardino County. Any other inland empire registry victims out there? Did you get a visit?

I am not trapped inside by any conditions.

I’m on probation and was visited by a supervising PO in SB county at 4:48pm, no sheriff or police. Funny story though.

They rang the door bell and beat on the door, but never announced who they were. So, I followed the rules and did not answer. He immediately called my phone to confirm that I was home and proceeded to ask why I didn’t answer. I told him that I was just following directions. I then opened the door so they could look for decorations or any other violations. They were greeted by my wife and mother-in-law instead, who are also required to follow the Halloween restrictions as a collateral effect. He and his partner actually smiled and laughed at my overachievement. I didn’t think it was funny, but glad I was able to get the point across. My mother-in-law expressed her displeasure with basically being asked to sit in the dark all night, a comment to which they were unable to clearly respond.

Funny how this law/rule actually creates real problems while attempting to address and imaginary problem.

Hi Mjk, where I live the entire property is fenced in and I posted No Trespassing signs. I wonder if this is the reason I’ve been neglected by LE (sarcasm). Or perhaps it’s because of the time I stood up for myself. That was really a cool experience; scary, but cool!!!! Wish I had a picture of the confused and unsure look on the terrorists face!!!!

My hub did not get a visit from anyone in LE or anything from parole either.
He was home in his home by 5pm and stayed in until the am.
He tried to wait up (lol) because he expected them to do a check. but if they did he didnt hear them knock. He was told that last yr they did check on others in the area.

From the beach area, no visitors last year or this one, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t just drive by to see that I was compliant with the rules.

Dressed up with the Mrs. and our 10 year old and filled a bag with candy. Everyone loved my costume and lots of people and families requested their photo with our family because we looked so awesome. OMG so close to the public, a real monster :O

I should clarify that under federal supervised release nothing says I must stay inside. However I do not put myself in any situations where there’s a chance of being asked unwanted questions.

Are they saying they arrested 32 people halloween night for sex offenses. They had 8 child molestations happen? How many ARE new cases? This is such bad journalism. This seems like an all out pr stunt full of BS.

“Through Operation Safe Treat 2015, authorities made 32 arrests for sex offenses or assault, 23 arrests for failure to register as a sex offender, eight arrests for child molestation, and one arrest for aggravated assault. Two convicted sex offenders were arrested for other offenses, the U.S. Marshals Service said in a news release Monday.”

E-Gad!!!! After the second paragraph I closed the page. It wasn’t journalism, It was trash/propaganda on the reporters side and persecution by LE of registrants! I guess they gotta keep that federal money flowing somehow!

Sheesh! Sex offenses OR assault? Void for vagueness! Bet the “arrests” were almost entirely violations of parole or probation and when booked it is for the original charge. So they can say they made an arrest for that charge. You can bet there were NOT 8 trick or treaters molested on that night. Look how small the group of “child molesters” is too. Only 8 out of 556. These were arrests they were saving for Halloween. Had to be. That is a better indication of how dangerous they REALLY thought these people were. No rush, save it for Halloween. How else could they arrest people for failure to register if they weren’t home and the authorities didn’t know where they lived? So they investigated it beforehand and saved it for Halloween, when they went to where they knew they were and arrested them. Or they knew some registrants were at their previously registered address but did not register last time, so they saved it. This is some sneaky propaganda (consider the four letter “s” word changed to the 10 letter “p” word: “s” and “p” both stink). Is it OK to hate these liars with a passion? Is it OK to hate the media for letting the fourth estate crumble?

I got a check looking for decorations and was told not to pass out candy I’ve been off parole
over 20 years city of Rialto has ordinance not sure if that’s legal but no time to challenge it when they come banging on the door on Halloween evening .

Our black cat stayed on the front window ledge from about 5 until 10. Other than that we add about 6-10 T or T’ers all with their parents. Saw no cops.

I did get the visit early afternoon. I’m on probation. A P.O. showed up with six LAPD officers in uniform and two plain-clothed officers. They knocked on my door. When I answered, “Who’s there?”, they stated stated, “Probation.” I opened and complied. I had to wait in my apartment hallway with my hands cuffed behind me while they searched. The whole event took approximately 25 minutes during which they asked me questions about a picture and attempted to accuse me of a violation. I calmly replied with information that proved my innocence. When they finished searching, they brought me back inside and asked me to confirm that nothing was missing. I agreed that, despite the mess, nothing appeared to be taken. All in all, a slightly less-than-pleasant scenario that cost a witch hunt minded society more tax dollars for police OT.

What City is this? First I’ve read on these boards about LAPD.

It was North Hollywood.

Nine people commissioned to do routine checks? Boost Officer Overtime confirmed.

Run the numbers on that one.

I do what I’ve always done on Halloween: go out and have fun. Never had a visit nor a phone call about my requirements for Halloween (even during probation did I ever get a visit). This is in the San Francisco Bay Area. I really don’t think they follow the Operation Boo standards since they’re more concerned about DUI drivers.

We have no Halloween restrictions and no visitors. I did read, though, that a lot of candy was filled with razor blades, pills, etc and parents are advised to have the candy checked before consuming. Other than than that, they don’t believe, it is a real threat! Really?

Well done, sir.

Can I add the kids that died and hurt in NY by a driver.

Politicians should pay attention to the facts related to harm of children Trick-Or-Treating. Stop creating imaginary bogeymen and put the money wasted on “operation Boo” towards DUI checkpoints.

Personally, I’m more concerned about the idiot driving around with a blood alcohol content of .2 than some registrant in possession of Tic-Tacs or a picture of his grandchild.

My city in San Gabriel Valley, CA requires that I do not decorate or answer the door; I have been off parole for 10 years but the City Council passed the law three years ago. No one has ever come by but I am reminded when I register each year

This action of imposing local rules on you and your household should be the target of a lawsuit framed around the recent rulings in which municipalities cannot usurp state law. I’m wondering if Janice and Co. are willing to review this since it clearly above the scope of a city law when it imposes arbitrary punishment, especially since your case has been closed.

2 Agents from local office (but not my agent) stopped by at about 3pm for operation boo. They were police and in and out in 120 seconds.

Two agents from my local parole office stopped by for Operation Boo. They were polite, checked my registration, did a 30 sec visual inspection inside and left. Whole thing might have taken 2 minutes.

I’ve been off Parole for 4 years. There is no information available about RC expectations in Glendale. But I took down my harvest wreaths, left the house dark and went to dinner and a movie with my family. Avoided getting home before 10pm by biding my time stopping for groceries. No interaction with any minors.

I’ve been on probation nearly 5 years and every year except this one I’ve received a letter from the probation department instructing me to stay indoors with the lights out and a sign on the front door reading “No candy”.

No letter this year… I don’t know if it got lost in the mail or they have stopped enforcing the pointless rule.

In any event there were no visits from law enforcement.

The CDCR has worn a costume of a protector of our children, while tricking the public into believing there is a horrendous danger of sex offender waiting for them on Halloween. The CDCR used Operation Boo to claim they were protecting our children from sex offenders living in their neighborhood Their thinking, twenty-one years ago, was not based on any long-term studies, instead it was based on fear and lies. The CDCR issued a report for 2014 showing the re-offending rate of what they call a sex offender as .08% that is less than one percent.

What a minute, I thought the truth was these individuals are re-offending all the time! So, what is the purpose now of Operation Boo? Why is CDCR wearing this costume of a protector? It may have to do with their total failure a few years ago? Maybe you don’t remember this Nightmare from August 2009.

Her name is Jaycee Dugard; she was eleven when Phillip and Nancy Garrido kidnapped her. Phillip was a registered sex offender under the oversight of the DAPO. Did his Parole Agent ever go to this offender on Halloween? If they had, they would have found this young girl being held captive, after giving birth to two of Phillip’s children. According to the news reports, the only reason Garrido was caught had nothing to do with Parole it was a college security person who noticed something was wrong. If you read the agreement the CDCR made with the Dugard family the CDCR admit the Parole Agents did not perform the right steps, but the agreement makes it very clear the state and the officers have immunity. Did these men lose their jobs because of their incompetent behavior? Did the 20 million dollars coming out of the voters pockets for CDCR to pay off the family for their incompetence make everything better? Because of what the CDCR did not do to protect Jaycee, and because of what Phillip Garrido did, the CDCR implemented their newest costume of protection called “The Containment Model.”

CDCR started this idea that our children are not safe on Halloween from sex offenders. This does not make sense, here is why. The CDCR releases sex offender’s everyday who have served their sentence for a sexual offense. These men are now part of the new “Containment Model,” which means they have more oversight by a Parole Agent, wear GPS, and take Polygraphs to check behavior. These Paroled offenders may return to their families and they live in our communities.

But the actions we see from the CDCR toward the offenders they have released are totally different. Why? If the CDCR believes these men are dangerous predators, and they fear they will re-offend, why were they released? The process in place now is the SVP Act, which screens offender’s before they leave prison, if the state psychologists believe a prisoner is too dangerous, the civil commitment law is used to prevent them from release. They are sent to the state mental hospital in Coalinga, California for treatment. But this civil law is only applied to a very small group of prisoners.
Therefore, if CDCR released them to Parole knowing they are dangerous and fear them re-offending especially on Halloween, then CDCR is responsible for releasing them in the first place. However, according to the agreement CDCR and Governor Brown signed with the Dugard family, the CDCR and its employees are immune from prosecution for their errors. What the CDCR is saying is “We released these offenders but we worry they will strike again, especially on Halloween.” The CDCR is talking double talk; if these offenders were released then they are not the “worst of the worst,” which will kidnap, rape and murder.

And yet, they warn our communities to be extra vigilant especially toward someone on Megan’s Website. And, if your child is taken and held for years due to the negligence of a Parole Agent, they are immune.

The CDCR has contrived a way to make our communities feel frightened and worried about our children based on lies and the advertisement of this fear by the media. Make them stop. Change policy. Call your politicians. Stop voting for laws that do not solve a problem. The CDCR is wearing a clown suit and they continue to juggle the lives of our children by claiming they are here to protect them. More lies, more programs, more of your money spent on useless operations. Operation Boo needs to take off its costume and find a new job where they will be responsible for their behavior, just as much as they expect an offender to take responsibility for theirs.

Because Garrido was not categorized “high risk”, the resulting embarrassment necessitated POs categorizing all RC parolees “high risk”. That way, no one can say they underestimated.

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