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SNL Fauxmercial Helps Non Violent Sex Offenders Get Work

Saturday Night Live aired a fauxmercial last night advertising inexpensive help around the house, because Angie’s list is great, but it’s much too expensive.

If you’re looking for help around the house and want a real bargain, you might like Aron’s list. That stands for the American Registry of Non Violent Sex Offenders, you know, not the bad kind. Streaking, public urination, missed the cutoff on statutory stuff… Article

Video Clip

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Violent is not exactly the most well defined word where sex offenses are concerned. Some instances of sexual assault or molestation don’t include violence or what most people might consider to be outright force/manipulation. Rape could simply be someone not remembering if they consented the previous day/night or the experience didn’t meet their expectations. Neither are ideal, but they don’t necessarily equal rape. Then there’s public urination, indecent exposure, sexual harassment, anything related to the production, distribution, receipt, possession, sale, or buying of child pornography, different sex positions, sexual role play, or sex acts could legally be viewed as more… Read more »

I have tried to determine how the term violent is used in reference to certain crimes.

I can surmise that it is based on “Violation” which is the truth at least in many cases that did not involve “Violence” as we typically define it.

We must never lose site of the victims and those violations as we fight for restorative justice.

Except for the final upskirt selfie stick crap, the skit was dead-on accurate with the registered citizen problem of employment. This video, without the laugh track and aforementioned recidivist sex crime, would actually be an excellent employment recruiting tool.

It saddens me that we are at this stage in the first place where parody is fact.

As long as it doesn’t come off as saying that registrants are weirdo’s who reoffend. Just look at this guy in the skit, he’s smiling and looking weird. One guy at the end of the skit pulls out an upskirt selfie stick under his customers dress. The other positive stuff aside, such as calling attention to the low level of the offenses, and the non-violence, it also makes it appear acceptable to ridicule registrants who are the butt of the joke. Their misfortune of having to endure all these registry add-ons is funny and is something to be laughed at.… Read more »

Everyone that had done their time should get help to find work. Having a job is a very good anti-crime fighting tool.

I have to say this is kinda sick.

Man I know its rough for us all but wt..f lighten up!!!!!!!!!!!! That was one of the most hilarious skits I have ever seen… I’m otflmao over that shi…. Absolutey great publicity for our cause and shows just how ridiculous these laws are and how utterly harmless most of us on the reg. are. Kudos to SNL I haven’t had a good laugh like that since being put on the reg.

Good God, that was funny and I about spit milk all over my laptop trying to keep from waking up the wife and kiddos.

If you don’t think it was funny because it hits too close to home, I can understand, but lighten up a little. This sketch satarizes an injustice in our society. They are on our side (I think). Yea, the overly-eager dog walker, and the upskirt with a selfie stick might suggest they are still untrustworthy, but it was too funny to leave out.

Great post. Thanks for sharing.

This is not a joke.

No its not a joke but the registry is begining to be seen as a joke by the mainstream which is one step closer to abolishing it

Like Amos and Andy made us sensitive to racism. I don’t yet see any empathy for the Registrant, just a caricature of stereotypes — peeing in a file cabinet and taking a picture up a woman’ skirt. C’mon.

A REMINDER of what the term “sexually violent” means in the context of law and its use by the sexual abuse theoreticians: “Sexual violence” includes ANY sexual contact (which, increasingly, has expanded well beyond those behaviors which one would ordinarily think of as “sex”, and now includes simple affection) which involves an adult and someone under an arbitrary age (in the U.S., that age is most often 14 or 15). All such contact is classified as an act of “sexual violence”, regardless of willingness expressed by the younger partner. The act is “violent” if the younger partner is under an… Read more »

I was surprised to see this skit on snl, but I thought it was very funny and probably did more to help us than hurt us. There isn’t much humor about our situation, but the skit was funny.

Davids absolutly correct. The word violence has actually been redefined to include completely non violent offenses. 288a is considered a violent offense no matter what circumstances surround the charge. Luckily for me an attempt was not considered violent even though it took me over a year to force CDC to aknowledge that fact.

I get the point, and I understand how it can be amusing, however SNL pretty much reinforced another stereotype. Note the only two creepy ones (the dog walker and guy with selfie stick & camera) are African Americans. It has long been part of American history that black men cannot be trusted around white women; many of them were lynched for something as simple as a whistle. So why make the creepiest ones black? This may not have been SNL’s intent but there are a lot of “‘Muricans” that still have the belief that African Americans are not ones to… Read more »

Oh stop it. Enough PC crap. If the guy that peed in the P section of the file cabinet was black, you’d whine that his character was a janitor, or that they made him the dumb one because he thought P was for pee.

You might as well be complaining that Black History Month is the shortest, coldest month of the year, or about the color of a hockey puck.

This is by far the most ignorant statement I’ve ever read.

Not only that, NPS, but the big stereotype in the room no one has mentioned is the “dumb blonde” character who can’t resist a bargain, and it blinds her to the actions of these characters, who, guess what, are still performing juvenile sex pranks. Add that to the shifty black man, the mentally challenged janitor — what did they forget, the scary Muslim? Ha. Ha.

I don’t see that skit as funny at all. I can’t understand how some of you can minimize the insult in this skit. I found two items in particular to be troubling. 1. When the narrator joked with the woman about how ‘Arons’ list didn’t have the ‘bad’ sex offenders. Implying that felony SO Offences are bad like Child Molestation or Rape but public urination is ‘good’ SO. Belittles the main concept we try to make clear to the public, regardless of individual crime the label and public designation of ‘Sex Offender’ is BAD. Although I do feel for my… Read more »

And the NVSO’s all laugh together about living under a bridge in unison with the laugh track. It makes it look they all chose to live under a bridge so they can all commit sex crimes together with their laughing about it like that. I think this makes a joke out of a false version of the situation and not the true fact that they would have been forced to live there out of being homeless due to residency/presence restrictions. Also, I dislike the way the lady looks so worried when she hears what Aron’s stands for. This is a… Read more »

People, please keep in mind that what you see on SNL is called “Satire” which is defined as the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. Most every skit on SNL has some satire in it. If you look at it this way then they are both making fun of people like us but also society’s stereotypes of us. It’s both funny and serious at the same time. If you look at it this way then maybe it will help you… Read more »

Live from New York, its Saturday Night Live. Nice of New York’s SNL to focus on making low levels look bad. O look it’s New York rep. Curran’s bill to extend the registry for them in New York. Coincidence?

The only coincidence is ignorance. They are both based on off the shelf stereotypes of registrants.

Im glad to see i was not the only one that found this skit funny as hel… Believe me ive been through everything and anything any of the rest of you have been through i.e. prison, parole, homelessness, destitution, vigilantism and even threatened physical harm by neighbors but that skit was funny . Im just glad to still have a sense of humor after everything i have went through. Like i said i havent laughed like that since i got arrested back in 2004. thats a long time to go without finding anything funny. so there is hope moving forward… Read more »

I guess it’s easy for some to overlook the racism of the skits’ using 2 black guys as NVSO’s out of a skit with 4 offender characters in it and call criticism of the skit based on this ‘PC’, but when the skit also perpetuates the PC notion of registrants being repeat offenders, who can’t even complete a thought without lying and contradicting themselves, we could also call that ‘PC crap’. One guy says he’s sorry and ready to work. Then, he says he exposed himself on a jumbotron and says ‘take that kiss-cam’, which indicates he is not sorry.… Read more »

@AreYouClueless That kind of sentiment is what makes bad policies at the expense of the American public. Our system is flooded with all kinds of offenses into the Registry. Urinating in public? $ex offender. Kids sexting one another? $ex offender. Stealing a car not realizing there was kid in it? Kidnapping. Tier 3 $ex offender. All these gets lumped in with the really relatively few dangerous SVP which is like lumping in together a individual possessing a piece of crack with El Chapo. With the expanding list of offenses people are getting swept into the system at a high rate… Read more »

Yall take sh** so serious makes me feel like you are on the list, why else would you be so offended lmao
You did something bad, it doesn’t get fixed and it stays broken. Live with it, die, burn.

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