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TX: Proposed law would require sex offender signs [updated with approval]

GONZALES — The Gonzales City Council approved an ordinance at Tuesday night’s regular monthly meeting requiring registered sex offenders within the city limits to post signs in their yard alerting everyone to their crime. Though councilmen were quick to move forward with the motion, it took several more minutes to explain what the law could actually do.

City Manager Allen Barnes started by stating that several cities in the area have passed similar ordinances and said the law has been upheld by the courts. The ordinance would require registered sex offenders to place a permanent sign in their yard, measuring two feet tall and two feet wide, with black lettering stating, “A REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER LIVES HERE.”  Full Article 12/4



The Gonzales City Council will meet tonight at the City Municipal Building to discuss six resolutions and two ordinances. Of the ordinances to be considered, one would require registered sex offenders to post a sign in their yard alerting city residents to their presence. Full Article

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This both a disturbing and rather hateful proposal. What’s next?

Look at the Third Reich playbook, all these moves are taken from there!

Amazing all the innovative ways some scumbags come up with to violate the Constitution.

Here’s a thought …What about those citizens comply by putting a sign briefly in their front yard take a picture of the sign then place that picture on a non-related PUBLIC website by link only. It’s publically displayed right?

Yes I would like to know why these law makers want to pull ordinances out of their asses beens they are not showing any need or justification for these types of laws. I thought they were supposed to make laws to solve problems and address issues that have evidence of a need to address. Am i missing some statistics that show that there is some kind of epidemic of sex offenders committing crimes again after their initial incident. Something really better change at these levels of gov or were are going to end up like one of these third world… Read more »

I thought the courts have already established (at least in CA) that you cannot “compel speech.”

They should supply the sign. Whether or not it is constitutional to force the registrant to accommodate the sign on his or her property is questionable at best,
along with this whole draconian notion. This is ex post facto punishment, cruel and unusual punishment in addition to endangering the lives of the registrant and any household member – including the children.

Apparently in the bulging eyes of the rabid horde, the spouses, significant others and children of registered citizens deserve anything they get by proxy. “If it saves just one child…except YOURS!”

Yeah, I suppose they keep repeating, these signs harm no one. It is the vigilantes who kill people, not signs. But the signs put a big target out for them.

Like calling out “Fire” in a crowded movie theater!

The expected result is predictable and likely.

The article states the city “is charged with protecting the health and safety of all it citizens”. “All” still means ALL!!

If the city wants signs, then rso’s should start placing signs everywhere about everyone. and they should be 4×4 in size.

Hello all. Rob Huling is Texas here. An update on Gonzalez. I called the person who wrote the article and he said the city passed the ordinance. (His name is Erik McGowan. Real nice guy. We talked at great length. I asked him what he knew about the ordinance, as well as what he knew about sex offenders. He said very little. I asked him about the myths,and if he would be interested in learning facts. He is VERY open minded. I told him about the 96%. I told him about the 1%. I told him about studies, facts, documents,… Read more »

Man these lawmakers keep it up they are going to see rso turning radicalized like the jihadies. I hate to say it but maybe they’ll wake up and start focusing on real issues like terrorism and how to refocus police resources from pursuing prosecuting drug offenders or monitoring and registaring people to getting after gangs and illegal guns off the streets. Not that that will stop these mass shootings since they were all legal gun owners. But it would be a start and actually a productive way to use their resources.

Mike, I have thought the same thing, keep beating the **** out of people who paid their debt, give them no where to live, no jobs, NO MOney, and shame what family some have left, well we will see what will happen.

It amazes me that no one in Miami has “snapped” yet, considering how terribly those poor RCs are being abused.
Does every new jack-hole politician really need to assault law-abiding RCs??

I agree with Mike R. and Craig. I find that youtube has some good Science experiments on it. Perhaps some pictures of Registered Slaves standing on a Politicians front step might make them think twice. Working around these slime balls I’ve learned 4 things about them. 1. They hate to be laughed at in public for their Policies. 2. They hate to have their home addresses Published. 3. It looks bad for them to buy campaign supplies from a different state even though they still do it. They must publish where they spent the campaign money, but they know the… Read more »

On the subject of YouTube. YouTube is a very good, tool to be used by CA RSOL and other RC supporters to get the truth out.

Political grandstanding at best…accessory to murder at worse. Forcing people who the police are quite aware of to put a target on their backs for every religious wacko and every other mentally unstable nutjob with a gun not only the address (if they are capable of using a computer) but also a sign in the yard for those who are not and still want to get in on the “fun” of tormenting (and often killing) those that the government have chosen to be a scapegoat and thrown away as trash. This segregation attitude needs to die as it is not… Read more »

Silver lining here… But if the ordinance is passed, and it has since there’s added information that it’s been “updated with approval”, then this is factual evidence of blatant shaming due to being on the registry. This contradicts what the Supreme Court has said the registry does not do. So, in essence, this stupidity along with Florida’s presence restrictions are more evidence compiling for Janice and Chance to bring up back to the Supreme Court as they can now go line by line on the contradictions of original Supreme Court ruling – thus making it a cruel and unusual punishment.… Read more »

What on earth is in the water in Texas??? Here is the official CC Agenda, complete with official ordinance text: (p 38-40) From the Introduction (p 38, emphasis added) BACKGROUND: There are 33 registered sex offenders in zip code 78629. Approximately 24 of these live in the City Limits of Gonzales. This ordinance would require those registered sex offenders to post a sign on their premises warning that a convicted sex offender lives on the premises. From the Ordinance (p 39-40, emphasis added) (b)Exceptions. A person is exempt from this provision, and does not commit a violation if this… Read more »

See… concrete evidence. It’s like serving it up on a silver platter!

Huh huh…. he said “pubic”… huh huh….

I checked, and sadly, that is what it says. Pure comedy if it were not so tragic.

On a more serious note, what if the registrant lives in an apartment building? Surely they must have those in Gonzales, Texas, not just trailer parks, right?

They need to furnish the sign. It is adding punishment from a local ordinance onto the backs of individuals whose cases were adjudicated in superior court.

Let this be a warning to all of you afraid to speak out publicly at these meetings, keep in mind what goes around comes around. Your next!

Id be go to hell if I would post a sign in front of were I live………….. I would go ballistic first and end up back in prison for killing someone or turning radicalized.. Not in the sense of being jihadi or in the name of Allah but in the name of protecting the constitution of the US against the domestic terrorist controlling this country. Man I feel for those guys living under those regimes in Florida and Texas and all the other radicalized states that have waged war against their own people…………..They talk about how Assad is Waring against… Read more »

Thank you for speaking the truth as I have done so often. I am only shocked that you have not been voted down by some of the softies who post here. I guess they have Stockholm syndrome so badly that they just can’t help but cheer for the jailers.

Not me…I say fight back indeed and if things get worse they what have we go to lose? If you have nothing you have nothing to lose and they pretty much aiming for that!

Great job RSOs of GONZALES for sitting on your butt while this passed, this is how you lose.

It does not affect the RSOs of Gonzales. The ones that are there today. Why would they get their knickers all in a bunch? Hardly anyone speaks up about the things that DO affect them.

I am sure this is unintentional, but this was a brilliant move by the local yokel city council to get this passed with ease and zero opposition.

They could have stood up, they knew this was coming , I do not care if it affects them now but it may and probably will in time, I have said this many times over the years, MOST RSO have no backbone. They must like the beating they receive daily. My county tried a Halloween restriction years ago, I showed up to oppose it, sheriffs office agree it was a waste of time. I have never had to go to one of those meetings on the mystery night, solid facts even made probation not want it. It pays to stand… Read more »

They should post a public picture of a city Council member on the same sign post.

I wonder how many of the previous commenters on this thread were present at the protest CARSOL held in Carson….?? How many of you regularly attend meetings? Travel to Sacramento to stand up with Janice and/or Chance against a bill that will impact registrants and families? Write to lawmakers to express support or opposition to a proposed law? Donate money to cover expenses? (If everyone donated a little it would add up to a lot).
Sitting at home waiting for someone else to fight this battle isn’t the way to win the war!

Lake County: I understand and you are right in what you are saying. Two reason for your questions are fear and economics. I and myself can not afford to travel to LA. My wife and I did attend the CA-RSOL meeting in Berkeley and that travel cost me over $250. We were glad to come and it was worth it. However, most RC are barely surviving financially and many are not. Fear is the biggest demon. Many do not want to be public because they are trying to protect their families or want to keep their employment. In my county… Read more »

Harry, you said most I do agree with some of what you say, But are you saying that the reason most RCs are struggling is because they are RCs and not because they cannot think outside the box. There are millions of people in this country that struggle with employment, I know RCs that have their own business, some are small and some are middle range mom and pop type, there is a wide range from lawn services, window cleaning services for commercial business, holiday murals, such as painting Santa’s, snowmen etc on business windows, most that do this start… Read more »

Margaret Moon, I do not even live in your state but donate to it, I also am active in my state, but you make a very good point, however I would think that many of the people on this board do help with CARSOL, that is why they are getting things done.

Margaret Moon,
I live in a different state too. I’ve sent Emails allover the country, And publicly Addressed our General Assembly twice and Went to the DC Adam Walsh refunding hearing. Likely I’ll be at The GA this winter again.
I 100 percent agree with you, Why should the Government Change if no one shows up to speak.

Here’s a thought …What about those citizens comply by putting a sign briefly in their front yard take a picture of the sign then place that picture on a non-related PUBLIC website by link only. It’s publically displayed right?

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