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I am reposting this to bring it to light. I resently came across this article about how in the UK now the presumption of innosence is no longer going to be applied by the police/prosecution/court on an Administrative level. Yes while not law, Yet. None the less under color of law men will have to prove their innocence in rape cases. They will have to prove consent occurred. How can one do that? This is extremely disturbing as 800 plus years of legal tradition are being abandoned by the country that gave us the Magna Carta and thus the adversarial… Read more »

I was unable to find any actual changes in the UK law. This is not a newspaper that is known for journalistic accuracy. In fact it had won the “Orwellian Prize for Journalistic Misrepresentation”. This paper has also lost many libel lawsuits. I would no more believe anything this paper prints than I would believe anything printed by the National Enquirer. Just like US prosecutors try to do, this is just another prosecutor who is trying to change laws to increase their conviction rates and to earn political points with victims rights groups and female voters (women are the majority… Read more »

I also found this link titled:
How the DPP did not change the law on consent.

@ Lake County I was not trying to imply that change in satutary law had been made, I was explicitly stating that regulatory proceedings had changed. And I don’t trust the link you provided in that I don’t trust even when things are put down like that that people in the system do not play “fast and lose” with the rules in order to get a conviction. We have ALL had our run-ins with the law. We know the lengths they will go. This just makes it easier. On a side note this trend scares me to my core because… Read more »

No where in the civil codes am I finding a provision authorizing the state to disclose personal info especially current addresses and current photos of individuals. In fact every code I have read from the vehicle codes to civil codes of procedures along with the following civil codes explicitly states that NO ENTITY can disclose that info without the permission of the individual except under very specific circumstances; Sex offender registration or public safety not being one of them…… I am going to continue researching this but here is what I have found so far.. CIVIL CODE SECTION 1798.24-1798.24b 1798.24.… Read more »

I’m not sure what your point is when it’s a Penal Code requirement that allows this information to be posted.

Maybe he is hoping there is an argument that because the information is protected under civil codes it should be protected under penal codes too. Unfortunately targeting any state penal codes will not do any good since federal statues are what ultimately must be challenged. Invalidating various sections and sub sections of federal statues and getting all the relevant language removed from United States codes is more difficult than passing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The reason being a constitutional challenge must be made to the United States supreme court and they then have to seem it worthy of… Read more »

No what I’m getting at is civil court and civil law can have a complete set of rules and procedures so even though the penal codes may allow for this disclosure of info there may be civil codes or contract codes that could hold the state liable for damages from their unlawful coercion and demand we sign a contract under duress. I’m not suggesting that it would have any effect whatsoever on the obligation to registar or on any constitutional issues. That’s just it. I believe that some how all you have to do is prove the state is causing… Read more »

This is true, because everyone (government/judges) keep saying SOR is administrative. You may a point. Mike.

Disclosing the information under the registration acts is part of the action of the State against the person found guilty of committing the crime and it stems from the crime and nothing else. It is therefore penal, the Supreme Court and its gobbledygook reasoning notwithstanding. If registration was a civil action, then I don’t see why mike r’s reasoning wouldn’t apply.

Notice where it states in the following not allowed to disclose private facts about a individual. Are current address and current photo are just two facts that are not subject to public disclosure. Our criminal record including mugshots and addresses we had when convicted are public record not our current info. This is exactly what I am getting at the state is unlawfully disclosing info that is not public record and that info is causing so many of us irreparable harm and even death in some cases.. I know there are much more experienced people in the area of civil… Read more »

You might find this interesting…
“Drone Footage Leads To Pair’s Lewdness Arrest”
Is there privacy issues in play here? What about a private residence in a hotub?

You see there are numerous codes protecting rights that can be addressed through civil suit for liabilty without any other issue being brought up.. the following is just one of numerous codes protecting the rights for the housing issue… 42 U.S. Code § 3617 -Interference, coercion, or intimidation US Code Notes Authorities (CFR) prev | next It shall be unlawful to coerce, intimidate, threaten, or interfere with any person in the exercise or enjoyment of, or on account of his having exercised or enjoyed, or on account of his having aided or encouraged any other person in the exercise or… Read more »

The law said we have 5 (FIVE) working days within our birthday to register which would be 10 days.
but actually Tulare County
Registration is on Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment only

So this would make it only 4 days.

Are they breaking the law by limiting our time to register?

It’s kinda the same schedule for me where I live in cali: Tues and Thurs

These may be California federal court records: 1. Janice Bellucci is the first attorney in California history to have submitted active, substantiated cases (as opposed to frivelous) in all four of the federal circuit courts in the state. She has won, or has settled with terms favorable to her case, in three of the four circuits. She has yet to lose a case. 2. In addition, Janice probably holds the record for most ACTIVE cases at any one time in the Federal Circuit by any single attorney or firm. 3. Frank Lindsay, as the plaintiff in nearly all the cases,… Read more »

Trump spouts foolishness about banning Muslims and everyone on the right, left, and center raise concerns about the American Constitution. But no one says the slightest thing when unconstitutional laws are directed at Registered Citizens. Not one.

What Trump want to do with the Muslims is the same thing that the Our government be doing against RC for 20-30 years with little or no benefits. This Trump thing could be a silver lining in a dark cloud as being a springboard or attention getter for greater RC causes.

My thoughts exactly. That’s why I emailed CNN and asked them what exactly is the problem, the government already registers it’s citizens, and it is ruled constitutional.
I hope more people will follow suit. The more voices, the louder the message.

Just as Nazi germany conditioned themselves to apply unfair and harsh measures to their citizens based on race, religion, ethnicity, political bent that started with persecution of sex offenders/deviators, now the US, as displayed through the media, has regressed by serious consideration of expanding this sadistic nightmare of registration to peoples based on criteria of race, religion, etc. No one could truly believe registration is nothing more than an ignorable membership to a now-defunct Price Club. I don’t know if the unwarranted threat to previously long term law abiding citizens of harsh, unfair, and unconstitutional registration and inevitable add-ons is… Read more »

A real sexual predator !

Every A-hole that throws the word “predator” around should be indited for rabble rousing, inciting the public or something like that. A sexual predator is not someone that had consensual sex with someone, went pee behind Taco Bell or looked at a few pictures. The subject of this article is a REAL sexual predator. I think every reporter and their editors, aspiring public official and everyone else needs to read this before they throw the word “predator” around in the irresponsible manner in which they do.

Wow, what a BS headline. “White Cop.” The guy is half Asian. Why not call him an Asian Cop, or more perhaps more accurately, Psychopathic Cop.

Typical Daily Beast crap: the White Man is EVIL.

In this season, I hope for all of us peace in our hearts. It has been very hard, no employment, will probably lose apt., and no family or friends to be with. I wish all out there, friend and foe, a safe holiday.

I have said for the past 5 years that police sexual misconduct is rampant and that rogue law enforcement officers with the above-the-law-protection-by-the-brotherhood mentality is a major problem in the U.S. Here’s one for you all:
Law enforcement as a group is far more dangerous than registered citizens. Beware and tell your children to beware, especially those daughters who drive. The chances of them being molested/raped are greater when stopped by a policeman than by some “dangerous predator”. Teach them wisdom and caution.

He was found guilty today…thank God! Police officers are you REAL predators and I don’t mean just sexual assault but any kind of assault against a citizen.

LE should be held to a higher standard and crimes committed under color of authority should carry a significantly heavier penalty than a civilian would face. Instead, the inverse seems to be more common.

If truly guilty, I hope he’s nailed to a cross.

All very offensive stuff indeed, but I still think that Trump’s statement to have a registry for US citizens who are Muslim is more offensive than not allowing muslims from other countries who are not US citizens to immigrate to the US. The media are pretending Trump never said that once Ted Cruz responded that he is not a fan of registries for American citizens, which would have to include registrants of so-called “Sex” crimes, who are the people most in the US would associate with registries in general anyways. The pro-registry media shut down that discussion pretty quick.

I was at a church group discussion last night when Muslim registries came up in discussion and one person remarked that “Registries are wrong – we should have learned from the Japanese internment during WWII.” Most people seem oblivious to – or accepting of – S.O. Registries. Sad and frustrating.

It would have been interesting to ask the collective, “What do you think about S.O. Registries?” They probably would have grabbed the pitchforks and lit the torches….

I just an still amazed at how no one is willing to help me stand up and prove my rights are being violated. Every attorney I speak to either doesn’t do this type of law or is just unwilling to help despite our ability to pay. So this January my wife and I are being stripped of our parental rights, simply because I have to register. Nothing has ever happened to our daughter, she wasent abused or neglected. I am losing my rights because I have to register, and my wife is losing hers because she didn’t divorce me. I… Read more »

How is this possible. I never lost my family or kids taken away. I had a child’s court lawyer and only had about a 2 week time where I had limited visitation.

Yes, Jon, I am curious about this also…and in general where do you live?

Jon ,

Why are you not contacting Janice ? She is a civil rights attorney. Do you need her Info ? It’s on the website here. Maybe she can assist you.

I already did, and she said that she can’t help me… Of course I think she thought that I wanted her to argue in family court instead of starting up a civil rights case. Either way, she said that the group that backs her is very specific on the cases they go after, and one like mine just doesn’t make the grade.

Good news for Massachusett – its Supreme Court has ruled that things have changed so strongly since earlier decisions that the legal presumption that restrictions on RCs are non-punitive is no longer tenable. At Doug Berman’s legal blog see the following:
Let’s hope this major court decision ripples all the way to California, and soon.

I read in the Orange County Register the day that former Santa Ana city councilman Carlos Bustamante pleaded guilty to various sexual offenses against women while he was in office as a Santa Ana city councilman. As a result he was not register for life as a sex offender.

Ironic as Bustamante, if I recall correctly, when he was a Santa Ana city councilman, was one of those that push the hardest for Santa Ana version of the ordinance restricting sex offenders from public parks.

The NCMEC has issued its latest map of the registered citizen population, and I can’t help but think they are playing fast and loose with the numbers compared with the previous map, which was issued in June. The overall population numbers have hardly budged; indeed the population per 100,000 people has gone down. And yet the numbers have gone up for every state I look at. Can any one with mathematical ability see what’s going on? Here’s the new map: The June map is here: My personal opinion is that NCMEC is terrified of having to acknowledge that… Read more »

I’ve added up all the red numbers and they do indeed add up to the total reported in red above the map. The new map uses data from the 2014 and 2010 Census whereas the June map only uses the 2010 Census. Assuming a population increase over the last 5 years the number of registered citizens per 100K should only slightly decrease which is indeed the case on the new NCMEC map (general population increases, registered population remains relatively the same). Thus, I see no misrepresentation of the data reported by NCMEM. Since we are now 15 to 20 years… Read more »

Thank you, Kevin, for looking into that. I didn’t see the census data change notation at the bottom of the page, but I figured that somehow the decrease in the population ratio number had something to do with a general population increase. And I agree with your assessment that people should begin dropping off the state registries, thus slowing down increases. Looking further, it seems like the decreases are in the northeast (Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland), so it may also be that some people are moving out of those states for better job opportunities elsewhere. California, for example,… Read more »

California once again leads the nation. ?

Just to follow up: Mary Devoy’s excellent blog has an interesting discussion about NCMEC RC population figures vs reality. Here is the link:

The Devil’s Holiday Letter: 2015 Ignorance, My Poor Dear Americans, Will Not Save You “If ignorance were treasure, the American political class must be declared wealthier than Midas, for its ignorance and hubris have reached a pinnacle I can truly admire. Ensnared by their lust for power, blinded by their greed for fame and perquisites, they look no further than the next election cycle, dooming their nation to division, disharmony and the desolation of permanent conflict over the dwindling productive assets of this once-great nation.” “The spiritual rot is now so deep and pervasive that the people no longer… Read more »

An end of the year question: when does something and/or someone become sexual? I am not seeking a dictionary definition or anything backed by research, just each person’s own opinion on when (in time, as a result of circumstance, via contextual framing, or other factors) does something become (is perceived as) having sexual qualities. How does each person know their understanding and classification of something and/or someone as sexual is correct? Could there be as much or more harm in not allowing alternative perspectives to be valid as there is when a valid perspective is ignored? For example someone says… Read more »

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all. Every day is hard for us, especially the holidays. But keep the faith that with Janice and many others around the country helping to reverse all these draconian laws against us, we do have hope that someday we will be free to be respected and contributing members of society again. Keep your hope alive.

Luke 2 :8-14, Harry’s paraphrased. Now there were in the same country registered citizens (shepherds were despised people) living out in the fields, because they were homeless and keeping watch over their families by night. And behold,[b] an angel of the Lord stood before them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were greatly afraid. Then the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people (RCs too). For there is born to you this day in the city of David… Read more »

California Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced on Christmas Eve that he has granted 91 pardons. The majority of the cases involved drug-related convictions. Other crimes for which pardons were granted included burglary, robbery, driving under the influence causing injury, grand theft, manslaughter, vandalism, arson, kidnapping, receiving stolen property, conspiracy, carjacking, possession of a firearm or ammunition by a felon, carrying a concealed weapon, being an accessory after the fact, writing insufficient funds checks, forgery, vehicle theft, having a fraudulent ID, assault with a deadly weapon, bribery, perjury, attempted voluntary manslaughter, possession or manufacturing a dangerous weapon, making fraudulent insurance… Read more »

And they never will be.

I was on phone conference and one of the participants volunteered that he had been black listed in the P.I., but had overcome it. I would like to speak with him but didn’t get his name. Has anyone exsperienced this, and how many other countries allow us to “Petition” at some point.

I received a picture in email from my dear family overseas. They are so beautiful. Knowing you’re loved and not being able to be with them is the most pain I can imagine. More than my battle injuries. How do you cope with this. Please tell me. I’m so alone and scared.

I just came across a post in another forum that had me a little concerned. Without reading the entire encyclopedia of 290 rules for California, does anyone know if you have to report a job change with the local LE if you are NOT on probation? That would make no sense and a little overkill, but I just wanted to check here. Thanks.

I don’t think so…but it would be better and Wise (!) to simply call your local jurisdiction to be certain.


You absolutely DO NOT have to report ANY changes, job, vehicle changes, or ANYTHING EXCEPT residence changes until your annual update. ONLY during the ANNUAL do you need to report any “new” items. 290 is VERY CLEAR on this. Those items you have to initial outline CLEARLY all the requirements. Those guys and girls that do MORE than required are only hurting us all by allowing cops to make their own rules. In LA they ask to take a photo of your car when you register, and they imply that it is REQUIRED, but IT IS NOT! DO NOT let… Read more »

Do you carry the 290 section in a binder?
so if you are challenged we can just point and tell them “it there in black and white”

I was under the impression that you don’t need to even report where you work unless you worked around minors or at a school (such as a college) or if you are considered a SVP (violent predator).

Correct me if I’m wrong with where to find that stature.

Curious if anyone else has to do this:

When registering, the detective requires all registrants to hand write the following statement at the bottom of each page: “I understand and will abide by these restrictions”

This statement must be initialed and dated.

Seems to me that if this statement were mandated, it would a) be included in the law and, b) be included on the form as a printed statement.

Does anyone else have this requirement?


No. And I would not write that myself.

122 murders in the last 15 years as a result of government forcing people to sign legal documents against their will in violation of the first, fifth, and thirteenth amendments which it in turn uses against them and proceeds to violate the incite doctrine.

Just to make it clear, this is about a bill in Virginia to remove RC’s work addresses from the internet. Please vote yes on this web site link in agreement to support this bill.

I have been reading the comments people have made about the actor arrested. I now fully understand every perverse law passed. It’s because we are “monsters, freaks, and don’t care.” The politicians just live off the hesteria. So does the media. This just assured the new bill of passing.

Comments on any CP arrest are always some of the most brutal. Kinder comments can be found on articles written about people arrested for murder. I feel sorry the guy because I know what he must be going through…mentally, emotionally, professionally, and socially. Over the next few weeks he will discover who his real friends are. I will never forget the friends that stuck by me. My friends didn’t ask to see a copy of a polygraph exam I took showing that the police fabricated several statements on the police report. Each one of the four fabrications established I “knowingly”… Read more »

I just want to wish everyone a happy New year. Here’s to 2016 being a year that we take back a bunch of our rights!

Has anyone travel to or lived in the U.S. Virgin Islands?

ok i am in need of some advice im gunna be going to a reunion in july 2016 in orlando and what do i need to do to make this happen my crime was in 1989 and is pc 288a

DO NOT GO TO FLORIDA! Seriously, I made that mistake back in November 2008, and I’m STILL paying for it! A 5 day vacation with my wife, and I’m STILL on their website (despite having always being exempt here in CA). In their own words, “Florida is scorched earth for sex offenders”. That’s verbatim.


Actually I have had to research this a little bit…but be CERTAIN to do your own research…but if your stay in Florida is less than 48 hours, I think you can attend this reunion.

Everything in regards to Florida requires caution…but if the reunion is an absolute necessity, for whatever reasons…this could be your solution.

Best Wishes, James

When I downloaded the file I was arrested for, all the pics were coded,meaning you would not know what you has until it was opened. No preview or description. They said that is why I got possession and not distribution. They just don’t care about the circumstances, just the notch on their gun for an arrest. I had put them in the trash file, doesn’t that show some kind of effort to eris yourself, but no, now I’m a “criminal”. Wow, what a system we have.

Possession is pretty much a slam dunk for law enforcement…no matter the circumstances. In my case…the file that I downloaded (during my many months of bulk P2P downloading) was a file that I never even had a chance to open. The hash value of the file that brought them pounding on my door was on the CP list they reference when hunting for it online. Hash value is the files digital signature. I had searched for and bulk downloaded hundreds of supposed **** files which is a legal subscription based website. During the bulk downloading of files I wouldn’t have… Read more »

Thousands out there in the same boat as you. Life ruined for a sight crime. Now you’re tagged an “undetected child molester” and will be witch hunted to hospice.

These militant, radical extremist child safety advocates need to be silenced.

Before any new proposals ..california should first adhere to and honor the Constitutional right of a fair open trial..
Above board..Not the behind the curtain kind..Not the back hallway kind..,Not the crooked kind..
Investigate orange county justice First before any other new proposals.