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WI: Manitowoc sex offender ordinance approved

Convicted sex offenders from outside Manitowoc can no longer legally be placed within the city limits after the City Council approved an ordinance regulating such placements.

The council Dec. 21 unanimously approved the ordinance, which prohibits any convicted sex offender from residing or being placed on supervised release within the city limits unless the offender lived in the city at the time of the offense or previously resided in the city for more than five years. Full Article

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Well, I actually visited Wisconson this year for the first time. It’s a very beautiful state and very rural. Truly beautiful. So, it’s very disappointing to see such laws pass. Very hateful. In today’s world, you can’t turn a TV on and avoid watching something with sexual content. I’ve even been rather shocked by cartoon content as well/I have children. We live in another world. People need to realize that hate will get you no where. As we are all aware, everyone has problems. Yet, society continue or legislators continue to pass these hateful and truly demoralizing laws that provide nothing more than a false sense of security. When people are arrested for drugs/alcohol/or spousal abuse, they are treated humanely and required to under go counseling and treatment is provided. I just don’t get it. I suggest (i.e.: Florida/Texas) need to take the same approach and begin to treat and provide registered citizens with the same approach. Preventing people from living in certain locations/attending Church/visiting parks/beaches is very disturbing. I’m honestly in a state of shock. I pay taxes ect and I could potentially be prohibited from visiting a beach? That is shocking. What’s next? (Mountains/malls/libraries/pool/dog park/restaurant/tennis court/school/Costco/drive at night). I believe in the end these laws won’t prevail. This is another reason why California needs to pass a tiered system. Pleading to a sex offense could now potentially ban a person for life ! (For an expunged misdemeanor)

I agree, their needs to be some “off ramps” from this highway of doom, yet, we mustn’t let them use the excuse for these ordinances, that, since it is not forever (at least for some), therefore it is not unjustified punishment. That,and the idea that, since it is only temporary (ten years is a long time to not be able to take your kids to the park, indeed, that is most of your child’s childhood), there is some benefit to having them. Presence bans have done no good — period. Indeed, the registry has proven itself no good, if not, they wouldn’t have to keep “improving” it with more and more draconian fixes, like presence bans, school notifications, labels on passports, what have you. When are people going to realize that? Like us, when the jack boots came stomping at our own front door. They will come to them, and then it is too late.

You could be onto something here, Timmr.

we know Janice and Chance are going to bring up all of these enhancements, but I never thought of it as “is the registry working?” and if it working, then why have added punishment/enhancements?

California has already laid ground with supported statistics that “presence banishment” (not restriction) not only is unconstitutional, but reveals statistically it does not change anything. Yet, with more statistical observations, the re-offense rate for registrants is under 1% in California.

Thus, the two folds of rescinding “presence banishment”, specifically how the stats proves how useless the banishment is, it should help with the denouncing the registration because it too is unconstitutional and the stats prove how useless the registration is.

Laws love evidence. The implementation of registration was created without proper evidence. Now we have proper evidence that be designated as facts. Facts should overcome fear mongering and the trampling of Constitutional rights.

I have been drawing these parallels between Prohibition and Sex Offender Registration, both being attempts to combat generally despised social behavior through laws eliminating an obvious source of the problem, with Prohibition it was alcohol, with SOR it is removing anonymity and “isolating” former offenders from access to situations, potential victims or other “triggers.” They are penal and absolute solutions. They have been chosen, because sociological and mitigating solutions are perceived to be intolerable morally, because they assume tolerance of the behavior.
Anyway, I think what is important to note is that Prohibition was struck down, because its method did not in the end promote the government’s legitimate stated purpose: to protect the innocent from the abusers of alcohol. In fact the solution actually reversed that goal, increasing lawlessness, corruption and violence.
As you state, there is evidence that the same is happening with the registration and other sex offender laws. No doubt it is driving whole families into poverty and making criminals out of law abiding citizens, due to technical registration violations. I don’t know whether there is evidence it is increasing corruption or making the illicit sex trade more profitable, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was, but maybe someone can weigh in on this. This sort of evidence would turn the moral tide, repeal the penal approach and replace it with a more medical and sociological solutions that don’t murder our constitutional freedoms. Although laws love evidence, politicians and judges love to look like they are saving the nation.

Well stated Timmr. ALthough, for someone like myself, I plead to a battery/massage parlor over 20 years ago/Summary Probation and I could possibly be banned from visiting a park? This is nuts! California needs to wake up and if they are going to pass this crazy laws, focus upon passing a tiered system first. In most states, I would have fallen off the registry 10 years ago.

It is nuts. Maybe we all ought to demand answers to your question, “why am I still being punished?” Even some proponents of the tier system are still asking the status quot question “who deserves more punishment and who doesn’t”. If one keeps asking that question, one is never going to get an answer based on facts, just emotion and prejudice. The question matters.

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